Top 14 Best Travel Journals 2022 Review

Top 14 Best Travel Journals 2020

If you do a great deal of only the excursion or traveling, keeping the best travel journal can be a terrific way. Especially, a traveling journal is a record (normally bound with pay and respective webpages ) in which you can write down memories of your journeys; lots of traveling journalists can turn these records into scrapbooks of types, including everything from photographs, passport holders and airline ticket stubs to excursion itineraries and all in between.

The attractiveness of a traveling journal is the fact that it is yours to do anything you want with; there’s not any”right” or”incorrect” way to keep a travel diary.

Considering buying a travel journal to start archiving your experiences? Check out our list of top five travel journals, as well as considerations to remember while you begin with traveling journaling.

Top 14 Best Travel Journals

Top 14 Best Travel Journals

Rite From The Rain Notebook

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The Rite In The Rain Laptop is unique because of its accomplishments while not particular in a journal feel. It is an all-weather laptop. If you are often taken by your route through away from and crazy lands in not so wonderful weather, this diary has been created for you.

Made with the daring in mind, the Rite In The Rain Laptop features a Polydura cover and completely waterproof pages, ideal to compose them in the worst weather conditions. That’s, if you’re able to still hold a pencil in your hand. The diary was created to repel sweat dirt, mud, and dirt, so what you write stays written what. The problem is that its upside brings a drawback to it. You can not use water-based pens and the rationale is clear. Use pencils or pens and you are set.

The Wire-O binding is strong and can keep your laptop undamaged both outside in poor weather and within your pockets or bag. That means that you may take it everywhere.

Midori Travelers Notebook

That is my all-time number one travel diary and in my estimation, the travel laptop available on the market nowadays. Midori is a manufacturer which specializes in producing those gorgeously designed leather traveler’s laptop. The laptop itself is a piece of leather, From the box, constructed with elastic and the middle to bind it shut.

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Traveler's Note Passport Size Camel 15194006 Traveler's Note Passport Size Camel 15194006 No ratings yet $42.90

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The back mechanism lets you find creative by selecting from a variety of inserts to fulfill your customized travel diary. The Midori Travelers Notebook comes in 2 dimensions, the full-size variant as well as the passport-size variant. The covers can be found in three colors – brown, black, and camel. Midori occasionally releases the limited version travel journal covers in various colors. Use paper and decals, washi tape to create your Midori Travellers Notebook personal to you.

Moonster Leather Journal

with over a million reviews along with a five-star score on Amazon Moonster’s leather laptop are as well-loved since it’s tasteful – and sensible on the move. The water buffalo leather cover and binding are produced out of are supple and soft, and the mild jelqing traveling inevitably involves will provide it a superbly vintage patina (if you would rather keep it longer on the side, you may even rub out quite some of those markings the diary will probably pick up).

Each book includes lots of webpages – 240 pages or 120 sheets in case you are using either side – and they won’t bleed thanks to its paper burden. If you would prefer a laptop which has a bit more spatial space, then there is an eight-inch-by-six-inch model accessible – or, in case you’re gifting this into a blessed traveler, the laptops also include the choice of being bought in a gift set with box and pencil.

Cracked Designs Journey Journal

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Celestial Journal (Diary, Notebook) Celestial Journal (Diary, Notebook) No ratings yet $11.10

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This hand-crafted diary has a pocket to store ticket stubs and maps pages for recaps, and space for drawing. However, the coolest (and many DIY) portions of the one-and-done laptop are your map on the front. Each journal includes series and attachments to make a map of your route throughout the excursion. Cracked Designs makes a Couple of variations with maps of Earth, the U.S., Australia, Asia, and Europe.

Leuchtturm1917 A5 Notebook

The Leuchtturm1917 A5 Notebook is timeless – and if you inquire, really trendy – a laptop that we believe is perfect for bullet journaling.

With sufficient space to place your entire company and imagination to the 249 (numbered) pages, this really excellent travel diary for bullet sourcing is compact enough to fit daily packs and filled-to-the-brim backpacks equally; the webpages are conventional A5 size (of course ), however, the laptop itself steps at 5.57″ or 8.25″. It is fastened with elastic.

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This timeless, mid-century contemporary laptop comes from 17 punch colors to the most discerning gentleman. From dull navy blue and olive oil to bright cherry and popping yellowish, you will absolutely have the ability to locate one for your own personality.

Indoors, the book itself contains three sterile tables of contents, which means that you may organize your outpourings, scribblings, and note-taking by producing your own indicator – that is what makes it the very best travel diary for bullet journaling. The webpages are gridded: ideal for bullet points better for doodlings.

Siixu Colorful Blank Notebook

The Siixu Colorful Blank Notebook is a canvas with a lot of space for you to unleash your creativity.

The pages within this stitch-bound laptop include pastel-colored, watercolor-style wallpapers for vibrancy, which would be the foundation for sticking gluing and doodling your travel memories all.

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Apart from the watercolor routine, the webpages within this 5.3″ x 7.2″ are clean and large enough to match all of your favorite tickets, memories, and doodles on the webpage, but compact enough to carry around the world. It’s our pick for the best travel diary for scrapbooking.

The laptop comes in 2 designs: one with quotes on the webpage another with washes of color on every page, for the character. Another plus is funds-friendly this journey journal is!

Scratch Travel Journal

This is a notion that is lovely – you understand those maps that appear to be now, where you are able to scratch? Well, this really is a world-traveling journal edition of these maps. The diary is a sort of package, created from Kraft newspaper and comprises 8 scratch-off maps, in addition to the travel planner diary itself for one to compose and document all your experiences.

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The laptop has journal pages for you, in addition to a preparation section. Even though this is an excellent little journal bunch it’s much more appropriate to someone planning a large, multi-country excursion. An excellent going-away gift for somebody who could be gearing up for a gap comparable or year.

Rusteque Refillable Travelers Notebook

This all-purpose laptop is a tasteful and functional instrument for any traveler to capture memories inside, and travelers that frequently swear by Midori’s laptops often praise the quality of the publication at a considerably lesser cost. It is created from 100-percent leather that holds up through the rigors of traveling (and, visually, has attractively outdated along the way), and in the event, you figure out how to make it through the included pages, in addition, it includes a few other sets of webpage inserts so that you can swap them out and continue writing.

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The laptop also includes a slew of freebies that make you set up to compose from the moment it arrives on your doorstep: It comes with a free fountain pen and leather pencil holder, a metallic bookmark so that you never lose your place in the webpage, a cardholder add a zipper pocket – along with a lifetime warranty. (Additionally, it comes in a gift box if you’re gifting this into an adventurer.)

Kids’ Travel Journal

Would not you like to appear back on your youth journeys as a grown-up? Give that gift to the kiddos on your life with this journey journal for children by Mudpuppy.

This business is about to imagine that it is tactile and transferring children. They’ve established this journey journal designed with children in mind.

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Kids' Travel Specialty Journal Kids' Travel Specialty Journal No ratings yet $11.99

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It is hardy (very important if it comes to kids ), and vibrant (also significant ), exposing 128 pages so that your children have loads of space to channel their internal explorer. Within the wire-bound publication, there are numerous segments, illustrations and prompts to aid children document their journeys, whilst still adding enough space for imagination.

Marco Polo My Way Travel Journal

This laptop from Marco Polo is a portion of a collection of travel products in their Way lineup – but this diary needs to be our favorite of the lot.

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Marco Polo has made taking notes of your own journeys simple by adding fun emoji decals, a pocket for mementos, and fill-in-the-blank manuals and travel hints. From the time you’ve filled this novel, you will have made your own IRL infographic of your journey. Cool!

In 160 pages and 4.8″ x 7.2″, this laptop is lighter and smaller than some laptops – also, super cheap!

Everywoman’s Travel Journal

We were not always convinced that there had to be gendered travel journals (it is, after all, basically a very simple laptop ) till we watched this. The Everywoman’s Travel Journal includes both clean and lined pages for drawing and writing, but it does not stop there: There is also fantastic info tucked in about safety, apparel, and even obviously based fixes for a few of the common ailments adventurous travelers encounter.

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Everywoman's Travel Journal Everywoman's Travel Journal No ratings yet $7.22

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Other extras contain: The publication has all of the travel advice that you need in 1 place: You will find hints about how to package and store, in addition to ways in various states – and approaches to help numb the effects of jet lag. There is also a pocket interior that can hold everything to receipts and postcards. Even though the orange shade could be divisive, we adore the fact that we are able to easily place it in our bag or handbag while on the move.

Promptly Journals

Promptly Journals is a minimalist 88-page journey diary, with lots of prompts to fill. It. From prompts on your favorite restaurant or food into the most intriguing moments of your trip, this Prompted Traveling Journal is essential-have for those who want just a small nudge for their creative side.

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Promptly Journals offer their travel journals in strong and grey tweed grey. They have a map of the planet and a pocket to maintain newspaper photographs, your mementos, or others.

kikki. K Hardcover Travel Journal

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kikki.K A5 Adventure Journal: World kikki.K A5 Adventure Journal: World No ratings yet

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Kikki.K is a posh stationery company that offers among the very best travel journals available on the industry. Their laptops are known for their lines, the ease, and the built-in bookmark system. It provides 140 pages of paper for your ideas and observations while on the street and comes from hardcover.

Smythson Travel Journal

For those ones looking into more lavish stuff, there is the Smytshon Travel Journal, a classy and refined travel journal given by the iconic British Watches and luxury goods business, Smythson.

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Travel Journal (Notebook, Diary) (Compact Journal Series) Travel Journal (Notebook, Diary) (Compact Journal Series) No ratings yet $9.89

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Part the Kelly traveling journal, of the Panama Collection, is made of lambskin and features a badge decoration. Sureit costs far more than every other diary available on the current market, but it’s probably the maximum quality you can get in a laptop.

The diary has a simple and timeless appearance, with seven cover colors to pick from. It’s much more of a souvenir than a hardcore journal to accept a trip.


There are many advantages of working with a travel journal, even if you are not doing this already.

It Becomes Its Own Souvenir

In lots of ways, keeping a travel journal implies you bring back a genuine one-of-a-kind souvenir. Every page becomes its mini-souvenir and will be valuable for you as time wears on. Besides the things you write in your travel diary, it is also possible to glue passport photographs, trip itineraries, and ticket stubs within your diary. When you return on your trip journal entries in the future, it is going to be just like re-living your experiences around again. That is a gift that even the finest of store-bought souvenirs can’t manage you.

Keeps You Busy on the Airplane

How frequently have you found yourself waiting at the airport to a layover house, wishing you had something? The same is true with these flights dwelling; you may devote a great deal of the trip home considering what a fantastic time you had and reflecting on your journeys.

As opposed to keeping these ideas to your self, why don’t you take some opportunity to write down them? Not only can this help you record your experiences while they are still fresh in your memory, but it is going to help kill time in the airport or even at the airport home.

Helps You Make Recommendations

Should you do a good amount of travel, then you are probably utilized to people asking you as they plan their trips and holidays. At times it can be hard to keep in mind the title of the bistro at Italy or the coffee store in Paris. By maintaining a travel diary, you also have your memory refreshed regarding what other areas you’ve visited and where you dined and may refer back to your own entrances for all those excursions.

From that point, you will have the ability to produce recommendations that are tailored and specific as soon as family and friends request information on their trips.

Lets You Maintain an Itinerary

A whole lot of travel journalists will start filling out their diary entries on composing a detailed itinerary, before they embark. Can this be interesting to look back as you remember the facts of your journey in the future, but having a trip to refer to throughout your trip can be convenient. And as you be traveling along with your diary this usually means should you require it to look up booking date/time a flight number, or other detail you will not ever be without your itinerary.

Prevent Etiquette Faux Pas

Another way to utilize your travel diary would be to give a webpage to your destination to customs, customs, and etiquette. In this manner, you will be prone to committing any faux pas. Some details you could consider including are tip amounts salutation from the nation’s official language, and some other gestures which could possibly be considered offensive.


When there are not a lot of pitfalls of working with a travel diary, there are a number of drawbacks which you might choose to consider-particularly if you’re trying to choose between traveling journalists and traveling blogging.

Can Become Damaged or Lost

Of working with a travel journal, the possible con is that it might become damaged or lost, particularly once you consider how frequently you’re going to be leaving it to the home! Losing your trip journal would imply not just losing but maybe compromising some data in case it winds up in the incorrect hands.

If that is something you could consider limiting. On the front cover, you might also wish to incorporate a decal that states something along the lines of, “when detected, please contact [your name] in [cell telephone number or email address]. This will permit a good Samaritan who sees out your diary obtain instructions and to get in contact with you.

A travel journal may become ruined in your pocket or on your bag as you travel, the reason why it’s crucial that you buy one that is made from durable 34, which explains.

Not Readily Digitized

Unlike a travel site, a traveling journal that is physical is tough to digitize for safekeeping or for sharing online. Some may see this as an edge, but in the event that you ever wished to split the info from your trip journal with the planet, you would want to discover a way to scan it and upload it online -that might be a nuisance and quite time-consuming.

The choice of whether to begin a travel website or a traveling diary will come down to not or if you would like to explain the info online. Then a site can make sense, if you would like to publish details of your journeys online. There’s no reason you need to select one or the other travelers will maintain a journal and a website.

Takes Up Extra Space

Another drawback to consider with a traveling journal would be that space it’ll have to pack you. The good news is that most travel journals are streamlined and small, so that they should not occupy space -however, this really is something to consider, particularly in the event that you want to travel light.

Things to look for in a traveling journal

If you’re thinking about how to produce a travel journal and what you’ll have to do it our search for this guide has provided us some ideas you might wish to consider on your traveling journalling ideas.


Lots of people like a journey journal’s design that lets you personalize the contents. Inserts bound together mechanisms and are available in the travel diary. This permits you to get creative with your travel diary. But some people favor regular book-style binding to get a choice of holiday journal. This avoids the need. It means that you can keep volumes of travel diary novel. And you do not need to be concerned as soon as you’re finished writing inside them about how to keep the inserts.


You’ll be spoilt for choice, if you’re trying to find a leather traveling journal. Since it ages leather is a superb solution for your trip laptop and it sturdy enough to protect the insides. However we place some choices for people who prefer to not use leather on this listing.


If you’re packing for a trip or moving to carry on just, then this journal’s dimensions and weight will be significant. A journal that is larger will signify draw or that you have room to write your ideas, but it is going to weigh more.

Type of newspaper

If you’re planning to do a great deal of doodling with marker pens heavier paper could be great, but in addition, it means more heavyweight. If you’re using your diary for drawing using a pencil or composing using a ballpen A paper could be OK. You also need to consider if your diary dotted must have lined, plain, or squared paper. Based on if you desire to do a great deal of doodling or writing, options that are distinct will do the job for you. This is the point where a travel journal laptop can be useful because it is possible to choose inserts.

Inserts, pockets, and pockets

If your plan is to keep ticket stubs or when you would like to maintain a travel photo diary, then you need to consider some extras such as a travel journal to keep items. Laptops come to help keep the book closed, pencil holders, and bookmarks.


So this rounds up our listing of the best travel journals. Whilst there are plenty of other choices on the market today, many of the travel journals leather and diaries on this list are a few of the most commonly available, in addition to some unique options and have stood the test of time. Whether you’re buying yourself a travel journal or as a gift for a friend, we expect our trip diary review was inspirational for you!

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