Top 18 Best Travel Money Belt 2021 Review [New]

Top 18 Best Travel Money Belt 2002 Review [New]

In all my world travels, I have only discovered one proven method to protect your hard-earned cash. You need to hide it and hide it well. This is precisely why I wrote this article about the very best travel money belt.

Purchasing an excellent cash belt is a simple, inexpensive solution to protecting your money when traveling. Money belts not just improve your safety, but also help you maintain your cash organized and provide you a feeling of relaxation and safety.

In Brief? It is worth the $10-20 investment.

This manual attempts to discover the best money belt for traveling. Discover how to wear a money belt, exactly what I enjoy, and what I really don’t about every belt in my listing, features, prices, my top pick, and even more…

Let us look at the very best security straps for you personally in 2020, and that means that you may travel stress-free.

Top 18 Best Travel Money Belt Brands - best travel money belt for women

Top 18 Best Travel Money Belt Brands

Bestseller No. 4
Travelon RFID Blocking Undergarment Waist Pouch, Gray, One Size
Travelon RFID Blocking Undergarment Waist Pouch, Gray, One Size
Two zippered pockets to store and protect money, passport and credit/debit cards; Three drop pockets hold tickets, receipts and boarding passes
Bestseller No. 6
Amazon Basics RFID Travel Waist Belt Fanny Pack - Khaki
Amazon Basics RFID Travel Waist Belt Fanny Pack - Khaki
Travel money belt keeps your cash, receipts, and important documents organized and secure; RFID blocking material protects against unwanted scans

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Peak Gear Money Belt using RFID Blo

With high-quality construction, the Peak Gear Money Belt consists of 210-denier water-resistant nylon. The top YKK zippers will also be designed to continue – which makes this an ideal companion for travelers. The cash belt includes 2 zippered pockets, among which features special pockets to maintain your passports, credit cards, and money organized and readily accessible at a moment’s notice. The RFID Block protection is built into the belt’s cloth to ensure everything inside is protected.

On hot days, enjoy the cool texture of this belt moisture-wicking back panel. Peak Gear’s Comfort Strap carries a dual release safety buckle and can be easily adjusted for a comfortable fit. On top of that, the belt involves a theft insurance plan, which you may use to maintain expenses from the unlikely event your valuables are stolen. For extra reassurance, use the included stickers from international missing and found firm ReturnMe to your precious products. Offered in black and beige, the cash belt sizes range from XS to XL.

Active Roots Security Belt

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The Lively Roots safety belt is a must-have product. This money belt is easy, simple, and gets the work done. This can be the belt is versatile and may be used at home or overseas. Your cash is 100% concealed and no one will know it’s there except for you. HeHence, why it is our number one pick.

It features a large zippered pouch on the bottom of the belt thus concealing and obtaining your money is simple. The buckle itself is created from a super durable nylon material that may take the inevitable hammering traveling brings.

If all that was not enough, for every single belt offered, a few of the proceeds go to encouraging the Elephant Conservation Center at Laos.

If you’re interested in finding a sensible, stylish cash travel belt that will protect your money on any certain backpacking experience, look no farther than the Lively Roots belt. For the cost, you definitely cannot beat it.

 Alpine Rivers Money Belt

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Produced from 210-denier nylon, the Alpine Rivers Money Belt boasts reinforced stitching and durable zippers. The cloth is layered with the hottest RFID Block substance to help keep you protected from identity theft in addition to opportunistic pick-pockets, while the big hidden pocket on the rear of the belt provides yet another level of safety. Utilize the individual compartments at the biggest of those two zippered front pockets to arrange your passport and credit cards. There is a carabiner clip for keys and USBs.

This money belt is designed to accommodate many different mobile models. The spine is lined with FeelSoft absorbent mesh so that it rests comfortably against your skin in humid climates. A completely adjustable elasticated strap makes it convenient for waists measuring 26 to 56 inches, whereas colors comprise shore sand, graphite, and black. Buy it on Amazon for seven free RFID-blocking sleeves to be used in your everyday wallet.

VENTURE 4TH Travel Money Belt

VENTURE 4TH has made their journey money pouches to endure a very long time. This high-quality money belt was created with ripstop nylon, reinforced seams, snag-free zippers, and hardy, low-profile grip clips. It was made to be elastic, so even once you sit down you are going to be comfy wearing the belt. The strap can match around a 56″ waist and the moisture-wicking material will be able to help you remain cool even if you’re researching Mexico City in sunlight. They are so confident in their product that they offer a money-back guarantee. However, we know, once you receive the VENTURE 4TH Travel Money Belt, you will love it.

Zero Grid Travel Security Belt

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Looking like a normal buckle, the Zero Grid Travel Security Belt is so discreet that nobody would know it had been anything more. It comes complete with a durable plastic buckle, which means that you can waltz through airport security without needing to take off it.

So low-key you may also use it as a real belt, just slip your notes to the zipper segment that runs on the interior panel of this belt. This smart design can also be practical – conceal your money and keep up your pants in precisely the exact same moment!

Produced of top-grade nylon webbing and including a smooth gliding YKK zipper, this buckle will last you a long time of travelling, and it is going to literally draw zero attention from would-be offenders. Unisex and uber sensible, this really is the best money belt for international travel only money belt which may be worn everywhere.

Boxiki Travel RFID BlBlocksoney Belt

This is the greatest in RFID-blocking currency straps. Great looking and simple to use, it’s likewise RFID-secure and comprises individual compartments ideal for holding money, important files, and your mobile phone. Stay protected from pickpockets as your valuables stay invisible and tucked off.

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Worried about digital hackers? The RFID-blocking substance can help protect from the scanning of electronic chip objects by people seeking to obtain access to a card as you travel.

Quality is sold standard with this cash belt because the heavy-duty ripstop nylon resists ripping, cutting-edge, and tear and wear. Along with also, the watertight mesh backing will remain close to our skin without causing any nasty sweat stains (you might even forget that you’re wearing it).

Conventional Money Belts

Whilst it may not be the best-looking cash belt on the current market, the Travel Security Belt from Volar is among the best security travel money belt. The plastic buckle will not draw any unwanted attention, along with the little zip pocket on the interior is virtually totally pickpocket-proof. The buckle is adjustable from 26″ to 42″ so that you do not need to be concerned about it being too tight, even after your next empanada!

The Volar Travel Belt can hold up to 15 notes but if you would like to take a paper copy of your passport or space key then you are going to need to forfeit some of those cache capacity. Some customers have reported that cash becomes ripped or disappeared after being at the belt for protracted periods. With many nations in the world not accepting damaged or torn notes, often rotate the amount within the belt to keep it usable.

This belt claims to be waterproof but if you become caught in heavy rain, the zipper is very likely to flow slightly. Be sure to eliminate any cash when you possibly can wash out if that is how it is.

As a result of this entire deficiency of metal employed in the construction of the belt, you don’t have to eliminate it when going through airport security checks. Although, if you’re requested to do so, do not argue. Many a trip was destroyed by minding with airport safety, do not let yours be among these!

EazyMate Running Belt

The EasyMate Running belt was made to be worn under or above clothing and also to keep your valuables safe at all times. With two zips in front and a safe flap on the trunk, it’s fast and simple to get your valuables whilst also keeping them from the hands of burglars.

The soft, stretchy material signifies this is among the most comfortable selections on the market but many users have reported quality management problems with the zipper and stitching.

Whilst the inner pocket for the money belt isn’t compartmentalized at all, large items seldom move around thanks to this tight-fitting layout. There’s a plastic key hook to your keys,o stop them from damaging and moving whatever else you’ve saved.

If you anticipate carrying cha changes that the EazyMate Running Belt, then it’s suggested to use a little handbag, wallet or coin pouch to stop them from moving around too much.

Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Neck Stash

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Modern-day pickpockets know precisely how to get into your cards without ever needing to touch them. Fortunately, anti-theft wallets may be concealed in your person to maintain your valuables completely secure as you ramble.

Built to last with ripstop nylon and self-repairing zippers, these ultralight wallets have a built-in RFID-blocking liner to protect your cards from digital pickpockets and identity theft.

Not only are those pockets utilized to avoid crime, but they also offer you a lightweight and easy-to-wear choice to cash belts. Just sling it on your neck or work out under your garments to make sure your passport, cash, and travel records are almost always safe.

Infinity Travel Scarf From Waypoint Goods

This smart little garment appears like a normal scarf, but it’s really supposed to cunningly conceal your most cherished possessions and keep them concealed.

This premium quality, well-made neck vest will keep you warm in the colder weather also provides a stylish flourish to any ensemble. Made of top quality soft yet durable material, this scarf is completely lined with a key pocket that’s just big enough to match your iPhone, your passport, your own keys, and a bit of money. There is the best money belt for european travel.

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Fantastic for women on the go, you are able to continue to keep all your possessions perfectly secure and out of harm’s way whilst remaining trendy and keeping heat. There are currently 16 distinct colors and designs available so that you need to have difficulty finding something that works for your style.

Life on the open road will probably soon be even sweeter knowing that your main belongings are fine and securely stored away someplace no would-be thief would think to see them. Keep your valuables readily accessible as and when you want them using the Infinity Scarf out of Waypoint.

 Miolle Money Belt for Travel

As you are looking through cash belt testimonials, you need to regularly visit Miolle’s amazing product as the best money belt for traveling due to its almost infinite list of features. Though it’s the classic elastic belt and safe buckle that lots of other cash straps have, additionally, it features an earphone pit, a concealed clip, and RFID blocking technologies. It’s three pockets that are big enough to hold your phone, passport, cash, credit cards, and much more, and thanks to the own nylon material, it has also earned the name of the greatest waterproof belt.

Therefore, in the event that you end up in the midst of a rainstorm as you’re researching Seattle or vacationing Amsterdam, then you do not need to think about your electronics becoming destroyed. Miolle has given you the choice to select between a 1-inch or a.5-inch depth of your money belt according to your travel style. They have really covered all of the bases to offer you one of their best money travel belt.

Pacsafe Coversafe S25 Bra Pouch

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While this isn’t a conventional money buckle, the Pacsafe Coversafe S25 remains a wise and secure selection for traveling women. Made from soft, breathable fabric, the eyebrow pouch stays comfortably and subtly underclothes and may be worn at the middle or side by a bra. The grip secures easily on your own bra (or buttocks ), while its elastic straps may be corrected two to 3 inches.

Though the 4.3 x 3.5-inch pouch is not large enough to match telephones or passports, it may hold up to six cards, money, and a key. The snap button closure ensures that which remains secure. This journey pouch can be machine washable and will match the best travel passport money belt.

Stashbanz Running Belt

Are you a compulsive jogger or course runner even if you’re traveling? Do you merely need a safe stash pocket to wear when you’re operating in your home? Stashbanz has produced the greatest running belt to fulfill your requirements.

This journey belt is made of a moisture-wicking quick-dry spandex fabric and contains four secure pockets plus a fresh zippered concealed pocket.

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It’s possible to really save a lot of things in this thing. If you’re the sort of traveler who always appears to have a wealthy pocket, a passport, telephone, earbuds, hostel keys, debit cards, lip balm crammed into your pockets, then this money belt may be the answer to your prayers.

The Stashbanz running belt comes in five distinct sizes and fits easily under or above your garments based upon your activity.

Jasgood Nylon Military Tactical Belt

Eager to get a money belt that fits in seamlessly with your apparel? Jasgood’s Tactical belt is an excellent way to store your cash without needing to wear another belt around your waist.

The package includes two nylon straps and plastic buckles. The interior of the unzip so you’ll be able to save your loose cash straight within the belt. Their very powerful straps, and can resist to some mightily impressive 500kg. Nylon and lightweight, you may easily utilize their straps with your pants or shorts in warm weather, with no trouble.

If you do not require a belt to become multi-functional, this might be an excellent option for you.

Runtasty 3 Pocket Mop Bundle with RFID Block

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As its name implies, Runtasty’s package was initially made for women runners, which makes it a really durable product. It is a lot more compact and thinner than many belts available on the current market, which means that you won’t feel that the belt around your waist.

The RFID cube is a welcome feature, as well as the 3 expandable pockets that give you a lot of space to store keys, cash, cards, and even telephones. It’s water-resistant, which means that you won’t need to be concerned about sweat or moist conditions.

Whether you are intending to work outside while travelling or not, this really is an excellent cash belt to accept your journeys with you.

Stashbandz Travel Money Belt

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If you’re searching for a seamless cash belt you won’t actually find connected to you, look no farther than Stashbanz. Super lightweight, the buckle was made to wrap around your skin. But do not be fooled, as though it appears tight, it truly isn’t.

The cloth is soft against your skin and can be pretty much undetectable under a shirt or dress. It has many deep pockets, due to the surface area it covers, does not have any problem storying bigger telephones and passports. Works over or under your clothing, so that you might also use it on out and runs hiking.

Alpine Rivers Travel Money Belt

The Alpine Rivers travel belt can also be quite focused on digital data protection. The belt consists of 100 percent RFID blocking substance & Water-resistant 210D rip-stop Nylon.

The slick, streamlined design allows for lots of space and effortless access to your most sensitive possessions and money.

Features include two front zippered pockets plus a large hidden rear pocket. The interior pockets allow a suitable company of passports, tickets, credit cards, and money.

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Such as the Alpha Keeper cash belt, the Alpine Rivers version also includes RFID blocking sleeves to bring an excess layer of protection for your charge cards and telephone.

The Alpine Rivers cash belt is well made, durable, and ought to be able to deal with each the decades of wear and tear that backpacking equipment faces.

Ryaco Travel Wallet – Best Fanny Pack!

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That is touted by clients to become among the best money belts out there. The ultra-tough nylon construct makes it among the most lasting but also among the slimmest and most comfortable fanny packs on the market. The breathable mesh rear panel is going to keep you cool and sweat-free along with also the water-resistant material that will guarantee your items remain safe from the shower.

The Ryaco Travel Wallet sports a rubberized earphone interface so even with your telephone securely tucked away, you can nevertheless have access to your favorite music or podcasts!

This belt may be worn over clothing if you’re in a secure place or could be concealed underneath most t-shirts without developing an obvious bulge.

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Things to Look for in a Fantastic Travel Money Belt

Like most other travel equipment, you will find high-quality products developed to improve your journeys and low-quality products from businesses just looking to earn a fast buck. To be able to make sure you’re purchasing the very best money belt for you and your traveling fashion, here are a couple of things that you want to consider.

1. Tasks You Will Do

Some cash belts have especially been designed for those who are running or being busy whilst wearing it. All these are more likely to not bounce or change in your waist, but in addition, it might be tighter to remain in place better. Money straps with clips will probably be more functional if you’ll simply be walking on.

2. Features

Hidden pockets and RFID protection are a few of the most frequent features people search for in the ideal money belt for travel. If you enjoy being outside and are searching for the very best money belt for backpacking, then it is probably best you buy one that is waterproof or water-resistant.

3. How Long You Will Be Wearing It

While the layout and features are all important, you will need to make certain it’s actually comfortable. The match ought to be protected around your waist, but not limiting. A lot of the relaxation might need to do with this substance. If you will just have to wear your cash belt to get an hour or so in time as you live it up in your stunning island holiday, then the material might not be super important to you personally. But if you are going to go to town sightseeing in Europe and will soon be sporting your money belt for hours and hours, then it is vital to be certain it will not irritate the skin.

4. Things On Your Money Belt

The things which you intend to keep on your belt will influence that size belt which will work best for you personally. Some cash belts are just designed to match money, while some are big enough to hold things like your passport along with a telephone. Though you might love a cash belt due to its design or color, make certain that it will hold exactly what you require it to maintain.

5. Preferred Style

The objective is that thieves will not recognize you are sporting a journey belt. While that is the principal purpose, the remedy comes in several shapes and types. Some cash belts resemble conventional straps using a hidden inside pocket, while some are made to function as a discreet”fanny pack”.

6. Waterproof / Moisture-Wicking

Especially in the event that you will be visiting places where it is very likely to rain, obtaining a money belt that is waterproof won’t just protect you from burglars, but additionally, it will keep your electronic equipment from being destroyed in case of a storm. If you know you are going to be sweating a good deal, a moisture-wicking cash belt will be helpful in keeping you cool and your possessions dry.

7. Weight

The lighter you journey, the more comfortable you will probably be. Though a lot of us are prone to overacting travel luggage or carry-on bag, you will really wish to avoid adding unnecessary items which can weigh you down. Luckily, many cash belts are made to be lightweight and comfy, but if you attempt to include a lot of items and walk around with it for long, it might place a damper on your journey.


Employing a money belt will make sure your cash, passport, ID, and even your telephone are protected from criminals and pickpockets though you travel.

They’re also super comfy and amazingly functional – and while they are cheap enough to purchase, they literally can wind up saving you a lot of money!

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