Top 20 Best Travel Pillow Reddit 2020 Review

Top 20 Best Travel Pillow Reddit 2020 Review

Are you looking for the best travel pillow Reddit for your long flight? Mytrailco offers you the number of amazing options to narrow your choice.

Travel pillows really are a fantastic idea-and not merely for long haul flights. Get one which packs small, remains put in your throat, is machine-washable and comfortable for how you want to sleep.

If there’s 1 thing I have learned over the decades of immediate buses, red-eye flights, along with hostel bunk beds it is that getting the ideal travel pillow Reddit is wonderful.

I’d like to laugh at old fogeys blissfully napping in their lavish neck cocoons. They did not understand how to rough it like me. Individuals with travel cushions were not”actual” travelers. Now I understand better. Though most travel pillows suck, a fantastic travel pillow Reddit is well worth it.

Thus, to assist you roughnecks flip the corner, we have assembled a listing of the greatest travel cushions available on the industry. This list appears at memory foam luxury traveling cushions, inflatable space-saving travel cushions, some fantastic budget alternatives, as well as intriguing alternative travel cushions. Additionally, I breakdown the pros and cons of packaging a travel pillow Reddit at a journey backpack.

Even as a light packer, a travel pillow Reddit may be well worth it-but only as long as it’s great. Thus, let us take a look at the bizarre amazing world of travel cushions and select out the very best travel cushions from the duds.

Top 20 Best Travel Pillow Reddit Brands - best travel neck pillow for long flights reddit

Top 20 Best Travel Pillow Reddit Brand

Bestseller No. 2
Durable Portable Solid Fold Outdoor Travel Sleep Pillow Air Inflatable Cushion Break Travel Plane Hotel Inflatable Air Pillow,Pink
Use:Body,Travel,Bedding,Material:Polyester / Cotton,Filling:none; Pattern Type:Solid,Feature:Inflatable,Fabric Count:20
Bestseller No. 6
Pillowcase Print Travel Pillow Home Decoration Cushion Cover 1818 Inch
Both the front and the back of the pillow cover have the same color.; Suitable for couch sofa and bed.
Bestseller No. 7
Mo Duo New Pillow for Camping Hiking Travel Outdoor Home Office Comfortable Fluffy Plush Cushion Tent Neck Rest Equipment,NO.10
Unpick and Wash:Removable and Washable,Use:Seat; Style:Modern,Shape:Square; Brand Name:Mo Duo,Filling:Other

Cabeau Evolution S3 Foam Foam

Located in close second into the Travelrest, the Cabeau Evolution S3 has several similar features at precisely the identical cost. It could appear to be a u-shaped memory foam cushion, but its back is level so that it does not push your head forward. The rear surface is not angled and grippy such as the Travelrest, but it will include straps to loop around your headrest to keep it set up. Because these might not be compatible with seat layouts and might disturb the person supporting you onto a trip, we did favor the Travelrest’s more delicate non-slip construction.

Our tester said that the Cabeau provided support without resulting in any ear pressure by preventing the mind from falling to both sides. But, owing to the thick cushioning, it might interfere with cans. We adored the Cabeau’s traveling case, which may easily fit indoors or be clipped on the exterior of the luggage and bag. The compact memory foam takes a couple of moments to roll up into the traveling situation, and a couple of minutes to decompress after being saved for a week, but complete, it is going to keep its shape nicely after packing a lot of times. Additionally, the polyester cap was simple to slip on and off to wash and dry. This is the reddit best travel pillow.

ZAMAT Travel Neck Pillow

ZAMAT, unlike the other producers in this particular review, chose to stay with the tried-and-tested U-shaped travel pillow Reddit layout. However, is this layout obsolete, given what’s out there on the industry?

The very first point to notice is the ZAMAT, unlike U-shaped pillows, provides complete, 360-degree throat support. The front of the pillow closes in on itself, providing lots of support for your chin if it drops forward. Additionally, the timeless shape arguably offers stronger support, regardless of what way the mind drops during sleep. The sides are cushioned with loads of foam fabric, and also the rear of the pillow has a special shape that helps keep the mind cupped set up.

ZAMAT understands their product does not stand out as far as other people in the marketplace. Therefore, due to this, they’ve opted to appeal to clients through other ways, including the premium quality of materials and also the inclusion of useful accessories. This is very much a travel pillow Reddit for those that desire a superior experience. The pillow was created with ZAMAT’s Velour covering substance, offering a very soft texture. Additionally, it includes a handy travel point along with also a machine-washable cover with zipper, just in case you find yourself dribbling around it.

ZAMAT also sell their travel pillow reddit as a pair together with earbuds and gentle eye mask, which makes it an all-in-one travel collection for those absolutely decided to get some shut-eye on their own journey.

Therefore, in conclusion, the ZAMAT travel neck pillow does not bring something completely novel for your travel pillow Reddit marketplace. It will, nevertheless, do the traditional cushion tremendously well and is perfect for those that want an additional touch of luxury during long flights. This is the best pillow for travel reddit.

Travelrest Nest Ultimate Memory Foam Travel Pillow

The distinctively angled back to the Travelrest Ultimate sets it apart from other travel cushions since it can lay flat against the chair back. The majority of other cushions have a round rear, which pushes your mind away in the headrest. The Travelrest also offers rubberized grip dots to prevent slipping while sleeping. This pillow’s spongy memory foam cushions the whole circumference of your neck, so preventing your mind from leaning far in any way, and its elastic Velcro strap ensures that it could match most necks.

The pillow’s comfy velour outside is detachable and machine-washable. Though it does not pack level, the Travelrest weighs under a pound and compresses to a quarter of its dimensions when wrapped into its Velcro-strapped carrying case. Our only criticism is the Travelrest’s high walls, while inviting, can push over-ear cans from the ears of individuals with shorter necks.

Though the memory foam feels extravagant, it is also rather firm; this provides excellent aid, but not much give. Additionally, it does not allow you to adjust the match, like both wrappable choices: the turtle along with the BCozzy. In case the Travelrest matches your neck, it is a superb pillow. If your neck is a lot shorter or longer than this cushion’s 5-inch wall, however, you may prefer the match of a few of the other pillow selections.

Klymit Drift Pillow

The newest Klymit Drift is a camping pillow filled with high-quality memory foam enclosing a gel fiber center. In comparison to some good memory foam cushion, its cushioning has more prejudice, without being as squishy as a pillow. Its case is reversible, using a solid ripstop polyester on one side and soft jersey cotton on the other. The side is waterproof and repels dirt, and this is particularly handy when traveling and unloading at a campsite.

The Drift packs by folding it in its built-in stuff sofa, even though it’s still somewhat bulky when packaged. We discovered when stored for a certain time period, the foam might crease where it is folded, but it rather quickly siphoned back in shape as soon as you fluff the pillow and allow it to sit for a couple of minutes.

Offered in two dimensions, the routine is 5.5 inches tall and fits in many sleeping bag hoods, although the big, best paired with a homeless sleeping system, provides more surface space and an additional inch of height. Coupled with its heavier weight (19 oz for routine, and 27 for big ), the Drift is much more appropriate for car camping compared to a yearlong trip. However, for this function, it remains the one to conquer.

Therm-a-Rest Compressible Traveling Pillow

If you simply can not nod off with no mind on a traditional-style pillow, then the Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow might be the very best travel pillow Reddit for planes for you. Although this pillow does not provide much in the means of support, it provides the comfort of a normal pillow whenever they travel. Its flexibility means that it is also perfect for resorts and hostels which have narrow cushions, camping excursions, and other events.

Made of polyester, it’s completely machine washable to keep it clean and germ-free, and the brushed exterior is soft against the skin. The lightweight rectangular pillow cleans down for packaging and, once the cable lock has been released, it folds to a gentle 10.2-centimetre-thick (4-inch-thick) pillow.

NEMO Fillo

Best inflatable travel pillow Reddit for biking or camping, the NEMO Fillo severely impressed us with its own inflatable but cushioned layout. The coating of foam in addition to the atmosphere pocket makes it feel like a normal pillow you would use in your home, although the inflation provides around four inches of thickness. In our testing, it remained full through the evening. We also found it to be superior to other inflatable backpacking pillows because of its push-and-pull nozzle-rather than a spin valve-that prevents air from penetrating as you are blowing this up. Additionally, it took just about three breaths to completely inflate.

AirComfy, Inflatable Travel Pillow

The travel cushions that fold down to a portion of the size can not compete with AirComfy’s Inflatable Travel Pillow, which compresses down to nothing in any way. A smart valve around the pillow also permits the user to correct how firm it’s, based on their taste, and a much more glowing elastic ring ensures that this pillow will remain in place on a plane, vehicle or train headrest.

Huzi Infinity

If you are the sort of sleepers who simply can not get comfy, the Huzi Infinity pillow provides more than enough possible positions to keep content. Shaped like an infinity scarf with a few excess cushioning, it wraps around your neck to back up your chin, your own back for lumbar support, or perhaps around your ears or ears to block light and noise. In addition to its flexibility, we love it’s soft and cushioned bamboo substance (that you can machine clean, but not dry).

On the other hand, the Huzi does not provide as much aid as the memory foam alternatives when only wrapped twice around your own neck. It does not have a travel situation, but instead a very simple strap to hold it together when rolled up. Though this method may be hard -just like trying to roll upward and compress a slick sleeping bag-and may come undone easily when traveling. Due to this and its majority even when wrapped up, we do not necessarily suggest the Infinity for frequent fliers, but it’s an impressive versatility and several configurations for if you are in the car, relaxing in the home, or perhaps studying in the library.

J-Pillow Travel Pillow

Produced by cabin crew, the award-winning J-Pillow Travel Pillow is the finest neck pillow for flying long distances. More suited to folks who sleep with their head to one side, the soft headrest is comfy, while the neck and neck support stop the head from falling forward. The lightweight thing can be compacted into a ball for ease of packaging and there’s also a convenient loop fixing that allows you to affix it into your own bag to save even more distance.

BCOZZY Chin Supporting Traveling Pillow

The BCOZZY Chin Supporting Traveling Pillow is your very best travel neck pillow for extended flights for kids in addition to a fantastic selection for adults. The BCOZZY Chin Supporting Traveling Pillow provides comfort and helps into the head, chin, and throat. The soft pillow completely wraps around the throat, and you could adjust how tight it’s fitted in addition to twisting it for optimal relaxation. It prevents the mind from falling too far forward as you sleep soundly and is comfy and inviting whether you sleep with your head to your left, right, backward, or forward. The travel pillow Reddit cleans down for packaging and may also be connected to the exterior of your own bag.

Ver-Tex Travel Pillow

In case you’ve got a long flight ahead of you, this pillow by Bedgear utilizes the exact same technology as their inviting bed cushions, which means that your plane seat feels like your mattress in your home. Having a small curve to back up your neck, this pillow includes a moisture-wicking cover that is cool to the touch and also machines washable. We adore the added travel case that easily attaches to some carry-on bag.

Children Chin Supporting Traveling Pillow

Do not allow your child keeps sneaking your travel pillow Reddit by providing them designed especially for them. Designed for kids 3-8 years old, this pillow wraps around their throat to encourage both their chin and head whilst sleeping. The pillow comes with an attached strap to clip on your child’s backpack, but there’s not many travel case. It is offered in nine fun colors and they also supply adult sizes.

Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow

This award-winning neck pillow is famous for its high-quality memory foam and general comfort for airplane travelers. It’s big but includes a drawstring tie which lets you hold it in position around your neck or about a bit of luggage.

When actually sleeping well is the main concern, this is the cushion to utilize.

Aeris Travel Pillow

Made out of memory foam, this U-shaped travel pillow Reddit has ventilation holes to avoid the pillow out of being uncomfortably warm as you are sleeping. The material provides great support as you travel long distances because it contours around your neck and further spreads the weight without causing one to sleep at an unnatural place. Toggles permit you to adjust the cushion’s grip around your neck to keep it from falling off as you slumber. The Aeris Travel Pillow includes a little bag into which it could be conveniently compacted. It’s lightweight too, weighing just 377 g (12.3 oz ).

Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Neck Pillow

One of the very reddit best travel pillow for hotels, the Everlasting Comfort pillow is made of memory foam to provide whole support to your neck and head. The U-shaped travel pillow Reddit has increased parts on both sides for increased comfort and support. The lightweight pillow could be attached to your bag.

Alternately, it may be compressed to about half of its size should you would like to package it in your luggage; it has a storage bag to help keep it compressed. An advanced feature of this specific travel pillow Reddit is a useful pocket to your cell phone or iPod; it is easy to listen to audio and eBooks as possible rest. Other perks would be the added padded eye mask, complete with an adjustable strap, and noise-reducing earplugs made out of memory foam.

Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow by Dot&Dot

The Twist Traveling Pillow has a fantastic little layout which lets you bend the roster into nearly any shape you want to cradle your head and lull you into a sweet slumber.

Even though Dot&Dot doesn’t easily disclose exactly what the major mechanism is that permits for the bend, so they do say there is a luxury memory foam center that is coated in a machine-washable cotton cap.

They encourage passengers to also attempt the Twist Pillow as lumbar support or to alleviate other stress points while flying. Furthermore, notice the snap closure which lets you fasten the pillow around your neck, or attach it to your handbag or carry-on while in transit.

This pillow is excellent for Goldilocks kinds – people who can not sleep before the service is just right.

Ease Inflatable Neck Pillow

The Ease Inflatable Neck Pillow from AirComfy is a superb alternative for travelers who feel somewhat claustrophobic with different cushions that fasten around the throat. The Ease’s special butterfly shape is designed to cradle the arch round the back of your neck to provide support where you want it.

How much service? That is your decision – it’s easy to inflate, and also you may adjust the amount with the valve on the very top. There is also some internal foam to assist the pillow to feel much more significant with less of the inflatable”dip”

The Ease can also be fine for people who desire something slightly more compact than the conventional U (or some of the bigger pillows above). It has a soft, removable, machine washable cover, as well as an elastic ring you may use to fasten it in position around a headrest.

Last, AirComfy encourages travelers to attempt out this pillow as lumbar support also, as you can readily correct the inflation for optimum support inside this usage too.

Voyage Travel Pillow

The Voyage Travel Pillow from Sondre Travel is the go-to if you are more of a minimalist and you also would like some flexibility. If you would like something bigger than the conventional U (over 50 percent smaller to be precise ), this tiny pillow may be worn in many different ways – even doubling as an eye mask if required.

The ring itself is a poly/spandex mix, along with the pillow part is full of thousands of little microbeads. This permits the cushion to less or more sculpt to your favorite sleeping position so that you may sink and zone out.

While it does not hold up your head entirely, it does a fairly great job of assisting you to get comfy. Additionally, it is a good deal less eye-catching compared to a variety of alternatives on this listing.

Yondi & SnooziHedz Travel Pillows by Trunki

These bright, entertaining little cushions are brought to you by precisely the exact same company responsible for all those cute little wheelie suitcases you visit kiddos riding like a horse around the airport. Both cushions come in many vibrant animal-themed alternatives for your little adventurer’s pleasure!

The Yondi is much more of a conventional travel pillow Reddit, used for round the neck support using a magnetic closure at front for security. The SnooziHedz is a little pouch that includes an inflatable pillow and matching blanket. They come with the normal Trunki Grip bit to store things together so tiny hands do not eliminate anything on the way.

These products are crafted using a fleecy fabric that is ultra-soft to the touch. Trunki says the Yondi cuties are acceptable for miniature travelers ages 2-5 along with also the SnooziHedz is for people two decades and up.

Trtl Travel Pillow

The Trtl cushion has all the reddit best travel wedge pillow crucial features, it permits good neck support, so it’s light and easy to pack. This machine-washable pillow is super light, weighing just 136 grams and very little with 18x18cm. It resembles a scarf, but it hides a pillow that supports your neck in a comfortable place. You have the choice to hold your mind to the shoulder or under the throat.

The single disadvantage of this pillow is that it merely permits you to incline your head to one side. But moreover, if you like to travel this one is crucial…

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Matters to Consider When Purchasing a Travel Pillow

There are four big considerations when searching for the very best travel neck pillows: the favorite sleeping place, the dimensions of the pillow, the cushion’s versatility, and also the price.

1. Preferred Sleeping Position

People today sleep in various places, even if seated, and a few cushions are especially suited to certain places. Can you frequently move around a lot in your sleep? Does your mind tend to loll forward when you are not lying down to sleep? Wrap-around designs frequently offer more assistance than U-shaped cushions. Additionally, there are products on the marketplace offering a fantastic deal of eyebrow support or service for all of your upper body, for instance.

2. Size of this Pillow

In terms of the size of these cushions, you wish to be certain that they’re small enough to easily fit on your carry-on bag. The greatest inflatable travel pillow Reddit obviously requires less space than the usual good pillow. But a great deal of the ideal travel cushions for extended flights are made out of memory foam but do not fright since they may be compacted into a reasonably compact size. After making sure that the size is only right, the time to discuss cash. Just how much should you invest a travel pillow Reddit?

3. The Price

While cost considerations should be secondary to the quality and usefulness, the purchase price of a product is, of course, a variable. So just how much you must invest on a travel pillow Reddit all is dependent upon how comfortable you want to be and are ready to spend. Generally, the majority of the ideal travel cushions are rather cheap, generally costing less than $40 USD. Considering the relaxation a cushion may increase your journeys and the number of times that you’re very likely to use it, this is a rather modest sum to cover.


How do I select a travel pillow Reddit?

There are a Whole Lot of factors to consider when choosing a travel pillow Reddit:

Size: It is well worth considering an individual’s own body dimensions, how big this distance that an individual is traveling in, and also the size of this travel pillow Reddit itself.

Travel Distance: Can this excursion count as a long-haul, and are there plans to sleep?

  • Type of Travel: Plane, bus, train, or automobile, or something different, perhaps?
  • Surface Material: There are many choices, from lace to spandex knit and rayon out of bamboo.
  • Filling: A multitude of choices here; polyester fibers, memory foam, air, and much more are readily available!
  • Functionality: Why does the pillow have to serve a particular function, and does this work against a plane window or remain anchored into the neck?
  • Cost: There are some affordable options on the market!

What’s the very best travel pillow Reddit for extended flights?

Because travelers are more inclined to sleep for lengthy periods on longer flights, the very best travel cushions for long haul flights would be those which cover a few important elements. One, they will need to match the distance is seated in plus they also must support the individual’s primary sleeping place. Additionally, it does not hurt if a travel pillow Reddit has the capacity to remain anchored to someone’s chair or body.

The cushions in my list I like the very best for these flights would be the Infinity cushion, the trtl Pillow Plus, along with the Candy Cane Pillow. They are flexible, remain fit (for the most part) and so are economical choices.

 Are travel pillows worthwhile?

Yes, travel pillows are absolutely worth checking out. That is because travel cushions will help 1 sleep when sleeping and sleep is so crucial! Sleep affects every aspect of our lives, our bodily health, psychological health, all that great stuff. So, yes, in the event the traveler wants to sleep on a trip we would highly suggest picking up a travel pillow Reddit.

How To Clean Your Neck  Pillow?


No matter the situation we’re being able to sleep a long voyage is quite basic to enjoy the holidays! We hope you enjoyed our journey and neck pillow choices. There’s nothing like a fantastic night’s sleep!

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