Top 11 Best Women’S Climbing Harness Reviews 2022

Top 11 Best Women'S Climbing Harness 2020

Are you looking for the Best Women’S Climbing Harness? My Trail Company has many best choice products which help you choose it here!

Our climbers smeared up the multi-pitch slab and jammed into a selection of crack widths in many different weather conditions from warm and arid to humid and moist. We analyzed equipment on conventional, game, and top-rope climbs.

And while there isn’t a single harness that works for every person’s body and climb style, we’ve highlighted a variety of options. Below we summarize the best climbing harnesses which can make your belay that far better. Check out our buyer’s guide at the end of the report Should you want help deciding.

Top 11 Best Harness For Women Climbers - women rock climbing harness

Top 11 Best Harness For Women Climbers

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CAMP Supernova

The Camp Supernova was created particularly for the female type, instead of being a tweaked version of a men’s exploit (a frequent situation ). This resulted in a climbing version that fits the entire body of a woman. The Supernova is lightweight and contains exceptional freedom, never constricting our testers while climbing, belaying, or lazing at the base of a crag.

It’s a layer of EVA foam cushioning, which can be more than a number of the additional high-end sport. Additionally, it has a distinctive”No-Twist” belay loop so your belaying carabiner never gets cross-loaded. The leg loops elongate on the thighs rather than the waistbelt, leaving the spine buckle loose, which can be key when scratching up your way a desert chimney. There is lots of space on two ice clipper instrument slots for some winter fun, along with the equipment loops for a game or trad rack.

Was this material’s sturdiness. We have seen what it seems like after a year of this chimney scratching against sandstone while it held up well during our testing phase. The Misty Mountain Silhouette should be looked at by those girls. If you want to climb various paths and fashions, the Supernova will transition to another, which makes it our treasured all-around version.

Black Diamond Tech

The Dark Diamond Technician won our prize for the finest all-around female harness since it is versatile, durable, and comfy. The simple fact that it is still under the 100 mark can also be great and means you get a great deal of use for the wealth.

It is possible to use the Tech for any kind of climbing you can consider – sport, trad, alpine ice. That is correct, it features four ice clipper slots! They put in the front so that they’re readily reachable.

The Tech includes four gear loops so that you can pile on cams or these quickdraws. And Dark Diamond’s Fusion Comfort Technology – basically 3 strands of webbing heat molded collectively – guarantees a comfy feel, whether you are falling or hanging as it spreads your weight equally.

The quick-drying outer shell is constructed from a super-strong nylon cloth so that you can really throw yourself from the stone and be confident your harness will endure the test of time.

Mammut Alnasca

If you’re searching for a lightweight harness to maintain in the base of your gym bag, devoted especially to the art of climbing on vinyl, the Mammut Alnasca could be for you personally. It will cause you to feel as smooth and light as the pros from the World Cup finals, with nothing but your belay card awakens from the circulating indoor atmosphere. The net paneling allows for lots of breathabilities, along with also the lean leg loops and minimal cushioning feel glossy when walking around the gym floor.

Be warned, however; all the qualities which produce the Alnasca a wonderful gym harness also remove from its flexibility. Equipment loops and the belay loop aren’t confidence-inspiring nor big enough to get a stand. The absence of padding is okay when working your gym project, however, it isn’t perfect for pitch after pitch of hanging belays.

Arc’teryx FL-355  Womens harness

The Arc ‘teryx FL-355 and it is an almost identical sister, the Arc ‘teryx AR-385a, would be the originators of this lean, tape-like harnesses. They have broad four-inch waistbands with no padding, but because the load is spread across the whole width, they’re amazingly comfortable from the waist. The equipment loops set flat against the buttocks, making it simpler to put on a pack within this particular model. On top of that, they pack super smallish as a result of the layout and stuff sack which Arc’teryx provides.

This harness is not ideal. The FL version does not have legs that are elastic, plus they felt tight for us in contrast to other non-adjustable leg loops. The leg loops do not taper the thighs round, where you want it leaving majority. They bothered us that a bit, a great deal when hanging along with when standing. They’re also both extremely costly, and we’ve got a difficult time justifying paying triple or double for something which’s maybe not the most comfortable thing. If the match feels great to you, however, you will enjoy the tiny packed size and eye-turning layout.

Best for Sport Climbing: Petzl Sitta

The thing about the Petzl Sitta is its light. And I am mild. Like when you are climbing inside you forget it is there mild. That is the reason why it has been embraced by the Gods of sport climbing as their go-to harness for delivering their toughest projects.

Use something they are calling’technologies’ within this harness, which replaces the requirement for utilizing foam padding that adds the majority. They utilized strands of high-modulus polyethylene webbing from the belt and leg loops that distribute your load rather than the foam.

The harness also allows excellent freedom due to their elasticated leg loops though be aware that the leg loops are not flexible so be sure they match your thighs before purchasing.

Constructed with durability in mind, the tie-in factors are made from a polyethylene that is able to withstand the constant abrasion of rope. The four gear loops have separators, so that you can e.g. maintain your cams in 1 place, your nuts in a different, etc.. So this harness climbing will not have some flexibility also, it is possible to really haul quite a great deal of equipment inside in case you wanted to also use it to get trad or ice climbing. Though bear in mind this lightness and freedom do come at an affordable cost.

Metolius Safe Tech Deluxe Harness

The element of the harness could be the belay loop, and this is intended to help minimize clutter when preparing for multi-pitch belays or rappels. Four loop-shaped rigid gear loops sit harness. 1 tester critiqued is marginally overlapped, which produces a traffic jam by the loops on both sides of the harness.

“The Safe Tech Deluxe Harness includes a larger waist buckle and thicker foam in comparison to the majority of women’s wedges, so it seems super lasting and beefy,” our tester stated.

The middle buckle is catchy at first: you have to maintain open the 2 plates so the webbing moves for firming and tightening. When the plates shut, they are a jaw. But it gets easier with practice.

Best for Trad Climbing: Misty Mountain Cadillac

If you are going to do a great deal of trad climbing, you are likely to need something which may withstand abrasion and manage a great deal of equipment along with the Cadillac does exactly that. The cloth is 500 denier Cordura nylon, that is exactly what lots of trekking backpacks are produced from so that you understand the stuff can resist lots of abuse.

With loads of padding, the Cadillac is quite comfy to wear hanging and standing though that does make the tap bulkier and less streamlined when packaging away. You will find equipment loops galore and they’re angled up making it really easy to access your equipment and clip everything in and outside. The leg loops are flexible and all buckles are aluminum to save without compromising on power.

Overall, no additional harness comes near the Misty Mountain Cadillac if you are following a hardcore harness that could deal with a complete trad rack easily and decades of being scraped from the rock!

Osprey Mutant 38

Osprey’s Mutant show has only the bunch for all those special men and women who adore”light and quick.” With sizes that range from trip status to”be right back for a late dinner” forays to the hills, there is something for everybody. The Mutant 38 is an ideal size for a weekend to”missing work on Monday” assignments.

It is lightweight, at only 2.81 lbs, but includes all of the alpine unique features for the discriminating alpinist. This package has removable suspension parts (2 aluminum stays and HDPE sheet) and lid, stylish belt gear loops, ice twist clipper attachment factors, helmet take, strengthened A-frame ski transport, double ice instrument attachments, three-point hauling machine, hydration pocket front panel daisy series, hydration pocket, and also snow-shedding rear panel cloth.

Rhino Skin Care Solutions

This is ideal for the climber who looks at their palms and drops off the boulder. And for anybody tired of hearing anguished shouts of”My skin” Or”My hints!” Skin ailments affect many facets of rock climbing, and Rhino Skin Solutions has closely researched, formulated, and tested products to help in drying, drying, toughening, and fixing skin in addition to massaging muscles.

I can attest to the efficacy of Rhino Skin Option Products. climbing from the Southwest in high humidity and heat, I often battle sweaty palms but also suffer from dry skin through lengthy stints of indoor instruction. I use Rhino Repair both once climbing and during the nighttime, spray the Dry out in the warmth, and use Spit inside when my hints get glassy. This new has everything from stocking stuffers to full-spectrum kits to the skin-obsessed stone jocks on your own circle.

Moon Climbing Bouldering Bag

Nearly all climbers begin in the fitness center. And for many, gym climbing sessions many days. Moon Climbing includes a practical, organized, and also an oh-so-fashionable method to schlep the equipment.

The 25L Moon Climbing Bouldering Bag includes two pockets inside and 2 pockets on the exterior. Topical handles permit a horizontal or vertical carry. And there’s a water bottle pocket on both sides.

The Bouldering Bag converts to a backpack and carries on a shoulder through smart of the strap that is cushioned. That makes it convenient for bike commuting and outside use that is bouldering.

Best for Beginners Value & Best Value: Black Diamond Primrose

The Primrose is Black Diamond’s most well-known woman plus it’s easy to see why. It has leg straps that are flexible and focus on relaxation enables it to adapt to a variety of body types. It is a model that features convenient features such as a mechanically double-backed buckle and readily adjustable leg loops.

The Core Construction from the belt identifies the 2 groups of webbing that run around the framework using a CLPE foam fit.

On price, the Primrose can’t be beaten Close to the mark. Girls with waists and thighs stated this version was especially well-adapted for their own shape. This harness may come conveniently packed using a device, a chalk bag, and chalk. Place on for paths.

What is the difference between men’s and women’s harnesses?

Women-specific equipment is really fairly new in regards to sport (thanks patriarchy) and rock climbing are no distinct. Until lately, harnesses stayed unisex regardless of the differences between women’s and men’s body contours. The climbing harnesses of women consider thighs and buttocks and the fact that girls have narrower waists than men. These harnesses have a tendency to break on a female’s waist as opposed to on the buttocks as men do.

Does that mean girls need to wear women-specific harnesses? Absolutely not! Some girls might favor wearing men’s or unisex versions. This is particularly true when they are a girl with a briefer hip-to-waist ratio (they call this the’increase’) that would prefer to put on the tap in their own shoulders.

Best Women’S Climbing Harness Buyers’ Guide

Climbing Harnesses Buyers' Guide

Purchasing a climbing harness can be a pain in the event that you set the abundance of versions.

Sometime you may get away with purchasing products in regards to other areas of lifestyle and be fine, that’s not really true with climbing harnesses.

Picking a version is essential to prevent all life-threatening scenarios when you are venturing from the craggy and alpine mountains. Bearing this in mind will clarify. So with no additional ado, let’s jump to it.

Comfort & Fit

This is a significant deal to hardcore climbers that are authentic since they spend the majority of their time wearing a tap picking.

If you are trying to get a version that does not have any adjustable loops when looking at the graphs and you take your time. Which is outfitted with all the soft and padding materials for 18, In addition to picking one?

Durability and Retirement

This takes the amount place from the priority list, so not only does a lasting last you a while that is fantastic, but additionally, it will keep you safe once you’re climbing out in nature.

That said, a harness ought to be constructed with high-quality and powerful materials to support your own weight and atmosphere. It is essential to notice, however strong and great that the tap is also, it will get worn out.

Be certain once it reaches the limit of its lifespan that it is proposed that you retire your exploit.


This is related to gyms, but it is suggested to consider the burden of your exploit. Light does not necessarily mean better Though there are a few lightweight options on the market.

In reality, sometimes the heavier the tap also the practical and the comfy features it has. Fortunately, harnesses are manageable by the majority of climbers irrespective of size and weight.

Weight Distribution

This is connected to how your own body is spread out from the harness when you are belaying or drifting in mid-air through a scale. Inside this instance.

You need to go to get a harness that implements weight reduction features or technologies, and so prevent coping with pressure points.


A good deal of climbers prefers to bring a number of climbing gear and equipment for purposes that are different based on their surroundings and the climbing action. We strongly advise you to do exactly the same, as you require some fundamental or non-essential gear that will assist you to take your first steps.

Loops harnesses differ in quality, terms of number, and exactly what the harness is created for. You will find a belay that’s located on alpine or ice cubes two types, along with a dual or belay on a tap that’s created for walling and trad if we choose the loop for example.

Another example could be the drag loop, it’s not mandatory and it isn’t included by some producers. It is required if you attach a dragline or want a rope, which makes it a superb feature to have if you are intending to regularly multi-pitch climbing. Aside from that, you can do with it.


This boils down to personal taste, some people today would rather get a harness that needs going through the fixing process, thereby they choose. Others concentrate on variations which are a tiny bit on the side.

Meaning the best harness that features adjustable leg loops that will be loosened or tightened will do just fine. If you are just beginning, we advise that you stick with the options so that you can find your own fit-out. You can’t know when you could lose or gain a few weightlifting, and case an one will possess you coated.


A tap is a must for many climbers; the simple fact it may keep you living makes the decision-making process that much tougher. It’s essential to locate a model that matches your but also your climbing style. We trust that you could utilize the info inside this review you want.

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