Top 14 Best Women’s Climbing Shoes 2024

Top 14 Best Women'S Climbing Shoes 2020

Are you looking for the Best Women’s Climbing Shoes? My Trail Company has many best choice products to help you choose the right pair for you here!

With the huge number of rock climbing shoe brands for girls now on the current market, it could be difficult particularly for beginner climbers, to get the right brand or version for them. Sneakers come in sizes, various styles, designs and features that influence functionality and their quality.

We’ve conducted some research with making the choice that will give you a hand. You may learn of the best climbing shoes for women available in the marketplace nowadays and after learning a few of the factors that you want to consider prior to purchasing the climbing shoes of your choice.

Top 14 Best Women'S Climbing Shoes

Top 14 Best Women’S Climbing Shoes

Bestseller No. 2
Climb X Rave Strap Climbing Shoe 2018 (7.5, Gray)
Climb X Rave Strap Climbing Shoe 2018 (7.5, Gray)
Please refer to the Sizing Chart for Recommended Size; Padded Collar and Heel for Comfort; Visit https://climbx;us/ for More Details
Bestseller No. 3
BLACK DIAMOND Equipment Momentum Climbing Shoes - Women's - Black-Alloy - 8
BLACK DIAMOND Equipment Momentum Climbing Shoes - Women's - Black-Alloy - 8
Neutral, flat last for vertical climbing or all-day comfort; Updated midsole for improved edging ability
Bestseller No. 7
Climb X Red Point NLV Women's Climbing Shoe 2019 (Women's 10.5/ Men's 9, Red)
Climb X Red Point NLV Women's Climbing Shoe 2019 (Women's 10.5/ Men's 9, Red)
Fabric-and-leather; Padded Ankle Cuff; Sticky 3D molded heel cup; Contoured Arch for better fit and performance
Bestseller No. 8
La Sportiva Womens Tarantula Boulder All-Day Climbing Shoes, Ice/Crystal, 9
La Sportiva Womens Tarantula Boulder All-Day Climbing Shoes, Ice/Crystal, 9
Increased sensitivity, a more protective toe patch and a newly designed heel; New heel construction enhances heel hook performance with increased rubber coverage
Bestseller No. 9
Climb X Crush Lace NLV Women's Rock Climbing/Bouldering Shoe (Purple,12)
Climb X Crush Lace NLV Women's Rock Climbing/Bouldering Shoe (Purple,12)
Upper: made with high-quality leather; offers great stretch and gas permeability.; Shoe Last is notably smooth, great for long-period wear.

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Scarpa Women’s Reflex Climbing Shoe

With a powerful, durable, and high-quality rubber only, the Scarpa Women’s Reflex Climbing Shoes is effective at providing exceptional traction and stickiness. The shoe’s upper features suede rubbed to earn a rest. It features a passive rubber rand that provides feet security and performance while the anatomical power straps guarantee convenience. The sneakers are sensitive to the inflexible and steep enough.

The simple fact that all these are currently climbing shoes signifies purchasing your size that is true might not fit you. Even moving a size greater might not address the problem. It demands a whole lot of keenness to discover the size which will suit you and stay comfortable enough for a great climbing experience.

La Sportiva Kataki

As a consequence, you may spend all day in these shoes but also trust them in your technical project. Features include a P3 platform that ensures the shoes keeps its downturned contour throughout its lifetime and provides support throughout the foot when trimming on tiny nubbins.

The Vibram rubber bottoms feel stiff and durable, good on a budget, and if you want to rely on these dime borders. The tongue is elastic and comfortable and behaves as a sock-liner. The leather feels lavish and stretches a half dimensions as it pertains to the contour of their foot and thus doesn’t be reluctant to match them somewhat tighter but not overly tight.

One reason that the Kataki was considered a fantastic all-round shoe was that when trimming together with the softness their capacity required. The opportunity to break-in for all these shoes really are brief and the fact means that you may customize the fit. The rubber isn’t simply tacky and thick but there’s lots of it you would not expect to have to resolve them for quite some time. A wonderful all-round high-performance shoe, so you could not fail with the Katakis that is the reason why they are the number one shoe we would advocate if you could simply purchase 1 shoe.

Mad Rock Lotus

All these strange-looking small winged slippers were a surprise for us throughout our testing phase. Although the Mad Rock Lotus looks competitive and is difficult to get on at first, they broke into becoming some of the very comfortable, supple, and sensitive shoes we analyzed. All this at an affordable price (in comparison with their own high-performance rivals).

These shoes got our Best Buy Award for providing high performance on both the vertical and steep terrain and also surprised us. Take a look at the Evolv Shakra if you’re looking for a shoe that caters more toward the newcomer climber. The Scarpa Arpia is just another alternative that lands between the Shakra as well as the Lotus concerning recession and relaxation.

The Lotus is relatively cheap in comparison to some of its rivals. These shoes are fantastic for individuals who need a little more aggressive shoe however do not wish to invest a few hundred dollars for’em. The Lotus does good boulders, on sport increases, and at the fitness center. It holds its own against the competition within our comparisons and costs less than competitive, high-performance shoes.

Five Ten Anasazi LV

But we believe that La Sportiva Kataki only has the advantage when it comes to performance, which is the reason why the Anasazi is our next go-to shoe if you can just buy 1 pair. Though the Anasazi includes a rather flat profile which makes them feel comfortable, they’re still quite a high-performance shoe. Five uses a faux suede cloth named Cowdura that begins soften and to stretch after a couple of sessions. This permits the shoe to adjust to the foot superbly so don’t be reluctant to dimension them somewhat smaller than you might.

The C4 Stealth rubber used is famous for being among the most sticky but doesn’t remove from the sensitivity of your shoe. Because the rubber begins to wear down, the sensitivity improves over time. 1 thing that’s evident is that the rubber onto the rand, the very best region of the toe is there but not abundant as it could be at a shoe made for steep toe-hook terrain. This means for people with cluttered toe-dragging footwork will wear throughout the rand rubber and this place can not be resoled. Reason to improve your footwork!

The Anasazis are adequate in regards to both pockets and edging, they are amazingly simple to whip off and on using their cushioned tongue and Velcro closures. These shoes excel in regards to technical vertical or off-vertical climbs, are comfy enough to wear multi-pitch and crack climbing. But if you are following a pair which will help in extreme sport climbing or bouldering afterward the Butora Acro, La Sportiva Kataki or even La Sportiva Genius are a much better match.

La Sportiva Genius

Yes, it will seem somewhat spider-many, but those shoes do live up to their own hype. What is so great about these? Properly La Sportiva has debuted something they are calling no-edge rubber technologies on those shoes. This rubber makes the sneakers stand to the stone or wall because it makes contact a greater surface area compared to edged shoes. Additionally, it entails that the shoe is remarkably sensitive, enabling you to feel all of the small pockets and edges throughout the shoe thus letting you put more confidence in these dastardly micro-footholds.

These shoes match like a rubber slipper and also conform to the foot. The heel is much more cushioned than the Solutions that means that you can really twist on these heel hooks without feeling too much distress. Probably the best heels of any La Sportiva shoe, it fits closely and suctions on, appropriate for all those that have a narrow heels profile. Add to the laces permit you to dial in that match to be certain that there is not any space. With additional rubber on the toe, then the Guru was obviously designed with penalizing steep paths with catchy toe and heels in your mind!

Butora Acro: Broad and Narrow

A top performance shoe by a reasonably new player, though that has not ceased Butora getting rave reviews for their aggressive pair of climbing shoes, the Acro. Among the wonderful things about the Acro is that it comes from either a broad (orange colored ) and narrow (blue colored ) variant, hurrah!

The fit is aimed for girls but any guys with more narrow feet ought to offer them a go. The outstanding build quality is clear right from the box and is really very comfortable from the initial wear regardless of their competitive form. The Acro’s 3D injected ABS midsole signifies the shoe will keep its downturned form and provide aid when expecting these minuscule edges. The rubber wore a couple of times becomes thicker and more sensitive, enabling you to feel miniature pockets throughout the shoe and really fit within them thanks to this downturn stage in the ends.

The edging and smearing skill of this shoe was adequate but not the best, for sneakers that glow in this field we would suggest the La Sportiva Professional or Kataki. Concerning sizing Butora advocate staying in your road size for sport climbing and moving down half a dimension for bouldering although we discovered they conducted quite small and would not recommend sizing down in the road shoes. Certainly, one to test out in the store first.

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Scarpa Women’s Helix Climbing Shoe

If you’re interested in finding a beginner-intermediate rock climbing shoes afterward Scarpa Women’s Helix Climbing Shoes are going to be an ideal pick for you. These all-day comfort shoes contain styling which makes it attractive to the woman climbers. Its profile and shape are comfortable, and it’ll keep your toes. It features a cushioned tongue to allow wear the sneakers.

Even though the rigid rubber midsole is very good for gripping, it might also interfere with the accuracy of these sneakers. Additionally, the heel may feel awkward once you wear sneakers. Comfort is very good for sneakers that are normal but not climbing shoes. Scarpa Women’s Helix is overly comfy.

Butora Libra Tight Fit Climbing Shoe – Women’s

The Butora Women’s Cute Match Libra Climbing Shoes stands out unique with a delicate pink and tie-dye top, but it’s significantly more than a pretty face. When features asymmetry design maintaining Libra comfy for multi-pitch climbs. The stiff midsole, in addition to its match, guarantees the truth and support you’ll need as a beginner or intermediate climber. Libra’s leather is designed to fit your foot shape. The sneakers are lined for odor and breathability management with berry.

Butora Women’s Tight Fit Libra Climbing Shoes is usually wonderful but its cost is a tiny bit on the higher side compared to other competitive brands. These shoes haven’t been utilized and the information we must produce a review is limited by this.


The Streets that are iLL stands out because of their design but provides solid functionality. Issue rubber intended for the requirements of Navy SEALs is used by the Streets, and the rubber is dipped to coordinate with the upper, causing a striking two-tone layout.

The elastic recession of the Streets gives sensitivity to you when setting your toes. The uppers are made to be soft, and that relaxation is complemented with the shoes’ tongues. The Velcro buckles make on/off of these sneakers fast and easy.

Best Shoe using a Flat Form: Butora Endeavor

The Butora Endeavor sneakers are great for climbers searching for a versatile, all-around shoe. The final of this shoe is downturned for problems and the outsole is tacky, but comfort is not compromised in any way. The tongue’s interior coating is made of memory foam and the upper layer of this shoe was created with breathability in your mind.

Additionally, withstand extending over time and the cloth is made to lessen odor. Two straps close with attachment points for a comfortable and precise fit on opposite sides. The shoe operates true to size, using a recommendation of sizing a half-size up.

Best Strap Shoe: Evolv Shaman LV

Having a distinctive construct that allows for space for a heel cup and your large toe knuckle, which Evolve Shaman LV is a high-performance shoe. The arch is slight with the recession, but the shoe reacts nicely to stone features when the shoes are broken in. The outsole is made of rubber and the liner is made of microfiber material. To get a match, the foot is secured by three straps with lots of all-around support. The color scheme matches small and is purple and green.

Black Diamond Women’s Momentum

Black Diamond is famous for climbing gear but newer to sneakers. With the shoe of this beginner, the manufacturer has produced a mix of relaxation, good-quality rubber along with a cushioned and forgiving. The midsole that is flexible can allow you to learn how to smear along with a sign of asymmetry in the form means you’ll find a sense for perching in smaller holds. Great with feet for girls.

Tenaya Masai Climbing Shoe

Would you need to conquer the stones? You couldn’t find climbing shoes that will assist you. The sneakers are ideal for paths that ask that you stand on fragile smears pockets, and also micro-edges. It features a perfect mix of endurance and sensitivity which allow it to maintain forms and to perform on a range of angles. The proven Vibram XS Grip rubber and the most marginal of footholds stick together.

La Sportiva Women’s TarantuLace Performance Rock Climbing Shoe

La Sportiva is among the greatest brands in regards to rock climbing shoes. Their Tarantulace Performance is among the women. It features quick-pull lacing harness that permits regulation of amounts and wraps your foot snugly to provide fit, support, and relaxation. An RN45 contour, in addition to its super FriXion RS rubber midsoles, protect your feet. A rubber heel rand makes it possible for climbers to overcome micro-edges without suffering from pain.

La Sportiva is famous for its quality of the products but much like climbing shoes, sizing is hard to get right. It could be a fantastic idea to try on the shoes but that can’t occur when you buy online.

Factors To Consider When Shopping For climbing Shoes For Ladies

actors To Consider When Shopping For climbing Shoes For Ladies- Women's rock climbing shoes

If you wish to be a pro when it comes to choosing the top women’s climbing shoes, then you need to consider each of the variables. Once you have more or two shoes these variables come in handy.


The main reason climbers do not wear road shoes or shoes is they lack sensitivity. Climbing-specific sneakers have different degrees of sensitivity, and it’s all up to you to select. Shoes with higher sensitivity are great since you can feel the surface of the stone and stone features. The La Sportiva Kataki is your women’s climbing shoe. With this shoe, you create moves that are delicate and can scale just about any sort of stone. Till they progress to another level beginners don’t need to fret about sensitivity.


Comfort is one. Obviously, everybody would like to maneuver those rocks and boulders in shoes that are comfy. Not all climbing shoes can provide relaxation. The majority of experts of the shoes which are worn by specialists sacrifice comfort for performance’s sake. You’ll find a few that provide sensitivity and comfort, however, you’ll need to fork out a little money. Like I said earlier, comfort is guaranteed in newcomer sneakers.

Nature Of Sole

The sole’s character should assist you in making an educated choice. Climbing shoes have thicknesses that are lone and shapes. Since they supply support beginners are advised to proceed with bottoms. In the event, you’re currently looking you need to go with rubber only that is elastic, slender, and curved.


The climbing shoes of women have compared to the shoes of men. You need to consider your budget whilst looking around. If you’re a newcomer to the sport Don’t overspend on sneakers. Select a shoe since you’ll probably use it for a couple of months until you eliminate it. All in all, will offer you a lot concerning functionality and durability.

Different types Of Closure Systems

The last characteristic to consider is the sort of closed system. Based upon your tastes, you may opt to choose Velcro, laces, or even slippers. Every one of the systems has its own pros and cons, so it’s upon you to proceed with everything you’re familiar with.

The fit is aimed for girls but any guys with more narrow feet ought to offer them a go. The outstanding build quality is very comfortable from the wear regardless of their form and is clearly right. The 3D ABS midsole that is injected of the Acro signifies the shoe will keep it form and provide aid when expecting these edges. The rubber becomes thicker and more sensitive, letting you feel pockets and really fit thanks to this downturn stage in the ends.

The smearing and edging skill of this shoe were adequate but not the best, for sneakers that glow in this field, we would suggest Kataki or the La Sportiva Professional. Concerning sizing Butora advocate staying in your road size for sport climbing and moving down a dimension although we discovered they would not recommend sizing down in the road shoes and conducted quite small for bouldering. Certainly, one to test out in the store first.

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