How to Efficiently Pack Your Stuff on Your RV

How To Efficiently Pack Your Stuff On Your RV

Going on an RV adventure is exciting. Nonetheless, one thing that many people may not realize is that it can also be frustrating. It can be a headache because of the inherent space limitations. It’s a big challenge to make sure everything fits. From your living essentials to the little luxuries, you must find a way to maximize the use of available space. Read on, and learn from some of the tips we’ll share in this post.

Check the Manual

One of the first things to do is to look at the manual. You don’t have to go through everything, although doing so can help you to be more familiar with your motor vehicle. Look for crucial technical specifications. Specifically, you must know the cargo carrying capacity. In a nutshell, it’s the maximum weight of personal items you can safely bring in an RV. Nonetheless, this does not mean you must weigh everything manually and ensure they add up. At the very least, it should give you an idea of how to prevent overloading.

Make a List

To prevent stress while RVing, we recommend preparing a list of everything you’ll need. Go over the list twice or thrice. This way, you’ll know those that you don’t need and can let go of, especially if you have limited space to spare. More so, creating a list also helps you to prioritize the arrangement. For instance, those that you will need more often should be more accessible and those you’ll need the least can be hidden.

Plan Your Meals

Aside from creating a packing list, you might also want to plan your meals. This means that you should decide the dishes you’ll be preparing each day and the ingredients you’ll need. In turn, you’ll know what to pack, and more importantly, how to pack them. For instance, if you have a fridge in your RV, arrange the items in such a way that those you’ll need at a later time are stocked at the back. Take note as well of the perishables, so you can pack and handle them properly to avoid spoilage.

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Maximize Roof Space

If you’re looking for the best ways to maximize available storage space, look at the roof. Consider installing a rooftop cargo box. This way, you can store some of your items on the top instead of inside the RV. Hence, you can leave more space to move around, which can make living on the road more comfortable. Pick a cargo box with a size capable of holding your stuff. Make sure as well it fits the weight capacity of the RV.

Use the Right Containers

Being creative in organizing your RV supplies is a must. Among others, this is possible by using the right containers, especially those known for having space-saving designs. Opt for clear containers, so you can see what’s inside. Putting a label can also help you easily identify where your stuff is. More so, it’s a good idea to go for collapsible containers, so you can tuck them neatly when they’re not used. Investing in food storage containers is also great as it can help you organize them properly. In addition, magnetic jars are ideal for saving space.

Ensure Secure Stowage

It won’t always be a smooth ride, Chances are, you’ll be going through bumpy roads. Hence, it will rock your motorhome, and you might find your stuff all over the place if you don’t secure them. It can even injure passengers. When packing, find ways to secure stowage with the use of magnets, straps, and Velcro, among others. Doing so can help ensure your stuff remains steady and won’t knock down even when there are bumps.

Maintain Proper Balance

Proper weight distribution is one more thing you should not ignore when packing. Otherwise, it may be awkward to drive, and worse, it can be unsafe. Balancing the load in your RV can minimize the possibility of overturning. Pack heavier items in the lower part and spread them out evenly across a consistent length. The lighter items, on the other hand, can go on the top. Also, find out how much weight each axle can support.

Clear the Counter

It might seem like a simple tip, but this can do a lot in making the most of available space while keeping you safe and comfortable. The more items there are on the counter, the higher the chance they will slide and tumble. They can break, especially when they are made of glass or similar fragile materials. Consider installing a spice rack to keep them off the counter. Find a place where you can secure the dishes, instead of leaving them on the surface.

Consider Where You Plan to Go

While being spontaneous can be thrilling, it might make you inefficient when packing. In contrast, by carefully planning your destinations, you’ll know what to pack. As you research the best RV campgrounds to visit, learn about the facilities present as well. For instance, are there restaurants? Is there an electrical hookup? As such, you’ll know what is available and not. In turn, you’ll be aware of what to pack and what you can leave behind.

Less is More

Learn how to pack light. This can be challenging, especially for newbies in RVing. More so, it can be difficult for families. You might feel like you need to bring your entire home with you, but such should not be the case. Learn how to make sacrifices if you want your stuff to fit in your RV. Limit what you bring. As mentioned earlier, creating a checklist can help to prioritize the stuff to pack.

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In Closing

Packing stuff for your RV can be challenging, especially if it’s going to be your first trip in a motorhome. Take note of our suggestions above to help you prepare for an epic adventure. From installing roof storage to prioritizing what you need, those things might help maximize small spaces without compromising comfort and safety on the road.

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