Outdoor Activities for Thrill Seekers in Houston, TX

utdoor Activities for Thrill Seekers in Houston, TX

Houston is a fantastic city for a weekend getaway, with plenty of attractions to keep you busy and entertained! Apart from many incredible hiking places in Houston, there’s also no shortage of fun outdoor activities for you to choose from. If you’re an adventure lover seeking new experiences, Houston is perfect for you.

Whether you’re trying to find a fun place to go paintballing or looking to try something entirely new, like wakeboarding or soaring in the air on an engineless plane, this guide will help you choose your next adventure.

Outdoor Activities for Thrill Seekers in Houston, TX

For thrill seekers, the places listed below are among the best for outdoor activities. Read on.

Geronimo Adventure Park

In Northwest Houston, Geronimo is an aerial park that offers many activities. These include zipline trails, rock climbing, ax throwing, obstacle courses, and more. It is the perfect place for people, both kids and adults, to enjoy and have a fun outdoor adventure together.

Geronimo is perfect if you want to leave all your stresses behind and go on an adventure. Spread over 13 acres; it gives you the ideal forest feel to escape the city.

The all-access pass comes at $124.99, which includes all grounds pass, rock wall climbing, axe throwing, and access to all three zipline courses. Group rates are a good option if you are a party of more than six people looking for a discount.

Whether you’re looking for a team-building activity or an escape to nature, Geronimo is the place you should go to.

Greater Houston Soaring Association

If you haven’t experienced the thrill of soaring before, you should try it at least once. Soaring uses gliders or sailplanes that are engineless planes to let you experience gliding through the air.

It is a must-try adventure sport if you are looking to try something new with your friends and family.

The Houston Soaring Association hosts these flights on the weekend, and you need to call ahead as sometimes the weather disrupts their flying schedule. They have certified commercial pilots and instructors to ensure safety and a great soaring experience.

What visitors love the most about this experience is the sightseeing. From far above, you can see the beautiful sights of downtown Houston and sometimes even as far as the ships in the Galveston Bay Area.

You have the choice to take an introductory flight, and if you enjoy it enough, you can take extra classes there to become a glider pilot yourself.

Skydive Spaceland Houston

Skydive Spaceland Houston is one of the biggest skydiving training centers in the world, with a 134-acre airpark. They are a family business that has been running for more than 18 years and provides top-notch hospitality.

Skydive Spaceland has trained world-class skydivers and offers modern facilities to ensure you have the best possible experience.

If you want to tick skydiving off your bucket list finally, they are the best in the game. The staff has the whole experience well planned out and organized in advance.

Even if it’s your first time going to jump, the instructors will make sure you have the most fantastic experience possible and that you keep coming back for more.

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Wake Nation Houston

man wakeboarding usa

If you’re a fan of being in the water and always looking for water-based activities on your travels, then wakeboarding is the perfect sport for you. If you’ve never tried it before, wakeboarding is like surfing, except you stand on a board which is then towed with a motorboat and gives the effect of riding a wave.

Wake Nation is one of the few parks in the county fully scaled for wakeboarding. Built on a 12-acre lake, it has plenty of activities.

It has an overhead cable system that allows riders to choose what they want to do, from water skating, water skiing, wakeboarding, and knee boarding.

The wakeboarding park welcomes both beginners and pros alike. The place has a practice pond area for beginners who want to learn wakeboarding at a slower pace. For pros, the lake has add-ons to make their experience more thrilling.

There are different obstacle courses, such as a rope course, a paintball course, and a water obstacle course. Overall, it has everything you need when it comes to wakeboarding.

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Urban Warzone Paintball

Paintballing is a must-do activity if you have a huge group looking for something fun to do together. Urban Warzone Paintball has created the perfect paintballing venue for you; all you have to do is show up and start your adventure.

It is well-equipped with all the necessary equipment and guarantees an adrenaline-rush experience for beginners and expert paintballers.

Urban Warzone also has you covered for all events, from birthday parties to office get-togethers. They also provide all-inclusive packages. They cover everything from equipment to food to even a photographer to capture you and your group in action.


Houston Texas skatepark

This isn’t all; there are many more fun outdoor activities for thrill seekers to try out once you’re in Houston. From skateparks to rock climbing to even fishing, there’s no limit to all the fun activities you can do while you’re here. So enjoy your time in Houston, and happy adventuring!

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