Pros and Cons of Studying in Italy

Pros and Cons of Studying in Italy

For many people, spending several months in Italy is an absolute dream. Yet, for some of us, this dream can become a real-life opportunity. Students are often free to choose where they’d love to spend a semester abroad. Sometimes, young people even choose to study abroad full time. Why not? It is a great chance to learn about foreign cultures, to travel, make new friends, and to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So, it’s easy to see why student exchange programs are very popular these days.

However, some countries are way more popular than others. Italy, for example, is one of the top choices for students from all over the world. Many young people come here to learn more about ancient history, to get inspired by the local culture, and, of course, to taste delicious Italian meals. But is it really that simple? Are there any pitfalls young people need to know before coming to Italy to study? Let’s find out! Here are some pros and cons of studying in Italy.

Pros: Culture

People come to Italy for the culture. They come to enjoy long walks on old streets, see beautiful centuries-old architecture, and visit numerous museums and art galleries. These are the top attractions in Italy regardless of what city you are planning to visit. So, culture is surely at the top of the advantages of studying in Italy. Students can almost effortlessly study art, architecture, and European history, as great examples are there to admire at every corner. 

In addition, many artists, poets, and other creative people love coming to Italy for inspiration. This is one of the rare places in Europe that has a unique environment and boosts people’s creativity and passion. So, art, music, and humanities students will most certainly appreciate the atmosphere while studying in Italy.

rome colosseum

Cons: Language Barriers

Of course, being an international student in a new place can be challenging on many levels. For one, students will have to face the language barrier. Those who never planned to study in Italy and don’t know the language may have a difficult time in some situations. For instance, communication with a landlord can be quite tricky. Ordering food or shopping can also come with extra challenges.

Yet, it can’t be too bad. First, if you are in a tourist city, people will know at least some English. Secondly, students can use numerous digital translators as well as help themselves with mimicry and gestures. After all, half of the Italian language consists of gestures anyway.

Fortunately, your studies will most likely be in English, which releases some pressure. Also, students can always look at speedypaper review online whenever they need help. After all, exchange students come to Italy to be in Italy, not to spend days studying in the libraries.

Pros: Food

Italian food. Do we even need to say anything more? Of course, culinary tourism is a huge part of the Italian travel industry. So many people come to Italy just for delicious, authentic meals. And when you think that you already know everything, well, there is time for desserts. It’s a never-ending feast. 

Oh and don’t forget about it! How can you forget? No Italian meal is complete without wine. It’s just like no Italian morning is true without a cup of coffee (espresso, of course). So, to get the full Italian experience, one will need to really indulge in the local culinary scene. 

Cons: Food

Carbs! Lots of them! Everywhere! Pasta, pizza, lasagna… all of those are carbs. Yet, not many can resist all these delicious meals. So, spending a semester or two in Italy can really take a toll on your diet and figure if you are not careful. 

It’s also a pretty tough place for vegans or even vegetarians. Not many people know it, but fresh pasta is usually made with eggs. So it’s not really vegan-friendly. However, you won’t find a respectable restaurant in Italy where chefs don’t make their pasta from scratch. So, overall, there are a lot of good and somewhat challenging aspects of Italian cuisine that students should learn in advance.

pros and cons of studying in italy pizza carbs food

Pros: Travel Experiences

Once you are already in Italy, use this opportunity to travel around. First, Italy can offer a number of great cities to visit. Each place will be different from another, and all of them are absolutely amazing. Milan, Rome, Venice, Verone, Florence – these are just to name a few. There are also gorgeous little province towns and beaches to see.

Oh, and if you worry about time for travel during your studies, then use the essaypro writing service to help you out. Students can entrust their homework to the professionals, so they enjoy their studies in Italy to the fullest. Of course, some may worry and wonder whether it is legal to benefit from outside assistance. Well, feel free to use online chats to learn more about the process! 

Moreover, students can also enjoy traveling all across Europe, as the Italian location is perfect for visiting Greece, France, Austria, Germany, Slovenia (and these are only the neighboring countries!). Thus, overall, life in Italy gives students a rare opportunity to travel to several states in very little time and probably for cheap, too, as Europe has a couple of great low-cost airlines.

Final Words

If you’re considering studying in Italy, we hope that this article gave you an idea of both the fantastic benefits and potential challenges of spending an extended amount of time in this fascinating country. You’ll no doubt have an unforgettable experience studying in Italy if you come armed with the right expectations and a bit of advance planning.

Venice Italy

Learning a few words of Italian and seeking the right tools to overcome the language barrier, as well as giving some thought to your diet, especially if you’re vegetarian or vegan, can go a long way to make your stay go smoother. So, start packing and enjoy la dolce vita!

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