Top 31 Best Air Mattress For Camping In 2020

Air Mattress For Camping

Camping is unquestionably a superb way to unwind from your daily routine and pressures created by today’s lifestyle. Young folks are able to manage to sleep on the floor but individuals who suffer from back pain along with the older ones can find it uncomfortable to sleep on the hard floor surface.

Unfortunately, not a lot of people would have been accustomed to sleeping on the cold and difficult floor with dirt and dust. Thus, we’d require some concession so we could enjoy your camping successfully and these privileges are being given by camping air mattresses.

Camping air beds are not the same as the standard air mattresses since they have to be transported all of the ways inside our backpacks and consequently being lightweight is a significant criterion for picking these sorts of mattresses. Therefore, there are lots of elements which you have to consider before deciding upon a camping mattress which suits all of your requirements. Keep reading My Trail Company will help you to find out the best air mattress for camping.

Best Air Mattress For Camping - best camping air mattress for couples


Based upon the materials employed for the construction of the mattresses, all these camping air mattresses include either as top 31 best rated air mattress for camping – Ultimate Guide lightweight or heavy. If you’re going to travel a great deal and perform lots of activities like hiking, mountain hiking and climbing then it’s much better to go with milder ones since they may be taken easily. But make sure it is durable to a particular degree.

The advantages of deciding upon a heftier one, are it provides you with greater comfort than the milder ones as well as the substance will last a bit longer.

Main Inflating Mechanisms For Camping Air Mattresses

The majority of the air mattresses are self-inflating in character but they’re powered by various mechanisms. Every one of them has its own benefits and disadvantages and so assessing them is vital before making the last choice.

The first option would obviously be the self-inflating ones since they are lightweight and simple to handle, but they don’t provide comfort in contrast to the other sort of mattresses.

Aside from the self-inflating ones, there are different mechanisms including battery-powered, electric or handheld, and mobile pumps that are utilized to match the mattresses.

In the event you have to steer clear of your vehicle, then it is possible to utilize and foot or hand pump to inflate your mattress else it’s possible to use an electric pump that may be powered by your vehicle to inflate the mattress.

What is the optimum size of camping air mattresses?

The principal criteria for choosing the ideal size always is dependent upon the space within the tent. Consequently, in case you presently possess a little tent and you purchase a mattress that’s big and does not match then you’ll not have a space to walk within your tent.

Such factors generally do not attack when you get a mattress however, you’ll realize it in the future, just when you truly learn it the hard way. Therefore, better be careful when choosing the dimensions of this mattress. Top 31 the best air mattress for camping.

Most of the camping at mattresses can be found in twin, queen, and full sizes.

What would be the best budget for a camping air mattress?

Camping air mattresses can be found in all sections starting from reduced costs to medium and large ones. Therefore, while picking a mattress you will need not always go to get a high priced one since occasionally you may be needing an electrical pump with you, and thus you are able to elect for buying a mattress that is simpler.

The various elements that have to be considered while purchasing a camping air mattress would be the comfort, service, stability, durability, temperature neutrality, weight capability, ease of movement & transportation, pricing, and guarantee.

Main Kinds Of Camping Air Mattresses

There are four kinds of camping air mattresses available on the marketplace. Let’s see about every one of these briefly as follows.


Conventional air mattresses are easy to transport as they’re small and light. They’re also inexpensive compared to other forms and are easily offered in the vast majority of those stores. They may be rolled up easily and may be transported to any location. But you’ll require an air pump to inflate it and therefore the extra price of purchasing a single needs to also be deducted in. They provide poor insulating material when used outside and so they’re cold to sleep.


Self-inflating mattresses would be the most popular option among the campers since there isn’t any requirement of an outside origin to match the mattress and so it can be obtained everywhere. Yet another advantage is they are also light in weight and perfect for wild camping. Some mattresses have a foam coating which provides a nice quantity of insulating material. They are rather affordable and thus it will not burn a hole in your pocket.


These beds have a sleeping bag attached to them and they’re also self-inflating in character. They are specially intended for camping and provide a quite excellent comfort when sleeping. Like the other camping air mattresses nowadays are also easy to transfer and transport.


In the event you have to remain well over the floor then you may purchase this kind of mattress. They almost feel just like a true bed and they’re quite much comfortable to sleep over another 3 types.

1 significant drawback about those double-height mattresses is they are extremely bulky in nature and so they require can be inflated solely by an electrical or a battery-powered pump that increases the total price of their mattress.

Best Air Mattress For Camping - best air mattress for tent camping

The best air mattress for camping review brands

Bestseller No. 1
Intex Comfort Plush Mid Rise Dura-Beam Airbed with Internal Electric Pump, Bed Height 13", Queen
The convenient hand carry bag is perfect for storage and transport; Dimensions 60 inches x 80 inches x 13 inches
SaleBestseller No. 4
Intex Dura-Beam Standard Series Prestige Downy Airbed with Battery Pump, Full
Fiber-tech interior construction and a velvety sleeping surface; Extra wide opening 2-in-1 valve for fast and easy inflation and deflation
SaleBestseller No. 5
Coleman Air Mattress | Double-High SupportRest Air Bed for Indoor or Outdoor Use, Queen
SUPERIOR SUPPORT: Coil construction contours to body for better support; DOUBLE HIGH: Extra height makes getting in and out of bed easier
Bestseller No. 6
Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person PVC-Free Air Bed Mattress for Camping and Travel
Comes with battery operated pump and an oversized storage bag (batteries not included)



The outer coating material is made from 75D polyester and contains urethane foam stuffed from the center inside to make certain that the mattresses may be compacted enough so it can fit into almost any automobile for simple transportation.

Preview Product Rating Price
Therm-a-Rest MondoKing 3D Self-Inflating Foam Camping Mattress Therm-a-Rest MondoKing 3D Self-Inflating Foam Camping Mattress No ratings yet


The Self-Inflating Foam Camping Mattress is extremely luxurious and provides nearly all of the conveniences a house mattress may provide. This mattress is self-inflating and consequently, no extra pumps are necessary for the mattress. It’s lightweight and can be performed easily together with you through trekking or camping. This is the best full size air mattress for camping.



Constructed using all the non-toxic PVC material, it keeps you nicely insulated from the cold and wet ground surface thereby providing you with a profound sleep, all night out. The PVC comes with an extra 0.04-millimeter coating at the top and is extra thick combined using a flocking top of 0.2mm that provides stability such as a bed.


This air mattress is accompanied by an air conditioner and various nozzles so as to earn the inflation process simpler. On the other hand, the pump has to be recharged at least 5 hours before the first usage. The pump can also be cordless and thus you shouldn’t mess up with these tangles of wires while outdoors. The mobile recharge pump could be billed with the assistance of a vehicle or a wall charger in the home.



This camping air mattress comes with relaxation coil Tech with I-BEAM air coils and is constructed from eco-friendly PVC. It’s intended to make sure that it reaches complete inflation in under 3 minutes and can be perfectly made for outdoors.


Patented pump technologies within this camping air mattress provide you the very best queen air mattress for camping and inflate the whole mattress in below 3 minutes. The pump may also be used for simple and fast deflation too. It includes a heavy-duty rechargeable battery that can be charged immediately and retains the fee for almost a month.



Alps Mountaineering speed air bed is among those few air mattresses which have polyester coated fabric rather than the PVC. Employing polyester has added health benefits because PVC is damaging to people.

Preview Product Rating Price
ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed No ratings yet


The Alps Mountaineering speed air bed includes a compact rechargeable pump that has a Universal adaptor and can be charged at any given plug stage. It may inflate and deflate numerous times on a single charge. You might even control this pump anyhow since it comes with the wall charger in addition to a charger.



Constructed with thermoplastic foam that this mattress has exceptionally large durability and is also very lightweight when compared with the typical air mattresses. These substances minimize the extending of these mattresses hence providing a fantastic sleep and in addition, it guarantees that the mattress is leak proof.


The mattress may support up to 2 individuals and provides great comfort and a consummate sleeping experience to the consumers. The stabilizers decrease the bouncing impact and disturbances brought on because of motion when sleeping. Thus, a nice and comfy sleep is ensured for the nighttime to the consumers of the mattress. This is the best cheap air mattress for camping.



This mattress is constructed of PVC cloth and eco-friendly in character. It’s an additional thick 0.6 mm high layer and for that reason, it provides better insulation than the typical ones. The faces of the mattress include sleek welding together with excellent craftsmanship that prevents air from draining while use.


Featuring the most recent I-Beam construction, it gives an uncompromised functionality and promises an amazing sleeping encounter.

1 highlight is that this mattress doesn’t arrive with all the inflating air conditioner and thus in the event that you need one, you have to opt for the queen dimensions together with the pump that comes at an excess price.



It comes in various sizes which range from Kids Single large size into the Single High Definition dimension. An inbuilt pump isn’t present with the majority of the versions except for its Single Queen size mattress.

Preview Product Rating Price
Coleman QuickBed Single High Airbed Coleman QuickBed Single High Airbed No ratings yet


Coleman provides a one-year warranty on the airtight system and the firm claims it could be leakproof after several usages. Aside from that, the mattress includes a double lock valve which also ensures that air does not flow out since the initial tip of the seal prevents air freshener escaping as soon as the pump is eliminated and the next stage locks the atmosphere indefinitely once you sleep on the mattress.



This air mattress is constructed from Nylon fabric that guarantees you could use the mattress in the outside day in and day out and you will discover it to be very substantially lasting. All these are mattresses that are very light in weight and comfy also.


This air mattress isn’t self-inflating however it is simple to inflate by blowing off along with your mouth. It just takes 10 to 15 breaths based on the person’s capacity and you are finished. You’ll find a pleasant and comfy surface to sleep with no hassles of charging and handling those motors and pumps.



This camping air mattress is constructed from vinyl material and contains a waterproof top made from 20.8-gauge vinyl. The beams are made of 14- gauge vinyl and it’s 15-gauge sides and bottom for extra stability and comfort.


This mattress will support weights of up to 600 lbs with no problem and the atmosphere does not escape from the mattress which readily. An 8 3/4 thick coating can be found to ensure additional comfort to the consumers.

It’s likewise elevated high from the floor and thus you’re able to find the ideal quantity of insulation in the cold ground and keep the body warm throughout the evening.



This air mattress is constructed from a waterproof 75D polyester pongee coated PVC. This substance is specially chosen to be certain the mattress isn’t slippery. The center is full of a gentle form to be sure the mattress is comfortable and comfy to sleep.


This mattress is 5 inches longer and 6 inches more than the most pads and can be made for an adult who likes to maneuver while sleeping. The additional width and length make certain you could proceed without needing to slide away in the mattress.

The mattress is quite much streamlined to transport along and can also be ultra-lightweight and incredibly durable. Aside from that, the mattress may be made even bigger by linking two beds along with the assistance of the push buttons on either side.



The camping air mattress produced by Freeland is entirely free of PVC material. It’s constructed from 190T polyester pongee fabric that provides good tear and wears contrary to daily use. It’s also very durable and reliable to use.


This mattress is owned by the kind of self-inflating sleeping pads also it means that you have hassle-free camping as it removes the need for electrical pumps and motors.

This mattress has a Dual free stream and non-leaking evolves that may be used for simple inflation in addition to deflation of this mattress. There are no pumps involved and thus you may steer clear of the problems of batteries and keeping up the cords of cable.



This inflatable air mattress consists of fibers of polyester as the primary material and it’s equipped with 20.8-gauge waterproof flocked top and 15-gauge vinyl beams and 16- gauge vinyl in the base and sides for comfort and higher durability.


The Dura-Beam air mattress retains your body perfectly level, unlike the standard air beds that bend inwards because of the body fat. Hence, the consumer won’t feel any kind of difficulty giving them an unparalleled sleeping experience.

The built-in electrical pump guarantees easy inflation and deflation of the air mattress in approximately 31/2 minutes into the essential stability. The borders of the mattress are constructed uniquely to provide more room for the consumer to maneuver on.



This camping air mattress is constructed from 190T polyester and is totally waterproof puncture-resistant and scratch-resistant. Additionally, it removes the use of PVC material and examination for considered to be environmentally friendly and durable.


This mattress has a built-in foot pump that may be utilized to inflate it. Additionally, it will come with the double valve system wherein a valve is used for inflation and another valve is utilized for deflating the mattress.

The existence of the polyester substance makes our mattress incredibly portable and light and is therefore suited to outside camping hiking and hiking. It easily fits into your own backpacks and may be carried everywhere. The tide system poses on the upper surface of the mattress makes it more cozy and comfy to sleep and provides you with a fantastic night’s sleep. This is the best king size air mattress for camping.



This air mattress made by Coleman comes in six Distinct varieties That Are recorded as follows

Preview Product Rating Price
Coleman Soft Plush Top Inflated Quickbed Coleman Soft Plush Top Inflated Quickbed No ratings yet


This camping air mattress comes with an incorporated Wrap’N’ Roll system that’s used for simple cleanup of the air mattress and to keep it comfortably in almost any place.

Additionally, it consists of an Airtight system and a double lock valve that prevents the air from draining and makes certain it may maintain the atmosphere inside for a long long time. The upper surface is super soft and provides a comfy surface to sleep. It’s likewise well raised from the floor at hence provides good insulation from the cold ground beneath.



This mattress consists of a 20.8-gauge waterproof top together with 14-gauge beams made from vinyl and the base and sides have a 15-gauge vinyl that’s provided mainly for maintaining the air mattress secure and company during the use.

Preview Product Rating Price
Intex Prestige Downy Airbed Kit with Hand Held Battery Pump, Queen Intex Prestige Downy Airbed Kit with Hand Held Battery Pump, Queen No ratings yet $42.68


The queen-sized Prestige Downy airbed made by Intex is totally waterproof and consequently is a fantastic selection for several of the campers on the market. It’s also very durable and can be constructed of fantastic excellent material.

The inflation is provided with the support of a battery-powered pump, that may also be used on additional mattresses. Aside from the atmosphere mattress consists of a three in 1 term that has an extremely wide opening permitting very rapid inflation and deflation of the whole mattress.

SoundAsleep Fantasy

The SoundAsleep Fantasy is a super comfy and durable air mattress using a”double-height” design that allows you to feel as if you are sleeping on a conventional bed mattress.

Main Features:

  • Waterproof flocked top, that provides additional durability and comfort
  • ComfortCoil Technology using 40 air coils to keep the mattress Fit
  • User-friendly patented pump
  • “Sure-Grip” underside

What we like:

  • Incredibly comfortable – almost feels as if you’re sleeping in a proper mattress
  • Outstanding durability, so It Is Going to last Quite a While
  • Inflates and deflates quickly

What we dislike

  • Quite hefty (8.6kg)

Intex Pillow Rush grey

The Intex Pillow Rush Classic is a wonderful budget choice for a camping mattress. It’s all you need in a camping air mattress, but at a reasonable price.

Main Features

  • Built-in electric pump
  • Built-in pillow
  • Waterproof, flocked top

What we like

  • Fairly lightweight
  • Inflates quickly

What we dislike

  • Requires another pump if you don’t have access to power

IIntex Comfort Plush Enriched Dura-Beam

The IIntex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam is a super comfortable air mattress that inflates into a height of 22 inches, which makes getting on and off it really simple.

Main Features

  • Built-in electric pump
  • Elevated height
  • Horizontal air chambers

What we like

  • Waterproof flocked top
  • Very comfy

What we dislike

  • Requires another pump if you don’t have access to power

Lively Era Premium Queen Size Air Mattress

This air mattress from Active Era features a range of nifty features that make it perfect for camping fans.

Having a soft palate-coating which also has the extra advantage of being waterproof, the key fabric of this mattress is a hardy, puncture-resistant substance that can stand up to even the most vigorous usage. This is the best quality air mattress for camping.

WonderSleep Classic World Comfort Air Mattress

This mobile air mattress gains from coil technologies to provide a supportive and firm surface for comfortable sleeping. Having a height of 20 inches from the queen size, this mattress provides the sense of sleeping in a bed. For anybody who does not enjoy sleeping low to the floor, this can be a strong competitor for the very best air mattress for car camping.

When packaged off, the WonderSleep mattress weighs in at 20 pounds, so it can be much better suited to cyclists who push to their pitching place. If you are planning on a hike to attain your campsite, then you might come across this too thick to carry for long distances together with the rest of the essential camping equipment you will need with you.

King Koil Luxury Raised Air Mattress

This top of the line aviation will make certain to please even the most overpowering camper. Benefitting in coil-beam construction, this mattress provides optimal spinal support and is fabricated by King Koil, a firm endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association.

Inflated with the usage of a built-in pump, that this mattress does need access to a socket. With only a single change, it will completely inflate in four minutes and promises to become more silent than its rivals. Deflation also happens with the turn of a switch and can be accomplished without needing to link to some power. Each of the air is eliminated from the mattress in just four minutes, and it is easily folded away for storage or transportation. Just think about what you can do with the time that you save on not draining up your air mattress!

Coleman SupportRest Dual High Air Bed

This double-height air mattress provides both convenience and comfort. With a detachable, washable quilted cover, this mattress can make your camping tent feel just like a home away from your home. The additional height gives the illusion of an actual mattress, while in technical terms, it provides more stability when getting in and out of bed. The additional cushioning delivers a higher level of relaxation, and also the benefits of having a detachable cover are apparent, particularly with pets or kids round!

Coupled with a carrying tote, this alluring khaki green colored air mattress comes from either a queen and a double size.

Number Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Individual PVC-Free Air Bed Mattress

For many campers, the burden of the equipment they need to carry around together is an integral consideration in selecting their camping gear; the lighter the better. At only six pounds, this air mattress is less than half of the weight of most of its competitions.

Offered in six classics, muted colors, this air mattress is guaranteed to get something to please everybody.

Intex Cozy Kids Inflatable Air mattress

Preview Product Rating Price
Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable Airbed, Color May Vary, 1 Bed Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable Airbed, Color May Vary, 1 Bed No ratings yet $15.99

Specially created for use by kids, this air mattress is a bit more compact than a normal twin sized bed and can occupy less space on your tent if you’re fighting for space. Using a weight capacity of 200 pounds, this mattress is by no means feeble. It’s constructed from a sturdy waterproof cloth with a soft flocked top for comfort.

Ideal for space-conscious households, this enjoyable appearing mattress has two thumbs up.

Coleman Airbed Cot with Side Table

To produce your tent feel like the outside and more such as a resort room, this air mattress with folding cot base and side tables is just what you want. The folding cot framework will fit well on your SUV along with your other camping equipment and will provide you more of a durable sense for longer camping excursions.

Supplied with a battery-operated pump to inflate the air mattress, this Coleman travel mattress is very efficient to use. Time saved manually draining mattresses can be spent in the excellent outdoors, or even better, sleeping your comfy aviation!

Berocia SUV Air Mattress

Have you ever wished to camp outside in the rear of your automobile? You can now! This revolutionary air mattress fits perfectly at the rear of an SUV or pickup so that you may lay out under the stars at full relaxation. The mattress consists of 3 separate air chambers, therefore it may also be folded into a rear seat mattress.

For the camper who’s partial to some spontaneous night under celebrities, this air mattress and also convenient accessory package are crucial.

OILEUS XL Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad Mat

This self-inflating OILEUS mattress is a hybrid of a sleeping mat and aviation. Standard sleeping pads are usually less than an inch thick, while this version steps in at two inches. While maybe not as thick as a conventional air mattress, this product is excellent for campers who are hiking and do not wish to compromise too much in your relaxation.

The smart design inflates entirely alone inside ten minutes and can be additional lightweight when folded up. This inflatable mattress also features a built-in pillow for extra comfort and is available in 2 colors.

Hikenture Double Sleep Pad

This streamlined air mattress is the best twin air mattress for camping for two joyful campers and features an inbuilt foot pump to conserve on space in your bag. Simply press your hand or foot on the indicated region and keep pushing until the mattress is completely inflated. The mattress deflates easily and folds up neatly into a small carrying bag.

Weighing in at only 3.64 pounds, this ultra-lightweight mattress folds up small and can be a cinch to take. This is a perfect addition to any hiker’s camping gear, providing the comfort of a 3.75- inch-thick air mattress at the end of a very long day, even when a night of comfortable rest is of extreme importance.

Queen 18″ Dual Height With Headboard

The AeroBed Queen 18″ Dual Height air mattress was designed for fast and effortless use. Using its built-in AC pump to guarantee rapid inflation and its own management wand which permits you to correct its comfort level precisely as you require, it sets out to make things as simple for you as possible. Easy going does not mean less lasting, however, because this mattress combines a challenging foundation with puncture-resistant substance to make certain it withstands the rough treatment of the outside.

Those people who have moderate to the big camping area and wish to enjoy the comfort and ease of an indoor mattress.

Coleman QueenCot with Airbed

The QueenCot is a real multipurpose air mattress that could function as a superb camping mattress as well as an indoor daybed mattress. With its detachable raised space, this atmosphere bed will provide you the sense of an actual bed, as well as the service (600 pounds is the limit). It comes equipped with side tables to allow you to set your possessions like a smartphone, clock, spectacles, or even a publication, that is the maximum advantage we have noticed at a camping air mattress.

This mattress is excellent for every sort of camper as a result of its distinctive structure and can also function as a good crisis indoor mattress for guests.

Stansport Self-Inflating Air Mattress

Preview Product Rating Price
Stansport Self-Inflating Air Mattress Stansport Self-Inflating Air Mattress No ratings yet

Offered in three distinct sizes, with the biggest one with a burden of a little more than 1 lb, the Stansport Self-Inflating air mattress comprises a streamlined, die-cut mummy bag layout that’s both portable and durable. It’s produced from a completely bonded substance which ensures dependable exterior performance, and a weight service of up to 300 lbs. Its principal selling point is the simple fact that it inflates on its own and can easily be folded to a little contour to be performed wherever your camping experience takes you. You may use it as an extra layer of insulating material on your tent floor or as a sleeping mattress in its own right, and using its considerable length.

Campers that are constantly on the go, also on long treks with no electricity, searching for a reliable and suitable mattress for their own sleep.

The camping air mattresses - best queen size air mattress for camping


It goes without mentioning that camping in the wilds is a hobby that needs a specific amount of hardiness and conclusion, but it should not be difficult or uncomfortable since it’s made out to be. The camping air mattresses available now have features that provide comfort like indoor sleeping, without needing to bring a genuine mattress with you! In reality, there are a lot of distinct brands on the industry these days that beginners may get confused, however, the most important thing is that if you are clear on the type of expeditions you will tackle, you’ll not have any trouble picking a quality mattress that just matches your camping requirements.

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