Top 32 Best Camping Shovel Reviews In 2020

best camping shovel

Whenever someone mentions the most effective mobile camping shovels, the very first thing that comes to mind for people who aren’t utilized to these is a massive piece of metal that occupies all of the room in your bag. That could not be farther from the truth because times have changed and today we’ve got shovels which are just the size of somebody’s arm.

What are they good for when they’re that little? Well, when everything you need is to scoop ice to produce your campsite habitable, then you do not require the biggest one. Additionally, portability is essential and thus the very first thought is using a tool that you could carry comfortably even once you don’t have a van.

In the following guide, My Trail Company will help you to find out the best camping shovels.

Camping Shovels

Portable Camping Shovels Buyer’s Guide

You’d think that it would not be quite as tough to obtain a portable spade, right? It is not so hard once you know what to search for, but many times there are simply too many brands that you get confused. With prejudice on durability, performance, and cost, below are a few of the variables we consider that the most crucial in a spade.


You know it has to be powerful, so plastic isn’t among the materials you need in your own spade. Military-grade metal is what’s going to provide you value for your money in addition to stainless steel to avoid corrosion and water damage. These shovels made from durable substance may cost a bit more than others, however, they’re worth every dime.

Construct and Function

You desire a shovel that’s length-adjustability to your perfect height. You also need a handle having a fantastic grip and anti-slip to make it a lot easier to utilize. One which slips every couple of seconds won’t provide you with the relaxation you need to have when working out. If you are able to get one with serrated edges on the blades, then you’ll receive more work from it than normal cutting and there’s also a consideration about the blade’s sharpness.

A shovel with a folding handle is excellent since it gets readily streamlined and easy to carry. Most camping shovels could be turned into a lot of other survival gear, which means you might choose to be on the lookout for one that’s multifunctional.

Size and Portability

You definitely need a scoop which may be folded into a much smaller package which you could carry easily in its own little carrying case comes with them. The lighter it’s, the better it’ll be for you. The majority of them, in spite of their many units that form survival kits, may be taken apart easily and everything packaged individually within the tote.

Will cost matter that much? Well, the most affordable mobile shovels aren’t the best for flimsy construction. If you’re trying to find a survival kit, then you ought to be inclined to devote a bit more to get something that will serve you for the longterm. Costlier shovels are for the most part made from durable material and also have lengthy even life guarantees. Thus, yes. Cost matters and we’re in favor of their more precious shovels.

Top Rated Best Camping Shovel Brands

Top Rated Best Camping Shovels Brand

Bestseller No. 8
Coghlan's Backpacker's Trowel
Largest single brand of camping accessories in the world; Everything you need to enjoy the outdoors

The EST Gear Survival Shovel (Highly Recommended)

If you’re looking for a really rugged, versatile tactical shovel, then the EST Gear Survival Shovel is the one for you. The EST Shovel is the ideal multi-tool for emergency and survival purposes. This tactical shovel is designed to outperform, and its toughness and versatility are simply unmatched.

If you’re looking to upgrade your survival tools in a big way, without paying a big price, the EST Shovel is the military shovel for you. This is one of the best entrenching tools out there. Packing 18 tools in one, this shovel has a hardened-steel, reinforced shovelhead that’s durable enough to chop and saw trees and other raw materials.

The EST Shovel’s military-grade aluminum handle makes it lightweight and easy to work with. It’s a folding shovel and comes with a packable ripstop nylon pouch. Simple to disassemble and lightweight, the EST Shovel can fit anywhere from your bug out bag to your truck.


  • Small enough to fit in any day bag.
  • Highly versatile.
  • Designed in America.
  • Easy to use and assemble.
  • Holds up over time and through many uses.
  • At 3 lbs, it’s a little bit heavier than other survival shovels; but that’s due to the thicker, higher quality handles.

TREKOO Survival Folding Shovel

Trekoo shovel is constructed from high alloy steel material strengthened to withstand rust, and that’s the way that it may be used everywhere. Once it folds into a neat compact bit that fits easily in its own carrying bag, it may also be unfolded to three dimensions: 24.8inch, 18.5inch, along with 13.38inch. The plank is 0.18cm thick to withstand tough conditions and also the surfaces of the plank are serrated to chop items on the side to get a fantastic job.


  • It could be unfolded into three dimensions.
  • Multi-functional.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Lightweight and compact.


  • It can be somewhat flimsy.

FiveJoy Military Folding Shovels

This Five Joy bundle has all of the survival gear you need if you are outside in the jungle. There is a serrated saw for cutting and prying, a paracord to tie items, a scoop to dig, and also a sharp ax blade for cutting-edge. All of them fit perfectly inside the carrying bag the manufacturer supplies when you create a purchase. There’s a calcium pole to start fires in the jungle because games are overrated.


  • Slip-proof foam pillow on the deal.
  • Adaptive shovel for multi-function.
  • 5 pieces of outdoor gear in 1 bundle.
  • Lightweight.


  • A bit more costly than many others.

LIANTRAL Camping Axe

The LIANTRAL survival kit was designed to be adjusted to your taste, and thus the bits can be changed with other people which you feel are more appropriate to you. The ax and shovel are made from carbon steel, that’s durable and not easily ruined by weather components. Aerospace-grade aluminum metal can be used for the pub for durability, while an anti-slip grip is inserted to make this instrument simple to use. The spade can be taken apart and put back together in no time and with no usage of resources. Nonetheless, the manufacturer carries a guide to guide you in case you want any help.


  • Anti-slip grip on the deal.
  • Multifunctional.
  • Compact, lightweight, and includes a carrying case.
  • Weatherproof material.


  • It can’t handle heavy weight lifting.

M48 Tactical Shovel

The sharp tip of the M48 Kommando shovel’s mind makes it a weapon in addition to a scoop that will dig into the two dirt and snow. Its serrated blade may be used a saw if need be while its own nylon wrought iron handle is ergonomic and easy to hold. Being a lightweight package 7 oz that 16.2 x 10.6 x 3.6-inch shovel can be attracted to some outside expeditions easily.


  • Lightweight and streamlined.
  • Sturdy and weather-resistant.
  • Sharp.


  • One-size manage not height-adjustable.
  • No reference to the carrying situation being contained.

Zune Lotoo Annihilate Tactical Shovel

The Zune Lotoo spade weighs only a bit under 3lbs and may be adjusted to six angles together with the easy touch of a button. It may be turned in to ten useful survival gear such as a spade, hand saw, shovel saw, bottle opener, knife, wire cutter, emergency whistle, camera service, fire-start pole, and hammer. Though the shovel’s mind is stainless steel to climate resistance and endurance, its handle is made of anodized aluminum tubes which improve its grip and durability.


  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Switch around six positions using a button.
  • Camera service that’s already screw-tightened.
  • Diamond pattern designed to manage.


  • Quite expensive.

DONGKER Folding Camp Shovel

The DONGKER is an all-in-one camping tool that will cut, pry, and dig right into demanding snow and ground. Constructed of carbon steel and air aluminum metal, the shovel’s mind won’t succumb to weather scenarios or be influenced by water. The handle is ergonomic, anti-slip rather than influenced by perspiration, and it’s also made out of durable material. Since the mind is sharp on the sides, it is going to cut into shrubs readily while ensuring each thing from the manner is eliminated.


  • Multifunctional.
  • Height-adjustable.
  • Anti-slip handle.
  • Made from all-weather material.


  • Quite hefty at 1.33kgs.


This army camping shovel is 38 inches in length and 3.8pounds, which we locate manageably. The blade is constructed from manganese steel, whereas the grip is aerospace-grade aluminum. When they’re both united, they create a powerful tool that’s great for survival in any external situation. Since this shovel is very flexible, it may be utilized as an ax, pickax, fish-scaling instrument, hoe, and a firelighter. It’s also an emergency whistle, which explains precisely why its cost makes it really a worthy investment for people who enjoy outdoor fun.


  • Easily change angles.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Water-resistant material.


  • The construction is somewhat flimsy according to some reviewers.

SOG Folding Shovel

This SOG shovel which may be utilized as a camp shovel, sand or snow scoop, or even a gardening spade is rather small hardly larger than an adult’s arm is both compact and light and may be employed by anybody. Measuring 18.25 inches in full length along with a mere 24.5 oz, it is possible to fold this spade and set it in its small bag you will carry smoothly without noting that you have any tools.


  • Lightweight and compact since it is foldable.
  • Little the dimensions of somebody’s arm.
  • Made from sturdy, durable cloth.


  • Very small and therefore it’s perfect for light jobs.

BlackPig Backpacking Shovel for Camping

This can be a multipurpose camping folding spade that’s applicable for trimming, sawing, digging, prying, chopping, shoveling, and beating. It may be folded into two parts, That Makes It streamlined and effortlessly fit a large

It’s produced from a high carbon steel frame and manages to make it last longer. It features a compass directly on the spade handle which could steer you to survival if missing. It’s a really important accessory for trekking, gardening, and exploring.

aiMaKe Super High Power Military Folding Shovel with Carrying Pouch for Camping

Searching to get a high-quality shovel that’s simple to put together and streamlined, the Super High Power Military is a wise option. It’s a great alternative for camping and trekking and gets the work done easily.

It’s multipurpose camping gear which may be used for prying, hammering, chopping, bottle opening, cutting edge, and shoveling. The substance is constructed from a high-quality carbon handle hence durability is ensured.

THE PRAIRIE DOG Ultralight Camp Shovel Trowel for Backpackers

This is a really light and durable camp shovel that created with high-grade Aluminum to withstand rough usage with time. It extends to a maximum of 3 ft hence, providing you the essential power for all your grinding needs.

It’s multipurpose as an ending is dedicated to others and digging may be used to cut roots and stones. It’s comfortable to use and fits any hand securely. In addition, it can function as a spare tent bet when camping on a windy day.

Gerber E-Tool Folding Spade

The Gerber E-Tool Folding Spade includes a serrated blade border which applies to found and chopping roots. It’s created from a glass-filled nylon handle in addition to a powder-coated steel pouch mind. It’s a foldable, powerful, and rigid spade made from long-lasting substances, making it withstand rough handling in almost any surroundings.

Weighing just two lbs, it’s lightweight and folds into compact dimensions. It’s a serrated edge that makes digging in a difficult environment quite easy It may cut plants and grass easily.

GSI Outdoors 2010 Trowel

Designed with serrated edges, the GSI Outdoors Trowel has the capability to take care of pretty hard lands. It had been created with high-quality materials, which makes it last longer. It features sharp serrated edges that can cut the forest, origin, etc..

The GSI Outdoors 2010 Trowel is made from materials purely favorable to the environment. It’s light in weight and comes in many different colors.

IUNIO Military Portable Folding Shovel and Pickax

This versatile mobile folding shovel has all you have to get a smooth and nice camping experience nail extractor, bottle opener, shovel, whistle, and compass. It’s the ideal companion for several types of activities such as gardening, hunting, hiking, and camping.

It’s very robust and very durable, made out of high carbon steel that is resistant to rust and wear. It features a rubber grip providing the consumer company grip and ease of use!

Otplore Folding Tactical Camping Shovel

This is only one of the most essential accessories ideal for camping, fishing, driving, hiking, and all types of outdoor pursuits. It’s highly operational and also user-friendly since it includes a solid handle and an anti-slip layout.

This strong Tactical Camping Shovel includes multiple applications and a few are flame pole starter, screwdriver, compass, hammer, knife, saw, etc.. It folds to a compact size when not in use, which makes it match for your own backpack.

Tri-Fold Entrenching Tool (E-Tool)

Searching to find the ideal accessories for all of your outside activities, the Tri-Fold Entrenching Tool functions your whole intent. It’s produced out of a high-quality steel blade and Aluminum manage giving it the required strength to manage everything that you throw at it.

It may be dropped right into a really compact size when not in use for smooth storage and carriage. It had been created using a dark powder coat, providing it the required strength to resist adverse conditions.

Rhino USA Folding Survival Shovel

If you’re just about to acquire off-road and uncertain of this situation on the market, this Rhino shovel is going to be your very best option. It’s excellent for those less intense roadblocks that may use a streamlined 2.7 x 9.9 x 6.4-inch shovel. Although this military-style shovel is rather brief, its square assemble will permeate the floor and also uproot some mild roots whilst at the procedure thanks to its serrated sides to get you from a sticky situation very quickly.


  • Lightweight only over 2lbs.
  • Heavy-duty substance for durability.
  • Has serrated edges for uprooting roots.
  • Multi-functional.


  • Better for less acute scenarios.
  • A little too brief for heavy snowing.


SERGEANT Folding Shovel is a must-have accessory for everybody who enjoys gardening, camping, and occupation website. It’s extremely compact in size since it folds out of 23 inches to 10 inches when folded. It’s produced out of high-quality substances (tempered steel) which make it appropriate for heavy and rugged usage.

It’s multipurpose because it can function as a camping shovel, survival shovel, saw, just how, snow shovel, or fold shovel. Together with the advantage, you are able to cut through plant roots, grass, and dirt.

Outdoor Anywhere Compact

The Outdoor Anywhere Compact Folding Shovel is a multipurpose product that can fulfill your camping needs or crises. It is possible to take advantage of this shovel whilst right, or you could fold it in a 90-degree angle to pay for your requirements. It’s a flexible shovel, and its grip includes a non-slip rubber that provides you a comfortable grip on your spade.

What We Like:

  • Handy porch
  • Light in weight
  • Mobile and flexible
  • Non-slip rubber handle
  • Our Verdict

The outside anywhere Compact Folding Shovel is a flexible tool that’s excellent for camping. It’s a non-slip rubber onto its own grip which gives you a secure grip.

Multifun Snow Shovel Kit

The Multifun Snow Shovel Kit is strong, light, and capable of breaking ice cubes easily and fast. You may use it to dig your car out of muddy scenarios. The rotating shaft includes a heavy-duty aluminum construction making it rust-resistant. Its interlocking design makes every element simple to swap, based on the action you’re doing.

What We Like:

  • Rust-resistant shovel
  • Lightweight construction
  • D-shape ergonomic handle
  • Tight and secure clasp
  • Our Verdict

The Multifun Snow Shovel Kit is extremely functional and user-friendly since it’s a durable handle with the anti-slip layout.

REDCAMP Military Folding Camping Shovel

The REDCAMP Military Folding Camping Shovel supplies the greatest outdoor adventure during swimming. It’s sharp edges that you may use for digging and clearing bushes. The raw advantages are serrated to assist you in cutting roots, mulch, sand, sand, and snow. This instrument may dig tires from the subway if your vehicle gets stuck. It is possible to take it to the areas you need since it’s lightweight and foldable into a handy size. In addition, it fits in a glove box; consequently, you can take it in your vehicle.

What We Like:

  • Thick blade (durable)
  • Multifunctional use
  • Light in weight
  • Foldable and portable
  • Our Verdict

The REDCAMP Military Folding Camping Shovel folds to a compact, portable size. Its serrated edges make it effortless for you to cut the grass and plants easily. It’s, therefore, an ideal option during your camp.


The TABOR TOOLS Folding Shovel is a multifunctional tool that’s acceptable for camping. You may use it directly or in 90 degrees, based upon your preference. It is available in a handy carrying pouch, and but also has a hood for procuring it onto a belt or a backpack. This shovel weighs 1.3pounds and has sharp edges that can assist you in digging a fire pit. It is possible to take advantage of this spade to dig out tires from the snow or sand as soon as your vehicle is stuck. It is also possible to fold the spade to reach a small size that’s easy to transport around.

What We Like:

  • Stainless steel material
  • Foldable to a compact size
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Our Verdict

The TABOR TOOLS is a strong tool that’s a superb camp helper. It can help you from tight situations throughout your camp. Its aluminum substance ensures it stays steadfast despite exactly how and where you use it.

Lifeline Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel

The lifeline Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel comes in six colors. It’s a powder coating that prevents rust and corrosion. It’s light in weight and so mobile and contains a design layout that provides. The aluminum material making it’s durable. It is possible to easily dismantle this spade for easier packing because of the simple construction.

What We Like

  • Light in weight
  • Collapsible frame
  • Multipurpose design
  • Color variety
  • Our Verdict

The lifeline Aluminum Shovel consists of high-quality substances that promise its durability. It’s environmentally friendly and can be offered in various colors. It’s possible, therefore, easily see this spade, particularly at nights throughout your camp. Its light in weight making it effortless for you to catch it fast and sturdily.

AMES Military Entrenching

This Army Entrenching Folding Shovel by AMES is among the maximum quality foldable shovels on the marketplace which combines durability with a sensible layout to deliver a superb shovel. This cushioned shovel features a steel blade and aluminum handle that is sturdy enough to take care of the tough floor and resistant enough to not suffer damage if you strike a rock while digging.

What Makes This futon Shovel Stick out

  • Steel blade and aluminum handle
  • Tri-fold collapsing design
  • Serrated and straight border function for a saw and ax
  • Doubles as a hoe, select and lever

Gerber Gorge

Gerber’s Gorge Folding Shovel is a small, highly usable layout that contains many different features so that you can find the maximum from your instrument. Having a blade crafted out of carbon steel, that delivers durability and an ergonomic handle for comfort, Gerber Gorge is the best companion for your trekking or camping excursions. The blade’s substance makes it a lasting choice that will endure for many years to come. Produced by glass-filled nylon, the handle was rubberized over to supply a secure and comfortable grip.

What Makes This futon Shovel Stick out

  • Fast push-button slip mechanism for Simple usage
  • Ergonomic rubber handle for comfort and a secure grip
  • Features a hammer style
  • Durable carbon steel blade

Number Glock Entrenching Tool

Glock’s Entrenching Tool Folding Shovel is over a normal shovel as it’s an assortment of multifunctional properties. Lightweight and completely foldable, that is the best instrument for an outdoor enthusiast or specialist as the whole structure folds down from 64 cm into 25.5 cm.

What Makes This futon Shovel Stick out

  • Doubles as a shovel and hoe
  • Features a saw with a screwdriver tip
  • Has a carrying pouch

Fobachi Survival Folding Shovel

Made from a high carbon steel blade and steel manage, the Survival Folding Shovel by Fobachi is a durable, multi-function spade that’s made to be used for anything from cutting, grinding edge, and sawing, to prying, hammering and choosing. This ultra-lightweight tool includes a handle that folds twice so that you can easily pack it for a hiking or camping trip.

What Makes This futon Shovel Stick out

  • High carbon steel blade
  • Contains a flame starter, whistle, life hammer, sawtooth knife, and select
  • Has a carrying pouch

Coleman Pick

Coleman’s Pick Folding Shovel is a tempered forged steel spade that’s intended to last. The spade’s blade features a serrated edge for sawing, whereas the rear of the blade expands to form a select, which makes this streamlined instrument a shovel, saw, and select in one.

What Makes This futon Shovel Stick out

  • Includes a serrated edge for sawing and select
  • Locks in place when in use
  • Has a carrying pouch

VIVO Entrenching

The Entrenching Folding Shovel by VIVO is a hardy folding spade, designed with multifunctionality in your mind. This folding shovel features a serrated edge which makes it possible for the spade to be utilized as a saw. The spade’s blade includes a select extension so that you may correct the spade head to 90 degrees and use the spade for a pick.

What Makes This futon Shovel Stick out

  • Serrated edge for sawing
  • Contains a pick
  • Has a carrying bag



My Trail expects you to learn more about the best survival shovel than you ever did at the start of the report.

In addition, we expect you are now able to comfortably pick the ideal camping spade to your requirements with the review and guide we’ve laid out.

As always, we attempt to bring one of the most up-to-date info and so we just review products that can be found on the marketplace and you may readily buy online. We’ll continue to keep this article updated in any way times to ensure it is a go-to manual on the best portable camping.

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