Top 36 Best Camping Apps Review In 2021

best camping apps

We frequently think about camping as a fantastic means to unplug in the world, and for a lot of folks, this is one of its attractions. That does not mean there is no place for tech when you are under canvas, however. Produce a few discerning options, and it could even improve your camping experience.

From electronic compasses to offline survival aids, campsite finders to monitoring the nighttime skies, these would be definitely the most useful and intriguing camping programs offered for iOS and Android. Keep reading My Trail Company will help you to find out the best camping apps.

The best camping apps for android

Top 8 best camping apps for android

Bestseller No. 1
Camping Checklist
Camping Checklist
Pre-loaded with more than 225 camping related items. Save yourself from all the typing.; Easily backup and sync across devices via the cloud.
Bestseller No. 2
Passport America
Passport America
Location based campground search that allows you to specify the distance radius.; View campgrounds in each state on a map or in a list.
Bestseller No. 6
Battle Camp
Battle Camp
Monster battling Puzzle MMO.; Explore a LIVE Virtual World.; Form a Troop with friends and other players.
Bestseller No. 7
Tizi Town : My Wildlife Outdoor Camping Games For Kids & Family.
Tizi Town : My Wildlife Outdoor Camping Games For Kids & Family.
Enjoy an array of fun camping activities that capture the essence of outdoor camping; Go fishing in the sparkling rivers, embark on a scavenger hunt to spot birds.

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You are always going to need to be certain that the weather is fine while camping. 1Weather can assist with that. It features the fundamentals of a weather program. Including current temperature, humidity, a weather radar, along with a protracted forecast.

People who wish to appear farther out may utilize the 12-week prediction to acquire an overall idea of how good or bad that the weather will be. You receive all the features from the free version. The paid version eliminates advertisements. It is not exactly what you usually consider in regards to camping programs. But, it is still fairly helpful.

Tribe Pilot

Now that you have an idea of what kind of weather to expect, it’s time to organize your adventure! If you wish you had an easy way to plan out every aspect of your camping trip – especially when heading out with a group -, search no more: Tribe Pilot lets you organize all the logistics of your trips with your group, from meal plans, to locations, itineraries, and lists.

Invite all the trip participants and start setting the date, laying out your route, and assigning tasks. The app also includes a built-in chat to communicate with the crew and send & receive live updates before and during your trip. These smart features are simple to use, and best of all, they even work off-grid.

In short, thanks to its range of useful tools, Tribe Pilot is the ultimate adventure planning app and our favorite way to coordinate all your camping plans. In addition, we love that the Tribe Pilot team believes in business as a force for good and aims to put its revenue towards environmental and social causes.

BackCountry Navigation

BackCountry Navigation is a fantastic supply of topographical maps. It is possible to download offline. This means that you may use them at camp when you don’t have any net. It’s a lot of map resources. They comprise NASA Landsat information, OpenStreetMaps, USGS Color Aerial photography, and much more.

It is possible to get more resources through in-app purchases. It is a handy program to get around in case you’re camping way out in the jungle. You will want to try out the free version first to be certain you enjoy it. The paid version is quite pricey. It is otherwise among those must-have camping programs.

Compass (No Ads)

Possessing a compass program on your camping programs set is sort of a no brainer. This one is very great. It is super fundamental. There’s not any crap to get in your own way. It is only you and your own compass. It is simple enough to calibrate. It will also show your leadership in levels in addition to visual representation.

Additionally, it is a little install size. There is actually not much more to it than that. But, that is sort of what you would like in a compass program. The program does not have any advertisements, and thus does not connect to the Web in any way.


Fishbrain is one of the very best fishing programs on the market. It is a fun activity to do while camping so we thought we would mention it here also. It permits you to check out what other anglers are catching, just how they are grabbing it, and in which they are grabbing it. It is also possible to contribute to your own grabs and findings too.

The program covers 130 species of bass, comprises a log to keep track of catches, and much more. The free version of the program does some matters. But, you are going to need to subscribe to find all the features. Individuals who just fish within an occasional hobby could probably only use the free edition.

Icon Torch

Icon Torch is a flashlight program and an extremely straightforward one. The program boasts no interface, no settings, no advertisements, and nothing like this. You set the icon on your house display (or dock). Clicking the icon turns the LED flash onto your phone tapping and on it again turns it off.

That is it. Most phones include this operation currently. But, those with no certainly should have this program available. Everybody who goes camping demands a flashlight, after all. The program can also be free without in-app purchases.


HERE WeGo is a great navigation program for camping. You may download maps for boundless offline usage. Google Maps can also. Truly, either one works well for a camping program list. It is possible to find a map of your place offline. But for offline assistance, we really like HERE WeGo a bit more.

It is going to get the job done best in people camping areas. To put it differently, places near culture. Those moving further out to the wilderness will probably need that BackCountry Nav program listed above. HERE WeGo can be completely free.


Hunting, such as fishing, is just another frequent camping action. HuntStand is probably the best free camping app you will need for that. It allows you to plan out your hunting areas. It may also monitor the weather. You may use it offline. You may use it to navigate back to a campsite from the hunting place or vice versa.

Furthermore, it includes a property possession database so that you don’t inadvertently wind up on somebody else’s property. You might even share maps with buddies. It’s possible to find the program at no cost, but you will want to purchase pro for what to work. It is somewhat expensive, however.

RV Parks and Campgrounds

RV Parks and Campgrounds is a source for locating a place to camp. It supports both normal campgrounds and ones which appeal to RVs. For RVs, it will even tell you whether you can find water, electric, and sewer hookups.

The listing comprises independently owned campgrounds, public parks, U.S. military campgrounds, and much more. This one is only available in the USA. But it is a valuable source for individuals taking a cross-country excursion or searching for a safe place to camp. This makes it one of those better camping programs.

The best camping apps for iOS

Top 17 best camping apps for iOS

Camp Where

This campground program will help you find and book public campgrounds in the USA and Canada. With detailed listings and data on 11,500 public campgrounds, it’s among the more comprehensive programs for locating a campground. It features maps, instructions, and campground listing, in addition to RV information, elevations, and weather reports. And is your highest-rated campground finder at the iTunes store.

Campfire Songs

This program has a selection of 200 classic campfire songs. It’s very good for family camping or camping with boy scouts or girl scouts. Songs are organized by type, by an alphabetical index, or from their song.

Coleman Cookbook

Locate new camping recipes using the Coleman Cookbook program for your iPhone. You may search by ingredient, type of meal, or from the cooking system. If you adore campground cooking, then this is a fun program to check it from home and organize your next camping meal. This is the best iPhone camping apps.


Yep, this program is as straightforward as it seems. The Flashlight program turns your cellphone’s light onto, so it serves as a flashlight. This program is very handy once you’re in a darkened area and do not have a true flashlight plus it also has a compass, which means it’s possible to find your way in the evening time.

The flashlight program functions as a backup to a real flashlight, which will be probably battery powered. While it does not glow as bright and doesn’t replace a fantastic headlamp, the flashlight program is completely free and very helpful.


You are able to organize a camping road trip with the guidance of the Road Tripper iPhone program. The program will help locate areas like restaurants, attractions, and lodging, but our favorite feature is the character class. Here you may look for beaches, hiking trails, lakes, and woods, or state and national parks within a variety of miles, which you place.

What Knot to Do

Campers and outdoorsmen may have to tie a range of knots for many different reasons however, the craft of knot tying has nearly vanished. Learn over 70-knots in six distinct categories. This knot-tying program from Columbia is the most exhaustive and it is completely free.

There are programs for virtually everything, so it is reasonable that there’s a program to assist campers and RVers navigate and find campgrounds at national parks, forests, and other national recreation facilities.

Reserve America

On the Lookout for a campground? Reserve America’s cellular program will look for accessible campsites in state, national and private campgrounds across the USA. You are able to search by place, date or conveniences, and display search results on a map. To reserve a campsite, the program will divert you to your site.


Tentrr’s iOS and Android programs highlight the organization’s most important product — pre-made glamping tents installed on personal (and a few public) lands throughout the nation. Their over 730 campsites offer you comfy accommodation in character using a”bed-and-breakfast” additional touch; many websites offer you sweet services such as saunas, massages, and even breakfast.

The site and program provide information on sleeping choices, amenities, and proximity to attractions that are nearby. Booking a website can be carried out directly in the program, although a number of these comfortable campsites will not appear as inexpensive as a tent or RV website in a public campground.


The AllStays series branches from other camping programs by focusing on street trip-friendly services such as places of rest stops, RV parks, and Walmart parking lots, in addition to their database of RV and tent camping alternatives nevertheless, this information is not packed into a single program. They have six distinct programs that include different information, each ranging from $1 to $10 on the program shop.

While it will cost money unlike a number of other camping programs, the payoff incorporates appealing features like offline research. You are not able to book websites in-app, because most listings are public, and the program does not appeal to user-generated testimonials.


Campendium delivers a record of campgrounds that rivals many of their very best camping programs on this listing and includes powerful filtering features to sift through these campgrounds. The program features listings that are constantly being upgraded, however, they come interspersed with ads throughout the program.

Features like public property and parking filters provide RVers a secure approach to plan forward while on the move. The program’s growing reviews offer you some insight into how camper’s experiences. Booking is inaccessible via the program or website.


This free program focuses on gathering data on places free of camping, the majority of which are dispersed or without hookups for tent and RV campers. The 500-some listings are on the program, paired with information from actual campers in their adventures there.

Boondocking is a favorite method to save a few bucks while road tripping or seeing jungle areas, which is among the very best camping programs that will assist you to begin. Since the websites are free, there is no requirement to make reservations, and booking is not available in-app.

The Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder App

If you’re searching for something most dependable, you ought to have a peek at the Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder App. Three firms have awakened to create this program one of the best RV camping apps around When the American Park Network, Ford, and LL Bean opt to combine their forces, individuals already expect something trendy.

And they’re getting it using this program that supplies a massive database of public property in the US comprising every federal, state, and local park, together with federal forests and federally-managed destinations. You may even select what your action you’re interested in along with the program will seek out the campsite which most fits your requirements.

The Allstays Military Campgrounds, FamCamps, and RV Parks Program

After I first heard about this program, I believed it was a recruiting procedure implied by the authorities. However, the AllStays Military Campgrounds Program is far from this. This program provides a comprehensive database of campsites and RV parks for current and former military members and their households. There is an infinite number of testimonials, photographs, weather information, and just a GPS which can take you to a destination.

A lot of men and women praise this advertisement-free best apps for camping as it is absolutely free and provides an off-line service if you aren’t in a range of online support. There is also a”Tents for Troops” program featuring 165 campsites that provide two nights free of charge for active duty, Reserves, and National Guard servicemen. The deal is right for their entire family, so don’t be afraid to apply.

The Chimani National Parks Program

In case you choose to utilize a campsite program, why not aim for the very best? Chimani is an award-winning program with the distinction of becoming the most downloaded camping apps for android in the U.S. It’s an exceptional design and supplies a variety of information about 59 National Parks. The database features 400 National Park Service units which can please any traveler.

If you put in this program, you’re able to digitally produce a passport which can get”stamped” whenever you go to a park. If you love a specific park, then it is possible to register to its information feed and you’ll get comprehensive information every day. This way you can know about everything that’s occurring within that park hours prior to coming.

The BackCountry Navigator TOPO GPS Program

Having difficulty reaching the ideal destination? Well, your concerns will be no longer thanks to this Backcountry Navigator TOPO App. Nature lovers can rely on this program when they wish to”have a bite” from character. It’s among the best-selling programs available on the current market, and consumers may download topography maps to the US and the rest of the planet from countless resources.

You save both the maps and use them either online or offline. The program features a lot of searching websites, ATV and whitewater paths, and Bureau of Land Management maps. The GPS also leads you directly to a destination each time you add the program.

Dark Sky

Considering that the weather can make or break a camping trip, it is logical to stay accurate predictions near hand. Black Sky provides hyper-local,”down-to-the-minute” weather predictions, which The Verge known as”scarily accurate.”

You can be advised when rain is scheduled to finish or start, or if and in which a storm will occur. It’s simple to get additional information on requirements and forecasts and put up custom alarms to be informed of weather fluctuations.

The program is now offered in a small assortment of countries. It had been bought by Apple in ancient 2020, which promptly shut the Android down edition of the program. The iOS version remains available for the time being.


Top 11 best camping apps for Android and iOS


The Dyrt is your all-in-one source for toddlers to discover campsites, read reviews, and reserve their stay. Together with the most amazing photographs, videos, and reviews of any camping source, The Dyrt presents comprehensive and user-submitted manuals to camping around the U.S.

Our desktop computer, iOS, and Android programs (all free) attribute over 42,000 rated temples (such as Hipcamps, Tenters, cottages, personal RV campgrounds, national parks, country parks, and much more ) with more being added daily. Users may compete in camping competitions, where online reviews may cause actual prizes and discounts with all our outside brand partners. Bookings can be found in-app.


The proprietary support for state-operated camping in 32 countries (in addition to a couple of private campgrounds from KOA and Great Sam) works free iOS and Android programs. Campers can look for campgrounds via place and available dates, however, the program lacks a map performance that is useful when best travel planning apps for camping.

The program features tracking details to maintain your excursions in sequence, such as a useful forthcoming reserves tab and filtering features.

The program does not contain reviews or positions for campsites, therefore intending stops on the fly may be somewhat insecure occasionally. Campers can reserve websites directly in the program.


Popularly called the”Airbnb of swimming,” Hipcamp centers on personal landowner-run Conveniently, similarly to Tentrr, but minus the standardized glamping tent of Tentrr. Their iOS and Android programs provide neat bookings features such as filters for night-of camping accessibility and also for weekend getaways. Hipcamp websites are a mixture of coastal destinations and hotel-level lodging that may force you to reconsider your definition of camping. You will typically end up in isolation on these websites too, as most properties provide one space for tent or RV campers. Bookings can be found in-app.


Although this program does not concentrate on camping straight, it is still among the very best camping programs to grow your toolkit because of its comprehensive information on national parks throughout the nation. A complete source for planning a nationwide park street excursion, REI Co-op’s free program features an abundance of understanding on hiking paths, popular views, and just a GPS locator tool which may be utilized as an individual locator if missing even without a net. The program is free and available on many devices.


Surprisingly few programs provide global campsite info, but luckily iOverlander does it exceptionally well. You may use the map to locate campsites in your town, complete with a rundown of conveniences such as Wi-Fi, showers, food, running water, and much more.

Reviews from additional”overlanders” will also be available, together with pictures of the website. It is possible to update or add information, check into campsites, and locate nearby points of interest. The best advantage of iOverlander is its own large neighborhood, which is dedicated to upgrading and improving the material.

That is why you will discover detailed descriptions of campsites all around the planet, whether you are in California or even Colombia.


While it is not worldwide, WikiCamps provides a Helpful package of camping programs such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the Uk, and the USA.

After downloading the program for a particular destination, such as WikiCamps Australia or WikiCamps Canada, you can get camping data crowdsourced in the WikiCamps community. You will find details on matters like campgrounds, backpacker hostels, and dump websites.

Campsites are plotted onto a map that may be downloaded for offline usage, and local attractions could be considered in list type. Moreover, you are able to apply search filters, for example, “has bathrooms” or even”pet-friendly,” for tailored recommendations.

Number Chimani National Parks

Additionally aimed at people in the USA, Chimani National Parks is a phenomenal tool that can help you find parks, historical sites, battlefields, preserves, recreation areas, plus even more. The program is well-designed with amazing nature pictures, as well as the map application is simple to use.

Additionally, it is simple to drill down to discover details regarding specific parks. As soon as I picked Badlands National Park, by way of instance, I had been given advice regarding park history and points of interest. From that point, I could decide to set up a”detailed manual,” another app (also made by Chimani) especially focused on this park.

If you decide to upgrade to the premium version, you will receive additional features like offline assistance, travel guides, and discounts on accommodation, dining, and activities in the national park system. In general, it is an impressively practical program for cyclists in the USA.

Compass Galaxy

While hardcore hikers will probably have a tangible compass in their backpack, a fantastic smartphone-based model works well for casual demands. That is where Compass Galaxy comes in.

Incredibly easy to use, the program enables you to fire a compass onto your mobile phone using no ads or permissions. Aside from sometimes calibrating your telephone, there is nothing else you have to do.

True and responsive, Compass Galaxy sticks out largely because it really works as it should!

Number Offline Survival Guide

As its name implies, Offline Survival Guide is a helpful survival source that operates completely with no online connection. The program includes details about the best way best to create a fire, build a shelter, find food and water, treat accidents, along with other critical survival skills.

Additionally, there are hints on creating electricity (e.g. solar, wind, improvised generator) and the way to live in challenging environments such as deserts, tropical places, chilly weather, water crossings, or even the sea.

The program has extensive plant information, such as what is edible and what is not, and also how to use them as medication. If you’re in a dangerous situation or believe you have seen a plant that is poisonous, the program also has useful pointers to escape a jam.

There are lots of other useful survival programs, and it never hurts to download some of them so you’ve got much different information available, however, Offline Survival Guide is one of the very best.

First Aid

The First Aid program from the American Red Cross provides first aid information for many different scenarios, such as allergies and asthma attacks, wounds and bleeding, insect bites, and a number of other health concerns applicable to camping.

Additionally, it is possible to drill down to additional information on a specific ailment. You are able to define what piece you, like a snake or tick, then receive custom guidance particularly for that sort of bite. Additionally, there are hints to help prepare for a visit and manage emergency situations.

Quizzes permit you to examine and perfect your comprehension, and you might also view a list of hospitals locally, at least inside the USA.

Star Walk 2

Gazing in a star-filled night skies are among the greatest joys of swimming, as well as also the Star Walk 2 astronomy manual provides you plenty of detail about the skies. It is possible to learn more about the skies (night or day ) to identify stars and planets, satellites, comets, as well as the International Space Station in real-time.

A”What’s New” section provides updates on forthcoming eclipses and other astronomical events, using an augmented-reality feature that overlays charted items from the live perspective. Additionally, it is likely to go backward and forward in time, to see the night sky as it seemed on a specific date.

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