Top 14 Best Double Sleeping Bag Reviews 2022

best double sleeping bag reviews

If you and your spouse or partner enjoy camping together, you should consider investing in a double sleeping bag, so you don’t need to pack two separate ones when you go camping.

A dual sleeping bag might help you to stay warm and comfy on your outdoor experiences. So, we have put together this listing to help you find the best double sleeping bag for you and your other half that will enhance your next camping trip.

Top Rated 14 Best Double Sleeping Bag Brands

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The North Face Dolomite One Duo

When it comes to heat, comfort, and cost, you can not beat The North Face Dolomite One Duo. These qualities easily earn it the top spot on our list of the best double sleeping bag.

The Dolomite One Duo is a new and improved version of one of the long-time great options, The North Face Dolomite Double. It builds on what we loved about the Dolomite Double.

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This three-season double sleeping bag is consistently rated well in all three types. Although it isn’t mild enough (or small ) to take action, it’s comparatively lightweight at 8 pounds 13 ounces for your regular-length alternative.

For your extra-tall one of us, the Dolomite One Duo comes at a very long variant, and, for the ones who don’t want to feel restricted, the bag could be used as a camping blanket. It is a wonderful option if you sleep on a camping air mattress or camping cot.

The 1 Duo’s party trick is that it includes two top layers that you can mix and match for various temperatures.

Use the thinner coating by itself to make a 50-degree sleeping bag. Use the thicker coating by itself to make a 30-degree option. Or combine for a 15-degree option, among the warmest two-person sleeping bags we have seen.

As The North Face puts it, the 1 Duo is similar to three dual sleeping bags for the purchase price. But do not be fooled — you can not split it into two different one-person bags. At best, one individual could use one of the most significant layers as a camping blanket at a pinch.

We are also fans of this model’s eco-friendly artificial insulation. It is composed of 30% post-consumer recycled materials in line with the North Face.

In general, this bag meets all of our criteria for the best double sleeping bag on the market today. In addition, you can be sure that it won’t let you down, as it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Sleepingo Queen Size XL Sleeping Bag

Bid farewell to cold and constricting sleeping bags as you meet the Sleepingo Dual sleeping bag, our close challenger for best double sleeping bag. If you are in the habit of using an XL mattress at home, you’re able to recreate the atmosphere of the super-soft, comfy camping alternative.

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Few products come with a lifetime warranty. Maybe that is why the Sleepingo has 6,200+ reviews on Amazon and a typical 5* review score. I guess you can not say any fairer than that!

The Sleepingo may be used in states of 32℉ and upward and may be utilized as both sleeping bags or a single humongous sleep nest. The durable outer shell is made of waterproof camping grade polyester, and also the cotton-blend inside will cause you to drift off to sleep very quickly.

TETON Sports Mammoth Queen Size Sleeping Bag

Next on our list, the TETON Sports Mammoth is another worthy contender for the best double sleeping bag. This comfy adult sleeping bag is tender, fiber-filled for heat, and contains shoulder draught tubes to stay warm air inside where it goes.

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Having a dimension of 94″x 62″, this thermal improved 20℉ sleeping bag having brushed poly-flannel liner will provide a great night’s sleep after a tough day on the road. It is wider than the queen-sized mattress and includes a mummy hood to keep your head warm. That is a fantastic feature if you are bald like me!

With instructions on the best way to fluff your sleeping bag and the way to shop for greater product wellbeing, TETON makes sure you get the maximum usage and client satisfaction from your Mammoth sleeping bag.

REI Co-op Siesta 30

Campers and adventurers on a budget will adore the Siesta 30 out of REI Co-op. This dual sleeping bag is too heavy for backpacking, but it is ideal for cold summer nights on a family campout.

The Siesta 30 utilizes a synthetic polyester fill for insulating material. There is an offset quilt construction to stabilize the insulating material, avoid cold spots, and a two-sided muffler around the surface with an adjustable cinch to block the cold out. If you start having a bit hot, you can sew the segments individually for ventilation or elongate front and back to utilize as quilts.

The Siesta 30 features a DWR polyester shell that repels stains and moisture. It includes a two-stage storage bag that expands to provide comfy net ventilation and compresses to a more compact size for effortless transportation.

Big Agnes Dream Island 15

Comfort is essential in regards to sleeping bags, and no other dual sleeping bag model receives the same amount of rave reviews in the comfy category as the Big Agnes Fantasy Island 15 Degree bag.

This model wins for relaxation because Big Agnes has thought of everything. They utilized the softest and smoothest technical fabrics, made a built-in pillow barn to maintain your camping cushion from slipping out of place, and the free-range sleeping bag hood lets you lift your mind without removing the cloth.

Preview Product Rating Price
Big Agnes Dream Island 15 Sleeping Bag Big Agnes Dream Island 15 Sleeping Bag No ratings yet

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It is essential to notice, however, that the sleeping bag isn’t insulated on the floor. You must use a sleeping mat with it. Without one, you will freeze, and also this ultra-comfy bag will not feel so lavish.

Providentially, the bag includes a method to fasten your pads to the bottom, preventing them from falling out of place at nighttime.

Like The North Face One Duo, the Dream Isle includes synthetic insulation partly made from post-consumer recycled stuff. Big Agnes one-upped The North Face here – the Fantasy Island sport 50% recycled materials compared with this 1 Duo’s 30%.

Kamp-Rite Overnighter 2 Person Sleeping Bag

We like this bag since it is a pretty well-sized double sleeping bag with a super comfy flannel lining. Fantastic for getting comfy with your significant other!

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But, there are a few things we should mention. First, the almost 20-pound weight for a 10-degree dual sleeping bag is heavy. It is not the most practical for biking and trekking, and definitely not for sailors.

But for auto campers and RV users, there is something to be said!

MalloMe Double Sleeping Bag

The best double sleeping bag ought to make the uneven floor feel like a cloud. The MalloMe ensures a cozy night’s rest, regardless of what the terrain feels like. Tree stones and roots aren’t any matches for this particular blue miracle!

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This dual sleeping bag is 100% polyester and will keep you toasty in near-freezing temperatures. The double-layer technologies and S-shaped stitches create the tote waterproof and block you from getting moist. It is lightweight and can easily be machine washed.

The MalloME may be utilized as both luggage or one massive sleep sack. It includes a straightforward stow-away compression seat with straps for carrying throughout the wilderness. It is also one of the more affordable choices in our list – excellent value for the money!

Grizzly by Dark Pine 2-Person Sleeping Bag

Equipped with two little pillows and an ergonomic carrying tote, this intriguing sleeping bag will certainly fulfill the needs of almost any campers who only want to rest comfortably. We state this because this sleeping bag is not just high-end so far as its substances proceed, but it undoubtedly constitutes its overall construction.

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Also worth mentioning is that it costs nearly half the price of other sleeping bags of a similar build quality.

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AXIATIC Kodiak King 20F Double Sleeping Bag

This is the best double sleeping bag we have seen when it comes to innovation. It utilizes parachute-tier rip-stop nylon, but it seems about the size of a parachute too! This 76″ x 98″ oversize king-sized tote has oodles of space, which makes it ideal for wriggly sleepers.

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My girlfriend enjoys flannel bedding. Therefore the AXIATIC Kodiak King is a winner for us. The 100% cotton flannel liner will make you feel as though you’re back on your bed. It is a far cry from the cheap and nasty, scratchy sleeping bags of older.

The Kodiak King may be used in temperatures from 20℉+ due to its hollow fiber filling. It is waterproof, includes draught tubes and easy-to-use zippers, and there is a storage pocket inside!

SylvanSport Cloud Double Sleeping Bag

If you have read some of our preview posts before, you will already understand the caliber that SylvanSport produces and won’t be surprised to see one of their models on our best double sleeping bag list. Their entrance in our listing of the most excellent double sleeping bags includes natural cotton sheets and detachable layers for multi-season use.

Talk about being a box-ticker!

8″ bigger than a Queen sized mattress, this SylvanSport Cloud could be incorporated using an air mattress for even more relaxation. This product appears most like a traditional mattress and may be utilized out of temperatures of 20℉.

In the draw-tight hood into the side-baffles, this flannel-lined sleeping bag allows you to feel like flying on a hot and fluffy cloud. The double-zipper system also lets you stick your toes out if you get too hot.

Zpacks Twin Quilt

If you are a hot sleeper who requires more breathability to sleep, take a look at the Twin Quilt out of Zpacks. Available in 5 ℉, 20 ℉, and 35 ℉ versions, the ultralight Twin Quilt will keep you feeling warm and comfy year-round.

The Twin Quilt utilizes premium 900 fp goose down insulation and uses vertical baffles on the upper body to keep the down from migrating to the sides.

Cold spots will not be a problem, because there aren’t any sewn-through tiles and pockets closely spaced to help keep the down evenly dispersed. The pockets are overstuffed with 30 percent more down than required to keep maximum loft and account for down future compression.

The Twin Quilt includes a neck pillow that blocks the gap between your neck; you’re also able to snap the elastic cord tight around your neck to block out drafts. It is also possible to strap on the rear side together when it is chilly, and every sleeper may untuck their team to port or kick a leg out if they begin feeling too hot.

The shell and lining are both treated with a DWR finish to withstand rain, and moisture spray, along with the black cloth on the interior, is fast drying. The Twin Quilt includes a roll-top dry bag, so it’s easy to compress and squeeze into your package.

Kelty Tru.Comfort 20 Degree Double Wide Sleeping Bag

Next on our list of the best double sleeping bag options is a product that’s promoted with van lifers in your mind. The Kelty Tru. Comfort Sleeping bag is jam-packed, filled with features to maintain vandwellers comfy on the move. It is wider than the usual Queen-sized mattress and may be utilized from beams of 20℉!

Each Tru.Comfort tote includes separate ventilation, a detachable top coating, and foot vents. There is an oversized hood that could accommodate two standard pillows inside and two built-in blankets to help keep you feeling toasty in the coldest of temperatures.

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This tote is more significant enough to snuggle up to some loved one in many different camping situations. Customizable temperature choices imply that you and your spouse can have various degrees of heat, keeping you happy and comfy before sunrise.

And with 64″ of shoulder-distance along with a span of 84″, there is plenty of space to roll up and jiggle around!

Coleman Tandem Double Sleeping Bag

The Coleman Tandem sleeping bag might seem like an oversized iPod sock, but it is a good alternative for couples that adore van lifestyle and braving the fantastic outdoors.

The Coletherm hollow polyester insulation will help keep you warm in temperatures of 45℉+, making it a soft sleeping bag for warmer climates and routine Summer use.

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This dual sleeping bag can be zipped apart to create two distinct luggage in case you and your partner have a debate (fingers crossed that will not occur!). It is designed for individuals of 6’4″ and beneath and includes a handy to utilize stuff sack for keeping away.

Canway Lightweight Flannel Double Sleeping Bag

Last but not least in this roundup of the best double sleeping bag models is the Canway Flannel sleeping bag. It is lightweight but may keep you warm in temperatures of 42℉+. And above all, the flannel lining and cotton filling promise terrific nights are sleeping after a hard afternoon of exploring.

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The double-filled,’ S’-contour quilt layout provides a waterproof, water-resistant tote that minimizes moisture. The tote could be washed easily, and you’re going to find a free carry case for hauling from A to B.

This dual sleeping bag steps 85″ x 57″, which can be enormous! It comes with two little travel cushions so that you do not need to package up your jumper to a chunk. Additionally, it can be made to two smaller bags for sharing with a buddy and reasonably priced.

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Tips to Select the Most Effective, Best Double Sleeping Bag

Before investing in the best double sleeping bag, take the time to consider the points below to find the right one for you.

Type of Shelter

Camping tent. Should you sleep at a pop-up shop or move car camping with a roomy, multi-person tent, you will have tons of room to get a double sleeping bag.

Backpacking tent or tarp. Smaller tents do not leave much wiggle room. Therefore an extra-large sleeping bag may not fit comfortably indoors. And in the off probability that you are carrying a double sleeping bag backpacking, keep in mind that some ultralight tarps and tents are constructed by propping a hiking pole to your tent’s center. If you have obtained a set-up such as that, using a double sleeping bag will likely not be possible.

Temperature Rating

The best double sleeping bag for your needs also depends on what type of climate you’re camping in. Are you currently a fair-weather camper, or do you wake up with all the water on your Nalgene bottle turned into an ice hockey field?

In case the latter refers to you, you’re going to need to be sure your two-person bag is rated for chilly weather. Remember that a 0-degree bag is not meant for 0-degree weather–it generally sleeps comfortably at approximately 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you are camping in sunlight, it’s also essential to keep in mind that having just a warm tote will not cut it–you will also need a great sleeping mat with a tall R-value, a buy which you are going to need to make along with your luggage. (And check out more of our tips for staying warm in your tent).

Fill Material: Down, Artificial, or Blend?

Down sleeping bags are lightweight, simple to compress, and function well in cold, dry environments. But when they become moist, they lose their capacity to keep warmth –a very dangerous situation if you are backpacking and a significant annoyance even if car camping.

Their reduced weight comes at a cost. Down bags are typically far more expensive than artificial ones. Also bear in mind that cleaning and keeping down bags expect a little know-how. Research the best way to wash and wash your bag before doing this to optimize its lifespan.

On the other hand, artificial bags stay ventilated when moist, dry fast, and are non-allergenic. The disadvantage to artificial bags is the insulation doesn’t keep its attic provided that down, so the totes have a shorter lifespan.

The upside is that synthetic bags are a ton cheaper. You can get some cheap double bags for under $100. But bear in mind the insulating material in these less costly bags is generally quick to reduce its capacity to maintain warmth.

Additionally, a third solution is currently available, a down/synthetic mix that combines both worlds’ best.

Regardless of what you select, consider the conditions you are likely to camp in and choose the best double sleeping bag for you accordingly.


Many dual sleeping bags are enormous and do not fit into a stuff sack. Meaning you’ll require a nice dry spot to store the tote and a great big car to transfer it.

Should you choose your Mini Cooper into the campground, you may have a tough time fitting a big sleeping bag to the back with all your other camping equipment. Remember the type of distance you need to store and transfer the luggage before purchasing the largest one available in the marketplace. The best double sleeping bag is not always the biggest.


Is it better to use a dual sleeping bag or two single ones?

The biggest benefit of a double sleeping bag is the bodily proximity of your sleeping spouse. Most of us know what that means.

If you are trying to go out hiking with higher performance sleeping bags, you will be much farther ahead to transport different bags. It is simply not feasible to discover a double tote that could match the raw functionality of two sisters so now as weight, compressibility, and operate within the area.

We have all attempted to sew in a tent with two solitary luggage, though — it simply does not work almost or romantically. Consequently, if close physical proximity is a top priority for you, the only right choice here is to opt for the best double sleeping bag.

Pro tip: Consider using two or one wheeled quilts to attain a balance of both factors. These let lightweight individual functionality but may be opened flat, just like a blanket for all those cuddly moments.

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Is it possible to zip two sleeping bags together?

Not all sleeping bags can be zipped together to create one bigger one. But this feature is available if you look around and find it!

Regrettably, the only sort of bag you’ll discover this feature on is square bags unpopular for trekking. Do not be disheartened, however, because square bags continue to be famous for car camping, RV camping, and several cheaper bags are being created this way.

Before purchasing, be sure that you download the user’s guide to your bag in question. Read through it to learn whether (or how) the packs can be zipped together, so you’re not frustrated when you get items delivered.

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What sort of sleeping pads can be paired nicely with a double model?

This is just another real trick attempting to acquire a double sleeping bag to become comfy. Most sleeping pads have been created for a single individual and, even if paired together, are inclined to be comfortable.

The best solution would be to utilize a double mat. While they are uncommon, double pads do exist and may be found on the internet.

Double pads will not slide apart throughout the evening, and they let a much nearer sleeping encounter in contrast to 2 single pads.

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How can I wash my dual sleeping bag?

Let me just say – follow the manufacturer’s guidelines!

Short of this, however, you will want to clean your bag in a massive front-loading device. Utilize a delicate cycle and then hang dry your bag.

Many bags have different maintenance instructions, so if you cannot find specific details in your bag’s label – try looking it up on the company’s website.

If your insulating material clumps up after washing, you can try out shifting the bag in the dryer with no heat and a few tennis balls for a couple of minutes. Tumbling like this could be detrimental to delicate insulating material like down, so be cautious! Manipulating the insulation may be necessary in case tumbling fails.

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