Top 30 Best Camping Lighter Review In 2021

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One of the top priorities in any survival situation is to have the ability to produce fire. A flame is the one thing which may keep you warm, provide you lighting, provide a way to cook food and purify water, allow you to guard yourself, and provide you badly wanted morale all in precisely the exact same moment.

This usually means you ought to have some type of fire starting device in your individual as a portion of your EDC in any way times because you don’t know if you are going to end up in a survival scenario. Easily the best fire-starting apparatus to take in your person is really a great milder, and especially, a fantastic camping lighter.

The distinction between camping lighter and also some other normal milder is that swimming lighters are constructed using a stronger body and a more durable fire so that they could better withstand the elements along with also the high wind. Keep reading My Trail Company will help you to find out the best camping lighter.

The Best Camping Lighter - best lighter camping

Things To Consider When Picking a Lighter

Not many lighters are equally. Regular lighters are not constructed to endure the test of time as well as the rigors of outdoor surroundings. This is where you ought to do your homework at deciding the features that actually matter. Simply speaking, you will want to consider – what works matter if you’re trying to find the ideal survival milder? In choosing the best survival milder for your needs, You Will Need to think about the following variables:


You’ll have to consider how you intend on using your survival milder before you may begin searching for one. A fantastic fighter will have the ability to light a flame in a reasonable period of time, but you ought to take into consideration the unforeseen things that may happen in crisis scenarios. You’ll have to be certain your survival milder will have the ability to take a beating and operate in various problems.


Survival lighters must be durable enough that it will not crack if it drops to the floor. I place the focus on the term”survival” in the circumstance and the item so you could set it to use anytime you want it.

Strong survival lighters should still make fire if it falls at a particular distance. You ought to pick tough lighters that could withstand the weight and affect readily. A stainless steel kind of milder serves this function since they are lasting and rust-free even after prolonged use.


There is a variety of varying climate and weather requirements whenever you go outside, such as snowstorms, floods, and rains. Your survival milder must have the ability to work the majority of the time once you reach the switch. You’ll encounter numerous lighters, and each will have its pros and cons.

By way of instance, wick-based lighters are great for starting a flame in arctic temperatures, but the gas system will flow as the milder ages. If you can not get around the disadvantages of your preferred survival milder, then it is ideal to package more than 1 type based on where you are heading.

Immediate Flame

Do not forget about this variable when you are picking your survival milder. A routine lighter will not function in salt water or in a gale, whilst a survival milder may. You will want to consider direct fire as it might end up being useful in emergency conditions. Direct flame means the flame emanating from the device ought to be torch-like, which is good for quick-starting and electricity functions. This usually means you could flick on the switch, not be concerned about the rain or heavy winds.

Water Insulation

Matches are a staple at a bug out bag, but if the bag gets wet the games are not any good. Suffice to say they are not the very best survival flame manufacturers around. Finding a milder that is watertight is a portion of their survival equation.

A few lighters have a watertight casing that retains the moisture and the air from the device. This is only one of the most significant features which you need to be searching for as you can not expect the environment to become dry and warm all of the time. Some milder brands also have the capability to make flames even if they are submerged in water for a brief while. Last, the foundation material ought to be resistant to corrosive consequences after being subjected to water and air.


A milder in itself is created as a mobile fire-making device. 1 thing which you ought to check is your general weight. It is among the few things which you ought to keep near hand in any way times- in your backpack and in your pocket, even if at all possible. In addition, the compact type ought to be optimized for hand-carrying in some specific survival situations.

There are various kinds of mobile lighters. Some suppose the form of a capsule, that is compact and contains a slight weight element. You are able to take them if you go biking, biking, mountain climbing, etc.. Remember that each and every ounce of weight is important once you’re packaging a survival bag. The ideal survival milder is just one that is tough yet barely weighs more than required.


If you’d like a light which it is possible to use for quite a while then you are going to need to consider refillability. There is a particular advantage in having the capacity to recreate your survival milder as it runs out, but it is not a genuine must-have.


Among the more innovative features in a milder is hands-free lighting. This variable permits the user to attack and also create fire with just 1 hand. In some survival situations where you will not have the ability to use both hands, this becomes a vital element. Today, there quite a few lighters that do several items. They may be made to make a flame or become the sole source of warmth.

Wind Opposition

Employing a milder can turn out quite tricky particularly when you’re in the hills and it’s very windy. A Wind Resistant Lighter comes in useful in situations like this. Never forget to give you a milder that you can make certain to utilize in almost any weather!

Survival Lighter Types - best butane camping lighter

Survival Lighter Types

Fast and Versatile (Zippo Lighters)

Zippo lighter brands are famous for their durability and long shelf life. When you purchase a Zippo lighter manufacturer, you also receive the Zippo guarantee. The business is going to replace the lighter for free and you will simply have to cover transport. If you ought to be aware of, the slogan is”it functions, or we fix it at no cost!”.

Zippo lighters are easy but very beneficial in a lot of emergency scenarios. You are able to depend on a Zippo-based milder to ward off frostbite and hypothermia in cold weather and in cases where finger and hand dexterity is endangered. Having a Zippo lighter, all you want to do is to run your finger through the striker wheel together with your trousers cloth without even needing to press back on the lever. Additionally, you won’t have to do anything to maintain the fire lit, making it a fantastic hands-free apparatus.

On the other hand, this kind of survival milder runs on flammable fuel which may be ignited with a spark. The plan makes it quite simple for a fast lighter refill with butane cartridges and naphtha-based gas using a nozzle that is compatible. Petrol and gas, in concept, can use a Zippo, however, it is not recommended unless in dire problems.

The drawback in packaging a Zippo lighter is the fire only goes in 1 direction- up! Lighting something for an awkward angle is going to be a tricky endeavor. You will also have to consider packing additional butane gas capsules as the gas flows and flows over time.

Butane Lighters

The best butane lighter for camping kind lighters will function as a fantastic warming apparatus for if you are in a cold atmosphere. Bic branded lighters might not operate in extreme cold. There is a reason why you are able to purchase a bunch of these for under $10- that they jam up, fall apart, or will not consume all of the contained liquid gas.

A number of those high-end lighters may nevertheless fail in elevated areas. The best thing about butane is they are completely replaceable and great for immediate uses. It is possible to find many and place one on your bug out bag, your crisis backpack, and on your pocket for ordinary use.

Among those matters, butane lighters are great at is developing fire in ground level. The pressure within the casing can put more fire. The lightweight and portable nature make it the go-to survival simpler for brief excursions and camping.

In the best, butane survival lighters may produce a spark to place tiny leaves and leaves. If you are stuck in a true emergency having the capacity to make a spark remains better than having nothing in any way. This sort of milder is an all-around device that could find the work done in several conditions.

Windproof Survival Lighters

If you reside in a region where you will find high altitude and subtropical climate, then windproof survival lighters would be the best ones for you. These lighters can generate a fire despite 80mph winds- all you have to do is push 1 button. In addition, best windproof lighter camping may make fire at elevations up to 80,000 feet through manual control.

These lighters are designed to float in the event that you accidentally lose them. Pick one which has bright colors so you can easily find it in the dark. The flint strikes even if they are damp. The piezoelectric ignition makes it easier to generate a fire even if your hands are cold or numb.

At length, windproof lighters are created so they will not leak gas. They’re also refillable using a gas resource. You will want to pack another canister.

Plasma Lighter

Rather than producing great old fire, plasma lighters set out electrical plasma bolts. Housed at the casing is a battery and electrical current to begin a spark. USB cables are often included, but you will want to invest in a portable solar panel to grow the plasma milder’s usefulness.

The operation of the lighter is simple. Simply use any finger click on the button, and then voila! Instant flame. The fire, in this circumstance, is a single or a dual plasma which has a greater temperature than flame. The system houses a set of ceramic electrode material at which the electric arc forms. Among the benefits, you may get when you utilize a plasma screen lighter is that it needs no fluids or gas to create fires. It takes just an hour or 2 to be wholly charged.

The Best Camping Lighter - best arc lighter for camping

The Best Camping Lighter Brands

Bestseller No. 2
Bic Multipurpose Lighters, 4 Pack
Reliable and Safe, child-resistant, 100 percent quality inspected and long-lasting; Long durable metal wand keeps hands away from fire
Bestseller No. 5
TG Plasma Lighter Windproof Waterproof USB Rechargeable Flameless Dual Arc for EDC Camping Survival Tactical
Silicone Rubber Casing; Battery: Lithium Polymer, 220mAh - 2 Hour Charge Time; Power: .81Wh, 3.7V USB Rechargeable (cable included)

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1. Zippo Emergency Fire Kit

The Zippo Emergency Fire Kit is the final solution if you’d like to have the ability to begin a fire immediately as you’re in the wonderful outdoors. Notice that the ability to begin a fire throughout that situation may create a difference in your own survival. This crisis flame kit is water-resistant. This can be made possible by its own O-ring, which may generate a watertight seal, making sure that the sparks remain dry and making them completely protected from moisture. This is the best lighter for camping.

Preview Product Rating Price
Zippo Emergency Fire Kit Zippo Emergency Fire Kit

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It features a US-made flint wheel, which may create a maximum of 1,700 trustworthy sparks irrespective of the weather. Constructed with ABS plastic fabric and blended with a textured grip, you won’t have difficulties holding it regardless of how hard the illness or surroundings is.

The portability of the emergency fire kit out of Zippo is also among its favorable traits. It has a molded lanyard hole, which you may use to keep it near you personally by attaching it to your own survival backpack or a clip or lanyard.

2. Missile Permanent Match Lighter & Flint Fire Starter Keychain by Inspire Uplift

The missile permanent match lighter is an instant flame solution for all your fire starting issues while you are out camping in the woods! This permanent match lighter for outdoor adventures has a life of 15,000 strikes and is a perfect alternative to the regular lighters or matchsticks you might normally use.

It allows campers to start a fire freely anywhere where it may be impossible to find something to light one up. User-friendliness is a top feature of it – all you need to do is insert butane fuel (liquid) in the lighter and to strike the matchstick with the steel striker.

Permament Match Lighter for camping
Inspire Uplift’s permanent match lighter for camping: compact, lightweight, and reliable.


Another plus point? It does not get blown out by the wind quickly and can stay ignited for up to 30 seconds. This incredible match lighter has a 30g weight, making it easy to carry in your backpack or even in your pocket.

So, it’s a win-win. Inspire Uplift’s handy and reliable fire starting lighter is a must-have for an enjoyable and manageable camping experience. Order it from the Inspire Uplift website.

3. Icfun Waterproof Lighter

The Icfun Outdoor Windproof Waterproof Lighter is just another survival lighter which can make all of your outdoor experiences more manageable and fun. It permits you to begin a flame anytime you would like. 1 benefit of this is it is waterproof, as a result of its metal-ring sealed cover along with the IP56 waterproof score.

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With such construction and watertight rating, water may not penetrate inside. The lighter can be made to be wholly flexible because it’s suitable for almost all outside activities, such as hiking, travel, and camping. It’s not difficult to use, also, as it doesn’t require butane nor gasoline to do the job. All it requires to function is the rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which includes the purchase.

This watertight lighter from Icfun can be constructed from durable materials, namely zinc metal and ABS. It boasts a hassle-free encounter when carrying it throughout your outdoor experiences, such as camping or hiking with the assistance of its thick lanyard.

4. Rena Cheng Double Arc USB Rechargeable Plasma Screen

Ideal for outdoor camping or another interesting experience outside, the Rena Cheng Double Arc USB Rechargeable Plasma Lighter is certainly a fantastic solution if you’re seeking a handy lighter that is going to become your source of passion anytime you want it. It includes its IPX7 waterproof rating, enabling it to withstand even the harshest weather. It’s not difficult to use, also, due to its compact dimensions and lightweight construction.

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Together with its portability and lightness, It’s compatible with various outside activities, such as hiking,

hunting, fishing, and camping. The sturdiness of the plasma screen lighter is also incontrovertible, particularly in the event that you find the tough ABS plastic used in producing its exterior case in addition to the sturdy zinc metal used in its insides. This mixture of sturdy materials additionally makes the milder impact-resistant.

The dual-plasma arc layout of the survival lighter also ensures its durability when used in environments with higher elevation. It’s windproof, also. Not only that, but utilizes a Li-Ion battery, which you can completely charge in only one and a half to 2 hours.

5. WakeyPQ Sailors Windproof Rope Lighter

If you don’t need to take care of the hassle connected to utilizing conventional lighters that need constant refueling then it’s possible to opt for the recently and modernly designed WakeyPQ Sailors Windproof Rope Lighter. It’s created in a manner you will experience the utmost advantage when it comes to carrying it about. It’s also versatile you could use it on different events and surroundings.

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This windproof lighter features three principles, letting you use it for an elongated period. Another wonderful benefit of this survival milder is it is acceptable for use on high altitudes. You don’t need to be worried about the deficiency of oxygen in this circumstance, which makes it a truly excellent addition to your own camping equipment.

It’s simple to use and function, also. All it requires is to attack the built-in flint wheel as a way of creating sparks. The charred rope made from cotton will then grab the sparks withdrawn partly from a tube casing constructed from sturdy metal.

6. DAYS LIVE Double Arc USB Rechargeable Lighter

Another survival milder for outdoor fun and experiences which are worthy of investing in is your DAYSLIVES Double Arc USB Rechargeable Lighter. The simple fact that it uses a rechargeable inner Li-Ion battery can be a significant advantage as it implies you will no more require liquid gas to make it operate.

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The fantastic thing about the battery is it is not hard to recharge. You simply need to add the card at a USB port. It’s also convenient to use in most altitudes because you no longer have to make alterations on oxygen consumption. It’s a case made from ABS zinc metal, which isn’t just durable but also impact-resistant. The top clips of this milder can also be shut safely, preventing harsh components, such as water from penetrating indoors.

Additionally, it is simple and fast to begin a fire no matter the weather when you have this lighter round since it’s convenient push-button functioning. It’s compact also it includes a user-friendly indicator, which will light up whenever you’re using it. What’s more, it features a time-out security feature, which functions for up to ten minutes.

7. Survival Frog Waterproof Tough Tesla Lighter

The Survival Frog Waterproof Tough Tesla Lighter is also an additional product that should form a part of your outside survival backpack. This electrical lighter comes with a windproof and waterproof structure and can be convenient to use since it doesn’t demand elevation alterations. It doesn’t also want to use butane to function.

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With its sturdy plastic case, which also features a cord security knob, maintaining the milder secure and within easy reach is potential. It’s a rechargeable lighter, also. It’s possible to start a fire out of it by simply pressing a button. Using its built-in cable, then you can control it everywhere with a USB jack in no more than one and a half to 2 hours.

Employing this survival milder is also simple. All it requires is to permit the dual-arcs to get something flammable to commence a fire. Each complete charge permits you to utilize this milder for approximately 250 to 300 times. For security purposes, in addition, it includes a 10-second timeout. It’s a large help every single time that you wish to try an experience outdoors, such as camping or hunting.

8. Zippo Outdoor Lighter

This Zippo exterior lighter is another of those lighters in the trusted brand created for convenient and safe to use outdoors. This lighter is made in this manner that it uses two of their trusted manufacturer’s imprint techniques color picture and design. In addition, it incorporates its one of a kind fashions on its five instances, namely the white matte, brushed chrome, neon orange matte, black ice, and high-polish chrome.

Preview Product Rating Price
Zippo Outdoor Utility Lighter (OUL) Zippo Outdoor Utility Lighter (OUL)

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Using its all-metal construction, this exterior lighter is certain to be lasting, permitting it to survive. Additionally, it takes pride in its own windproof design, which makes it feasible for it to operate virtually everywhere. The mixture of elastic lanyard and metallic loop also helps to ensure you can keep it near you no matter your activity.

You are able to use the lanyard to attach this milder to key rings, backpacks, and straps, among others. What’s more, it includes a normal case silhouette, which can be outfitted with curved corners. There’s also a 5-barrel hinge, which attaches the base and upper areas of the circumstance.

9. KOBWA Flameless Camping Double Arc Lighter

The KOBWA Flameless Camping Double Arc Lighter can be among these rechargeable survival lighters which won’t ever disappoint many outdoor adventure fans. 1 benefit of the dual arc milder is it is fast and simple to recharge with any source of electricity, such as a normal USB port, electricity bank, mobile device, or PC. All it requires is to utilize the USB cable within the order to control it within only 1 hour. This is the best arc lighter for camping fires.

It uses the Pulse mobile technology, which can be highly innovative it further boosts the waterproofing and windproof properties of the lighter. With such a construction, it’s capable of withstanding the harshest weather, including heavy rains and snowfalls, rainstorms, and storms.

Another benefit of this camping double arc milder out of KOBWA is the fact that it’s designed to continue with the joint alloy and ABS materials. Additionally, it boasts of its own ceramic cup which can withstand high temperatures. What’s more, it features a digital arc design, solid polishing, aging resistance, and electroplating most of which let it serve its function for a long time.

10. Telephone Skope PYRO Putty Double ARC Lighter Kit

The Phone Skope PYRO Putty Double ARC Lighter Kit can also be built to provide as much gratification to its customers as possible. This milder apparel should form a part of your survival backpack since it’s the greatest source of passion when you have to start one. It’s modernly and sturdily designed, substituting those old and conventional lighters made from flimsy plastic stuff.

It’s easy to operate and use, also, as it doesn’t call for using fuel to get the job done. One other excellent benefit of this plasma-based dual-arch milder kit is the fact that it’s a waterproof casing, making it really durable and capable of resisting cold, wind, rain, snow, and some other unpleasant conditions.

The simple fact that this milder apparel is rechargeable is also a significant benefit. 1 full charge is sufficient for it to provide a maximum of 300 lightings. It satisfies all outside activities, such as but not limited to camping, hunting, hiking, travel, and barbecuing. In addition, the windproof and waterproof structure of the lighter apparel also ensures it is going to deliver consistent flaming when staying moisture-free.

11. UCO Stormproof Torch Windproof Lighter

Preview Product Rating Price
UCO Stormproof Torch Windproof Lighter UCO Stormproof Torch Windproof Lighter

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UCO Stormproof Torch LighterThe UCO Stormproof Torch Lighter” emergency survival attachment” includes a great deal going for this:

  • It is refillable
  • Includes a triple jet windproof flame
  • Watertight
  • And flexible
  • Built-in duct tape
  • It includes enough butane to get 700 ignitions, and its own striker is ensured for 30,000 uses.

However, this milder chooses survival one step farther, by adding 3 ft of built-in survival tape.

UCO Stormproof Torch is much more than simply a superb survival milder; it is a survival multi-tool.

12. Windmill Classic Stormproof Lighter

The Windmill Classic Lighter is constructed for rugged survival. This lighter is next to none in regards to durability.

It is accompanied by an elastomer armor outside covering for additional protection.

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There’s a window built to its center so it’s possible to monitor gas amounts. And since it utilizes a steel cable closure system fitted using an o-ring, it is watertight and even floats!

The best part, however, is the two-year guarantee which accompanies purchasing one of them. Thus, even in the event that you do manage to split this challenging bit lighter in the initial 730 times of using it, then it is possible to get it replaced.

13. Everstryke Match Lighter

This glossy butane lighter includes a replaceable striker along with a replaceable wick. Therefore it could last you forever!

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It is a really straightforward layout to fill the reservoir with lighter fluid, then replace the newcomer, and also go.

The milder case is watertight using a little O-ring too.

It is extremely little; a very small silver tubing that fit at the palm of the hands, and comes with a keychain clip.

14. AWL All Weather Lighter

Preview Product Rating Price
Windmill AWL All Weather Lter White Velours 307-0001 Windmill AWL All Weather Lter White Velours 307-0001 $76.57

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AWL All Weather LighterThe AWL All Weather Lighter will light in heavy winds and high elevations.

When shut, the milder becomes watertight as the”O” ring gasket prevents any water or moisture from getting in the burner.

This Is a Great real Windmill lighter value purchasing

15. Vertigo Cyclone Torch Lighter

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Vertigo Cyclone Torch LighterThis is a lasting triple flamed windproof torch lighter.

It’s a crystal clear fuel tank so it is simple to see just how much fuel it’s left.

Additionally, it is very lightweight making it effortless to stash in your pocket along with your own bug out bag.

16. Xikar 9660BK Stratosphere II Lighter

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Xikar LighterYou can rely on the XIKAR Stratosphere II for top performance in wet or windy conditions. Easy-grip rubberized body and wind-proof flame.

Additionally, it has an easy-grip case so that it will not slide from your hands in the midst of a torrential downpour.

The Xikar 9660BK also has a lanyard hole and a little bit of rope to attach it to the outside of the package if need be.

17. Tesla Electric Lighter

Welcome into the future, where fires are replaced with the best plasma lighter for camping.

That is right, rather than a fire, this Tesla Electric Lighter utilizes a battery and the energy of power to start fires.

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The key for this Tesla Lighter would be to set it with a PowerBank Solar Charger.

For survival, then you ought to have a tool to create some electricity so it is possible to produce your own fuel anyplace and everywhere you go.

Simply use a USB cable to attach your lighter into a PowerBank Solar Charger, also you can power your milder.

18. Scorch Torch Dominator Triple Jet Butane Lighter

Last but not least, we return to the Scorch Torch butane lighter. This lighter is a fantastic alternative since it’s strong both on the interior and the outside to make sure it will last you for several decades. It accomplishes that this may preserve a lightweight of just four ounces and a height of fewer than three inches.

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Additionally, it is totally sterile using an adjustable fire control system that’s quite simple to use. Added features that produce the Scorch Torch worth checking out is a cigar punch accessory, an automatic open security cap, and also a 1-year guarantee from the manufacturer. These bells and whistles certainly make this among the very best camping lighters period.

19. Tacklife Electric Lighter

If it comes to camping lighters, you will need something competent, contemporary, and rather convenient. Electric lighters are created to operate when periodic lighters simply won’t. The Tacklife is electrical lighting that provides more control and also a more secure overall milder. With the push of a button, you make a potent 700V flawless layout.

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This can be safer and may be used for long periods of time without burning. The lighter can also be rechargeable and fees by means of a standard USB charging manage. The battery will continue 300 ignitions and will auto shut off after ten minutes. This lighter is water and windproof making it ideal for the wonderful outdoors.

20. Tesla Coil TM USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter

The Tesla Coil milder is distinctive in the preceding lighters on this listing because of the simple fact that it works not on gasoline but on power. Additionally, it is perfectly rechargeable using a simple USB, which means that you can recharge it everywhere and on any electrical device which you could consider.

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A lot of men and women favor an electric lighter above a gas run for ecological reasons and the fact it is totally windproof. If you enjoy an electric alternative, the Tesla Coil is among the greatest lighters for camping which you are able to purchase and the slick design just adds to its allure.

21. Dreamy Waterproof Survival Lighter

If you’re the sort of person who enjoys flint and wicks within their lighters that the EDC Waterproof Lighter is right for you. You do not just get 2 lighters but additionally 6 milder flints, an additional windproof wick, and two watertight O rings. This offers you two complete lighters and enough extras to keep you going for quite a while.

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All these have been fully redesigned from their prior version to continue over 10x longer. Both these lighters are analyzed to be in a position to be lit over 15 000 times guarantee you will have a trusted fire starter. All these are also amazingly easy to wash and refill.

What Makes This Weatherproof Lighter Stand Out

  • 2 full lighters
  • Tons of extra parts contained
  • Cheap

22. Everstryke Match Guru Survival Lighter

The principal allure of this Everstryke lighter is it is an incredibly compact design which makes it appropriate to bring with you nearly anyplace. The O-ring functions to seal this milder shielding it from any water which may enter. Additionally, it guarantees that your lighter fluid will not vanish providing you with more, use from it.

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The Match Pro milder burns at an impressive 600℉ which makes it so you’re certain to get a fire, each time. In addition to this, this milder continues an impressive 15,000 strikes ensuring you will have the ability to acquire a fantastic lifespan out of this buy.

Do not be discouraged by the compact dimensions, this milder comprises the replaceable flint and wick. If all this does not convince you, the lifetime guarantee is guaranteed to ensure this solution and cause you to feel much more secure in your order.

What Makes This Weatherproof Lighter Stand Out

  • Strikes burns & hot hot
  • 15,000 strikes
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Fantastic for a fire emergency apparel

23. Novelty Wares Triple ARC Survival Lighter

This is not your basic butane stuffed milder. It’s a plasma ignition system that does not use fire. There’s a rechargeable battery that powers this milder so you will want to bring a power bank beside you on your journey. With that said, you are going to have the ability to have more than 3 hours of usage from this milder before you want to recharge it.

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The best thing about this lighter is that it is certain to work for a very long time. If it stops functioning only return it and you are going to receive your money returned. There’s also a security measure built into avoiding the milder from malfunctioning. By way of instance, the arcs will automatically cease after 10 minutes to stop overheating.

What Makes This Weatherproof Lighter Stand Out

  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Safety measures contained
  • TSA accepted
  • Designed to provide fire survival Circumstances

24. WoodStonePipes Capsule Survival Lighter

WoodStonePipes have created a superb refillable torch lighter. This is the ideal choice to throw in a pocket of your bag to use just in emergency conditions. It’s super small measuring just 2 by 0.6 inches and weighs less than one ounce.

It utilizes naphtha liquid gas and flint to make a fire. To protect this by water, it’s been encased in a metal shroud to keep it dry. You are able to locate the lighter fluid in the grocery shops so that you can always have some available. All you have to do in order to refill it’s to pull off the top and include the fluid.

What Makes This Weatherproof Lighter Stand Out

  • Simple to refuel
  • Comes in a Tiny compact case
  • Fantastic cost

25. Visol Storm High Altitude Wind Resistant Survival Lighter

This lightweight milder by Visol comes in at 0.16 pounds making it portable as a milder must be. Using a clip in order to attach to a backpack, this lighter is great for any outdoorsman.

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Having one button, you do not need to be worried about rolling up your finger for the ideal strike. This makes it particularly useful in windy and cold conditions. The only touch fire is wind resistant and leaves starting a flame simple. Being completely watertight makes this the great available for water fans.

A cap functions to seal and completely enclose this butane lighter. Visol idea of it making this milder strain suitable and compatible for use even on altitudes of 10,000 feet.

What Makes This Weatherproof Lighter Stand Out

  • Single touch ignition
  • Wind resistant
  • Wind resistant

26. Big-Time Electric Arc Emergency Lighter

This is a remarkably durable top-rated survival torch lighter. It’s made of ABS and zinc alloy, which makes it incredibly rugged. There’s a camouflage painted outer shell which provides this type of rugged appearance. The lid pops up readily with a single hand exposing the ignition.

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Big-Time has made this lighter not to require fluid to create its own flame. Rather, two plasma arcs are made which spark the material you’re using to start the flame. This usually means that the lighter is not just windproof but can also be lit in rain. Rather than the lighter fluid that this milder utilizes a USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery. We recommend bringing a solar charger together with you so that you can’t just control this apparatus but also your GPS device and mobile phone.

What Makes This Weatherproof Lighter Stand Out

  • TSA accepted
  • No lighter fluid
  • 4 colors to select from
  • Fantastic for a fire emergency apparel

27. BIC Mini Lighter

BIC Mini Lighter, aka Mini BICSupremely cheap and accessible everywhere, the Mini BIC made our Best Pick award due to its durability, value, and ultralight weight.

As soon as I struck the BIC 200 days, it lit a great 200. BIC has perfected light consistency.

Preview Product Rating Price
BIC Mini Lighter, 3-Pack, Assorted Colors BIC Mini Lighter, 3-Pack, Assorted Colors $6.10

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The Mini BIC can also be decently water-resistant. After doing 3″Wipe Tests” with it submerging the milder in warm water, shake it out, then attempting to light it in 1-minute periods it required an average of two minutes until it began to light again consistently.

The BIC’s most important drawback is how badly it holds in windy conditions. The fire is hard to light in a small breeze.

It is a simple issue to overcome though I typically have luck using my hands or windscreen to obstruct the end long enough to best lighter for camping backpacking stove.

If you are concerned that you require something beefier to take in the backcountry, do not be.

BIC lighters are put through the wringer countless occasions by backpackers of all types. Each year lots of AT and PCT thru-hikers finish their hikes, using used just Mini BICs. And adventurer Andrew Skurka Employs a BIC in his Cadillac Stove System.

28. Clipper Mini Lighter

The Mini Clipper is just another superb backpacking lighter.

While not quite as omnipresent as the Mini BIC, it conducted really better in our evaluations.

For starters, such as the Mini BIC it lit up an ideal 200/200 times.

It’s also slightly more end – and water-resistant compared to the Mini BIC.

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Where it required the BIC two minutes on average to begin lighting consistently after having been submerged in water, then it required the Clipper 1 second. I was also able to light that the Clipper more readily in a small breeze.

According to reports that I read of backpackers who’d utilized a Clipper for quite a while, the overall consensus was that a Clipper’s flint wore out faster than a BIC’s. Therefore I docked it a few points for being reliable over the long-term.

In my opinion, you can’t fail if you choose a Clipper on the next backpacking trip. Let cost and accessibility function as guides if you are undecided between both.

Mini Clippers ship pre-filled but unlike BIC lighters they’re refillable with butane. You could even buy replacement flints and substitute a used-up among yourself.

29. UCO Stormproof Torch

UCO Stormproof TorchMost backpackers if you are a newcomer or experienced thru-hiker do not require this milder.

It is heavy, bulky, and pricey relative to BICs and Clippers.

Its fire is striking however unnecessary for all but the most adverse weather conditions.

But if you genuinely require a weather-resistant lighter, the UCO Stormproof Torch is the very best alternative.

Preview Product Rating Price
UCO Stormproof Torch Windproof Lighter UCO Stormproof Torch Windproof Lighter

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While truly windproof or watertight like UCO’s amazing stormproof matches, this milder was the most end – and water-resistant which we analyzed.

When underwater with the cap, the interior of this milder stayed completely lit and dry instantly after shaking off the excess water. Like marketing, the situation is watertight.

When underwater with no cap, it took only 1 moment to dry in my trousers pocket before the milder began light again consistently.

Its wind-resistance is not anything to write home about it was fairly easy to dismiss but it had been the finest milder we analyzed in this respect, just edging out the contest.

I have any long-term reliability issues with this milder, however. The longer I stuck it that the longer the fire began to sputter. Should you go with the Torch, then have a back-up ignition supply with you just in case.

There are two variations of the lighter: one includes a jar opener, another with duct tape. I analyzed the duct tape variant.

30. UST Wayfinder Lighter

UST Wayfinder LighterThe Wayfinder Lighter out of UST, such as the UCO Torch, is a butane lighter with piezo-electric ignition.

UST states it”works without fail from many adverse conditions.”

I discovered it to be unreliable.

As soon as I struck it 200 days, it lit only 87, the least of any milder by far. It’s promoted as”windproof” and is allegedly able to withstand winds up to 80 mph. I didn’t examine it in these states, but I managed to dismiss it out by blowing air at a moderate speed.

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The Wayfinder’s operation was heavily influenced by being submerged in water. The interior of this lighter got moist even when the cap was around. Additionally, air bubbles emerged from the gas refill interface, which made me wonder whether water was penetrating the gas chamber.

It required an average of 9 minutes of massaging the milder in my trousers pocket until it lit, and more than 20 minutes until it began lighting consistently.

One of my most important gripes with the Wayfinder is that there is no way to know how much fuel is left. On biking excursions, particularly lengthy ones, this is an important thing to understand.

Overall I was not impressed. The unreliability and higher cost point make this milder a less than perfect choice for your next backpacking trip.


By now you ought to have a very clear idea of the various aspects in play along with the kind of survival lighter you are going to need for particular survival situations. Remember it is going to pay dividends to get more than 1 survival milder at any certain time. Stash waterproof suits and other resources for starting a flame to have a well-rounded survival bunch.

Heed the survival mantra,” always be ready”. Your favorite survival milder ought to be with you constantly while strengthening its stimulation with another unit. Prepare for all possible survival and crisis situations sensibly!

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