Top 17 Best Climbing Chalk Bags Review 2022

Top 17 Best Climbing Chalk Bag 2020

Are you looking for The Best Climbing Chalk Bag? My Trail Company highlights the top models to help you pick the right one here!

Chalk bags will be the unsung heroes of scaling. They maintain your chalk close at hand if you need it so that you are able to calm down, stop perspiration, and not slide off your project. The top climbing chalk bags allow you to express your own personal style.

Top 17 Best Climbing Chalk Bag

Top 17 Best Chalk Bags For Climbing

Bestseller No. 8
Black Diamond Mojo Zip Chalk Bag for Rock Climbing, Foam Green, Small/Medium
Black Diamond Mojo Zip Chalk Bag for Rock Climbing, Foam Green, Small/Medium
Classic cylinder shape with pliable wire rim and TPU abrasion-resistant lower; Fleece-lined interior with cinching cord-lock closure to hold your chalk

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Topo Designs

Colorado trendy children Topo Designs makes outdoor clothes that as bombproof as it’s brilliant and lovely. Seriously, you can leave any of the products, from their all-new mountain coat with their slick camera strap, even at an area along with your demonic 6-year-old nephew, a pair of scissors, a few flames along with a borderline illegal quantity of Haribo, along with your kit could live to fight another day, appearing hella great in the process. And their neat chalk baggies aren’t any different. Produced for a soft fleece interior, along with ruggedness on the exterior in which it ought to be, to keep your chalk rather than all on your shit, this thing is a banger.

Petzl Saka Bags

This tote is a classic, and for good reason. Petzl creates a cylindrical bag (that the band), but the Saka’s contour is a significant asset. It simple to use, also it retains the chalk right. “It stinks on you nicely,” said one freshman.

The substance is just another highlight. It seems durable and well-constructed, however, in addition, it is soft with no floppy. It is very pleasant to use, along with the details made all the difference, although this does not sound like a huge deal. The ergonomics of this Saka are spot-on, without including anything unnecessary.

The knock out of our testers? “I wish it had been only a bit deeper,” said one. For those who have bigger hands, the Petzl might not be big enough to dip into. This will not be a problem, but when it’s, seem to a few of our choices.

Though this tote is well-featured and contains a brush holder, it does not have any pockets. Petzl does create a model with a pocket – that the Sakapoche – if that is your style.

Arc’very C80

The Arc’teryx C80 Chalk Bag was raved about because of its size and ease of accessibility. Having a circumference of 18 inches and a height of eight inches, it is large enough to hold a few days’ worths of chalk. It’s broad, inflexible opening, slightly tapered profile, and four-way extend material help you find your chalk in a minute’s notice; whereas the polar fleece lining retains chalk dust to a minimum and guarantees an even coating. Users adore the powerful drawcord closure that helps eliminate chalk loss of the bag.

The only disadvantage is that the tote’s high price-tag. The Burly Dual Weave cloth is made to survive and a range of features help sweeten the offer. Use the outside pocket to store your keys or credit cards. There is a holder to your own toothbrush and an injection-molded belt attachment which doubles as a bottle opener for breaking open up your post-climb beer. The attachment slides across the waistbelt that is added you are able to get the tote easily. Color options include carbide and white black.


Static Growing is a small company located in San Diego, and every chalk bag is entirely handmade. The Static Waxed Canvas Chalk Bag is durable and durable, yet reveals wear at a style that is stunning. The tote can be infused with lavender that was.

The Static Waxed Canvas Chalk Bag is bigger than a normal chalk bag dimensions, which makes it effortless to slide your hands inside. The stiffness of this canvas aids the tote stands up without leaning over or falling. A waist belt isn’t included with the bag, but the bag comprises loops to attach a single in the event that you buy it individually.


This tote was a surprise favorite of the evaluation. Not because it is the ideal tote – it’s a couple of flaws that kept it out of scoring as much as our other award winners. However, for the cost, the Sukoa is outstanding.

Chief among those flaws is that the closure, which can be only moderately successful. It is not too much worse than your normal drawcord, but it did allow more chalk than ordinary. Its cylindrical shape also suggests it isn’t the easiest bag to get your hand in to, though it is not especially bad.

On the other hand, the Sukoa’s profound shape retains its construction well and also makes application a snap. The substances are quality, and also the tote as a whole appears to be well-constructed. The Sukoa also boasts two zippered pockets, plus they are both useable. The rear one ought to be large enough to match even giant, tablets.

Oddly enough, the Sukoa educated us most of a funding edition of our Best Pick, the Arc’teryx C80. The shape is not quite as pleasant, the closing is not ideal, and the specifics are not quite as dialed, but overall it is a worthy option for under a third of the purchase price. Some reviews complain of quality-control problems, however, our tote held up just fine. As of the writing that the Sukoa was the second cheapest in our inspection, and it is our favorite funding bag by far.


A chalk bag from 8BPlus is much more than only a chalk bag, it’s a fuzzy buddy – also it can allow you to make more friends in the fitness center or even the crag because many individuals will not have the ability to resist commenting in your own 8BPlus Chalk Bag. Each chalk bag personality has a different character, which ranges from cute to frightening so that you are able to decide on the very best friend to match your climbing style.

Beyond the pleasure of every tiny creature, 8BPlus chalk bags are well-constructed, using a stiffened rim to make it simple to get your own chalk. The chalk bags possess a brush holder on every side, therefore righties and lefties will probably be pleased, and they include an included (detachable ) waist buckle and little carabiner for clipping the tote to your own harness.

Mammut Multi-Pitch

The Mammut Multi-Pitch Chalk Bag is designed with average multi-pitch paths in your mind. It is plus-sized, providing you with enough room to carry the additional chalk you will want to reach the top. Additionally, it supplies several smart storage choices so that you do not need to take a movement-restricting package.

Use the toothbrush holder to stash your favorite hold-cleaning device. A comparatively large zippered outside pocket provides you enough room to carry a mobile phone or electricity bars; whereas the elastic bungee on the base of the tote is meant to secure your coat if you want to strip away.

Obtaining your chalk is made simple by the tote’s rigid opening and open form. It includes a thick fleece lining and a safe drawcord, which prevents chalk from slipping in your own ascent and also can help keep transferring into a minimum when hauling it into your car or truck or backpack. The extra-wide webbing waist belt distributes weight evenly and also enables a snug rise. Pick Inferno or Dark Cyan, each of which stands on the cliff face and looks good in photographs.

prAna Chalk Bags

Authentic to prAna’s ethos, this tote felt like a lifestyle option. It is soft and stylish, and nearly proudly non-technical. It will not have some fancy features apart from a brush holder – only a very simple sofa and a buckle. It is charming.

The material is wonderful to take care of and also gets the prAna bag inviting to use. The drawback? “It is just so jarring,” said one tester.

This fashion boils down to personal taste. Our testers’ majority favored a chalk bag to generate application easier. A design might be preferred by some climbers, and the prAna will glow.

The implementation of the prAna tote is better than many: what’s well-made, the closing is powerful, and the tote is decent. It wasn’t our option.

Best Tapered: Metolius Ultralight Taper

Ought to consider the Metolius Ultralight Taper Chalk Bag. It tips the scales at only 50g (in comparison with this Mammut Multi-Pitch( which weighs 130g) and can be at least half of the weight of other chalk luggage. It accomplishes this feat by keeping things simple – no pockets or bottle-opener belt attachments. The tote is made of nylon and lined to help lessen dust.

Its shape cuts back on the material but helps to guide your hands and also is far less likely to float during moves. A closure keeps the bag when you are not using it secured, and there is for keeping a toothbrush, a loop. It is possible to attach it into the belt through the sewn-in belt loops or clip it directly to an exploit utilizing a carabiner. The waist belt has a convenient side-release buckle. Colors vary but the tote is a version that is smart black/gray/red.


The evil Roundtangular Chalk Bag is straightforward but nicely designed. While being lightweight so that you forget you’ve got it on the nylon fabric is extremely durable. Even the”round angular” aspect means it is more ordered than the usual round bag so that it does not fall and readily fits in your hands.

The Roundtangular chalk tote has an adjustable loop if you require it to maintain a climbing brush. Additionally, it includes an adjustable waist belt, even if you are bouldering or just prefer that instead of clipping on the tote. The drawstring closure keeps your chalk if you don’t need it to from slipping out.

Pure Grit Day of the Dead Sugar Skull

Boulder, Colorado-based firm Pure Grit specializes in chalk bags which are easy for self-expression for carrying out your chalk since they are. There are distinct styles to select from, such as Bohemian knitted bags, faux fur bags, Christmas-themed bags, and purses. The product linked here’s the Day of the Dead Chalk Bag, which features colorful sugar skulls. While this particular brand is all about aesthetics, then they promise quality.

The cotton print on the exterior of this tote is paired with stitching for additional resistance and backing cloth. The inside has been lined with super-soft Polartec fleece and from penetrating, the slides shut to avoid any chalk. You are able to tie the bag to an exploit or use the removable waist strap using its quick-release buckle. Moreover, the chalk bag measures 5.5 inches in height and 4.25 inches in diameter.

E9 Fischio

This Italian manufacturer was performing it and performing its great good, for approximately twenty decades now, after beginning life to climbing maestro Mauro Calibani’s mind in the late nineties. We are appreciating the DIY, cut-and-stitch aesthetic for their Fischio chalk bucket, and also the simple fact that there is also-LUTE-ly no flippin’ way of understanding what color or design you are going to get when you purchase one, as they are all one of a kind and one-off. Life on the border, bruh! Living on the border with E9.

Charko Cork Rock Climbing

Designed by a hardcore Charko create an absolute ton of rad chalk bags that we lug to the wall. However, it. It made pal, with cork! Outstanding for standing out in the crowd at the regional peak-time wall, vibrant for pinning reminders such as’do not overlook chalk bag’ to, and very very great for alerting you how yummy wine is, also. Oh, yeah, it is quite eco-conscious and friendly, but what about wine, eh? Great old wine. That wine, items.


If your hands are ripped to shreds along with your face is becoming a bit too intimate with a granite crack or grip, at least you will feel great on the inside on this tote on your side, knowing that you are saving the entire world with its own recycled construction. Organic Climbing is, obviously, all about that to life, and to make all the big scatter bags by hand and also out of blended off-cuts (meaning that they can not define the precise colorways or layouts in stock). It looks the business, is powerful, and includes a belt.

DMM Edge

Attention will be instantly attracted by the color of the bag. The DMM Edge Chalk Bucket * in red is among the chalk carriers around the current market, but it is also the biggest of all and the most lasting. The DMM chalk bag is well worth the money due to its storage and durability Once it will be a bit pricey. The high-quality cloth, durable stitching, and dual closure mean you’ll have the ability to put away the chalk.

It is very recognizable from the climbing community, Considering that DMM is a climbing brand. Additionally, another zippered pocket and four brush holders have been included for this chalk bag. You will love its texture and ease-of-use as you climb.

GGBuy Drawstring High-End

This tote is well-made without being as costly. This chalk bag from GGBuy* is created out of 500D Oxford polyester, which is fairly common for backpacking equipment and camping, in addition to scaling substances. This chalk bag will last quite a while As it is a difficult substance, and it is waterproof.

Having four pockets along with an enclosure, there is a good deal of storage. Since they’re not zippered the pockets might be somewhat precarious. This tote is also lightweight.

Simhoa Rock Climbing

The Simhoa is really a chalk tote made to do one thing: make it begin the climb and simple for climbers to chalk up. As soon as it’s designed to be easy, it utilizes materials that are durable and looks great. Though bags attempt to have a lot of pockets that take up a great deal of weight and space, the Simhoa does not strive hard to be anything but a chalk bag for your climber.

The prism contour for your Simhoa bag is exceptional. It will not tip over when there’s an end since the base of the bag is wider than the trick. It is among the chalk bags in the marketplace for the purchase price of this layout. It’s simple to work with one hand. The lining of the bag is made of a palate, and it comes with two zip-up pockets.

Different types of Chalk Bags

Different types of Chalk Bags

There are 3 components to consider while searching for chalk bags – dimensions, shape, and features.


Chalk bags are not typically sold in conventional sizes (S, L, or M, as an instance ) but most frequently as Little, Standard, and Bucket.

Bags are used by youth, women, and some other climber which want the bare minimum when it comes to burden in their belt. Technical climbers will choose bags that are modest since they will not get in the way. Standards bags, as their name implies, will be the most frequently utilized. This bag is a superb size for an adult and lets you quickly chalk your hands up (possibly up to wrists and forearms too ). If you are carrying chalk on you, It is likely that you are going to need a handbag that is Little or Standard.

A Chalk Bucket tote will be called to get by group climbing sessions. Buckets are the chalk bags and are carried the climber. Before beginning your climb up the crag you’ll coat. Scaling classes favors these.


Chalk bags include 2 contours that are chief – Tapered and Cylindrical.

Bags maintain the chalk and are the most typical. They allow for more easy application as they are uniform in shape. Bags that are cylindrical might or might not have aside. Every time a side that is horizontal is necessary or you are worried about the bag becoming hung up on increases, you need a bag. Chalk is held by bags that are better suited to climbs or if maneuverability is significant. These may have one side that is.


You will find a range of features chalk bag makers may increase their luggage. These include several kinds of rims, linings, and closures.

An attribute is a rim that is rigid. This collar helps maintain the chalk bag available, letting you dip your hands. A collar that is rigid can help prevent clogs. Talking of spills, you might discover that while a few chalk bags are open others have some kind of closure. These are a cord and toggle closure, which permits the bag to shut up when not in use. Is your chalk bag gets spilled onto the floor, on your vehicle or on your gym bag?

Some businesses and your own bags add lining together. Liner, as an instance, helps also is tender to the touch disperse the chalk above your hands. Additionally, it can help keep the dust down when chalking your palms. Chalk bags might have a brush fold, designed to maintain a brush that would be used to wash the chalk off.

Other nice small features to well-made chalk bags comprise a belt plus a zippered pocket for carrying small things (i.e. your telephone, car keys, chapstick, a small snack bar, etc

Best Climbing Chalk Bag – FAQs

Chalk Bags FAQs

What are the sizes of chalk bags?

Although you won’t find any designation of small or in a shop, there are and you will find more heavy bucket bags that are currently bouldering actions. Chalk is carried by these, and they sit on the floor to get a pre-problem dip.

Bags are perfect. Then you certainly do not need a bag, if you’re a climber searching for motion. These totes are under 5 oz typically.

Standard bags vary from 5 to ten oz, and they’re bigger because they’re constructed for paths where you have to pay your hands and forearms entirely in chalk. This is particularly true for scaling cracks that are broad.

How much chalk should a bag carry?

You will find many sorts of chalk manufacturers, and they vary in feel. On the other hand, the objective is to keep your palms dry it’s easier to grip and yank up on crack or a ledge.

Everybody’s body differs, although you do not have to employ a good deal of chalk typically. Cover your hands it is ideal to catch two handfuls and jump right into scaling. You do not wish to use chalk that is an excessive amount of since it will decrease friction.

You ought to treat chalk conservatively, like a resource, and prevent hammering yourself or climbers by employing and getting it. That is the reason it’s important to select a chalk bag that has closed or a seal. People will notice you.

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Odds are you’ll be needing to buy a chalk bag in the event that you anticipate progressing in this avocation when you’re new to scaling. Having a sound, the best chalk bag in the ideal size, and good quality chalk, you will be on your way to improving your climbs while staying secure by avoiding slips.

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