Top 50 Best Gifts For A Hiker In 2020

Best Gifts For A Hiker

You might get somebody who enjoys walking all sorts of unique gifts, and at times you simply may get them something BETTER than what they’ve.

As soon as we begin trekking, backpacking, climbing, oftentimes we do not have cash for each the equipment we’d REALLY like to purchase. We compromise. We purchase a nice down coat, but tack on the backpack. Or we purchase the fantastic set of hiking boots and skimp on the trekking poles.

And do not get me started about the list of items we SHOULD have, however, are certainly out of our price range once we begin. Keep reading My Trail Company will help you to find out the best gifts for a hiker.

Best Gifts For A Hiker

The way to approach finding

Unique and useful gifts which hikers will adore

Is picking gifts for hikers, female or male, any different compared to different folks celebrating a particular day or landmark?

Not really!

Except hikers have quite particular demands.

And needs.

And they might be somewhat picky about the quality and endurance of the course gear.

And of course the colour and functioning of survival equipment just like a backpacking tent or trekking boots.

Therefore, if you are not a hiker your self, how are you going to learn which options to make the top gifts for your hikers on your lifetime?

Fantastic question, and it is why you are on this site.

Aside from the knowledge difference, consider this

In today’s electronic market, it’s easy to click and point.

Whoosh! A brand new set of boots arrives in just a couple of short days.

  • But are they the ideal boots?
  • Can they hold up for years and miles to come, without producing blisters or falling apart at the seams?
  • Can you receive the very best price and the maximum quality?

Before you hit the”move” button, do a bit of research first.

Some equipment and manufacturer names are worth a little additional cash.

However, the reverse is also correct.

Some equipment is overpriced since it’s a specific brand name on it, and the organization expects you to cover that title without looking carefully at the character of the trekking equipment.

And then there is the”everybody has it” stress to Buy

Do not fall for this!

You would like your gift to be just the perfect balance: practical and long-lasting while still being fairly priced.

Read this about reputable hiking equipment resources.

Following is a wonderful place to concentrate on the balance between quality and price while seeking the top gifts for hikers: my equipment list.

And if you want a cheap hiking gift ($25 or less) that’s still route worthy, then begin here.

Coming right on this particular page: a list of the greatest gifts for hikers.

A number of those links are affiliate links. Hiking For Her will get a small number of your purchase price, but you pay nothing additional.

Gear for hiking

Top brands of the best gifts for a hiker

Bestseller No. 2
Funny Camp Mug Enamel Camping Coffee Cup Gift Hike More Stress Less Camping Gear
Makes a Great Gift For Him or Her Men or Women Prefect for Camping RV Motorhome or Camper; Cool Unique Gift for Christmas Birthday Present Anniversary Father's Day or Any Day
Bestseller No. 9
UST Stainless-Steel Tool A Long Multi-Tool Carabiner, Hiker
DIMENSIONS: 4” H x 2.5” W x 0.1" D and weighs 1.3 oz; DURABLE: Stainless steel construction to withstand use in any situation
Bestseller No. 10
Hiking Compass Ornament by Midwest-CBK
Hiking Dangle Ornament, with Boots, Map and Compass


This material is the bomb, and such a simple, easy gift idea that’s guaranteed to please any outdoor enthusiast, AND it is super cheap. At times it’s difficult to give up the perfect down coat or hardshell which you adore, but tears are unavoidable in the outside world.

I really like this tape for patching my favorite equipment so I can continue wearing it. I also think that it’s great if individuals continue to attempt re-using their equipment rather than automatically buying something brand new. This tape works great and comes in a few interesting shapes also.

I have patched my candy up hardshell pants in many places with this tape once I’ve gotten tears out of my crampons and fixed my cherished down coat when I burnt a little hole in it out of my camping stove.


No one likes to discuss it but to be a responsible outdoorsman/woman that you want to spoil your waste. The Deuce of Spades Trowel is a great lightweight alternative and a fantastic gift idea for any accountable hiker.

As soon as I went with my buddies in Tuolumne a few months before, all my buddy’s trowel handles broke except for mine!


I initially purchased these glasses last year once I got to trail running. I could not find a set of eyeglasses that were comfy and would remain on my head once I had been operating. These eventually did the trick, and I really like to wear them trekking too!

They are available in a lot of fantastic color choices and the best part… they’re just $25!


There is nothing quite like hiking with a hot cup of tea or coffee… or perhaps even a hot chocolate to enjoy at the peak of your favorite summit. Any hiker will be delighted to get this thermos to bring together on their lifts, especially in the evenings or at the wintertime.

This really is an excellent”ultra-light” thermostat retains heat for as many as 8 hours! And if they’re searching for a few delicious beverage suggestions to create on their increase, print off a number of the recipes out of my 3 Warm Boozy Winter Drinks to Produce On Your Next Outdoor Adventure website article to decide on this gift thought.


Preview Product Rating Price
Joshua Tree Traditional Lip Balm Joshua Tree Traditional Lip Balm No ratings yet

Ever hiker desires lip balm, and that I really like this stuff. This creates a great stocking stuffer or adds on to some trekking gift. The Joshua Tree Lip Balm is natural with SPF 15.


If you truly can not determine what gift suggestions for hikers may best, it is always safe to receive them an REI Gift Card as a backup.

You may decide on the quantity and may go as low as $10. It is a fantastic choice in the event that you truly don’t know what to buy them, or else they are the type of person that sounds like that they”already possess everything”. Trust me, I have never heard of any hiker being gloomy about getting a gift card also REI. You can not fail.


It is safe to say that many people who recreate outdoors are always on the lookout for ways to reduce their footprint, which includes reducing plastic and garbage on the road.

These silicone reusable food storage totes are fantastic for snacks, sandwiches, and anything you could bring to munch on throughout your hike. Let us make less waste and put money into easy solutions for our outside jobs.

Grab some of them as stocking stuffers to your environmentally conscious hiking buddy or significant other.


I am placing this in there for your own mother or dad out there who wishes to feel as though their child is secure when they get outside. This is my view is the greatest gift for any hiker (or backpacker or rock climber for this matter).

I have loved having this thing with me once I hit the trails. In a crisis, it’s possible to activate an SOS to get 24/7 search and rescue, even if something horribly wrong occurs when you’re on the road, but what’s even cooler about this small device is you could also have 2-way communicating with the ones that you like and send and receive messages as you’re in the”dead” zone for mobile services.

The Garmin inReach miniature also has the capacity to deliver a constant tracking signal as you’re on the road, which means you may actually have your loved ones to check on you as you’re hiking. Pretty rad.


Ok, most individuals do not believe to pack a water filtration system whenever they go hiking, but I usually do. I really don’t take my stronger filtration system such as the pump filter Katadyniker Pro Microfilter (that is longer for backpacking), but it is well worth packing a lightweight water filtration alternative such as the SteriPen (somewhat pricier) or the Life Straw (cheaper ).

Both are lightweight and fast to wash water and may wind up saving your own life in the event that you got lost or something awful occurred. Assist your hiker to be more powerful to the trail and make them one of them to throw in their packs.


You could be thinking, “Why do would they require a headlamp for a day hike”? Well hopefully they will not want it… but imagine should you become lost? What if something happens? I pack my headlamp AND an additional pair of batteries.

I don’t go anyplace without a headlamp. I have a Petzl headlamp, and it’s been going strong for more than 3 decades now.

Preview Product Rating Price
PETZL - Tikka Headlamp, 200 Lumens, Standard Lighting PETZL - Tikka Headlamp, 200 Lumens, Standard Lighting No ratings yet

I had been lately backpacking near Half Dome, and that I ran into a hiker who seemed lost. It was getting near sunset, so I asked them if they had any help. They explained they’d only gotten down the wires from Half Dome and were not sure which method to return to the trailhead. They did not have anything together. No water filter, no coats, without a headlamp. All they had was that their telephone flashlight, which unquestionably would not continue them on the road down. Do not be this individual, and do not allow your friends to be them. Be certain they have essentials such as light!


That is up there with a different one of those”Ultimate” gifts for hikers. I mean, it is expensive (again), but it is really freaking cool! AND in case your hiker begins doing more complicated paths or begins backpacking, this gift is a must in my view.

I consider GPS an important piece of equipment and there are lots of fantastic choices. My favourite GPS is that the Garmin GPS 64st64th has come in handy to help me browse when I was not certain where I was.

The very first solo increase I did, it helped me browse through a significant tallus area back to the main path once I got off course. I have even built my GPX record on google earth and downloaded it to the GPS so my pal and that I could adhere to a less travelled path.

Another excellent alternative is on the lookout for an”all-in-one” alternative which has both GPS monitoring capabilities along with the Satellite SOS capacities, such as the Garmin inReach Explorer+. You will be some hiker’s sortie gift giver for a lengthy time!


Preview Product Rating Price
Light My Fire Tinder and FireFork Lighting Kit with Fire Starter Light My Fire Tinder and FireFork Lighting Kit with Fire Starter No ratings yet

When I first began urinating, I had been advised to obtain a light my flame starter, since if our jet comes stopped functioning, or we had a crisis fire, this is the best tool on the market since you do not need to be worried about it becoming wet, it may be used for as much as 12,000 strikes, and it’s super lightweight. It’s another one of these little things I always bring with me.


Another lightweight and the great emergency thing that may make a good stocking stuffer for any hiker is that this crisis tent and sleeping bag. It warms up super little and is lightweight.


Preview Product Rating Price
Darn Tough Hiker Micro Crew Cushion Sock - Men's Darn Tough Hiker Micro Crew Cushion Sock - Men's No ratings yet

Socks might not be the sexiest gift on the market, but man are they functional! Why are socks significant? Getting dry feet is just one of the essential strategies to protect against getting blisters on an increase. I guarantee you that any hiker will enjoy a fantastic pair of lace! I’m a large fan of this Darn Tough Wool Socks, but you might go for Smart Socks. I enjoy them both.


Preview Product Rating Price
Patagonia Men's Nano Puff Jacket Patagonia Men's Nano Puff Jacket No ratings yet

Patagonia is one of the top businesses on the market for outdoor equipment. Therefore, if you’re searching for great gifts for hikers then this coat is just one which any friend or relative is going to be stoked for!

The nano puff coat is the ideal”mid-layer” coat, something every hiker must have in their toolbox. I emphasized this as one of my”favourite” things as a hiker.

I have had my purple nano-puff coat for more than 8 decades now, now it’s still among my favourite parts of outdoor clothes! I discuss layering and it’s super important in my Outdoor Badass Starter Kit, which you can find below!


Preview Product Rating Price
Patagonia Alpine Houdini Jacket - Men's Graphite Navy Small Patagonia Alpine Houdini Jacket - Men's Graphite Navy Small No ratings yet $185.00

The Houdini coat is a comparatively new favourite of mine, and specifically, the Alpine Houdini coat, since it’s super lightweight, wind and rain resistant. I purchased one of those guys alpine Houdini coats because I enjoyed the colours better and it fits me just fine.

This is ordinarily the only raincoat I bring with me in California on long hikes or perhaps backpacking trips (so long as the weather appears pretty decent), it’s been an amazing addition to my trekking clothes arsenal. I enjoy carrying it scaling as well since it can be stuffed into its pocket and trimmed to my own harness.


Preview Product Rating Price
Black Diamond Trail Walking Pole, 63.5-140cm Black Diamond Trail Walking Pole, 63.5-140cm No ratings yet $82.38

I really like the black diamond path pro shock hiking poles. Michael and I have them. They have a set for women (blue) and men (red). I have owned a set of cheaper hiking poles previously and they break quite easily.

These are nearly indestructible. I have been using the identical set for nearly five decades now, now still going strong. These will make an amazing gift!


Preview Product Rating Price
Thule Stir 20L Hiking Pack Thule Stir 20L Hiking Pack No ratings yet

If you’re seeking one of these ideal gifts for day hikers, then you need to consider helping them update their trekking backpack. Backpacks get as much wear and tear because they’re thrown around and filled with all our equipment, so obtaining a brand new backpack is almost always a pleasant surprise.

We adore the Thule Stir backpack plus it makes for a wonderful day trekking bag also. For day hiking, I usually like to be certain that the bag is all about 20-30 litres, has room for a Camelbak water heater, has stylish straps and torso straps.


Preview Product Rating Price
TRANGO Piranha Knife TRANGO Piranha Knife No ratings yet $19.95

On the lookout for a special gift? This Piranha knife is super cool! In biking and hiking (and nearly all outdoor sports) fat issues! Having lighter equipment is far better than thicker equipment.

The Trango Piranha Knife weighs nearly nothing but might cut just about anything. It is a great knife for experiences. It is the only one that I bring with me, and its own it’song sufficient to cut the rope the rope


Not every increase warrants sturdy boots with ankle support. Some lifts require only a bit of tread along with a great deal of relaxation. Chaco outdoor decoration is fantastic for those mellow to medium hikes on hot summer days.

You are able to allow your feet to breathe and feel strong on the road. These are also ideal for paths which meander in and around water and fishing excursions. While they are not the most trendy of apparel, your fellow walkers will probably be glad you saved their toes out of sweaty boots. Additionally, the Chaco tan is worn proudly in certain outside communities.

I have a complete post which goes over crucial afternoon trekking equipment. You may find it here in case you would like too to more thoughts.


The comprehensive cookie is a wonderful plant-based, high-protein, hiking bite. It has been one of my favourite snacks for biking and trekking excursions, and it is wonderful to know I am getting the extra protein from a tasty cookie. A box of biscuits is the solution to my heart for certain.


I love that day make for a very amazing hiking bite and backpacking bite. I wrote an entire article detailing exactly what makes them excellent, and you will read more about this.

And when you are going camping, we wrote another interesting post on 9y and tasty (5 ingredients less) One-Pot Camping foods that features the Maya Kaimal Products.


This produces a GREAT stocking stuffer item. Electrolytes are crucial for biking and hiking, and Nuun creates some yummy flavours!

These Maya Kaimal create a terrific trekking gift!


Preview Product Rating Price
LÄRABAR 16-Flavor Variety (Pack of 16). LÄRABAR 16-Flavor Variety (Pack of 16). No ratings yet $21.99

Another fantastic hiking trail meals are Larabars, and I believe that this assortment box will make a fantastic gift with a great deal of a nice range of tastes!


Preview Product Rating Price

You guys already know by now that I am a huge fan of Patagonia, and I really like all over there in Patagonia Provisions too. All these packed on packs are really delicious among my favourite products.

They make a number of distinct tastes, and they even have mussels. Finest part though is that they do not require refrigeration (provided that you have not opened the package). They may be eaten as is cooked.

These are a little more about the costly side-side, I bet this could create a very distinctive gift for a hiker since it isn’t something that they could generally splurge on (so long as they enjoy bass that is!). Patagonia provisions additionally have other things too like jerky and sauces, but I have not tried those yet!


Unless I’m backpacking for quite a while, I love to earn a great deal of our personal food to pack trips. At times it’s difficult to think of simple and mobile meals to create, yet this novel has some fantastic choices! Definitely recommend for any athlete.


Preview Product Rating Price
Training for the New Alpinism: A Manual for the Climber as Athlete Training for the New Alpinism: A Manual for the Climber as Athlete No ratings yet $27.49

This publication is a monster load of advice if you’re looking to your coaching game. If you truly wish to comprehend how training your system functions for outside climbing, hiking, and mountaineering, this is undoubtedly among the most extensive novels I have read. It includes training programs and everything. You may even get an extra logbook to go for this.

28. WILD

Cheryl Strayed is an unbelievable author. I had no idea until I read her novel Wild this season. She takes you on her unbelievable story and travel on the Pacific Coast Trail and what lead her there. I certainly recommend this read.


Preview Product Rating Price
A Woman's Guide to the Wild: Your Complete Outdoor Handbook A Woman's Guide to the Wild: Your Complete Outdoor Handbook No ratings yet $16.11

This book goes in the intricacies of outside wilderness skills and strategies for girls who like to experience. Camping, hiking, backpacking… this book has everything! This leaves one of these amazing”hiking gifts for her” thoughts.


Preview Product Rating Price
The Last Season (P.S.) The Last Season (P.S.) No ratings yet $12.99

This is a fan favourite in my Fantasy of the Alpine book bar. The story speaks about the life span of National Park Service’s park ranger, Randy Morgenson, who finished up disappearing from the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range through his service as a ranger. A must-read for any adventurer! It is a really fantastic story!


Preview Product Rating Price
Dead Mountain: The Untold True Story of the Dyatlov Pass Incident Dead Mountain: The Untold True Story of the Dyatlov Pass Incident No ratings yet $5.61

Dead Mountain is just another one of these books you’re having trouble putting down. It erupts in deep to the mysterious departure of 9 youthful Russian mountaineers.

The narrative is spooky and will keep you wondering what could have occurred until the close of the publication. A fantastic read, and also an intriguing education about unexpected mountain risks!


I really like Nikki Frumkin’s watercolours! I accompany her on Instagram (@drawntohighplaces) and have fallen in love with her style of painting. It has gotten me interested in figuring out how to watercolor myself. I purchased a couple of supplies before this season. Nevertheless Stillng on my abilities through (ha!). Her decals would make a fantastic gift for any hiker to place on their own water bottles or other equipment.


I adore that the Stanley products. We utilize our flask much once we would like to unwind outside after a very long moment. I wrote a post on 3 Warm Winter Boozy Drinks you can create in your next outdoor experience, which could make a great little print away using this gift to somebody.


Hammocks are”the brand new tents” nowadays, and plenty of adventurers enjoy using a fantastic hammock inside their trekking arsenal. We love to maintain you in the van if we wish to hook this up on soon some once we are auto camping to get a few wonderful reading vibes, however, that I also have lots of friends who prefer to attract them for biking and hiking.


We’re utilizing our mobiles increasingly as these days. We use these to shoot photographs and occasionally like a GPS, so it is pretty sensible to always carry about a fantastic mobile phone charger. This could make a wonderful gift for any hiker, and it truly is useful beyond trekking too (travelling, camping, climbing, you name it)

You will find a lot of excellent gifts to acquire the hiker in your life!


I said this over, however, iPhones are getting increasingly more popular on the road for shooting photographs. This could make a fun gift or stocking stuffer for any hiker who wishes to up there iPhone photography match only a tiny bit more.


I use this small iPhone tripod all the time, and it is fantastic for biking and hiking. It’s moldable movable so it could adapt to many different surfaces or perhaps wrap around a tree or trekking pole. It has been very convenient for me, so I am imagining your hiking buddies might love it as well!


Preview Product Rating Price
Platypus Platy Preserve Wine Preserver, Single Platypus Platy Preserve Wine Preserver, Single No ratings yet $9.95

Um. Wine reserve? Yes PlYes,e! For all those romantic collapses in which you wish to have a special someone to the peak of a gorgeous summit and enjoy a glass of wine and see the sunset.

I can not say I do so all of the time, but once we’ve got a much more chill trekking day and only need to do a little appreciating the moment and the beauty in life, we all love to perform it with beer or wine with epic viewpoints.

Make sure you take a look at a number of our additional gift guides for outdoorsy men and women!


Great for both protection against sunlight and protection against the chilly, you can not go wrong with providing your very best hiker buddy a buff. This bit of equipment may not look like a lot, but it’s essential on sunny days if you would like to protect your skin, also on freezing hikes if you would like to keep your face warm.

Montana-based artist Rachel Pohl has set an artistic twist on the enthusiast so it’s possible to conquer the hills, desert, and everywhere between in fashion.


Preview Product Rating Price
Patagonia LW Travel Mini Hip Pack Black Patagonia LW Travel Mini Hip Pack Black No ratings yet $79.50

Hiking packs could be the go-to package when hitting the road, but stylish packs, or as I prefer to call them fanny packs, are making a comeback in regards to the outside of

For your brief trails at which all you require are your valuables and fundamentals, this fanny pack is ideal. It is lightweight and hardly noticeable as you receive your fast increase in before or after work.


Last but certainly not least, a US National Parks Pass are a REALLY AWESOME gift. The passes cost about $80, but they provide you access to all websites managed by the Forest Service, National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management and Bureau of Reclamation for an entire year.

It is well worth the cost if the hiker you are searching for does lots of outdoor hiking and researching in these regions. OtherwOtherwise, nice prices run around $20 each trip. After 4 visits, the pass has paid for itself. We purchase one annually.


Preview Product Rating Price
Backpacker Backpacker No ratings yet $8.00

Nobody enjoys collapses with crowd crowds, is the reason why this publication by Backpacker Magazine is fantastic. It’s detailed instructions, colour topographic maps, and images to get 100 great climbs from the beaten path (pun!). It is a fantastic book to inspire bucket-list collapses and contains sufficient detail which you could really use it to plan. Your hiker may also enjoy this similar publication about the best 100 hikes in the National Parks.


Preview Product Rating Price
U. S. National Parks Wall Map U. S. National Parks Wall Map $15.99

This really is actually the perfect give for the hiker who likes to dream in their next experience. This big National Geographic United States National Parks Wall Map comes packed in a tube (no folds) and contains 400 notable websites such as 59 national parks. In these times of internet maps, it is wonderful to really have a”real” map to check at and navigate.


Nobody plans on getting hurt on a rise, but injuries happen to everybody. That is why the specialists advocate carrying a tiny medical kit with you in the event of a crisis. Possessing this kit permits you to do things such as cure a popped blister rather than getting it to get infected and become something more severe. It is small and light; using one is a no-brainer.


There’s a”60 Hikes” publication for virtually every town and region in the united states. The manuals provide complete track and trailhead directions to sixty hikes in every single area. Whenever I travel I pick up one and for many casual walkers, there’ll be a few new collapses in their residence area also. Each manual includes road lengths, hiking times, track issue, increase descriptions, and more detailed trailhead directions.


Following is a hiking gift for anybody who enjoys taking takers. The Joby tripod bends and twists, letting you use it everywhere. It is possible to use it on irregular surfaces, attach it into branches, your backpack, virtually anything. It is small and fits easily in a bunch. You will find versions that operate with mobiles and also larger DSLR cameras. Another bit of equipment that’s lasted me for several years.


Preview Product Rating Price
Sawyer Products MINI Water Filtration System Sawyer Products MINI Water Filtration System No ratings yet

It is possible to survive for months without food, but only days without water. This small and light Sawyer Squeeze water filter process is really worth constantly carrying in your package. There are no tablets, drops, or pumps. You simply fill out a bag with water and then squeeze it through the filter. It eliminates 99.99999percent of bacteria, such as salmonella, cholera and E.coli; also eliminates 99.9999percent of protozoa, such as giardia and cryptosporidium. It is thinner, lighter, and simpler compared to hand pumps which were popular before.


Preview Product Rating Price
Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel Recharger, Nomad 7 Plus Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel Recharger, Nomad 7 Plus No ratings yet $99.99

For better or worse, digital gadgets and smartphones are becoming a part of everybody’s standard walking equipment. Most batteries may last for the whole day, however, for overnight excursions or possible emergency scenarios, obtaining an easy solar panel which you could attach to your bunch is your transfer. The Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel is greater since you can plug in your device into it, or use it to control a USB battery pack. Additionally, it has an LED indicator that makes it possible to place it to find the sunlight.


If you hike with a buddy or in a group, you understand that sometimes groups divide. 1 individual is quicker, somebody wishes to have a rest, there is a range of reasons why folks do not stay together. And nothing could be frightening that not having the ability to discover your hiking partner, or never to have the ability to catch them up.

So that is the reason why a fantastic pair of 2-way radios is a wise alternative for groups and pairs. The Midland GXT1000VP4 2-Way Radios (2 in a package ) are essentially the best that you can get without needing something on a professional degree.


When I had to recommend 1 thing which you ought to get to get a loved one who collapses, it is the Garmin InReach Mini. So what’s this thing? It is a tiny device that fits in the palm of the hand and allows a hiker to send and receive text messages in which mobile phones do not work.

They could send you a message stating they’re alright, that they are running, and above all, it has got a built-in SOS function that allows them to communicate with first responders in a crisis. I’ve got a complete deep-dive review if you would like to find out more. I have utilized the Mini thousands of hours and miles and it is the very best.

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