What Camping Tent is Best for a Large Group

what camping tent is best for a large group

While having a camping trip on your own is fun enough, having other people join you on the trip can make for a more entertaining and meaningful experience. As the saying goes, everything becomes sweeter when shared – and that applies to camping tents too! Can you imagine getting the load off everyone’s back by having a single tent that is big enough to house all the trip participants? Instead of everyone carrying a camping tent of their own, you can downsize it to just one while still guaranteeing that there will be room for everybody.

If you have just recently thought about getting a large group tent for your next camping trips, here are a handful of amazing models for you to check out.

Top Picks for a Camping Tent Ideal for a Large Group

If you want to maximize your camping trip and bonding with the people you love, here is a bright idea: get a camping tent that can shelter your entire group and build unforgettable memories of your adventure with friends and family! We review some of our favorite models below.

The 20 x 10 Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent from Ozark Trail (12 People)

If you are conscious of your skin’s health, the Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent from Ozark Trail is a great choice for you. It features a sun-blocking technology that protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. The poles of this model are attached to the tent so there is no need to worry about not having the poles secured in the right places. It comes with two removable dividers that create a 3-room layout – enough to make room for 4 mattresses that are of the size of a queen bed. This is made to cater to 12 people comfortably.

This model can easily be set up in as fast as two minutes. This is an ideal choice for people who love staring at the moon and stars at night because the tent comes with a couple of skylights with ceiling panels that let you stargaze at night while resting in your tent. In terms of ventilation, there is no need to fret because it comes with ground vents for better air circulation. It is definitely convenient because it has electrical port access and four pockets for storage. This comes with a carry bag so you do not have to worry about the steel tent stakes and the rest of its parts.

The 14 x 12 Canyon Camping Tent from Eureka Copper (12 People)

One of the go-to tents for camping enthusiasts, the Canyon Camping Tent from Eureka Copper boasts solid and well-made materials and design. It is capable of enduring extreme weather thanks to the powerful combination of fiberglass and steel. This comes with a detachable curtain divider that creates 1 or 2 rooms for maximum space utilization for up to 12 people. This 9-pole cabin features the ease of having two large d-style side-opening doors that provide an entry to each room. It is made with #8 zippers which guarantees excellent and reliable water protection and durability.

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As for ventilation and viewing, you can rely on six zippered windows that you can easily open and close as needed. This becomes a comfortable and homey living space because of its 7” interior peak height, with this model, there is no need to worry about having tall people around. In terms of convenience and ease of access, this has a Zippered E! Power Port that caters to outdoor grade power cords and is complemented by 2 gear lofts and six pockets for easy storage.

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The 13×13 Octagon from Coleman (8 People)

If you are looking for a cabin tent for 8 people, the 13 x 13 Octagon from Coleman may be the best option for you. This is a solid tent that protects the campers from harsh weather conditions. This tent has been tested and proven to endure winds of more than 35 MPH. Offering a huge space and legroom for everyone, this is built with a strong body and steel frames that can be easily set up thanks to its color-coding system.

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This comes with Coleman’s patented technology – the WeatherTec system’s welded floors. It also has inverted seams that let you keep your tent water-free. It comes with a removable privacy wall, a zip-on half-length fly, and two entry doors. In terms of storage, you can easily utilize its storage pockets and cup holders. This is an impressive choice especially for campers who love to camp out even during unpleasant weather conditions. With this being said, this makes a great option for rainy weather camps.

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The 17 x 9 Weather Master Tent from Coleman (10 People)

Another tent that features Coleman’s WeatherTec system, this 17 x 9 tent boasts a strong build and frame that can weather winds higher than 35 MPH. It has a tub floor with corner welds, a covered zipper, and protected seams to make sure you stay warm and dry even in snowy and rainy weather. This comes with a room divider to give campers enough privacy.

It features a hinged door for ease of access, angled windows for water-free lounging, and pole sleeves for easy installation. This is designed with a patented system, the Insta-Clip, to secure its pole connections in an instant. This is made with sturdy Polyguard fabric. It is created with storage pockets for your convenience. When you purchase this, you get a rainfly for better weatherproofing too. Set up can be done in as short as 20 minutes.

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The amazing benefits of having a tent that is large enough to cater to a huge group are endless. Apart from strengthening the bond among all the campers, it also eases the burden of carrying heavy loads and gets rid of the hassle of setting up various tents.

If you recently thought of improving your group camping trips and decided to invest in one of these tents, make sure to check out the models mentioned above. These are among the many that made it to the list of the best camping tents for big groups. So get one now, and experience all the benefits first-hand.

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