Top 23 Best Hammock For Camping In 2020

Best Hammock For Camping

Are you prepared to elevate your outdoor adventure? We believed so. Leave the tents into the floor dwellers and choose things up a notch using a few of the very best camping hammocks round.

The idea of hammock camping could be intimidating at first. However, with a few beneficial advice and the ideal camping hammock, you will quickly find that this is the greatest method to hang around camp. We’ll help you through all you want to understand and provide our best recommendations so that you may find the hang of it right away. Keep reading My Trail Company will help you to find out the best hammock for camping.

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Things To Consider When Purchasing A Hammock For Camping


Hammock camping isn’t appropriate for everyone, therefore we recommend starting off with a cheap choice. As soon as you’ve examined the waters, you’re going to find a better sense of this particular kind of camping. Then you’re going to be in a position to better evaluate if this is the sleeping method of selection or whether you are more comfortable in a conventional tent. When there’s no turning back, we then recommend investing in a camping hammock together with features that best fit your personal needs.

Weather And Bug Protection

Are you going to be utilizing your camping hammock on hot, dry summer nights? Or is there a possibility of rain in the forecast? What about pesky bugs? Some camping hammocks are a complete package with insect and weather protection included. Most, however, require the additional purchase of those accessories so make sure you pack accordingly.


Camping hammocks are usually made out of lightweight, breathable nylon cloth. This is excellent for keeping you cool as a cucumber in warmer weather. But once the cold front rolls in you will find to be a very unhappy camper.

To keep you warm and toasty, many outdoor businesses make insulated quilts and sleeping pads for hammock camping. Consider the seasons you’re going to use your camping hammock and also evaluate whether additional purchases are needed to max your comfort level.


If you are camping over the treeline or outside in the open desert, you might have difficulty finding a place to place up to the night on your hammock. Be conscious about the kind of terrain you’re going to be camping in. In case you won’t have the ability to get a place to hang, it is ideal to decide on another shelter.

Suspension System

Not all hammock suspension systems have been created equally, and not all of the hammocks include a suspension method. When you are buying your camping hammock be sure to know which kind of suspension process is a requirement and should you have to purchase extra accessories.

Features Explained

No-see-um net is the front line of protection in the struggle between biting insects along with your skin. Basically, it is a lightweight, tightly woven net insect mesh that prevents insects from being able to strike you.


A rainfly is a waterproof tarp that hovers on your camping hammock so as to keep you dry.


Guylines are wires which connect with rain flys to give stress and equilibrium. This will help to keep you dry and also to stop your rainfly from blowing off all Willy nilly from the end.

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Best hammock for camping brands

SaleBestseller No. 8
Lost Valley Camping Hammock | Bundle Includes Mosquito Net, Rain Fly, Tree Straps, & Compression Sack | Weighs Only 4 Pounds, Perfect for Hammock Camping | Lightweight Nylon Portable Single Hammock
Hammock Includes an Accessory Pouch on the Inside for Your Smart Phone; All Components fit into a Drawstring Bag and Weigh Less Than 4 Pounds



  • CAPACITY: 1-Person
  • WEIGHT: 1 pound. 15 oz.
  • PACKAGED SIZE: 7″ D x 9″ L
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 200 pounds.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy Setup
  • Pockets For Personals

Bug And Weather Protection Cover Contained


Gearing up to get a very long distance backpacking excursion? The Hennessy Hammock Ultralite Backpacker includes the entire bundle for an exceptional weight reduction. This hammock features a detachable rainfly to keep you dry, a breathable mesh insect mesh to block out those nasty mosquitoes and incorporated support ropes for shrub attachment.

The mouthwatering features do not stop there. This camping hammock is designed to maintain its shape so that you can sleep with a level back. Or you can convert it into a lounger if you are terrifying around camp. Equipped with dual sliding zippers, you will find fixing this hammock is really a cinch. All that, and also this particular camping hammock nevertheless weighs in at just under two lbs. Durable and strong, this camping hammock is about to handle virtually anything mother nature throws your way deep in the backcountry.



  • CAPACITY: 1-Person
  • WEIGHT: 1 pound. 3.9 oz.
  • PACKAGED SIZE: 8″ D x 16″ L
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 400 pounds.


  • Breathable
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Reflective Straps For Greater Visibility


The Sea to Summit Guru Hammock was created for sleeping beneath the stars on a hot summer night. Soft yet powerful, the material on this hammock is equally moisture-wicking and breathable, all of which is vital to keep you feeling cool on a hot night.

Make the most of the flexible 10-foot suspension straps and place up together with assistance from abroad, a strong tree trunk. You will still have sufficient lax on the straps to find that sweet spot of the ideal hanging angle. Having a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs and super powerful buckles on the suspension system, you will have peace-of-mind once you’re swaying in the trees above the ground. Bonus points to your reflective straps that enable you to find your way back into your own hammock at night.



  • CAPACITY: 1-Person
  • WEIGHT: 2 pounds. 13 oz.
  • PACKAGED SIZE: 5″ D x 8″ L
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 250 pounds.


  • Comfortable Design
  • Easily Adjusted
  • Little Integrated Pocket
  • Well-ventilated Bug Protection Layer


If you prefer the sound of this best backpacking hammock on the listing (the Hennessy Ultralite Backpacker) but are not so fond of this hefty cost, have a peek at the Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym Zip. This camping hammock sports the exact same comfortable asymmetric layout, weather shielding rainfly, and net insect net which we enjoy about the Ultralite Backpacker, with a few modifications of course.

To begin, the Expedition can encourage an excess of weight. This additional 50-pounds means that you can stash thicker items in the equipment pocket and include more bedding to keep you comfortable at night. This camping hammock also includes a bit more space for your own shoulders on both sides. If you are wide chested or enjoy using a little more space, then you might discover this little alteration considerably increases your comfort level.



  • CAPACITY: 2-Person
  • WEIGHT: 1 pound. 2 ounces.
  • PACKAGED SIZE: 4″ D x 5″ L
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 500 pounds.


  • Strong Substance
  • Lightweight
  • Speedy Installation
  • Soft For Greater Comfort


Preview Product Rating Price
KAMMOK Roo Double Camping Hammock - Aloe Green KAMMOK Roo Double Camping Hammock - Aloe Green No ratings yet

The weight to power ratio of this Kammok Roo Dual is remarkable. At nearly one pound, this camping hammock can hold around 500-pounds, which makes it perfect for your hammock camping bunch.

When you are snuggling with your spouse, you will both appreciate the silky smooth texture of this durable cloth and soft stitches. Climb in and snooze away since the trustworthy suspension system with this particular camping hammock has both your springs. The heavy-duty carabiners and exceptionally tough slings provide the suspension system on a super-powerful climbing-strength. Catch a few added carabiners and attach extra items to some of the eight incorporated equipment loops so that you do not need to fret about hopping out in the nighttime.



  • CAPACITY: 1-Person
  • WEIGHT: 2 pounds. 13 oz.
  • PACKAGED SIZE: 5″ D x 6″ L
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 250 pounds.


  • Numerous Pockets
  • Sleeping Pad Straps
  • Roomy And Sturdy


If you are not a huge fan of being wrapped up like a burrito, then you will enjoy the structural support of this REI Co-Op Flash Air. This camping hammock features a stiff spreader rod that makes a broad space and sturdy support that is constructed for flat sleep.

Comfortable and durable, setting this up camping hammock is relatively simple when you get the hang of it. You will find guylines at every corner to provide the Flash Air additional strain for equilibrium and robust anchor lines to support your own weight. The massive entry, stable no-see-um mesh liner for insect protection, and sleeping pad straps to stop slippage are also a wonderful touch.



  • CAPACITY: 1-Person
  • WEIGHT: 1 pound. 11 oz.
  • PACKAGED SIZE: 5″ D x 7.5″ L
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 400 pounds.


  • Built-in Bug Protection
  • Organizer Pocket
  • Simple accessibility Full-length Side Zipper
  • Speedy Installation


If you are new to hammock camping, then get the hang of it together with all the Eno JungleNest. The Eno JungleNest has exceptional start features at a reasonable price.

To make your transition from floor to tree sleeping with a nice one, the JungleNest features a handy layout and rapid user-friendly installation. This camping hammock has an integrated no-see-um net for night protection against pesky bugs while the full-length zipper makes entering and leaving a smoother process.

There is an attached stuff sack for simple storage along with an attached carabiner on the two ends prepared and must be trimmed to suspension straps (straps sold separately). For anybody trying to get into hammock camping, this is a superb beginner alternative.



  • CAPACITY: 1-Person
  • WEIGHT: 4 lbs. 7 ounces.
  • PACKAGED SIZE: 6″ D x 22″ L
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 400 pounds.


  • 3-Season
  • Compact
  • Complete Weather And Bug Security Setup


The Eno OneLink Shelter System is the best camping hammocks enthusiast seeking to elevate their backpacking experiences. Check it out on the next trip and you’re going to come across this camping hammock process is complete with all of the basics you need in a backcountry shelter.

When penetrating storm clouds roll in, the seam-sealed and waterproof rainfly will keep you dry. Since the mosquito witching hour, climb in and allow the insect mesh to provide you with complete 360-degree protection. Whether you are surrounded by prime places from the alpine wilderness or locating two strong structures for installation wants a small stretch, then the 15 modification points on each strap will provide you the perfect hang.



  • CAPACITY: 1-Person
  • WEIGHT: 10 oz.
  • PACKAGED SIZE: 3.5″ D x 5″ L
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 400 pounds.


  • Super Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Water Repellent


Camping on a budget? The Kammok Roo Single is a workable alternative that does not skimp on features. Weighing a mere, you can lighten your load rather than your wallet with all the Kammok Roo Single.

As complete body support is your principal concern with hammock camping, the suspension and demanding fabric of this Roo Single don’t ramble. A mixture of powerful carabiners and slings allow you to sleep soundly while the glossy cloth cradles you just like a baby in your mother’s arms. The cloth can also be moisture resistant and breathable, which is excellent in combating morning condensation.



  • CAPACITY: 2-Person
  • WEIGHT: 1 pound. 3 ounces.
  • PACKAGED SIZE: 4″ D x 6.5 L
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 400 pounds.


  • Broad
  • Packable
  • Easy Setup

Built-in Stuff Sack For Easy Storage


The Eno DoubleNest is often a favorite option best hammock for camping community. Packing down to the extent of a 1-pound grapefruit, it is a superb alternative for anybody trying to chill out about camp.

The DoubleNest is created for effortless installation. Locate a few hardy trees and lock it in position with the rapid attaching carabiner and strap suspension system (straps not included). The breathable material keeps your body in a nice temperature whilst still being sturdy enough to deal with an outside setting. Built for 2, you and a spouse can spend all day lazily hanging around camp the perfect way.



  • CAPACITY: 2-Person
  • WEIGHT: 14 lbs.
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 880 pounds.


  • Lofty Weight Capacity
  • Spacious Interior
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Four Doors


Preview Product Rating Price
Tentsile Connect 2-Person Tree Tent Tentsile Connect 2-Person Tree Tent No ratings yet

The Tentsile Link Tree Tent features an advanced design that is a part hammock, apart tent. Suspending you over the floor, this special camping hammock offers a roomy platform that brings the party to the trees.

Having a hefty weight capability, you believe this camping hammock includes a burly suspension system. A combo of heavy-duty straps ratchets, and also three attachment points stabilize this futon hybrid off the floor. The spacious inside provides you more than enough space to sprawl out while the ventilating mesh cover provides exactly the identical amount of headroom for a tent.

Store your equipment inside with you so that you do not need to creep down, or use the 50-square-foot dry storage beneath to keep it from the rain. Complete with a rainfly for climate protection, this hybrid vehicle is ideal for people who enjoy the hammock charm however desire tent luxury.

11. Everest Dual Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

This hammock kayak comes in an unheard-of low cost considering best backpacking hammocks can run a few hundred bucks. However, for under 75 dollars, you’re going to find a double hammock with a built-in insect mesh, straps, along with an inner loop for hanging light or other equipment. A ridgeline on the netting keeps it suspended and from the way. Not prepared for bed? Flip the hammock to hang unrestricted. And make sure you put aside a part of your savings to buy a fly, the single accessory not included in this kit.

12. Hennessy Hammock Explorer Ultralite Zip XL

Yes, the Explorer Ultralite Zip XL is the best hammock brands on this listing. However, you are going to be shelling out top dollar on a well-constructed, comfortable, and lightweight tent system which includes all you will need for nighttime in the forests. Safety comes in the kind of an attached insect net using a zippered entry along with a nylon fly, which is coated with foam and silicone for optimum water resistance.

It is possible to stash your essentials at the pocket which slides across the ridgeline, and the asymmetrical design permits you to lie flat. Spectra suspension ropes may be thin, but they are plenty powerful. Pair them with the included broad tree straps to get an LNT-compliant trip.

13. REI Co-op Quarter Dome Air

On paper, the REI Co-op Quarter Dome Air appears too brief. However, you will not be stuck at the position, as a result of this flat-base design that is created with the inclusion of 2 spreader bars. Just like any system, the Quarter Dome Air includes a bug net, fly, and straps. Additionally, there are outdoor and interior mesh pockets along with four loops for keeping your stuff. These features add weight, but it is still on par with the current ultralight backpacking tents and sports at a reasonable price tag.

ENO SkyLite Hammock - best travel hammock

14. ENO SkyLite Hammock

Asymmetrical designs are fantastic, but nothing fits the best double hammock. New for 2020, the SkyLite has ample space for spreading out and weighs two pounds (although that does not contain straps or even a fly, that can be sold separately).

ENO retains weight in comparison to ultralight collapsible spreader bars, and you may do exactly the same using all the Helios XL Ultralight straps. Or if heft is not an issue, add carabiners and utilize some other straps you prefer. The incorporated insect net is not removable, but you are able to pin the doorway using a toggle.

15. Hummingbird Hammocks Single Hammock

Clocking in just over a third of a pound, the Hummingbird Single Hammock is quite light. Nevertheless, it has a larger capacity than many single hammocks as a result of hardy parachute-grade ripstop nylon and ropes created out of ultra-strong Spectra. Hummingbird shed weight by substituting alloy carabiners with loops of Spectra with button closures.

Preview Product Rating Price
Hummingbird Hammocks Ultralight Single Hammock Hummingbird Hammocks Ultralight Single Hammock No ratings yet

Additionally, it helps the hammock is a little shorter than most, which the dimension does not contain tree straps, and that you will want to purchase separately. Packed to its attached stuff sack, the hammock is small enough to fit on your palm. And when the rugged construction ever neglects, Hummingbird provides a lifetime warranty.

16. Wise Owl Outfitters SingleOwl Hammock

The SingleOwl (and its bigger DoubleOwl cousin) could be easy, however, it includes all you require for a day of relaxing. For less than the cost of dinner, then you receive the hammock, carabiners, tree straps, and also a solid sling that may support the maximum weight from any version on this listing. Pick from 16 bright or muted colors to customize yours. And you are right to be skeptical about a price that low, however, the SingleOwl earned a mean of 4.8 stars predicated on over 5,500 Amazon testimonials, with hardly any reports of shoddy construction.

17. Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Guru

  • TOTAL WEIGHT: 1 lb 14 oz (no tarp)
  • DIMENSIONS: 126 x 60 in
  • MAX WEIGHT: 400 pounds

BOTTOM LINE: The Skeeter Beeter Guru is the best parachute hammock buy for people wanting to dip a toe to hammock camping with no large financial investment. It’s a traditional hammock shape, so it is not quite as simple to lie flat, but it is long enough to still remain comfy. Additionally, it does not include a tarp, which means you are going to need to find an aftermarket tarp to protect against wind and rain. The Skeeter Beeter Pro is not our favorite camping hammock, but it will surely get the work done and the cost is hard to beat.

18. Warbonnet Blackbird

  • TOTAL WEIGHT: 1 lb 2 oz (no tarp)
  • DIMENSIONS: 120 x 63
  • MAX WEIGHT: 200 pounds

BOTTOM LINE: The Warbonnet Blackbird is the best traveling hammock available on the industry. It’s an asymmetrical design for apartment sleeping and a handy shelf panel for equipment storage. It is available in a single-layer or double-layer layout and two distinct fabric thicknesses. The double-layer design raises the maximum weight rating and supplies a compartment to hold a sleeping mat in place.

Deciding on the thicker cloth will boost durability and maximum weight rating too. Both of the options will add fat into the hammock, but it is a mild design in whatever way you slice it. The Blackbird does not arrive with a tarp, which means you will want to add among Warbonnet’s tarps or purchase an aftermarket tarp. Additionally, it does not include carabiners, that have to be purchased individually.

19. Jacks ‘R’ Better Bear Mountain Bridge

  • TOTAL WEIGHT: 2 pounds (no tarp)
  • DIMENSIONS: 132 x 52 in
  • MAX WEIGHT: 250 pounds

BOTTOM LINE: The Jacks’R’ Better Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock has an exceptional layout that achieves a really flat place. This suspension bridge layout keeps tension across the top edges of the hammock, which enables your feet and mind to hang considerably lower compared to conventional hammocks. This flat-sleeping design also lends itself nicely to sleeping pad usage. The drawback of this design is that it provides weight.

Additionally, it is a broader layout compared to several hammocks, which means you are going to want a broader tarp for rain and wind protection, which will also add weight. The Bear Mountain Bridge does not arrive with a tarp, which means you will want to incorporate one of Jack’s tarps or purchase an aftermarket tarp. This hammock is one of the thicker backpacking hammocks we urge, but the exceptional relaxation it provides is well worth the burden for a number of campers.

20. TNH Outdoors Dual & Single Camping Hammocks

TNH Outdoors Dual & Single Camping Hammocks is suggested that you check out since it comes with tree ropes and wire gate carabiners as well as the purchase price. It is composed of powerful and durable material, as it is ready to hold up to 400 lbs and is created from nylon material. Also, but the nylon material includes a taffeta finish which has a reflective end.

This hammock is lightweight and easy to set up as it requires less than three minutes to tie the tree straps into the hammock. A significant number of prior customers assert that TNH is just one of the very best camping hammock brands they have used. Besides all these valuable features, every one of those tree straps steps 9 foot in length, which means they are ready to elongate very much to support your own weight on the hammock. You may take a look at this product on Amazon.


  • Already Includes tree straps and wire gate carabiners
  • Can support up to 400 Pounds
  • Includes a durable nylon material that includes a taffeta end


  • Can only to act as one for one individual

21. Active Roots Double Camping Hammock

Active Roots Double Camping Hammock is suggested that you check out since it is lightweight, small, and simple to use. As an example, this hammock may fold into a sofa and weighs just two lbs, which can be beneficial for you whether you are thinking about trekking on this hammock.

This hammock can be classified as the top two individuals camping hammock since it can support up to 500 lbs. This hammock also includes high-quality equipment so you can use this mobile bed for camping functions too.


  • Some of every sale is given to the Elephant Conservation Center
  • Could be packed into a sofa and weighs just 2 Pounds
  • Comes with carabiners and shrub straps


Some clients complain that the Fabric of the hammock is not as comfy as it could be

22. Grand Trunk Single Hammock

Grand Trunk Single Hammock is your very best parachute hammocks for you since it is available at an inexpensive price and provides you with many different beneficial features, such as relaxation. This hammock includes a sleek black layout that has triple-stitched seams, so it is ready to support a lot of weight.

This hammock consists of a high-quality substance that is mold resistant and is made with 100% cotton. It is ready to support around 300 lbs and features a starter rope kit in addition to a bag and thorough directions.


  • Cheaper than other hammocks
  • Has a starter rope apparel
  • Includes a lifetime guarantee


  • Some clients complain that the Fabric of the hammock is not very comfy to sleep without a sleeping bag

23. HONEST OUTFITTERS Double and Single Camping Hammock

HONEST OUTFITTERS Double & Single Camping Hammock is your best camping hammock with mosquito net since it is available at a very affordable price and can support as many as two people. It can readily offer comfort for as much as 500 lbs of weight as it is made up of a durable nylon material. Additionally, but this item can be classified as the very best hammock for camping as it is in a position to be installed in under 3 minutes.

In addition, this hammock is compatible with the best hammocks for camping so you can buy valuable accessories on this hammock. This package also includes hammock straps in addition to carabiners.


  • Cheaper than most other hammocks on the Industry
  • Can easily be installed on below 3 minutes
  • Composed of cotton, therefore it could support up to 500 Pounds


  • Some previous clients complain the hammock ripped after Just a couple uses

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