Top 5 Best Hiking Boot Brands Guide

best hiking boot brands guide

If you think dress shoes or ordinary day shoes can be used for hiking, you might have been settling for the most uncomfortable pair for too long. Hiking demands a lot from your footwear, and wearing the wrong kind of shoes during trekking and hiking trips only leads to blisters, pain, and extreme discomfort.

The goal is to get a pair that will add to your endurance, comfort, and enjoyment during hiking. If you have not been able to find hiking boots that works for you before, it will be helpful to check out some of the brands listed below. A lot of people have tried and tested them and vouched for their models.

Most Loved Hiking Boot Brands

Hiking involves a lot of rough, muddy, and messy trails, not to mention sharp grass and debris that you may walk on along the way. In this type of adventure, you need nothing but the best footwear that you can lay your hands on (and slip your feet into!). Check out these brands and figure out why they have a long-standing reputation for being the best in the market.

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An Italy-based brand founded in 1929, Zamberlan has managed to capture a lot of hikers’ hearts thanks to their long-lasting and comfortable technical footwear. They specialize in producing some of the best boots for backpacking, hiking, trekking, hunting, and mountaineering. Among other manufacturers who were early adopters of leather, they were the first to use rubber soles. Fast forward 50 years, and they have managed to grow to a fairly big level. Apart from selling to their locals in Italy, they started catering to different international markets, including the United Kingdom and Japan.

Come the year 1985, they were able to create their own patent for the Hydrobloc leather, which was used in the launching of the first hiking boot aimed specifically at women in 1986. This patent is water-resistant breathable leather that is able to endure hiking stresses and obstacles. To this day, Zamberlan remains one of the most trusted companies creating innovative shoe models for trekking, hiking, and mountaineering. Rest assured that every purchase from this brand comes with a high precision pair made in Italy. Two of their best selling models include the Guide mountaineering and Vioz backpacking boots.


A Germany-based shoe company that was founded in 1923, this brand has been making some of the best trekking, hiking, backpacking, hunting, rock climbing, tactical, and mountaineering shoes on the market. Known for crafting their boots from the most high-quality materials, they have created hiking boots that are definitely more lightweight than other models from their competitors. The best part about it is that their models deliver ample cushioning, support, and durability despite being lightweight.

This brand focuses on using polyurethane midsoles – a feature that sets them apart from other brands, as others are more inclined to using EVA midsoles. In terms of quality, people have come to trust this brand because they continue to exclusively manufacture their models in Europe. Despite their exponential growth, Lowa still make sure to have the production done with premium quality standards. Recently, the brand has been gaining a lot of popularity in other markets, including North America. A few of their top-selling pairs include the Mountain Expert mountaineering boot and the Renegade backpacking or hiking boots.

La Sportiva

Another Italy-based company founded in 1928, La Sportiva is known for creating boots with Gore Tex technology. They have been designing the most reliable and dependable brands for trail running, trekking, hiking, backpacking, and mountaineering. If you are looking for boots that can endure and get you through extreme ascents, La Sportiva boots will not disappoint you. The brand prides itself on producing lightweight pairs that can be used for hiking and climbing. You can rest in the fact that they only use high-quality materials to execute and embody their technology.

This brand is among the first outdoor footwear companies to have come up with models that use the Gore Tex Surround technology that is known to provide maximum breathability while delivering the best waterproofing features. Some of their top-selling models include the Nucleo hiking boot, the Bushido trail running shoe, and the Nepal technical mountaineering boot.


A Michigan-based company founded in 1981, Merrell is known for producing some of the best trail running, trekking, backpacking, hiking, and casual shoes. Their first creation was released in 1983, and this model paved its way to their current popularity. The company was later acquired by Karhu, an existing Finnish manufacturer that helped them to improve their technology. From then on, their sales started soaring and their models flew off the shelves like hot pancakes since.

However, in 1997, Karhu decided to sell Merrell to Wolverine World Wide. This company decided to specialize in hiking shoes that were lightweight and long-wearing. Up to this date, Merrell is still known for making affordable hiking boots available at reasonable prices worldwide. Their top-selling items include the Moab hiking boots, a model that is  conveniently available in both high-cut and low-cut variants.


This company originating from France and founded in 1947 is famous for creating high-quality mountaineering, trekking, hiking, running, and backpacking shoes. Way back in 1947, the brand used to only offer ski bindings. This continued for 30 years, until they decided to add skis and ski boots to their offering in 1992, and eventually, their very own collection of hiking shoes. This brand was bought by Adidas in 1997 and was then sold to the Finnish Amer Sports in the year 2005. Finnish Amer Sports also own the Suunto and Arcteryx trademarks as part of their brands.

Since this brand has been around for more than 25 years, you can say that they deliver some of the best hiking boots in terms of pricing and quality. They never fail to create models that make sure to combine comfort, convenience, and durability at a price point that offers excellent value. Some of the most popular items they have released include the X-Ultra hiking boot and the Quest 4D backpacking boot. So if you are a fan of skiing and hiking, this brand is definitely one to check out.

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Boots made for hiking, trekking, mountaineering, and trail running are evolving greatly as time passes. There have been a lot of small brands trying to create their own statement and promise, but the brands we listed above have successfully made their mark over time and established themselves as the best in the market through consistency and innovation. If you are into investing in high-quality, appropriate, and comfortable gear for your active lifestyle, these hiking boot brands are for you!

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