Top Best Hiking Insoles 2022

Best Hiking Insoles

Being in trekking and nature is one of the greatest things to do to the body and your mind. However, this much action may not be always appreciated by your feet.

When you are hiking with your backpack and all of the equipment packed and ready for adventure, it’s easy to forget one of the main accessories which will greatly improve your trekking experience. We are speaking about insoles for trekking, of course.

The insoles play a role in determining your travel can be and how fast, although hiking shoes help to a specific extent. The insoles pillow and protect your arches and bottoms from long-duration hiking exhaustion.

More to the point, they act as the cushion that is essential from items on the floor. Your trekking shoes do the vast majority of the task, but insoles are essential for your toes to make sure a longer streak. Are you search for the best hiking insoles. Keep reading My Trail Company will help you to find out the answer to the best hiking insoles.

Insoles for Hiking

How to Purchase Insoles for Hiking

There are lots of variables you need to be considering when purchasing insoles.


Volume is an element when considering purchasing insoles. They have to be high quantity if you’re deciding on insoles for hiking. They are good for those who have higher arches since most of them come with support.

It is also possible to go. They might be used by you to your morning jog or higher and lengthy intensity.

Foot disorders:

One more factor to consider is if you’ve foot disorders like Plantar Fasciitis (split involving heel and forefoot linking tissue). Or in the event of feet, you have to go for profile insoles which have low or moderate quantity.

Additionally, insoles prevent problems from manifesting like structural misalignment, which may cause problems on shoulders and your spine back of the mind. Individuals with ailments need to opt for a shoe bunch using a very low profile and volume insoles for an increase.

Hiking Problems:

Slippage: Should you realize your hiking shoe foam coating slips into the front, it’s ideal to go with heel support for you. You may locate a heel cup/support at a high quantity insole that covers the length of the foot but prevents slippage.

Collapsed arches/low arches: For those who have feet with lower or collapsed arches compared to ordinary, it’s ideal to pick particular arch support insoles that not only decrease the pressure over the arches but also provide excellent support and equilibrium pressure also. It’s best to go with quantity insoles.

Hiking Insoles

Top Best Hiking Insoles Brands

Bestseller No. 2
Dr. Scholl's Sport & Fitness All-Purpose Comfort Insoles,Men's, 1 Pair, Trim to Fit Inserts
Dr. Scholl's Sport & Fitness All-Purpose Comfort Insoles,Men's, 1 Pair, Trim to Fit Inserts
Protects and reduces stress on lower body joints; Keeps you on your feet longer; Provides flexible side-to-side support so you can move more, in any direction
Bestseller No. 6
Sof Sole mens Athlete Performance Full-length Insole, Orange, 9-10.5 US
Sof Sole mens Athlete Performance Full-length Insole, Orange, 9-10.5 US
Lightweight cushioning and gel pads in the heel and forefoot offer comfort without bulk
Bestseller No. 7
Bestseller No. 8
Keen mens K-20 Outdoor Plus Insole, Black, Large US
Keen mens K-20 Outdoor Plus Insole, Black, Large US
CUSHIONING: Premium shock absorbing material evenly cushions the length of the foot; REBOUND: Provides energy return against solid surfaces

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1. Superfeet Trailblazer Comfort

These are developed for hiking boots and track shoes and created from women’s and men’s sizes. Made from comfort foam that is moisture-wicking with odor management. Ideal for trekking or being on your toes. A heel cup keeps your foot in place, preventing your heels from slipping and your feet to the front of your boot from jamming if you are on the floor.

They are also great for any elevation. They provide stability and support, reducing foot exhaustion, and preventing hot spots and blisters. “Heel effect Technology” brings impact to provide cushioning on these hard ascents and descents. Durable enough to survive 12 months or 500 miles per hour

2. Powerstep Journey Hiker Shoe

These are made from a shock-absorbing foam foundation. There is a heel cradle for equilibrium and a company arch support. The double-layer cushioning with an EVA foam reduces effect while providing stability even. Sized properly, they do not have to be trimmed to fit, which means they can be used by you. There are available for men and women.

3. Sole Lively Medium with Met Pad

Perfect for all those who need insoles that are lightweight. Produced from ultra-thin cork, the insole provides cushioning and support with no thickness bulk or weight. Layered on top is a Polygiene odor control sheet that is watertight. This wicks away moisture to keep your feet warm and ward off scents.

Made with a”fulfilled” pad which aids with metatarsal pain by protecting the ball of your foot from excess pressure. They provide shock absorption. Offered in men’s and women’s sizes.

4. Envelop Gel

Made from a layer of a layout along with gel cushioning by absorbing effect to decrease pressure points. Designed ergonomically to shape to the foot. Includes an arch to encourage each of the kinds .

These have a textured foundation to guarantee a firm grip on the interior of the shoe, preventing slippage and incorporating equilibrium. Silicone gel construction does not add weight or mass. Retain their shape using a resilient construction. It comes in 2 different sizes, small and big, with guidelines which correspond to dimensions for women and men, then you cut them to fit the shoe.

5. Nazaroo Orthotic

As these are not designed especially for trekking, these are a perfect alternative for an orthotic fit, especially in case you suffer from plantar fasciitis or horizontal feet.

Considered medical-grade orthotic inserts, these also help alleviate another foot discomfort such as heel pain, arch pain, or ankle pain. Made of EVA foam using multi-layer cushioning, so you may use them for walking jogging or walking. Covered to minimize odors and moisture. Designed with a heel cradle for silicon along with equilibrium cushioned heel support for shock absorption. Comes in sizes for both women and men.

6. Timberland RO Men’s Anti-Fatigue

This sole is created with lively support and all the OrthoLite ® technologies. The plan was designed to minimize fatigue while absorbing shock, including an inverted cone foam layout to distribute weight.

They have a neutral arch and are lightweight with a neutral profile that should adapt to the majority of feet. It comes in sizes XS-XXL using tips to correspond to men’s and women’s sizes.

7. Superfeet Green

Feet with weak or high arches put an inordinate quantity of fat on the ball and the heel of the foot. Superfeet Green insoles are a favorite selection and supply exceptional arch support, and a few excellent features to distribute the weight more evenly.

The deep heel cup provides shock absorption and support. The stabilizer cap onto the bottom of this full-length insole provides excellent stability and construction by encouraging the back of the foot.

The effect of this contoured sole and stiff foam provides great support, decreasing foot discomfort, and strain in your heels and balls of your toes. The closed-cell foam does not breathe well, but it will possess an antibacterial odor-control coating. Additionally, these will only survive around 300-500 miles until they will need replacing. The Superfeet green insoles are excellent if you are wanting a little more comfort and odor control without going the full-orthotics route.

8. Samurai

These will be the top of your feet tend to be flatter. The inserts mold to your feet with enough give’ to keep your foot secure. The construction is lightweight but provides durability. Don’t expect a lot of padding in the low-profile design in case you are heavy or take a heavy backpack.

For trekking, they do provide relief and relaxation if you have got to flat feet or fallen arches. We enjoyed the sizing on those really are. With no or very little trimming required they fit into footwear from the box.

9. Sof Sole Insoles Men’s Athlete Performance

If you are following an all-round comfort with attention on orthotics to only are fantastic. The duration, neutral profile signifies they’ll be comfortable for most foot types. The gel pads at the front and heel cup regions provide cushioning but could have a bit to give if you are carrying a bundle.

They then feel good, if you are not placing a burden on these. Sof Sole has done a fantastic job with the best fabric that has been treated to maintain your feet cool, dry, and free of germs (odor control). The quantity and profile of this of only are reduced enough to wear over a present insole, but they will probably be more comfortable if used on their own.

10. Powerstep Journey Hiker Shoe

These are perfect for hiking, particularly if you’re carrying a package. Heel cup and the support supply you with exactly the rigidity while supplying cushioning you want on surfaces. While they do a fantastic job of strengthening your toes, they also provide a reasonable amount of flexibility.

The layer closed cell foam construction is both mild and provides durability and long-lasting relaxation. The fabric surface reduces friction and heat, which makes your feet feeling good at the end of a challenging day and provides good odor management. These are fantastic for heavy-duty outdoor pursuits like hunting, although we are not certain what the purpose of a camo print is.

11. Superfeet ORANGE

The insoles with the support that top makes your trekking trip feel through the end like a breeze. The insoles consume a major quantity of pressure and protect against tension and exhaustion on a long-distance excursion.

They possess a shock-absorbing design and a fantastic volume set of insoles. Additionally, with the heel cup set up, your toes would not feel that the shock and stress in the bottoms and sense a balanced pressure supply.

The Superfeet insoles have a shock-absorbing foam coating and the foundation provides help to create it. Additionally, its full-length stage ensures no component of your foot feels exhaustion and strain. You can count onto the foam to not stink up your trekking shoes on the odor control coating.

12. Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Insoles for Women and Men

All these are a cushioning set of insoles that produce sure that your feet don’t believe that the brunt of your hiking trip. The support is the principal quality of those insoles and you are able to rely on to protect your arches and protect against stress.

Additionally, the quantity and profile of this Plantar Arch service insoles when walking, make for an encounter. The foundation isn’t additional soft, which could be the issue.

All in all, the Planter arch support insoles are excellent at what they do and also will ensure your arches and heels don’t require much punishment for the whole trip. All these insoles were developed using a podiatrist consultation and help individuals. The layout guarantees that these insoles alleviate stress and stop the pain.

13. Superfeet CARBON, Powerful and Thin Insoles for Anxiety Relief

The Superfeet Carbon insoles are a very low profile and quantity set of insoles for use. Their principal benefit is to provide ample relaxation in lightweight athletic shoes.

They are really great for hiking Because these are constructed with pressure for use. Polymer cap and the carbon fiber make ideal and these lasting to defy hiking use.

Moreover, the profile form factor helps with stabilizing equilibrium. The Superfeet Carbon insoles for balance the strain in your arches from and aid, only, ankles, and assist take the strain away from the knees. Foam integrated within these insoles as a coating improves breathability and can be coated with bacteria repellant coating.

14. Superfeet Trailblazer Comfort Cushion and Insoles at Trail Shoes and Hiking Boots

The Superfeet trailblazer comfort insoles are made for the hiker. Having a comfort foam coating, these insoles enable you to continue with the increase and are comfy. The higher and slick volume foam form factor creates the Trailblazer to help equilibrium stress and lives until the title.

Because of this, the pressure is minimized by it and also prevents blisters and debilitating problems. The heel that is hardened makes it feasible to travel for longer and protects pressure. The arch and heel support make these ideal to deal with the dents and barriers trail.

15. Plantar Fasciitis Feet

The Plantar feet insoles assist remove pressure and are exceptional in support. These are excellent at taking the strain from your primary pressure points as horizontal feet require more pressure in the arches.

Furthermore, the deep heel shape farther protects the heels out of shock and shock and lasts more while running or walking on a rise. Cloth and the EVA cloth ensure it is comfortable in addition to breathable to use.

16. Sof Sole Men’s High Arch

The insoles of the Sof Sole men have a fantastic gel/polyurethane-based frame. The atmosphere capsules at the arch and heel areas provide shock absorption but breathability.

The ample arch support is excellent to stop stress and pain in your arches. The Sof only insoles provide considerable protection against stress and help in preventing foot fatigue.

These insoles are excellent for use that is athletic in addition to everyday use. As among the insoles on the current market, the Sof only is a must-have accessory to your hiking trip.

There are a variety of versions along with the Athlete and Arch versions are fantastic for hiking. The heels and arch-centric layout of both of these models provide cushioning and support.

17. Keen Utility Men’s K-20 Insole with Extra Cushion

The Keen Utility Men’s K-20 insole is. Additionally, the foam construct complemented with a heel cup provides excellent comfort for your toes. It’s the insole for hiking and also the anti-odor layer averts from bacteria.

One other benefit of this Keen Utility guys’ K-20 insoles is its own quick-drying capacity and breathability. The insole matches the Keen boots with compatibility and may be trimmed to performance with no harm for manufacturers.

18. Weenies Running shoe Inserts for Women and Men

The Weenies shoe insoles are excellent for your morning run or for individuals on a course that is running. All these insoles provide arch support and are a volume set of insoles.

Additionally, the arch support makes it feasible to get rid of hiking, workouts, running one of the other pursuits. The heel cup provides another level of aid and prevents fatigue in which it matters.

One other fantastic thing about Weenies sneakers inserts that are running is that the substance that is foam and EVA combined with gel pads that provide all-round cushioning and comfort. These are an ideal option to purchase on a hike to your own muscles.

19. Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts with Arch Support

The Phsyix Gear sport full-length insoles are fantastic for hiking excursions in addition to shoes. These are low profile and higher quantity insoles that are heavy on relaxation since they are mild on stress. The Phsyix insoles provide excellent support and therefore are constructed for hiking trips.

These insoles are fantastic for high-pressure activities such as rock climbing and trekking. Made up of high-grade EVA and Polyurethane, they are comfortable and durable for everyday use.

The Physix insoles are fantastic for those who have foot disorders, in addition, to provide stress and support balancing during your foot’s amount.

20. Sole Lively Moderate + Met Pad

As opposed to comprising bulky cloth, these insoles are made from ultra-thin cork construction that provides assistance and cushioning without thickness or weight. On top of that, they have a top sheet. These insoles can also be constructed with open-cell foam technologies for superior shock absorption plus a slick metatarsal pad which prevents the ball of your foot from getting too much strain as you walk, which makes them a fantastic selection for hikers.

21. Protalus M100

For individuals with wider feet, these thicker insoles provide delicate, the super shock-absorbent substance at a dimension that will actually fit under your entire foot. Their patented tri-planar technologies provide arch support whilst at the same time helping align your own ankle joint as you trek down the road. The extra-soft heel cup redistributes strain and reduces stress. “I have had these for 3 months now & all I need to say is WOW!!!!” Said one excited client. “My heal spurs & fasciitis (have not ) bothered me whatsoever! I totally adore these!!!”

22. Superfeet Green High Arch Orthotic Insoles for Hiking

The Superfeet Green high arch inserts are the choice for backpackers and hikers! Are unmatched. With a layout, a stabilizer cap, and also a high profile and higher quantity contour, they’re the best hiking shoes inserts for pronation and horizontal feet.

These aren’t cushy insoles however they still are able to be comfortable as a result of the stability they provide, the profound and broad heel cup, and a high-density foam cushioning layer that absorbs the jolt from high impact moves.

By supporting and strengthening your toes, dispersing the strain your body exerts in your toes equally, absorbing shock from combating and impacts over-pronation, these orthotic insoles help with pain and are recommended by physical therapists for plantar fasciitis.

Rigid, professional-grade insoles constructed with no dyes, they could withstand the constant, high-impact grind when trekking without losing their shape. 1 set can supply you with comfort and the support you require for as many as 12 months or 500 miles.

The Superfeet Greens is also super flexible. Because they provide both cushioning and support and maybe trimmed for an exact match, they match most feet kinds, match in all types of shoes and work good for work, running, and running. Make them a fantastic investment.

23. Powerstep Pinnacle Arch Support Orthotic Insoles for Hiking

With a casing, dual-layer cushioning, and top cloth, the Pinnacle insoles extend the pinnacle of relaxation and live up to their name. They give support in all of the ideal areas, feel contours that are comfy for all sorts of feet, and relieve all sorts of hiking foot issues. It makes them powerful for plantar fasciitis pain relief.

Having a contoured heel cup and company design, these Powerstep inserts provide you support and the firmness you’ll need while trekking while the cradles to your heels provide a charge of your moves.

In case you have shoulder, arch, knee, knee, or heel pain whilst walking, these inserts will stop and relieve the pain and therefore are one of the insoles podiatrists recommend for individuals experiencing pain because of over-pronation, plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, bunions, amongst others.

They are constructed to hold up nicely on the paths. The upper layer of cushioning is made from foam which preserves its density to provide long-lasting cushioning aid. The foundation is really a soft EVA foam for comfort.

As you increase helps reduce friction and heat and contains anti-microbial properties to keep your feet and avoid odor.

24. Walk Support and Hero Comfort Orthotics

These Walk Hero insoles are proof that the ideal hiking insoles do not need to be the most costly. They are priced without skimping on whatever and high rated trekking pitches with tens of thousands of reviews praising the premium-level service, relaxation, and pain relief they give.

Made from a high-quality EVA shell with support these are insoles that can give support from stepping onto surfaces but without stripping out 38, and absorb shock. The heels protect your heels stabilizes your toes and permits movement.

Their design makes them appropriate for all types of foot problems and shapes. Whether you’ve got supination flat feet or arches, these insoles may supply comfort and the support you need while trekking. Their volume match profile makes them the most insoles for hiking boots that are roomy.

By providing support and improving leg and foot alignment, the Walk Hero helps reduce strain provide all-day comfort, and relieve discomfort brought on by horizontal feet/over-pronation, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and ball of foot discomfort whilst hiking.

25. Happy step Memory Foam

The HappyStep insoles are made to mold to your feet for cushioning and a customized fit. While they are feeling supple soft and comfy such as stepping clouds -they’re inviting too and provide the orthopedic arch support when you’ve got an arch form.

Together with all the cushioning comfort, encourage and shock absorption these provide, you’ll have the ability to hike all day without pain, distress, and fatigue and your toes will feel great at the hike’s conclusion. The high-density memory foam holds up well without breaking down or flattening.

All these HappyStep folds are insoles that match in moderate and high-volume hiking boots and shoes. The foam construction makes them easy to cut to fit shoes and your feet.

26. Superfeet Black Premium

Insoles would be the arch support insoles for trekking. If your trekking boots are tight-fitting and you’re searching the Superfeet Black match the bill since they would be the Superfeet insoles. Their volume layout will not take up space within your boots or sneakers.

They provide low support, stability, and comfort and also have a heel cup that supports and stabilizes the heel. The part is a plastic that supports the heel and arch and features construction.

Stability and the support they provide make them comfy and in addition, they feature a coating of high-density closed-cell foam cushioning. All these Superfeet insoles contain a natural odor-control coating which retains odor-causing germs without irritating your own toes. Living up for the standing of this brand, durability, and quality is top-notch.

27. Gaoag Orthotics Gel

Can you locate orthotic insoles uncomfortable to walk with but want support insoles? All these Gaoag gel inserts are cushy and soft yet reassuring. They supply relaxation and shock absorption in addition to heel and arch stability, support and relief from foot and plantar fasciitis, and heel aches. It’s no surprise they are a few of the hottest shoe inserts!

The gel cushioning provides shock absorption and is capable of relieving the pressure high-impact areas like the arch and heel. They feature among the broadest and heel pumps for optimum shock absorption that is all-natural and also for support.

Insoles using asymmetrical arch, they match low arches and flexible arches and feet. It is breathable and soft to avoid friction and warmth build-up through the action that’s hiking. When utilized as insoles for hiking shoes or as backpacking insoles, the Gaoag inserts are constructed rugged and will withstand the beatings.

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Should my own insoles change?

Insoles wear out in approximately 6-12 months of usage. However, it’s ideal to substitute as and when you begin feeling foot view or discomfort their form variable is lost by the insole from high to volume that is decreased.

Can I place the insoles?

Yes, you may use insoles perhaps or to place on top of your shoe insoles that are trekking blend them based on your own foot condition. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t do this it may cause foot problems.

Which will be the best insoles for feet?

It’s ideal to use shoes together with profile and moderate to high quantity insoles. These insoles not provide considerable support but also distribute pressure.

Are insoles assumed to hurt?

In the event of volume or very low profile shoes, if you aren’t utilized to wearing insoles, you’re likely to get some discomfort initially. This discomfort goes away after a time. Rather than relying upon them to get a hiking trip in 1 24, you ought to begin.

Are insoles awful for my toes?

Insoles which composed of a foam and promote about being comfy usually are inefficient. They don’t let your toes get the pressure that is essential and maybe strange and cause foot problems in the long term.

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