Top 32 Best Portable Toilet For Camping In 2020

Best Portable Toilet For Camping

At the center of the lake, occupied attempting to reel in a few cod, bass, or some other fish which gets baited. Then it becomes evident that you truly have to do two. What should you do? Welcome to the world of mobile camping toilets.

Not the most seamless of segues, but mobile bathrooms are specially designed around portability and mobility making them a must-have for anybody engaging in recreational pursuits like camping, fishing, RVing, and searching.

In this informative article, My Trail Company will show the best portable toilet for camping and other outdoor pursuits.

Purchasing a Portable Camping Toilet: Factors to Consider

Whether you’re looking to lease or purchase a mobile bathroom, here are a couple of variables you might want to consider before settling to a new:

1. Cost of the Toilet

For anything you could possibly purchase, variety will probably always exist based on cost. The same is true for mobile toilets.

Whatever the make of the porta-potty, constantly research your wallet before informing the cashier you’re obtaining a particular one. Another thing to notice, always receive the greatest portable toilet that’s in your budget limitation.

Furthermore, assess if your mobile toilet is self-reliant so to speak, or desires waste fittings. Models that need wag bags are more expensive in the future because purchasing the kits is a continuing price.

Additionally, look up the guarantee in your bathroom. Go for people with longer guarantees in the event they don’t fulfill their advertised strength. This way, you can be certain of getting your money’s worth.

2. Size of the Toilet

The extent of mobile comes from drama throughout transportation and decides its own relaxation during its use.

For flushing toilets, three Major dimensions and forms exist:

The typical model: this version was created for an individual of their typical build. If you’re a little bigger, go to get a portable dressing table with a larger bathroom chair.

The deluxe version: this version is somewhat roomier than the typical model and contains added features like toilet roll holders.

The luxury version: if you can afford these, the luxury mobile toilets are tasteful and have the majority of the features of a normal home bathroom. Some include toilet paper holders as well as surfaces, at which you could set your handwash and additives.

For all the bathrooms Generally, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are the bathroom’s measurements sufficient to fit in your vehicle?
  • Is your bathroom’s seat comfy enough that you sit?
  • Will the bathroom match or be usable on your boat, RV, or tent?

Even when you’re searching after your finances, make certain you decide on the ideal size of the bathroom for you. Do not endure for miserliness if you can help it.

3. Duration of Stay and the Number of Individuals

I am combining both of these variables since they have a great deal in common. When you are hosting a huge crowd for a brief while or a little audience for quite a while, or a mixture of both, consider the ease of upkeep as well as the carrying capability of your porta potty.

Portable bathrooms with big waste and water carrying capacities like the Camco 5.3 mill ability and New Invention versions are appropriate to longer spans and more massive audiences. In the same way, it’s more economical to secure smaller porta potties like the Camco 2.6 gallon capability for smaller audiences or shorter intervals.

Start looking for versions where the waste and water amounts are simple to read so you notice when waste has to be disposed or extra water got. Portable bathrooms which are simple to wash and effective in water usage (use less water per flush) will also be more valuable when dealing with week-long decks or hundred-people audiences.

Additionally, factor in any disabilities at the audience you are hosting. A porta potty to be employed by someone in a wheelchair will probably differ from that of an individual who has no handicap.

4. Portability and Ease of Use

Purchase a portable toilet that’s suitable for you to maneuver and in precisely the exact same time matches your criteria, particularly in roominess. Some versions weigh no more than 3 pounds and can easily be moveable, but some weigh up to 13 pounds hence more difficult to maneuver.

Along with this burden, look at how you’ll go your porta potty. Models such as the Traveling and Hassock manufacturers are collapsible and will fit into your backpack, though some versions need to be carried as air, like the ones of this wastebasket assortment. Additionally, consider the ease of dismantling the bathrooms (if collapsible) and reassembling them. Look, that’s much more appropriate to you.

Portable bathrooms vary in weight due to the materials they’re made from. Go for versions that, mild as they are, are sturdy enough to resist harsh weather conditions (particularly if you’re camping) and may easily withstand fantastic weights. 1 such porta potty would be your GAL Portable Toilet, which may hold up to 440 lbs of weight.

5. Design/Features

There are various items to check out when assessing the style of a portable potty.

For one, you need to assess if the potty includes a ground and if it does, is your flooring level? Curved flooring can be a little difficult to use when putting on the floor. Always go for bathrooms with a broader base since these are more secure and will not allow you to encounter your own mess.

Then figure out whether the porta-potty is intended to seal off odors. Some models utilize waste kits to suppress scents, while others like the Turbo Portable Toilet version have compounds lined in their own bottoms to liquefy waste and protect against the stench.

The next thing that you want to consider is the way hygienic a porta potty is dependent on its layout. Those bathrooms with heavy bowls are sterile (and of course comfy ) to utilize because water does not get on your behind since you use them. Additionally, porta-potties which make usage of pour-out spouts for waste are safer to use than those with kits since the latter means you need to take care of your waste through the disposal.

Furthermore, portable bathrooms with multidirectional flush components depart less waste hanging after you flush, which makes it more hygienic once the bathroom is shared among big audiences.

6. Is your Toilet Comfortable?

Bear in mind you will utilize your mobile toilet several times, so be certain that you’re familiar with it until you buy it.

The standards for relaxation are not fixed, however, a proper mobile toilet will be simple to use because its bathroom seat dimensions and elevation will be suitable for you. You won’t flinch when you notice your toilet flushing or whine when the toilet isn’t pleasing to your attention.

Ultimately, pick a porta potty that provides you solitude especially if your group is big. And do not forget to inquire if it is eco-friendly.

7. Purpose/Use

Figuring out why you want a mobile commode is typically a fantastic start on the procedure for budgeting to get one. Some common applications for these bathrooms include:

  • For recreational activities like trekking, camping, RVing, hunting, and fishing,
  • For emergency situations such as natural disasters,
  • For environmental issues,
  • For construction work surroundings and,

Instead for if your indoor pipes are broken.

Whichever function you intend for your mobile toilet, it’s very important to incorporate it on your ultimate choice. Normally, composting toilets work well for your environmentally-focused people and a folding bathroom will be simple to pack and take for trekking or camping experiences.

8. Accessories and Spare Parts

A lot of helpful accessories can be purchased in the marketplace now that will assist you to get the most from any item. Portable toilets are not any different, so make certain to factor in these costs in your budget.

Some of the accessories include; pee diverter, spa bathroom tent for solitude, rapidly-dissolving/biodegradable toilet paper, toilet chemicals, wag bags, and deodorizers.

Like everything, some elements on your mobile bathroom may split, get ruined, or come off within the bathroom’s use. Purchasing a fantastic quality portable bathroom that has regular parts and components will make it less difficult to locate replacement components from several sources.

9. Composting Toilets or Traditional Toilets?

The gist of composting toilets is they utilize the composting or instead of the decomposition of organic matter for a technique of treating excreta. The mobile versions of those toilets come self-contained using a tank for the solids and yet another for the fluids.

Benefits of Composting Toilets

Benefits of Composting Toilets

The arguments for composting are below:

  • No water required for flushing.
  • No demand to get a black tank because the fluids and solids are separated, thus leaving no sewer.
  • No chemicals needed, simply use a composting medium and you will be all set.

Simple Disposal of waste; the waste could be disposed of everywhere, for example, the liquids can move in almost any bathroom along with the solids currently composting may be thrown into a dumpster.

The most widely used composting mediums include coconut coir and Sphagnum peat moss. Employing the prior is highly recommended since it is environmentally friendly, rancid and has a minimal risk of insect larvae inside it as is true with the latter.

Portable composting toilets can also be odorless since they include a small exhaust fan fitted inside them. The fan can help to ventilate the exhaust out smells, maintain the bathroom’s inside dry, and draw in the fresh air. The exhaust fan helps prevent mold growth within the bathroom.

Disadvantages of Composting Toilets

Nonetheless, these kinds of bathrooms do have a few constraints as is discussed. First, the liquid tank has to be emptied regularly, at least daily, which is marginally inconveniencing.

Emptying the septic tank may even have you gagging as a result of the awful smell the moment you start the lid up to ditch. But having utilized enough weathered moderate will allow more dirt or earthy odor.

Moreover, the draining procedure can be somewhat tiresome as the waste has to be dropped right into a garbage bag along with the composting medium that has to be prepped, rehydrated, and set in the container.

In reality, the procedure may take around half an hour or an hour, fortunately, you may mostly take action once a month when you’ve got a little family.

Last, you’ll also wish to use very little water for rehydration piece of this composting moderate else you may encounter potential mold problems further down the road.

A composting toilet is most appropriate for dry campers, boondocks, and anyone searching to get a more economically-conscious mobile bathroom.

Traditional Toilets

When compared with composting toilets, traditional bathrooms may stink a bit during normal use as a result of sewage buildup from the tank. Using powerful chemicals will largely be extremely essential in an attempt to fight the scents.

Additionally, a flushing system should also be set up for a traditional bathroom to be utilized. As a consequence, you might need to refill your tanks every so often depending on how regular the bathroom facility is utilized.

Emptying the black tank demands access to a dumpsite and is typically a simple procedure that won’t require an excessive amount of time to achieve. A traditional mobile toilet will largely be perfect if you do not need the additional costs and time investment implemented in composting toilets.

The best portable toilet for camping - best portable toilet for camping australia

The best brands portable toilet for camping

Bestseller No. 1
Reliance Products Luggable Loo Portable 5 Gallon Toilet
Compatible with reliance's standard Double doodle bag; Weight: 3.00lbs; Economically priced portable toilet
Bestseller No. 2
Drive Medical Steel Folding Bedside Commode, Grey, Bariatric
Elastic cord allows legs to be folded up to reduce size for storage and transport; Comes complete with 7.5 qt commode bucket with carry handle, cover and splash shield
SaleBestseller No. 7
Reliance Products 9881-03 Luggable Loo Snap-on Toilet Seat with Lid for 5-Gallon Bucket, Black, 13.0 Inch x 1.5 Inch x 14.0 Inch
Sport Type: Camping & Hiking; Toilet seat and cover for use with industrial pails (pail sold separately)

Reliance Products Luggable Loo


  • Economically priced.
  • Has a Snap-on lid which handily latches on the bucket bathroom.
  • It contains a metal handle for simple transport.
  • It has a typical hinged seat and cover which may be fit on many industrial pails.


  • The snap-on lid does not appear to latch in firmly, thus it might be ineffective at warding off scents.
  • The toilet seat is somewhat small for many people.
  • Made from plastic stuff hence parts may easily split.

The Reliance Products’ Luggable Loo supplies an entry-level alternative for anybody looking for a portable toilet which is simple to clean and use.

The Luggable Loo is particularly a fantastic solution for anyone seeking to keep a more”real outdoorsy” encounter devoid of homey comforts. You’ll also have to enjoy any much-needed privacy with this bucket-type bathroom unlike if using camping ground facilities. This is the best of portable toilet for camping.

Number Reliance Products Hunter’s Loo


  • Adequate five gallons capacity.
  • Lightweight and streamlined.
  • Has plastic/metallic handles for simple carrying.
  • Has a Snap-on hinged powerful chair using a toaster lid.


  • It is basically only a bucket with a toilet seat.
  • The bucket may tip over quite readily.

The Hunter’s Loo is still another budget-friendly, outdoorsy key from Reliance Products. While it might lack the flashiness in additional mobile bathrooms, the Hunter’s Loo will offer a convenient and easy method for you to lose your doodies.

As anticipated, the bucket looks a little shaky especially with material so that you might choose to ensure the bathroom to the floor as it could easily tilt. This is the best portable toilet for weekend camping.

Additionally, it’s very important to drain the bathroom as often as you can and obviously do not forget to use appropriate liners.

Restop Commode Bucket Toilet


  • Simple to install.
  • Comfy foam chair.
  • The Gamma Seal lid efficiently includes the scents and materials while in transit to a disposal stage.
  • It has easy to clean parts.


  • The chair isn’t completely fastened on the rim of the bucket hence making it difficult to maintain the liners in place.
  • Not quite hardy particularly when in use.
Preview Product Rating Price
RESTOP Commode RESTOP Commode No ratings yet $70.00

The Commode is comfortable, simple to use, and eco-friendly, particularly when utilized with their EPA-approved Restop two luggage. The gamma seal lid further afield the Commode is just one of the very best bucket-type bathrooms today.

It makes a proper portable bathroom for tailgating, camping, or when pipes aren’t an alternative.

On the other hand, the foam chair, though particular, brings forth several challenges while utilizing the Commode. Because it merely rests on the rim, then you’ll be forced to perform a balancing act to avoid any accidents.

Camco Portable Toilet Bucket


  • The chair shuts snugly on the bottom of the bucket; no spillovers if it is knocked down.
  • Lightweight.
  • Made from UV-resistant, durable substance.


  • The chair isn’t very ergonomically designed to match men.
  • The chair shuts too closely, might even need tooling to pry it off.
  • Bags sold differently, but 3 complimentary samples are contained.

While we highly recommend you to test the Camco Portable toilet bucket, it’s also very important to point out a couple of minor flaws about this item.

To begin with, an oval-shaped chair would have been better suited to adapt to both men and females as the present one isn’t wide enough. Second, the tags are somewhat overbearing; over-glued, and difficult to wash off.

But if you find a reasonable, mess-free portable bathroom to tackle your night recommends then that will do just fine.

Basicwise Portable Travel Toilet


  • Fantastic height.
  • Multipurpose.
  • It has a broad base for enhanced service.
  • Removable pail and lid; enables for simple and non-messy cleanups.


  • Made from plastic so components might crack or break over time.
  • No more cookie bags included in the purchase.
  • The removable lid onto the pail has to be removed to have the ability to use the bathroom.
Preview Product Rating Price
Basicwise Portable Travel Toilet for Camping and Hiking Basicwise Portable Travel Toilet for Camping and Hiking No ratings yet

Having a 250 pounds weight limitation among other stand-out features, you can’t fail with all the Basicwise Travel Toilet for your entire logo requirements when away from your home.

But, its use for a chair, particularly for adults, is somewhat gimmicky since the cover isn’t sturdy enough to hold that much weight. If constrained by distance, you might choose to consider the remaining options since the Basicwise’s chair is elongated along with the foundation that is wider than the surface.

Porta Potti Curve


  • Ideal seat height and layout.
  • Battery-operated flush also supports for guided surgery.
  • Comparatively large capability holding tanks; 4-gallon freshwater tank and 5.5-gallon waste tank.
  • Offered in gray and white colors.
  • Simple to clean and use.


  • Occupies a rather large footprint; 17.6 inches large, 15.2 inches broad.
  • A hold-down kit might be necessary to protect against the 5.5-gallon water tank out of toppling over particularly when in transit.
  • The slick design and additional features come at a premium cost.
  • The battery-powered pump is a more prone malfunction.
Preview Product Rating Price
Porta Potti White Thetford Corp Porta Potti White Thetford Corp No ratings yet

If you’re interested in a premium portable bathroom with as many home-like features as you can then this here is your very best cheap portable toilet for camping. The Porta Potti Curve will be a handy essential for almost any outside, emergency, or health scenarios.

But in spite of its similarity to your regular home bathroom, the Curve is rather big and might not match in the majority of tent or RV spaces. Additionally, it’s anticipated that the battery-powered parts will confront the usual wear and tear over time.

Camco Standard Portable Toilet


  • Resembles the regular residential bathroom.
  • Simple to wash and maintain.
  • Includes a manual lever for your flushing system.
  • Really sturdy construction; can support weights of up to 330lbs.
  • Simple to install and use.


  • The bowl might not be strong enough for many people.
  • The burping effect could be experienced once you pull the flush lever also hastily.

As good quality mobile bathrooms go, this specific version checks the majority of the boxes. The bathroom is simple to wash, use, lightweight, and well-built.

The largest complaint by the majority of consumers concerning the Camco’s regular travel bathroom is its own flushing system. Though a manual system is much more suitable and operational, the flush method makes it somewhat difficult to get a flush.

The water sprays marginally towards the front rather than the trunk so you might choose to shut the lid prior to yanking the lever and make certain that you wash the bowl clean.

Similarly designed, you may even receive a much lighter version of this Camco’s portable bathroom that may hold 2.6 gallons of a superior version with additional features.

Camco Premium Portable Toilet


  • Multi-directional flushing system which efficiently cleans the bowl with no spurting any water out.
  • Large power tanks; 3.75-gallon flush tank along with also a 5.3-gallon holding tank.
  • Simple to wash and use.
  • Swivel elbow joint for simple waste removal.


  • No more power-operated flushing system.
  • Dumping the waste out isn’t at its very best.

With two flushing choices, a guide piston plus a battery-operated pump could have been the cherry on top for your Camco’s Premium bathroom. But, it will pack a lot of helpful features and improvements within its typical version.

The most outstanding feature about the item still stays its piston activity flushing system. The contemporary, curvy design can be quite well done. Nevertheless, you’d wish to drain the holding tank after it becomes halfway to get a much better waste disposal procedure.

Thetford Corp Porta Potti 365


  • Has comfy toilet height and chair.
  • Swing-out spout for easier draining of this.
  • High capability tanks; 4-gallon freshwater tank and 5.5-gallon waste container.
  • One-unit design because of the seamless connection of the components.
  • Very hardy; may support up to 250 lbs.


  • May need a hold-down kit to get additional stability, particularly when used on ships.
  • Potential leakages as time pass from weak points like the latches, flush handle, and also the holding tank seal.
Preview Product Rating Price
Thetford 92820 Porta Potti 365 Thetford 92820 Porta Potti 365 $150.10

The Porta Potti is a legitimate alternative for everybody searching for a flushable portable bathroom with nominal caveats. The piston pump flushing process is particularly quite effectual in draining the bowl clean, and also the pour-out spout is also a welcome feature.

A sign for the flush water amounts could have been fine, but in all of the Porta Potti is a fantastic purchase.

Nature’s Head Portable Composting Toilet


  • No, any flunky scents because of its composting effect.
  • Made from durable stainless steel hardware.
  • It offers fast disassemble when it is time to drain.
  • Has a full-sized elongated chair for additional comfort.
  • No water supply or sewer hookup needed.
  • Environmentally friendly.


  • Mold growth can still find its way in your bathroom.
  • It is fairly heavy to take especially when draining the solids tanks.
  • You will need an excess holding bottle for fluids.

Produced by two long-distance sailors, Nature’s Head whirlpool bathroom is specially designed to withstand the harshness of marine environments but may be utilized as an ideal RV bathroom. It supplies a sanitary and environmentally-friendly way to waste disposal.

It is possible to use it on a ship, campground, RV, truck, or perhaps in-home as a substitute for your traditional toilet. We can not recommend this mobile bathroom enough solely predicated on exactly how successful it’s at obviously controlling and containing scents.

But, there are also some Small annoyances that You Might Have to deal with when using the product for example:

Spraying vinegar/water to wash off the pee out of the bowl just does not come near the effectiveness of the normal flushing system.

You’ll have to drain the fluids tank as frequently as possible.

Palm Springs Portable Toilet


  • Lightweight and portable; weighs significantly less than 10 lbs.
  • Has comprised handles for simple carrying.
  • Very simple to empty the holding tanks.
  • Perfectly located toilet seat height for most people.


  • Leaks may occur over time particularly in the freshwater tank.
  • Poorly constructed parts; the plastic flush manage can easily split.
  • The pull-lever flush method may be somewhat difficult to use and might need an excess force sometimes.

A somewhat bland design aside from the matte finish, the Palm Springs portable bathroom will find the task finished. It packs a whole lot of regular features that you’d expect in a flushable mobile, which is excellent information in the event you want to replace some of its components later on.

It is relatively inexpensive and functional, however, the cost-cutting does bring up a couple of issues. The pull-lever for your flushing process isn’t too user-friendly and you might be asked to flush severally to wash off the solids from the bowl.

SereneLife Portable Toilet


  • Includes a piston pump flushing system.
  • Has an included carrying case.
  • It has large-capacity tanks.
  • Made from durable high-density Polyethylene.
  • Secures the components closely and disassembles easily when required.


  • Leaks may occur in the water pump.
  • The draining spout is inconveniently situated in the very best.
  • The chair is somewhat small for a lot of people.

A piston pump flush along with the no-splash draining spout are all reasons enough to opt for this item. However, this portable camping toilet packs a few more adorable features and conveniences like the level index on the tank and also the 3-way flush mechanics.

The SereneLife’s merchandise is well-constructed and a fantastic purchase for anybody looking for a flushable mobile toilet.

Leopard Outdoor T-Type Travel Toilet


  • Includes a 3-directional flush method that effectively cleans the waste.
  • Includes a sturdy build and weight-bearing capacity because of the raw material and the broad base.
  • User-friendly, clean, and get rid of waste.
  • Has a sealed valve to prevent leakages and scents
  • Has handles both the top and bottom pockets therefore very mobile.


  • The bathroom lacks signs for new water and waste container levels.
  • The waste hauling compartment lacks a suitable draining spout hence a little disagreeable whilst draining using entrance spout.

Improvements on the Leopard Outdoor bathroom are extremely much warranted as the bathroom is now simpler to work with than ever before. A dependable, portable, and simple to wash are features that readily develop into an understatement if you dig deeper to the bathroom.

It will have a couple of minor drawbacks, but they’re nothing you can not work on the market.

Best Choice Products Portable Toilet


  • Minimal assembly required and both quite simple to use.
  • Outstanding flushing system which guarantees a rapid, clean flush each moment.
  • Has an ideally-situated and comfy seat.
  • It has a water-saving attribute.


  • Leaks can also happen over time.
  • The chair nevertheless falls short of expectations for many male users.
  • Gets quite heavy when full.

An overall consensus among the critics of this finest Choice Products’ mobile toilet is the reliability and durability of this product are especially preceding levels. In addition, it has various useful features essential to resist the outside without trading off an excessive amount of relaxation and advantage.

Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty Toilet


  • It has removable compartments so easy to clean and empty.
  • It has a bigger bathroom seat acceptable for plumpy men also.
  • Multi-directional flush piston.
  • Simple to see the flush water and waste tank levels.


  • Its raw material is low-quality plastic.
  • Makes a lot of noise whilst flushing.
  • Lacks pour-out spout for directing waste whilst draining.

All in all, the Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty Model is a reasonable brand with several impressive features. Aside from some misgivings like an insufficient pour-out spout, being plastic-made, and making sounds while flushing, this brand has many outstanding features that will make you impressed.

It’s, especially noteworthy, convenient for clumsy people because it’s a massive toilet chair. Its individual compartments make it effortless to clean and empty. A two-directional flush piston produces this toilet likable on account of this high-level cleanliness it may preserve of itself.

Green Elephant Portable Toilet Seat


  • Lightweight, easily portable, and foldable.
  • Has a standard-sized bathroom chair.
  • Very Sturdy.


  • Short for a few people.
  • Collapsing down it might require a little additional work.

Together with the Green Elephant’s toilet chair, you can say goodbye to squatting or digging holes onto the floor when replying to your character calls from the wild. The chair heavily leans on performance instead of makeup and is going to be a godsend for hikers and distribute campers.

Reliance Products Fold-to-Go Portable Toilet


  • Sturdy frame and legs.
  • Very lightweight and mobile.
  • Has a comfortable dual doodie bag.
  • Safe locking mechanism for those legs.


  • Tricky leg locking mechanisms.
  • Low profile prestige.

Some minor problems could pop up once you utilize the Fold-to-Go bathroom for your very first moment. Particularly, the bathroom is 3-4 inches shorter than your typical toilet and its own locking mechanism requires some exercise until one gets used to it.

The bathroom constitutes for the aforementioned inefficiencies by incorporating quality construction material which can see it function for more than only a couple of decades.

Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Portable Folding Toilet


  • Collapsible having a carrying handle for simple portability.
  • Fantastic weight bearer; weight evaluation – 500 pounds.
  • Made from heavy-duty, durable cloth.
  • Comfortable toilet chair.
  • Mesh tote to hold waste fittings is included.


  • Slightly heavier in comparison to other cushioned baths.
  • Requires the use of goodie bags that will force you to incur extra expenses.
  • Leg release isn’t that all hassle-free.
Preview Product Rating Price
Cleanwaste Portable Toilet w/ 1 Waste Kit (D119PET) Cleanwaste Portable Toilet w/ 1 Waste Kit (D119PET) $82.58

Now you could ask: is your Cleanwaste devoid of any difficulties? The solution to this is a definite”No”. The waste luggage, aside from costing very some dollars, is a little uncomfortable to take care of. However, with practice, you’ll get used to the act.

The Cleanwaste Toilet is thicker compared to other comparable bathrooms. Much because it features a trendy briefcase-like layout to better its compactness and portability, you’ll need to keep with its 7-pound weight reduction. Perhaps not the best of backpacking bathrooms definitely but advocated for car camping.

Route Bum 3-in-1 Toilet Seat


  • It can be utilized in three settings.
  • Includes a sturdy and lightweight aluminum frame,
  • Ultra-light and among the greatest backpacking bathrooms.


  • The toilet seat’s height is far shorter than the conventional edition.
  • The 3-in-1 forms are for the most part overkill.

The capacity to set up the device into three distinct forms can look like a gimmick at first but maybe a lifesaver, particularly when you’re a one-person celebration. The Path Bum 3-in-1 succeeds in packing the many features into a light, compact arrangement.

Hovermaster Hands-Free Portable Camping Toilet


  • The most lightweight mobile bathroom.
  • Delivers the stated hands-free experience.
  • Made from sturdy materials; powerful enough to support heavyweight.


  • Requires digging a pit under and collection of this waste if necessary.
  • Cleaning up after usage can be particularly dicey.

The Hovermaster 4000 places to check your balancing art and may easily result in a gag gift. But when a character does phone and your bidet bathroom is out of reach then it is time to whip out the Hovermaster 4000 and presume your squat or seated posture.


The Dometic 2. 6-gallon portable bathroom is a whole adult-sized bathroom with an elongated chair. The entire body of this bathroom consists of exceptionally durable ABS, which resists scratches. The wash water flush mechanism is primed with a hand pump and also to flush all that’s required is that the press of a button to bring the water along with a handle drains the waste to the storage tank.

Preview Product Rating Price
Dometic 301097202 970 Series Portable Toilet - Tan, 2.6 Gallon Dometic 301097202 970 Series Portable Toilet - Tan, 2.6 Gallon No ratings yet

Each pressurized flush utilizes about 1 pint of water. A prismatic level index shows how complete the tank suggests when it requires emptying. To make emptying easier the there is an extra-long spout and air compressor.


Preview Product Rating Price
Porta Potti White Thetford Corp Porta Potti White Thetford Corp No ratings yet

The Porta Potti Curve takes a look that’s much more comfortable in a house bathroom as opposed to the frequently square layout utilized for mobile toilets. The waste capability is 5.5 gallons using a freshwater reservoir of 4 gallons. The flush method, which will be enough for approximately 55 flushes, is a battery, controlled through a button. The chair is made for relaxation so the total height is a bit higher than some mobile toilets. The bathroom comes with an incorporated toilet roll holder. To empty, there’s a massive capacity spout which, when vacant, is sealed off with a cap.


Preview Product Rating Price
5 GAL Portable Camp Toilet Camping Flush Potty 5 GAL Portable Camp Toilet Camping Flush Potty No ratings yet

As its name implies, this portable bathroom has a 5-gallon waste capability, so it requires draining less often. The device is completely self-contained using all the waste device held in place with rustproof clips. The bathroom has a 3-gallon capacity freshwater tank for flushing. The flush is run by a push button. The bathroom has a full-sized seat that’s capable of carrying a weight of up 440 pounds. The drain valve is sealed to avoid the leakage of any waste liquid out of scents. To create moving the comprehensive toilet simpler, there are just two strong carrying handles.


The 41541 bathroom has a 5.3-gallon waste capability along with a freshwater tank using a 2.5-gallon capacity. When empty the bathroom only weighs 11 pounds but is still powerful enough to support a weight of 330 pounds. The flush mechanism is run by a hand-pumped bellows system. There’s a sliding valve that opens to let waste to them afterward and seals subsequently to avoid any leakage of liquid and scents. To empty the bathroom, the freshwater tanks, and also the chair unclip in the waste tank which may subsequently be taken for draining.


This is a really compact yet sturdy portable bathroom that measures less than 15″ in height, width, and thickness. With a small footprint, most users have commented on how secure the bathroom is. Though it weighs significantly less than 9 lbs., it may take up to 350 pounds. In weight.

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Stansport 4B Portable Folding Camp or Travel Toilet Stansport 4B Portable Folding Camp or Travel Toilet $20.99

This bathroom uses the disposable insulated tote, a method for eliminating waste as opposed to a water flush method. Since it’s a less intricate system compared to water flush kind mobile bathrooms the cost reflects that. This bathroom usually only includes a single disposable tote, so it’s well worth buying extra bags when purchasing this bathroom.


The Hassock mobile is, in fact, lightweight, it weighs just 5 pounds. Yet can adopt an individual weighing up to 300 pounds. The bathroom includes a contoured seat for extra comfort and an interior splash cover along with a toilet roll holder included. The bathroom uses the tote disposal method as opposed to a water flush. The lid isn’t securable, therefore the bathroom bag has to be emptied prior to hauling to prevent the dangers of a wreck. As usual, using bagged mobile bathrooms, this just includes a single bag so don’t forget to purchase extra ones when you purchase the bathroom.


The 6210 portable bathroom has a waste capacity of 5 gallons and utilizes freshwater, kept in a 3.2-gallon tank, to flush out. The bathroom is self-contained in 1 piece and includes a carrying handle for simple transportation. The waste container is held in position on the entire body by corrosion-resistant latches. The waste container is sealed between flushes having a dual-sealed valve to prevent any leakages of liquid or scents. To empty, unclip the garbage container in the remainder of the bathroom. The waste tank includes a broad spout allowing easy emptying.

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Century 6210 5-Gallon Portable Toilet Century 6210 5-Gallon Portable Toilet No ratings yet

Be aware – a few of our readers have remarked that when the bathroom foundation is vacant and the flush water tank is complete, the bathroom can be somewhat unstable.

Zimmer Portable Toilet for RV Campers

Zimmer Portable Toilet for RV CampersLike many RV bathrooms, this one gets the exact same normal construction: a chair on which you’ll be able to stand, a garbage container where the waste goes (which can be a water tank), and also another tank where the waste is sealed.

This mobile bathroom can hold 3 liters of water and 5 gallons of waste. What’s more, the 2 tanks have been sealed by means of a valve and isolated from one another, meaning that the smells will not be coming out.

It does not include its deodorizer, however, you can buy it individually and add it into the tank. It will give an excess advantage of freshness.

Thetford Portable Toilet 320P for RV

This mobile bathroom was supposed to boost relaxation and convenience when you are camping with your RV. Possessing a durable and streamlined construction, it will easily maintain your weight as you’re going down along with your small business.

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Thetford Porta POTTI 320P (D) Thetford Porta POTTI 320P (D) No ratings yet $189.00

It might not be collapsible, however, it is still quite easy to move even when the waste container is complete. Due to its ergonomic carrying handle, it is easy to transfer it from 1 spot to another, with no distress.

What’s more, the flush method will make sure that the waste remains dispersed, preventing any prospective backsplashes as the most important waste tank is drained.

TripTips Portable Folding Toilet

RVers understand that the storage area is at a premium, even at the biggest and most luxurious rigs in the marketplace. If it comes to smaller travel trailers? There is less space to squander.

That is the reason why your waste receptacle ideally must take the smallest possible footprint. And that is the reason why this bucket bathroom is indeed good: not only can it be small while it is set up, it folds down much bigger, and is readily liable with regular 6-8 gallon garbage bags to make doing your company on the road a breeze.

VINGLI Upgraded Portable 5.3 Gallon Flushing Camping Toilet

Here is the Cadillac of camping bathrooms, in our estimation. With a solid design and flush capacity, the VINGLI mobile camping toilet is a wonderful way to answer nature’s call. Like the Camco variant recorded above, the VINGLI bathroom has different flush and waste carrying tanks and can be fillable through a normal water hose. Its piston-style flush causes for a cleaner bowl than other kinds of mobile flush toilets, and also its bigger tank means that you may go longer between needing to do the dirty job of cleaning it all out.

Its construction of high-density polyethylene means that you don’t need to be worried about leaks or scents, yet, including substances to the tank can genuinely help freshen up things. On top of that, this capacity is super mobile, with a handy carrying handle and a tote to keep your mobile toilet streamlined, discreet, and all set.

Stansport 4B Portable Folding Camp or Travel Toilet

From time to time, simple is better. And if you concur, this mobile folding journey bathroom may be just the thing. It is about as straightforward as it gets, actually: it is hardly more than a toilet seat attached into a garbage bag. But it may beat moving in the forests and it is available for under $20 on Amazon.

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Stansport 4B Portable Folding Camp or Travel Toilet Stansport 4B Portable Folding Camp or Travel Toilet $20.99

The installation includes six totes, though replacements can also be easily available. It folds up small for simple storage when you are not using it, and conveys a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

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