Top 15 Best Travel Blanket 2020 Review

Top 15 Best Travel Blanket 2020 Review

If you’re wondering exactly what the best travel blankets is? You’re in the ideal spot. In this informative article, we’ll discover a few of the features of traveling blankets, the reason you need to own one, the way to select and use, costs, and more. So without further ado, let us talk about the ideal travel blankets for planes.

A traveling blanket is a tiny bit of tranquil oasis that is really yours – and a blanket that you just use while traveling. A travel blanket differs from a normal full-size blanket that you use in your home – on your bedrooms. We’ll go into more detail below.

Top 15 Best Travel Blanket Brands - best travel blanket for airplane

Top 15 Best Travel Blanket Brands

Bestseller No. 5
Cloudz Fleece Travel Blanket - Pink
Super Large 50" x 60" Soft & Cozy Fleece Blanket.; Stay Warm & Cozy Anywhere. Great for Home, or On the Go. Indoors or Out!
Bestseller No. 8
Comfort Plus 3-in-1 Premium Travel Blanket (Charcoal)
Luxurious non-pilling 200 gram microfleece provides luxurious all season comfort.; Adjustable travel strap for easy hands-free carrying convenience
Bestseller No. 10
Cloudz Compact Travel Blanket - Charcoal
By Clöudz - A Trusted Brand; Available in a variety great of colors!!; Stay Warm and Cozy while Traveling, at Home, or enjoying the Outdoors.

Cabeau Twist and Go Traveling and Throw Blanket

In 36″ x 60″ (91.5 x 152.5 centimeters), this blanket must prove to be big enough for many travelers. But it might not be broad enough for some people to wrap themselves entirely, so this really is something to remember if you’d like a blanket which will make you feel at home.

Due to this French microfiber material, it is made from, this blanket is the very definition of softness. The material ensures that there will be no itching, and it’ll provide superb comfort throughout your travels if you use it as a blanket or even as a cushion.

There are two colors to select from, however, the accessible blue and charcoal designs ought to be adequate since these will be the colours of the chairs on many airlines.

The blanket is quite mild at significantly less than 11 oz, but it nevertheless manages to be somewhat warm despite its reduced weight. Care is straightforward since it is possible to throw the blanket in the washing machine when it needs cleaning.

It takes no dedicated room in your bag since it includes a microfiber carrying case where it folds very easily, and it is simple to attach it to another piece of luggage. This instance allows you to utilize it like a cushion or as a cushion for lumbar support. If you are out there for an easy, lightweight, and warm blanket, then you want to look no more.

Cocoon Coolmax Blanket

The very first thing that makes me give this blanket a dual thumbs-up is its big dimensions. I’ve used other blankets, but I really like how this is bigger than all others. It comes in 50 x 70 inches and weighs only 11 ounces, this compact traveling walker will keep you completely covered.

You may even become ample space for a while with your spouse or nearest and dearest.

The Cocoon Coolmax blanket is such a streamlined traveling blanket, you can certainly set it in your car back, carry-on bag, or backpack since it is useful on these 12 hours traveling.

Preview Product Rating Price
Cocoon CoolMax Blanket Cocoon CoolMax Blanket No ratings yet

Added its drawstring means that you may take advantage of this blanket for a cape poncho.

Its 100% Polyester, slim and does not produce static. The Cocoon Coolmax blanket functions as a fantastic travel blanket for aeroplanes.

You can even fold the blanket before using this blanket for a pillow.

The Coolmax travel walker includes a drawstring bag it is possible to keep it after usage and the cost varies based on the color.

Lewis N’ Clark Micro-plush Blanket

Among the coolest things about the Lewis N’ Clark blanket is it is made from 100% polyester. This signifies is that it is unlikely to shed its shape and can be durable.

It’s stronger than any wool or cotton-mix constructed blanket. Lewis N’ Clark Microplush blanket is among the very best compact traveling blankets on the marketplace as it has its own compression strap which permits you to take it as a bit of luggage.

Preview Product Rating Price
Lewis N. Clark Microplush Blanket, Burgundy Lewis N. Clark Microplush Blanket, Burgundy No ratings yet $17.98

This journey blanket is designed for airline sizing specifications and could be wrapped up into a compact size for simple travel. Making it a fantastic aeroplane blanket.

Lewis N’ Clark Microplush is 37 x 62 inches and comes in two distinct colors.

Vera Bradley Travel Blanket

The compactly sized blanket is quite much travel-friendly. The high-quality cloth liner makes this thing sturdy and comfortable to use. In addition, the product has 100% soft polyester microfleece substance constructions. This blanket comprises a trolley sleeve along with also a folding pillow pocket. This vibrant blanket to decorate your house, office, and everywhere you would like to take it. The travel blanket provides peaceful sleep each moment.

This lightweight product is also perfect for traveling and packaging. In addition, this blanket makes a perfect gift for the traveling fans. The product is easily machine washable. The fade-resistant substance of the blanket makes it seem brand after each wash. Even, you may use it as a throw blanket.

BlueHills Travel Blanket

Made from high quality, ultra-soft fabric, this traveling blanket provides you with sufficient warmth and relaxation. This blanket can also be excellent for the office, house, throw, and aviation or train travel. Furthermore, this blanket comes at a miniature luxury, minuscule carrying case. After the blanket is interior of this situation, you may use it as a neck pillow too.

The handbag compartment of the case also permits easy transportability. Additional it is possible to easily match this compactly sized blanket on your packed up countertops. With the backpack or carabiner, it is possible to easily hang on the carrying instance of the blanket to get stress-free portability. This product is readily washable also.

World’s Greatest Cozy-Soft Microfleece Travel Blanket

The name may lean somewhat heavily on superlatives, but the World’s Best Cozy Soft Microfleece Blanket will position as among Amazon’s Choice products, using a legion of favorable reviews. The cost certainly helps that score, but you get a whole lot of features for such a little price tag. The 50 x 60-inch blanket is constructed of plush polyester fleece knit, which is soft and comfortable against the skin.

Preview Product Rating Price
World's Best Cozy-Soft Microfleece Travel Blanket, 50 x 60 Inch, Navy World's Best Cozy-Soft Microfleece Travel Blanket, 50 x 60 Inch, Navy No ratings yet $10.99

It is not the priciest travel blanket on the market, but at just 14.2 oz, it ought to be easy to haul. It is also system wash-friendly and comes in a lot of color choices, from conventional solids to amazing, trendy patterns like polka dots, aqua-blue zig-zags, pink checkerboards, plus a cheetah or zebra print – so if you are en route to an African shore, you have choices.

Matador Pocket Blanket

Marketed as an ultra-clean clean, dry area to sit the Matador Pocket Blanket also can double as a plane blanket at a pinch. You will surely want something warmer in colder climates, but the HyperLyte Nylon fabric will add a little bit of heat, with a lace cloth finish to stop sticking to the skin. And it is also water and puncture resistant.

Folded outside, it ensures 63 x 44 inches, enough space for two to four adults also includes built-in rust-proof metallic corner bets which also function as weights. These bets, paired together with all the sand pockets, help tie things down on windy days. The design onto the unfolded blanket is made to help you re-fold the blanket and then put it in the incorporated carrying pouch.

Ironically, it is not likely to provide the comfy refuge you might want to fight aggressive air conditioning, but for outside traveling actions – music festivals, picnics, biking and biking, the shore – it is perfect. It won’t consume up much room in your package (or freight pocket) and weighs just 3.8 ounces.

Bosa Cozy-Soft Lightweight Travel Blanket

Tall travelers will love this blanket due to its dimensions. In 67″ x 43″ (170 x 109 cm), this blanket needs to be big enough for anyone’s needs. And despite its substantial dimensions, it neatly folds to a little 5.9″ x 8.6″ (15 x 22 cm) carrying tote.

A remarkably mild 70-30 mixture of pure bamboo fiber and cotton (the blanket is made from ) is accountable to the blanket weighing greater than two ounces (57 g ). Additionally, the material is more resistant, resistant to pilling, and should not lead to any build-up of static power.

Preview Product Rating Price
Cozy-Soft Travel Blanket Compact Lightweight Portable with Bag (Navy Blue) Cozy-Soft Travel Blanket Compact Lightweight Portable with Bag (Navy Blue) No ratings yet $24.99

There are only 3 designs to select from, however, the colors (navy blue, light blue, and grey ) will not be out of place in several trains or airplanes. Irrespective of the color you select, you may be sure it will not fade away because of washing.

The blanket is extremely simple since its principal objective would be to be as mild as possible. Therefore, you won’t discover anything too fancy concerning features. The edges are folded over and stitched to boost the durability of this blanket and stop some ripping. Beyond this, the bundle will include the previously mentioned carrying tote, though it’s worth mentioning the carrying case is made of amazingly large quality and includes a zipper at the top for closing. This is the best travel blanket for airplane.


Blue Hills Premium blanket is a gorgeous travel blanket composed of amazingly soft micro plush cloth. It’s hot and makes for an ideal companion for long haul flights and layovers. The travel blanket is large enough to protect you from neck to foot. A fantastic alternative for tall travelers also.

This superior traveling blanket comes in a zippered case to put away the blanket. When not being used, you can use the pouch for a traveling pillowcase to break on. The pouch includes a handbag compartment – ideal for scooters and carry-on suitcases. Additionally, it has a rear clip to attach to a carabiner for a backpack. This is a great feature for carrying out the blanket on lifts or trains too.

Because of Its supple and luxurious texture, you can use this blanket as a throw blanket in-home or workplace

Blue Hills Premium travel blanket is machine washable. It measures 60 inches x 43 inches.

Pembrook Travel Blanket

The ultra-soft coral microfleece of the blanket lets you have a cozy feeling even when you’re traveling. This blanket can also be excellent for house, sofa, love seat or a bunk mattress. In addition, you may take this product to the workplace, during aviation or train travel. This blanket is the best travel pillow and blanket for your pets too. The classy-looking cover is completely travel-friendly.

This throw blanket additionally provides enough heat to get a fantastic sleep in the cold. In addition, this cover perfectly matches all of your house décors. The product is readily machine washable and doesn’t pill. You may even fall dry this thing in heat. This really is a fade-resistant blanket for travel.

Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket

When Rumpl attracted the puffy coat trend to blankets, it put off a brand new gear-centric arms race into outdoor-friendly blankets. And Rumpl still rules the roost. Just take the Original Puffy Blanket, which uses the technician materials usually found in sleeping bags and puffy to earn a blanket that is durable enough for extensive, outdoor use, and trendy, (and comfy ) sufficient for use in your home.

The exterior is constructed from weather-resistant 20D ripstop nylon with DWR treatment to purify water off, dirt, odor, pet hair, and other debris, while the inner baffles utilize synthetic insulation for heat and a little bit of welcome cushioning by the hard surfaces of the planet.

Even better (at least from an aesthetic standpoint ), the baffle stitching follows an extremely design-forward approach that takes its inspiration from the images of a topographical map. It comes with a stuff sack, and its lowest variant (30 by 40 inches) weighs just 2.1 lbs. Sizes range between a 30 x 40-inch Junior all of the way till a two-person blanket which steps out at a whopping 88 x 84 inches.


Travelrest 4-in-1 travel blanket is a flexible blanket. It’s composed of superior coral fleece. The most special thing about this soft microfleece travel blanket is the fact that it’s a poncho-style, meaning that the blanket won’t slide off or slide when you’re sleeping.

The blanket is known as 4-in-1 because it could be worn just like a poncho and comforter, can be utilized for lumbar support or as a cushion. Additionally, it will come with Velcro to attach your trip blanket into your carry-on. The best class travel walker is lightweight and small to fit within a medium-size bag also. It is easily folded into a zippered pocket that includes it.

The blanket is machine washable and is an adequate size in 40 inches x 72 inches.


Lug Nap Sac is a gorgeous little size traveling blanket, composed of fleece. The traveling blanket measures 35 inches x 46 inches. This blanket is ideal for miniature travelers. Use this in your global travels on replicate, since the fleece is super soft and incredibly durable. No worries if you forgot to pack a neck pillow, then this blanket includes another pillowcase, which can be inflatable in moments.

Preview Product Rating Price
Lug Nap Sac Blanket and Pillow, Fog Grey Lug Nap Sac Blanket and Pillow, Fog Grey No ratings yet $27.06

The blanket is totally packable and the blanket and the pillow slip to a zippered pocket of its own. It’s also quite light and may be attached to a backpack or carry-on.

It’s machine washable too and comes in many different colors. It is available in a number of colors such as flowery and other shades.

Tirrinia Portable Travel Micro Mink Fleece Poncho Blanket

In 60″ x 40″ (152.5 x 101.5 cm), this poncho-style blanket will probably be big enough for many travelers no matter how they choose to use it. When you package it into the carrying bag, it may function as a comfy and decent-sized pillow in 13″ x 12″ (33 x 30.5 cm).

We’ve featured a number of fleece blankets within this listing, and all of them had something in common: they’re very tender and very hot. This Micro mink fleece blanket is no exception since it shares these commonalities.

As an extra incentive, buyers have reported that there isn’t any build-up of static power even after long intervals. Together with these positive attributes, it’s very important to mention it is one of the thicker blankets on this listing, weighing approximately 1 lb (450 g ).

You will not be overwhelmed with the number of layout possibilities available, because there are just three. Nonetheless, the good color grey-blue and light grey designs will not be out of place in an airport or plane.

This blanket is meant for use for a poncho, therefore it’s a huge opening to your mind which will stop it from falling away. There’s additionally one zipper-closed front pocket that’s ideal for storing smaller things such as a smartphone.

To make it easier to take the blanket, it is possible to fold it in a built-in carrying bag that can easily be attached to a bag for much easier carrying.

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BlueHills Premium Soft Travel Blanket

Though travel blanket and pillow set best are all appropriate to flying, the BlueHills Premium Soft Travel Blanket takes matters further with its added soft carrying case, which also acts as a cushion. Even more, once the blanket is saved from the 11.5 x 10-inch circumstance, its own handbag compartment may attach to a bag handle for simple transportation throughout the airport.

Its contained carabiner backpack also lets you attach it into a backpack, handbag, or any other bag. Apart from convenience, the traveling blanket is constructed from soft micro plush fabric to keep you comfortable on long flights. It measures 60 x 43 inches folded, making it ideal as a throw blanket in your home.

What To Search For in a Compact Travel Blanket

With all these choices available on the current market, it can be tricky to determine which travel walker will work best for you personally.

First, consider your trip style and relaxation. If you are always cold, then consider seeking the most effective heated travel blanket. Others do not require a super heavy blanket in order that they ought to be on the watch for mid-weight choices.

Some traveling blankets have other applications too. Some can function as a travel neck pillow as well as provide lumbar support. These blankets normally have some kind of reference “4-in-1” in their title to draw attention to how they are somewhat different from normal traveling blankets.

Traveling blankets may be used on planes, trains, buses, for road trips, or perhaps for just hanging out on your hotel, hostel, or even Airbnb. Various blankets have various pros and cons. Consider which sort of trips you are inclined to take. If you are going to be backpacking, then you certainly do not wish to carry around a heavy blanket. But if you are heading into the City of Lights and also will get off the airplane and head directly to one of Paris’ finest hotels, then weight is not as important.

If you are more of an airplane, train, or bus traveler than a carrying case is probably going to be quite significant since it is likely to make hauling it simpler. If you adore road-tripping and something such as caravanning in the united kingdom is the fantasy, then a carrying case is not as significant since it’s possible to leave it lying around at the vehicle or RV.

As soon as you’ve figured out your traveling style and character, consider these items below to determine which sort of blanket will work the best for you and your experiences.

1. Durability

An excellent travel blanket should endure for some time. Do not be overly swayed by the cost as you don’t want to wind up with a minimal excellent blanket. Be cautious of things such as quality sewed advantages and resistance to ripping and pilling.

2. Ease of Use / Shipping

When you are on the move, you do not wish to create anything more complex than it must be. Consider how readily the blanket rolls up and how simple it’s to shop as you are not using it. Some blankets have a carrying case and many others do not. Some blankets are created in a poncho design so that they remain in position simpler than regular blankets. Consider your travel style and what is likely to be convenient for you.

3. Machine Washable

Machine washable blankets are normally the easiest to clean, however, based upon the material you select, you might not have this alternative.

4. Substance

This will have a sizable influence on the heat and comfort of this quilt, the two main facts to consider prior to purchasing. The three most frequent substances are down fleece and polyester.

Down – Many blankets will include a duck down which is well known for its warmth.

Fleece – These are often created from a sort of polyester, however, they feel like wool. Typically fleece is a thicker and thicker material, however, there are thinner and lighter ones made especially for traveling.

Polyester – Probably the most common substance used in traveling blankets, the substance is proven to be more lightweight and durable. In some blankets that the polyester is mixed with other materials like nylon.

5. Size

It is vital to be certain that the blanket covers you and packs up easily. Notably, for taller folks, be conscious of the dimensions before you acquire a blanket.

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There are various applications of traveling blankets just like it is possible to set them on your body when you’re in your vehicle or perhaps a plane. If you’re camping, you are able to spread it on the floor to sleep it over. In the same way, if you’ve got sensitive skin, you can spread it on the mattress of this resort you’re staying to steer clear of unhygienic troubles. There are various kinds of travel blanket substances accessible beginning from polyester to fleece and also. Proceed through the product description to comprehend and select accordingly.

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