Top 30 Best RV Surge Protector Review In 2020

best RV surge protector brands

When you join your RV into a power source with an RV park, lots of things can occur from such unfamiliar power sockets which may harm your RV’s electrical system and maybe even fry your electronic equipment. A very simple and inexpensive approach to protect against this is to discover the ideal RV surge protector to your RV.

An RV surge protector will protect your electronics from several problems brought on by malfunctioning power sockets. The voltage might be too low, or so the socket may unexpectedly provide a massive surge of power like in the event of a lightning attack.

Every one of these problems will lead to damage to your RV that is costly and troublesome to fix and replace. Keep reading My Trail Company will help you to find out the best RV surge protector.

What's the RV Surge Protector - best rv 30 amp surge protector low voltage and high voltage

What’s the RV Surge Protector?

An RV surge protector is a device that you plug in the energy supply on the campground, and then you’d plug your RV’s cable to the surge protector.

This surge protector protects your RV’s electrical system out of any problems coming from the power socket. By way of instance, the power socket may be wired wrongly or its own voltage may be too low. In the event of a lightning strike, the socket might provide a surprising electric spike for your RV.

Ever since your RV’s appliances call for a consistent degree of voltage to function safely, everyone these problems will cause a mess on your electronic equipment. Simply speaking, an RV surge protector keeps your electronic equipment secure.

An RV surge protector is like an insurance for the electronic equipment.

How Can an RV Surge Protector Work?

An RV surge protector generally detects and shuts down as soon as the power source is at dangerously high or low degrees, thus not permitting this problematic electrical supply enters your own RV and power that your electronic equipment.

This is an easy yet super powerful mechanism.

There are various sorts of RV surge protector. You’ll discover the pricier ones that provide much more comprehensive protection to your RV.

Different types of Surge Protectors

There are two sorts of RV surge protectors using unique degrees of protection. While an RV surge protector provides a bit less protection and costs significantly less, an RV digital management system provides broader insurance against electric injuries, thus it is significantly more expensive.

Nevertheless, which kind is your very best surge protector for rv to your RV is dependent upon what you require. Both are well worth the price that you pay for them.

RV Surge Protector

An RV surge protector usually protects your RV’s electrical system out of higher-than-normal voltage and abrupt electrical surge, thus the title of this gadget. This is similar to an entry-level protective apparatus, is considered by several first-time RV owners.

RV Electronic Management System (EMS)

An RV EMS can protect your RV’s electronics from a variety of electric problems, including electricity surge, low voltage, higher voltage, along with other common problems like overheating plug or receptacle, reverse polarity, high neutral, open floor and miswired power socket.

This is comprehensive protection, thus it’s well worth the cost if you’re a full-time RVer. While an EMS is rather the best surge protector for RV, then you ought to make a determination according to your budget and your camping requirements.

Virtually All RVers know about the danger of electricity surges: abrupt fluctuations in the present that concurrently cause considerable damages to unprotected electric systems and pose considerable fire dangers

By possessing such a device, the electrical system of your RV and your personal electronic equipment needs to be well-protected from the dreaded power surges.

How to Select the Best RV Surge, Protector

When you’ve determined whether to find an entry-level RV surge protector or the extensive RV digital management program based on what you need, picking the ideal RV surge protector or deciding upon the ideal EMS is really simple.

30 amp or 50 amp

Your RV’s electric system will generally be a 30 amp service or even a 50 amp services. The way to know which best rv surge protector 30 amp has? Examine the sort of plugs on your RV: 30-amp plugs have three hooks, and 50-amp backpacks have four.

The latest RVs and trailers normally arrive with a 50 amp service, whereas the old ones include a 30 amp services. Generally, a 30 amp service is significantly more prevalent is smaller RVs with fewer appliances that consume power.

To begin with, pick the RV surge protector or EMS that fits with your RV’s electrical system. In case you’ve got a 30 amp service, then pick a surge protector that is for 30-amp RVs. If your RV has a 50 amp service, then decide on a surge protector for 50-amp RVs.

Mobile or permanent

The mobile RV surge protector is exactly what you would ordinarily encounter. You’d plug the mobile RV surge protector to the power socket at the campground, then plug your RV’s cable to the surge protector.

A permanent RV surge protector is wired inside your RV.

To select the very best rv surge protector 50 amp, consider every kind’s pros and cons.

A mobile RV surge protector doesn’t require installation and can easily be replaced when it gets fried while still protecting your electronic equipment. But being mobile means it may get stolen if you don’t have up it, which necessitates buying another lock.

Other cons include it is quite simple to overlook it in the campground. In the event the power socket is too low, you may need to depart the surge protector on the floor. If the floor is moist, this isn’t suggested.

By comparison, a hardwired surge protector is part of your RV and can’t be stolen. You won’t have some problem in poor weather and will not ever need to leave the surge protector on moist ground.

But, installation is complex and requires expertise. If you are a first-time RV owner, most probably you are going to need to have a mechanic to install it to you. Setup also means should you sell your RV, you are also promoting the surge protector to it and cannot keep it to your next RV.

It’s possible to discover an RV surge protector for $100 and over, while an EMS can cost from $250 to $500. Consider the amount of money and time they could save, their cost is really not just”costly”.

If you are a full-time RVer, then getting your electronics ruined is expensive and annoying. Be wise and find the very best 50 amp rv surge protector to hedge against the possibility of electric issues brought on by the campground’s electricity sockets. Happy camping and secure driving with our comprehensive guides.

Best RV Surge Protector - best lock for a rv surge protector

The best RV surge protector brands

SaleBestseller No. 1
Portable RV Surge Protector Portable EMS-PT30X RV Surge Protector
Weather Resistant/designed for Outdoor Use; Security Locking Bracket. Designed for recreational vehicle use only
SaleBestseller No. 2
Camco PowerDefender Circuit Analyzer with Integrated Surge Protection and Indicator Lights - 30 Amp Male to 30 Amp Female (55310)
RV Electrical Protection: Protects your electrical equipment from power surges; Integrated Surge Protection: Up to 1,050 Joules
Bestseller No. 3
Southwire Company LLC 44380 Surge Guard 30A Portable
Brand: Southwire Company LLC; Part Number: 44380
SaleBestseller No. 4
Hughes Autoformer BX4370 Power Watch Dog 30 AMP Surge Protector (PWD30)
Fit type: Universal Fit; Easy grip handles; Very Light Weight - 3 lbs.; 30 amp portable Surge Protection
SaleBestseller No. 5
Hughes Autoformer 303305050-1 Power Watch Dog 50 AMP Surge Protector (PWD50)
Fit type: Universal Fit; Easy grip handles; Very Light Weight - 5 lbs.; 50 amp portable Surge Protection
SaleBestseller No. 6
Hughes Autoformers PWD50-EPO Power Watchdog Smart Bluetooth Surge Protector Plus EPO with Auto Shutoff - 50 Amp Portable Version
4, 800 Joules of advanced surge protection; Built in 90 second power-on delay after a fault to protect your AC unit
Bestseller No. 7
Surge Guard 44260 Entry Level Portable Surge Protector - 30 Amp
Identifies faulty park power plus offers 2100 Joules of surge protection; Analyzes circuits to verify pedestal power
Bestseller No. 8
Surge Guard 44270 Entry Level Portable Surge Protector - 50 Amp
Identifies faulty park power plus offers 4200 Joules of surge protection; Analyzes circuits to verify pedestal power
Bestseller No. 9
Surge Guard 44280 Portable Surge Protector - 120V, 30A,Black
UL listed surge protector designed to handle the high power consumption demands of RVers; Analyzes circuits to identify power supply status
Bestseller No. 10
Hughes Autoformers PWD30-EPO Power Watchdog Smart Bluetooth Surge Protector Plus EPO with Auto Shutoff - 30 Amp Portable Version
2, 400 Joules of advanced surge protection; Built in 90 second power-on delay after a fault to protect your AC unit

1. Progressive Industries SSP30X RV Surge Protector


  • Ampere: 30A
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Wattage: 3,600W
  • This Is The Greatest

Engineered for outside programs, Progressive Industries SSP30X is held in high esteem by RVers due to its exceptional endurance. Becoming weather-resistant, the Progressive Industries model performs admirably in a vast assortment of conditions that make it very elastic.

Along with this, the thermal tolerance of SSP30X appears to be next to none in its budget. Therefore, in case you would like the very best 30 amp rv surge protector concerning durability, Progressive Industries SSP30X is for you.

Packing an incorporated polarity professional, the explosion protector of Progressive Industries allows you to avoid frequent wiring errors such as inverse polarity, open floor and open neutral.

Preview Product Rating Price
Progressive Industries 313.1168 SSP30X Smart Surge Protector - 120V/30A Progressive Industries 313.1168 SSP30X Smart Surge Protector - 120V/30A No ratings yet $90.84

Employing the glowing LED indicators on SSP30X, you need to be able to decide if your current installation is great. As it is designed for a plug-and-play unit, Progressive Industries SSP30X features a simple, no-nonsense installment. In the majority of the instances, you might find the surge protector ready to go within a blink of an eye.

As a result of the usage of light but sturdy substances, the Progressive Industries apparatus is unmatched when it’s about portability.

As a brand new RV operator, it may be overpowering what’s a compulsory purchase and what’s wonderful to have. This product was recorded as a compulsory purchase, except to obtain this product at an RV parts shop that is far expensive. A number of my RV buddies highly recommended that product for its high quality and cost! I know for myself personally, I feel a whole lot more secure with this product once I plug my RV at Valve. I definitely would recommend this product. Good price too.


  • Sturdy pull handle
  • Undemanding installation
  • Versatile and flexible


  • Inconsistent performance between components
  • Customer support requires improvements

2. Progressive Industries SSP-30XL RV Surge Protector


  • Ampere: 30A
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Wattage: 3,600W

Why It Is An Editor’s Choice

Attracted from SSP30X but it seems undersized for your electric system of your RV? If this is true then SSP-30XL will be exactly what you want. Like its brother, Progressive Industries SSP-30XL is designed for the outside so that it’s capable of resisting the elements. What’s more, SSP-30XL also owns LED indicators on this which frighten RVers of wiring errors. Last but not the least, Every RVer from novices to experts may place the surge protector of Progressive Industries to utilize owing to the uncomplicated installation.

Boasting a blend of sturdy pull handle and procured locking bracket, SSP-30XL receive compliments from RV surge protector reviews for its strong handling features. It is a breeze for you to move the Progressive Industries version in place to spot without even needing much trouble. That’s the reason why about freedom, Progressive Industries SSP-30XL is undisputedly the best rv 30 amp surge protector these sorts of days. In terms of post-purchase support, Progressive Industries offers a lifetime warranty, which speaks volumes about the caliber of SSP-30XL.

Preview Product Rating Price
Progressive Industries SSP-30XL Surge Protector with Cover (30 Amp) Progressive Industries SSP-30XL Surge Protector with Cover (30 Amp) No ratings yet $102.67

Licensed by UL LLC, a renowned worldwide security certification firm, Progressive Industries SSP-30XL can guarantee a superb degree of security for consumers.

Purchased the 30amp version ( just has 825 Joule Rating) to get a 29-foot traveling trailer in February 2016. The face of the unit includes directions for the potential mild ( blue, green, red) mixes and a working guide for whenever the unit directions vanish. Surge protector includes a limited lifetime guarantee ( doesn’t cover weather shield) that’s only great as the Business financing the product, and may only be analyzed after the device has a problem.

This device includes a safety tab of soft alloy to fasten with chain and lock, but I think that it could be immediately defeated using a fantastic lineman’s pliers. Hardened steel could have been improved. I used a 7′ Kryptonite dual loop cable and also a Master lock to fasten the device against the rapid grab burglar, but this wouldn’t stop somebody using bolt cutters.

A reverse open weather protector is connected to the unit with 4 screws, a rubberized gasket forms a seal between the device and the weather protector. There’s not any gasket for the open shield, which may be a problem with snow or rain. It will have a rubber palm on the base of the protect ( cable entrance point) referred to as a splash shield to stop rain from hitting the floor and splashing into the device.

The surge protector is 14.5″ in duration, 5″ in diameter, and 5″ in thickness with all the weather protector attached. The device size fills the electricity base and this also prevents the door from properly shutting. This permits sunlight, snow, and rain to get direct contact with the unit. The RV Park Supervisor stated I could pay it with a garbage bag, however, I opted to protect the unit using a 12.00 Lowe’s crap could because the playground should read and charge for electricity usage. I can only hope that additional Managers are really easy moving.

This device was sent directly from the business from FedEx from its product box. A plain box could have been better to reduce theft when FedEx leaves your bundle unattended in your RV or home.

The product appears to be well constructed and expect to use it for a lengthy time ( full-time RV) of time with no problems.


  • Reasonable Price
  • Well, created and demanding
  • User-friendly interface


  • A Couple of RVers whine about guarantee claims
  • Lacks a reset function

3. Progressive Industries EMS-PT30X RV Surge Protector


  • Ampere: 30A
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Wattage: 12,000W

Why We Love It

As a result of the resilient home, Progressive Industries EMS-PT30X features remarkable thermal tolerance in contrast to the normal surge protectors. Willing to operate involving 40 and +105 degrees Celsius, the version of Progressive Industries stands out from other market versions as the perfect buy for intense temperatures.

Additionally, being waterproof, EMS-PT30X withstand torrential downpour without difficulty ordinarily. Overall, if you would like to hit the road in adverse weather, Progressive Industries EMS-PT30X is your very best rated 50 amp rv surge protector.

Concerning port, the Progressive Industries surge protector packs a digital screen so that you could tell if something occurs from the grounding, wiring,… Situated beneath the screen under transparent cover would be your socket of Progressive Industries EMS-PT30X, it lets connect the unit to your installation.

To ensure the surge protector remains in position, Progressive Industries gives a locking bracket that comes in handy in several scenarios. The device owns a convenient pull handle too to ease handling in the outside.

To reassure people about the build quality of EMS-PT30X, Progressive Industries provides customers with a lifetime guarantee. Meaning if your EMS-PT30X abruptly breaks down in usage because of manufacturing flaws, you need to be able to maintain a complimentary replacement.

Works as advertised. Confirms the electric circuit is functioning properly before permitting flow into your RV. It exhibits coils being consumed,o you understand if constraints have been surpassed. Just a tiny bulking, but manageable and whether it is created for outside use, I have a tendency to maintain a plastic bag within the plugged in the unit to ensure it is loose.

I use a couple of pad locks and a string with a single lock around the cable and the other end locked into the electrical. The delay of electrical flow after plugging in or an electric interruption ensures RV parts are protected. Have just used it for a few months and so far so great


  • Quick Delivery Support
  • Brilliant weather resistances
  • Secured locking bracket


  • High purchase Price
  • Several customers detect condensation beneath the electronic screen

4. Southwire Surge Guard 44280


  • Ampere: 30A
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Wattage: 3,600W

Why We Love It

While its evaluations appear to be unexceptional in contrast to other surge protectors, Southwire Surge Guard 44280 remains the best choice of RVers that worth cost-effectiveness. Utilizing strong, time-honored parts, the apparatus of Southwire is capable of lasting for several years on the street.

Additionally, 44280 is accompanied by a rather decent price so that you don’t need to empty your wallet to get it. Constructed to resist snow in addition to rain, Surge Guard 44280 works perfectly from the outside.

In use, the Surge Guard version would check subsequently display the status of your electric installation using LED lighting indicators. Normal troubles like the open neutral, open floor, book polarity, book floor,… ought to be noticed that the moment you plugin 44280.

As a result of the compact construction and simple installation, Surge Guard 44280 may be transferred effortlessly between programs based upon the circumstance. The small profile of this surge protector also guarantees you have space for some other requirements on your recreational vehicle.

Since Surge Guard 44280 is at core a sacrificial unit, it is likely to be futile after one power surge. Nonetheless, the purchase price of a new 44280 is less costly than the price to fix a fried electric system of RV. Overall, it is safe to say the Southwire version is your very best surge protector for 30 amp rv on the industry today for casual journeys.

Personally, I haven’t encounter campgrounds with flaky power pedestals, but I have heard horror tales. I purchased this to give myself a few pieces of peace mind and insurance from power changes.

Easy to use, though sometimes difficult to find that the LED’s in broad daylight.


  • Affordable and Reliable
  • Marvelous element immunity
  • Unambiguous functions


  • Could only endure 1 surge
  • Quality management is barely okay

5. Southwire Surge Guard 44750


  • Ampere: 30A
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Joule: 510J

Why We Love It

So you’ve got a restricted shopping budget and require a surge protector in a rush? If that’s true, you must have a fantastic look at Southwire Surge Guard 44750. Regardless of the fact that it comes at a fairly low cost, the 44750 still packs lots of worth which RVers desire.

Having a weatherproof body, the Southwire surge protector holds itself together nicely in outside settings. Along with this, as a result of this brilliant shock protector, Southwire Surge Guard 44750 possesses superb shock protection in many software.

1 great characteristic of 44750 is it closed off electricity alone without external intervention in case it senses ground flaws. Because of this, you don’t have anything to be worried about while utilizing the Surge Guard version. The surge protector requires manual reset following floor faults but that’s an insignificant annoyance.

Preview Product Rating Price
TRC 44750 Surge Guard 30-Amp Portable with Shock Shield TRC 44750 Surge Guard 30-Amp Portable with Shock Shield No ratings yet $83.26

Concerning compatibility, Southwire Surge Guard 44750 would operate perfectly on various trailers, campers, motorhomes, and so forth. For this reason, you ought to experience negligible limitations using 44750 in your own trips.

In terms of issue telling, Southwire Surge Guard 44750 integrates an indicator lens that makes it easy to tell when something occurs. All things considered, Surge Guard 44750 is your very best 30-Amp RV surge protector during its budget.

Employed this surge protector together with all our travel trailer at each stop on a visit to Seattle Seattle and Oregon shore, and this unit worked well for us. It provides basic surge protection, and a restricted function circuit tester capacity and on/off’ master’ switch controlling power to the trainer. The unit was around online working under very wet conditions, such as a torrential downpour one night in Seattle, and it worked great we had nary a hiccup using it.


  • Strong constructed
  • Highly affordable
  • Light and compact


  • A Few units fail sooner than Anticipated
  • Some RVers whine about recurrent faulting in usage

6. Hughes Autoformer PWD30 RV Surge Protector


  • Ampere: 30A
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Joule: 2,400J

Why We Love It

Not able to stay around to test on the surge protector of your recreational vehicle? Then you should certainly come to enjoy Hughes Autoformer PWD30. With built-in Bluetooth connectivity, the Hughes Autoformer unit lets you track the status of your electric installation via your smartphone without much difficulty. If PWD30 finds strange readings, it might proceed to send text messages directly to RVers to warn about potential risks. In case security parameters are breached, it is likely to shut down electricity mechanically.

Once plugged in, it typically takes about 4 minutes for PWD30 to flip on won, which pretty quickly as other market versions have a tendency to require moments. To be able to protect fragile appliances utilized by recreational vehicles, the explosion protector of Hughes Autoformer features a 90-second delay when electricity is back on.

The spike module of Hughes Autoformer PWD30 will be rendered worthless if it is exposed to one power surge. Providentially, the module is both renewable and cheap so that you might receive your RV surge protector back online in minutes.

Because of the slim physique, Hughes Autoformer PWD30 is a smart investment for vehicles that have a somewhat restricted storage area. If you would like to save your space in your rig, then the Hughes Autoformer version in case your very best rv 50 amp surge protector.


  • Consistent performance
  • Allow remote observation
  • Clear-cut notifications


  • Many surge protectors arrive with wrong Pieces
  • Quality management can use some work.

7. Progressive Industries SSP30 RV Surge Protector


  • Ampere: 30A
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Wattage: 3,600W

Why We Love It

At less than two pounds, Progressive Industries SSP30 is just one of the lightest spike protectors for RV cash can purchase. Obviously the portability of this Progressive Industries unit proves superior to the typical models available on the industry too. Additionally, as a result of the highly-compact profile, SSP30 would match nicely in the glove compartment of your recreational vehicle. Because of this, you do not have to leave behind essential travel accessories to make space for Progressive Industries SSP30.

Preview Product Rating Price

Throughout the LED light signs, SSP30 will keep you constantly informed about the status of your electric installation. Therefore by comparing signals from the indicators with analytical results recorded on the circumstance, you could immediately tell if you encounter difficulties like reverse polarity, open neutral, and open floor. In terms of the installation, you’ll be in a position to set up Progressive Industries SSP30 in minutes. Since its setup occurs to demand no instrument, the apparatus of Progressive Industries is a superb surge protector for novices.

Regarding price, Progressive Industries SSP30 is accompanied by a reasonable price tag that’s why it is a fantastic match for many budget-minded RVers.

I bought this in August 2014. I reside in central FlorFlorida, need to be among the most inhospitable regions of the nation for electronic equipment. This unit sat out covered only with a bucket out of direct protection from the rain. It had been mostly utilized to keep power to the trainer in the home during memory. Welcome here to inform you this thing set up with 5 decades of hurricanes, thunderstorms, 90+ humidity, Florida heat, and salt atmosphere.

The trainer never suffered any harm. When this eventually happened (see picture ), I filed a claim online using Progressive Industries. Within 90 minutes, I received back a reply saying guarantee approved, and they’ll be sending me a replacement. Oh! It gets better. It wasn’t just two months ago, my 50 surge protector collapsed, and they exchanged without issue and using the more recent version. In brief, this is really a product that does exactly what it states and also a company that stands behind it. This is the best reusable 30 amp surge protector for rv.


  • Marvelous tackling
  • Sleek and compact
  • Cheap


  • Ill-suited for outside usage
  • Overheat on events

8. Southwire Surge Guard 34930


  • Ampere: 30A
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Wattage: 3,600W

Why We Love It

Having an LCD (English), Southwire Surge Guard 34930 makes it easy for you to detect important data of your electric system. Upon plugged-in, a 10-second countdown will begin on the screen of this Southwire version which suggests its startup sequence.

To protect electronic equipment of your rig, 34930 also integrates a much-needed 128-second delay when electricity is applied to an RV. Due to that, you may rest assured knowing that crucial appliances onto your recreational vehicle will be in great hands during and after power surges.

The same as many of its rivals on the current market, Southwire Surge Guard 34930 utilizes a sacrificial layout to protect electronics after being exposed to electricity surges. You ought to be able to tell if your surge protector was given by assessing the indicator next to”Surge”.

In case the indicator is lit, the Southwire device has completed its obligation and you want to replace it. Other purposes of forfeited units work normally but it’s strongly encouraged that you procure new surge protectors nonetheless.

To be able to assist RVers to address wiring flaws, the version of the Surge Guard comprises integrated testers that inform individuals of polarity, floor, and related troubles. To sum this up, for RVers that need expedient protection, Southwire Surge Guard 34930 is your very best rv surge protector 50 amp wireless accessible.


  • Outstanding compatibility
  • User-friendly control
  • Useful indicators


  • Sub-par packaging
  • The Plan Requires a Couple of overhauls

9. Progressive Industries SSP-50XL RV Surge Protector


  • Ampere: 50A
  • Voltage: 120V And 240V
  • Wattage: 12,000W

Why It Is An Editor’s Choice

Coming in the Smart Surge Protector (SSP) string of Progressive Industries, SSP-50XL is a good model that efficiently delivers all-around surge protection to electric systems of recreational vehicles.

By taking advantage of first-class parts, the Progressive Industries surge protector can operate easily on the outside. Matters like humidity, heat, humidity, etc could have insignificant impacts on the field operation of SSP-50XL. The device also requires next to no maintenance so that you don’t need to worry about maintenance whilst using it.

For installation, the version of Progressive Industries only needs a little bit of time and effort when it comes to setup. Consequently, SSP-50XL is relatively well-received by inexperienced RVers who know quite little about electronic equipment, wiring, and related problems.

The capability of Progressive Industries SSP-50XL to accommodate a broad array of software also proves to be a significant advantage if you change vehicles every now and then. Additionally, as the lightweight unit is accompanied by an ergonomic pull grip, you can control it as you see fit.

Preview Product Rating Price
Progressive Industries SSP-50XL Surge Protector with Cover (50 Amp) Progressive Industries SSP-50XL Surge Protector with Cover (50 Amp) No ratings yet $142.99

Comparable to other versions in the show, Progressive Industries SSP-50XL boasts LED indicators that keep you informed concerning the status of your electric system. Consequently, SSP-50XL is frequently considered to be the very best 50-Amp RV surge protector for most people who want to keep up-to-date.

I am reviewing the Progressive Industries SSP-50XL. This really is a superior-excellent product which does its job quite well. It provides excellent surge protection, and after you plug it in, it assesses the circuit for wrong wiring and earth. It doesn’t provide protection for over/under voltage requirements; just to get”surges.”

That being said, it protected my RV in my next excursion in a storm. Very very pleased with it! Just be conscious of what product you’re buying, as it isn’t exactly total protection. The locking ring is very good to run through but is not very big of a pit.


  • Top-notch adaptability
  • Reliable and dependable
  • Good values for the Purchase Price


  • Quality controller desperately needs refinements
  • Particular LED light burn out over time

10. Progressive Industries HW50C RV Surge Protector


  • Ampere: 50A
  • Voltage: 120V And 240V
  • Wattage: 12,000W

Why We Love It

Featuring surge, polarity, and voltage protection, Progressive Industries HW50C is an outstanding albeit costly surge protector for recreational vehicles. Through its remote display, HW50C will notify you of possible problems from the electric system pretty much immediately. As Progressive Industries set error codes on the event of its own unit, you can tell what has to be done in order to get things to normal within a matter of minutes. Furthermore, a time time-delay action is accessible too that keeps appliance secure from inadvertent 240V.

Observing the trend of this business, the Progressive Industries version was created as a hassle-free, plug-and-play apparatus. Owing to that, installing HW50C into the electric system of your rig must be a stroll in the park. In terms of maintenance, Progressive Industries HW50C basically requires no special care during its lifetime. After a part breaks down, you’d have the ability to replace it with comparative ease. That’s the reason why HW50C is recognized by experts and seasoned RVers as the ideal RV surge protector money can purchase.

Regarding endurance, the explosion protector of Progressive Industries is powerful enough to manage many different weather and conditions from the outside without confronting failures.

This is the very best protection for your RV’s electrical system. This is my next EMS from Progressive. The very first one was ruined in a flood, together with the RV. I set up this as soon as I received my brand new RV. The largest problem I have had in campgrounds is reduced voltage and low voltage will burn your A/C compressor.

When the voltage gets down to 105 V this EMS will switch off the power before the voltage comes straight up then will turn it back on. I enjoy the electronic read readout informs you exactly what the problem is. The readout also informs you exactly what the voltage and amp is are both L1 and L2 and the HZ.

The setup is moderately difficult based on how simple it’s to get the electricity line into a breaker panel. The toughest part for me was getting the two Glass sensing coils on the loading lines and receiving all 3 wires to the link points all at precisely the exact same moment. 6 gauge cable is quite stiff and difficult to use in this restricted space.


  • Sublime functionality
  • Wonderful lifetime guarantee
  • Intuitive handling


  • Steep price
  • Some small inconsistencies in operation

11. Southwire Surge Guard 35550


  • Ampere: 50A
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Wattage: 12,000W

Why We Love It

Designed for an effective high-performance surge protector, Southwire Surge Guard 35550 earns remarkable admiration from RVers around the world.

In use, the version of Southwire can provide comprehensive protection from all typical electrical issues such as power surges, open neutral, open floor, book polarity, low and high voltage,…therefore, in the event that you genuinely seek out full security for your fragile electronic equipment, the Surge Guard unit will be the best surge protector for RV you can acquire these sorts of days.

Unlike many versions available on the current market, Surge Guard 35550 incorporates an automatic reset function that’s quite handy when it’s about electricity restoration after surges. So by fitting the unit of Southwire for your electrical installation, you need to be able to make use of your appliances on the street.

Preview Product Rating Price
Surge Guard 35550 Hardwire Model - 50 Amp Surge Guard 35550 Hardwire Model - 50 Amp No ratings yet $250.00

Additionally, Southwire Surge Guard 35550 packs a 128-second reset delay, a much-needed function for RVers that fear about the ethics of this A/C compressor. Regarding installation, it is a breeze for individuals to install 35550 from the typical vehicles.

Through a set of LED lights in the instance, Surge Guard 35550 will provide you with a constant stream of crucial details. That having been said, if you’d like to have more data were also provides an optional remote LCD displays marketed individually.

Simple to install an electric device that could save you thousands in repairs and replacement of electronic equipment. Just ask the regional RV repair store how often they’ve had a client come in with a burnt microwave up or a shooter’refrigerator due to a miss-wired electric post, or by a surge during an electrical storm. This unit will not cost a while, but your security doesn’t have any cost and it’s much less than the expense of a new’refrigerator.


  • Strong construction
  • Easy, no-nonsense setup
  • Top-notch surge protection


  • A bit costly
  • Some components Appear to be utilized on birth

12. Camco Power Defender


  • Ampere: 50A
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Joule: 4,200J

Why We Love It

Implementing well-contoured grips, Camco Power Defender allows RVers to quickly disconnect and plug it into many different setups. Additionally, as the outside surfaces of Electricity Defender utilize weather-resistant substances, it is capable of enduring tough external problems.

Due to the bright, diagnostic LED lights, flaws like reverse polarity, open neutral, open floor, etc could be recognized in almost no time. In terms of the price tag, the Camco surge protector appears to be more costly than other models in the marketplace but its functionality justifies the price.

To ensure smooth functioning, Camco Power Defender uses an auto-connect/disconnect quality that functions based on preset working requirements. If it places dangerous signals from the machine, the device of Camco will cut off electricity simultaneously.

After everything returns to normal, Power Defender would restore electricity to a recreational vehicle. Therefore, if all you require is a surge protector that needs scanning inputs from consumers in usage, Camco Power Defender ought to be a perfect option.

In terms of compatibility, Camco Power Defender would suit a vast array of RV-related software. That’s the reason why owners of Electricity Defender have complete freedom when utilizing the Camco apparatus.


  • Outstanding managing
  • Mobile and demanding
  • Helpful customer support


  • High-priced
  • Particular features Have to Be redesigned

13. Hughes Autoformer 22050 RV Surge Protector


  • Ampere: 50A
  • Voltage: ≈ 100V
  • Wattage: 12,000W

Why We Love It

Capable of operating as a surge protector and a voltage booster, Hughes Autoformer 22050 is a must-have for daring RVers. In the event the unit of Hughes Autoformer deems voltage of your electric installation to be too low, which might damage specific appliances, it might raise the voltage.

Regarding performance, 22050 is proven to attract voltages as low as ≈ 100V around ≈115V then stabilize the systems without experiencing noticeable changes in the wake. This means that you would have peace of mind whilst seeing older campgrounds, RV parks,…

On the flip side, in case the Hughes Autoformer version runs into intense power surges, its built-in surge protector module could be forfeited to protect the integrity of your electronic equipment. The module is replaceable so when the first one is from the commission, it is a cinch to get a replacement from the manufacturer.

In comparison to other surge protectors today, 22050 is heavier so its area portability is fair. Furthermore, it’s broadly recommended that you keep the device from downpours as it is not able to take care of rainwater.

Besides the device, you would also get a complimentary cable lock in the event you choose to buy Hughes Autoformer 22050. Consequently might secure your luxurious surge protector-voltage booster against thieving on the street.


  • 2-in-1 bundle
  • Replaceable and economical surge module
  • Fit lots of setups


  • Expensive price
  • A bit cumbersome

14. Camco Circuit Analyzer RV Surge Protector

  • Ampere: 50A
  • Voltage: 125V
  • Joule: 4,200J

Why We Love It

By integrating the powerpop handles, Camco Circuit Analyzer facilitates plugging and unplugging on the street. Additionally, as Circuit Analyzer packs a weather-resistant circumstance, it is in a position to operate in a number of conditions that’s a large plus. Last but not least, the streamlined body of this surge protector helps to ensure that storage space is under an issue for almost all of the time. Overall, the Camco unit is highly desired by outdoor enthusiasts across the world.

For evaluations, Camco Circuit Analyzer can ensure that impressive spike protection of 4,200J, more than sufficient in normal RV applications. In the event that you would like to utilize Circuit Analyzer as a 30A surge protector, Camco provides an adapter which sold individually. When it is plugged in, the apparatus of Camco would conduct tests to find out the condition of your electric system. If the surge protector detects possible difficulties, it is likely to notify the consumers utilizing the outside LED light signs.

Although Camco Circuit Analyzer isn’t just inexpensive, you should continue to have the ability to purchase it without draining your wallet. Therefore, in the event that you would like something of decent quality however, your fiance is a bit tighter, then provide the Camco unit an appearance.


  • Cheap
  • Durable and compact
  • Nice diagnostic lights


  • Certain grounding issues
  • Fickle functionality

15. Southwire Surge Guard 44290


  • Ampere: 50A
  • Voltage: 120V And 240V
  • Wattage: 12,000W

Why We Love It

Basic but functional, Southwire Surge Guard 44290 is generally considered to be the favorite surge protector of RVers that Boost straightforwardness.

At first glance, you’d observe a string of diagnostic LED indicators in addition to explanations of these light signals. Because of this, identifying issues from the electric installation of your rig will be a piece of cake in a lot of the circumstances. Open floor, book polarity, open neutral, and so forth would turn into minor inconveniences should you maintain the Southwire unit in your recreational vehicle whilst traveling.

In use, 44290 prove compatible with many different electrical setups however if needed, the device also accepts electricity cable adapters. That having been said, Southwire frequently indicates that you refrain from utilizing adapters along with the surge in conduct full-load applications.

Many electricity cable adapters these sorts of days can cause electrical fires in the event the ampere rating exceeds the standard parameter. Owing to that, if you would like to create the use of adapters, it is a fantastic idea to check them up from time to time.

In terms of durability, the existence of the weatherproof cover signifies Southwire Surge Guard 44290 ought to have the ability to undertake outside requirements without much difficulty.

Concerning post-purchase service, Southwire provides customers of Surge Guard 44290 that a 1-year factory warranty that’s quite decent.


  • Reasonable Price
  • Lean and portable
  • No-nonsense functions


  • Life expectancy is a Little inconsistent
  • Many customers get faulty units

16. Surge Guard 44260 Entry Level Portable Surge Protector


  • Perfect for outside
  • Mobile and durable
  • Weather-resistant
  • Instantly finds faulty electricity
  • Dependable and Complete surge protection


  • Heavier than other versions in the marketplace are

Just show dependable is a Progressive Industries Ems-Pt50x, the Surge Guard surge protector is yet another best choice if you’re searching for a precious and durable protector which we may always rely on to protect our RVs from a faulty electric source.

The Surge Guard 44260 could protect our RV appliances and electronic equipment from harm since it can place for almost any inconsistent electricity source in a minute that could otherwise create serious problems, like the breaking from our electronic equipment and harm to our appliances.

17. Camco 55306 50 AMP Electricity Defender Voltage Protector


  • Has an Automated reconnection and disconnection attribute
  • Contains low voltage and Higher voltage protection
  • Indicates flaws for reverse polarity, open neutral and open floor
  • Durable and Made from heavy-duty substances
  • Reputable brand from the RV community


  • Expensive

The Camco 55306 is among the greatest options when it comes to high quality and durable surge guards in the marketplace as it’s constructed from heavy-duty substances and components that could withstand the harsh outside elements and weather fluctuations. With it, you can anticipate long-term usage, providing you with the most value from your investment.

If you are searching to invest in a product that you could use for a long period on your camper, mobile home, or recreational vehicle, you should incorporate the Camco 55306 in your listing. It’s by a leading brand that’s known from the RVing planet to be among the most reliable makers of durable and quality RV gears, equipment, and devices.

18. Surge Guard 34830 30 AMP Surge Protector

Preview Product Rating Price
Surge Guard 34830 Portable Model with LCD Display - 30 Amp Surge Guard 34830 Portable Model with LCD Display - 30 Amp No ratings yet $489.95


  • Simple to use and compact in layout
  • English LCD screen
  • Automatically resets during energy recovery
  • Mobile and easy to move around
  • Power surge suppression 2450 Joules


  • Display light could be prone to damage over time

The 34830 is just another product to not overlook if you are searching for a fantastic mobile RV surge protector which may provide your rig protection against power surges and faulty connections. It’s a trusted product that comes a big time in regards to functions and performance.

If you’d pick the Surge Guard 34830, you’ll have peace of mind your precious investments will not be damaged because of faulty park electricity, which can be a frequent problem across RV parks and campgrounds.

19. Camco Analyzer 55312 Circuit Analyzer Dogbone


  • Provides electric protection for our RV appliances and sensitive electronic equipment
  • Comes with Simple to read diagnostic LEDs
  • As much as 2000 joules surge protection
  • Easy plugging and unplugging with handles
  • Can signal any wiring issue


  • Plastic elements don’t maintain well

The Camco surge protector is among the greatest offerings from CAMCO since it’s dependable and made from quality parts. This Circuit Analyzer Dogbone is lasting it may take care of the changing external conditions, also.

Among its special features is that it may supply the RV electric protection that we require. It may protect our appliances and electronics from damaging power surges, which can be common when we are at a camping ground. It may provide surge protection for our electronic equipment which also includes notebooks, toaster, and ovens. You may rely on it if it comes to protecting your precious investment.

20. Southwire Surge Guard Portable 50-Amp Surge Protector


  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Durable and quality parts
  • Can Provide continuing protection against flaws
  • Can protect RV appliances from open neutral, open floor and other flaws
  • Simple to operate


  • A bit expensive

If you’re searching for a simple to use and mobile surge protector, you may wish to consider that this Southwire surge protector. You may want to incorporate it on your list when searching for 50 amp RV EMS. By picking this Surge Guard, then you’ll have the ability to make sure electrical and appliances and electronics are protected from power surges when you are connected to some power pedestal.

More so, this apparatus can use a wireless LCD screen, which can be sold individually. You might even keep this device from theft because of its comprised security ring onto its own cable for locking.

21. Surge Guard 35530 Hardwire RV Surge Protector


  • Numerous styles in surge protection
  • Simple to operate
  • Quick to set up
  • Permanent hardwiring to stop theft
  • Can Give an automatic reset during power recovery


Could be tricky to use for first-timers

3A Tech is just another trustworthy brand that provides high excellent surge protectors for its clients globally. Among its best offerings is that this 30 Amp unit which can help protect your appliances and electronic equipment against flaws.

You could even prevent theft once you decide on this unit since it’s installed permanently inside your trainer’s bay. You do not just stop theft but also damage from the elements with hardwired installment. This version can be with an optional remote LCD screen for remotely monitoring the electric energy of your RV. This unit is additionally with around 2450 joules when it comes to surge protection.

22. Surge Guard 44280 Portable Surge Protector


  • Weatherproof and rainproof pay
  • Heavy-duty parts
  • Designed for outside and campers, mobile homes and recreational vehicles
  • Can provide multiple surge protections, such as open neutral and open floor
  • Compact and portable


  • Somewhat hard to set up for its bigger than normal dimensions

In case your recreational vehicle or camper is a 30AMP assistance, you may want to pick the Surge Guard 44280. It’s one dependable product that may endure for decades for its lasting and strong parts.

The brand can also be among the most known in regards to providing top excellent surge guards for travel trailers, mobile homes, and recreational vehicles during recent years. If you are seeking to get the absolute most from your investment, then you shouldn’t think twice but take a peek at the Surge Guard 44280.

We also liked that it includes a rainproof and weather-resistant cover, making sure its elements will not deteriorate because of changing weather conditions. Simply speaking, you can depend on it if it comes to optimizing your investment to the RV gear.

23. Technology Research 44750 Surge Guard

Preview Product Rating Price
TRC 44750 Surge Guard 30-Amp Portable with Shock Shield TRC 44750 Surge Guard 30-Amp Portable with Shock Shield No ratings yet $83.26


  • Suited to many applications
  • Intended for outdoor usage due to its weatherproof components and construction
  • All-season surge protector
  • Perfect for pop-ups, campers, mobile homes, and recreational vehicles
  • Protects against faulty electricity supply


No low voltage protection

The 44750surge protector is among the most durable products in precisely the exact same category. The version continues to impress users for its reliability and high performance. It may last for a long time and provide you with the very best value for the investment.

Whenever there are ground flaws, it could be harmful to our rig when we do not have a surge protector such as the 44750. It has the capacity to often shut off power when it finds any floor faults. That’s an intelligent feature that ought to be among the most crucial components to consider while purchasing a surge protector for your RV or camper.

In general, the 44750 is a fantastic option when it comes to durable and quality RV surge guards since it’s constructed for the changing weather conditions and for detection of inverse polarity, open neutral and open floor.

24. Surge Guard 35550 50 AMP Hardwire


  • Power surge suppression rating 3850 Joules
  • Ideal for all-weather use
  • Heavy duty and best performing version for toddlers, pop-ups and travel trailers
  • Simple to set up
  • Multi-protection against surges


  • Larger than Anticipated

Camping aboard the RV is among the most rewarding feelings in the world since it provides us the chance to spend some time with our nearest and dearest and be near nature.

Preview Product Rating Price
Surge Guard 35550 Hardwire Model - 50 Amp Surge Guard 35550 Hardwire Model - 50 Amp No ratings yet $250.00

As we all know, a few camping grounds and RV parks don’t have consistent and dependable power sources. So to help us attend to the problem, we are in need of a fantastic surge protector such as the Surge Guard 35550, which will be a hardware model, by the brand. It’s a good option for campers, travel trailers, mobile homes, and pop-ups of all 50A support.

It’s among the very best when it comes to surge protection available on the marketplace because of its 3850 joules energy suppression score. It’s greater than people from other manufacturers are in precisely the exact same category. With it, you can make certain it can handle need energy consumption in an RV. You might also have peace of mind it will have the ability to work hard, consistently, and economically in protecting your rig by a faulty power base. It may even discover problems right over the first couple of minutes of quitting it.

25. Surge Guard 34850 50AMP Surge Protector


  • Automatic reset feature
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Throughout overheating, shuts off power
  • Twist disconnection handles
  • Provides around 3,850 joules surge suppression


  • Does not include a surge collapse index
Preview Product Rating Price
Surge Guard 34850 Portable Model with LCD Display - 50 Amp Surge Guard 34850 Portable Model with LCD Display - 50 Amp No ratings yet

When seeking to weigh the RV surge protector pros and cons, you may readily see that this version stands out the contest because its pros outweigh any cons. The Surge Guard 34850 is among the most effective portable versions available on the market. I’d love to urge it as one dependable unit you could ever buy for your recreational vehicle.

The 34850 Surge Guard provides double the joules that other previous versions can provide, meaning more strong and complete surge protection capability. It is also possible to appreciate it may assist in tracking reverse polarity, voltage, and amp immediately and consistently.

The Technology Research 34850 Surge Guard is a good product you could rely on your recreational vehicle.

26. Surge Guard 44270 Entry Level Portable Surge Protector


  • Efficient 50 AMP models or total RV protection against power surges
  • Mobile and Simple to Use
  • Weather-resistant
  • Ideal for outside use
  • Instantly finds faulty power Supply


  • The display light is not that powerful

This Technology Research spike protector is just one of the ones that will come on top of hunts. There’s not any wonder. It’s one dependable version that provides its promise of providing complete protection to our own rig against power failures and surges.

In addition, I appreciate the model might provide whole RV protection through the open floor and open neutral instances. Additionally, I liked it can manage all sorts of weather conditions, which makes it appropriate for all-year-round season usage. It is possible to count on it to get its capability of handlebars conditions, such as wind, rain, snow, and sunlight. You could even rely on it if it comes to adjusting polarity straight away.

27. TRC Surge Guard 44260 Portable Surge Protector

If you’re attempting to find the very best 30-amp RV surge protector then I am quite sure the TRC Surge Guard 44260 won’t result in any type of disappointment. Something that will leave a fantastic impression among the consumers of the surge protector is its flexibility as I noticed it isn’t just made to take care of RVs.


  • Can manage RVs and camping excursions and excursions
  • Offers around 2,100 joules of protection Score
  • Mobile, which reduces the need to put in it
  • Identifies faulty electricity in almost any campground or park
  • Weather-resistant


  • The indicator lights are not as powerful as what others originally anticipated

28. Technology Research Surge Guard 44270 Portable Surge Protector

It’s also worthwhile to take a look at the Technology Research Surge Guard 44270 Protector. I am rather content with the fact that the portability of the unit. It’s portable enough that setting this up and making it work is a completely simple and speedy process even when you’re unfamiliar with it.


  • Mobile, promoting simplicity in setting it up
  • Spots any flaws in the power of any campground or playground
  • Provides around 4,200 joules of surge protection Score
  • Can examine circuits and notifies you about the energy status
  • Can manage all possible weather conditions


  • The screen Isn’t that bright

29. Protector Portable EMS-PT30X

Such as the SSP-30XL, Progressive Industries made this surge protector become extremely weather resistant.

Additionally, it functions at that broad temperature range between -40 to 105 degrees Celsius, and that means you won’t need to think about it losing performance in extremely cold or hot climates.

The whole device is protected with a weather-resistant housing for extra durability.

Security may be a problem with mobile surge protectors, which explains the reason this version includes a locking bracket that provides an extra level of theft protection.

This version delivers a surge protection score of 1,790 joules and 44,000 amps, which provides a high level of protection from big power surges.

Things We Like

  • Integrated LED Screen: Shows important voltage information previously plugin.
  • Low and High Voltage Protection: Detects and protects RV from low and high voltages.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection: functions beyond simply discovering reverse polarity.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Not UL Licensed: It has not been the third party tested for security and/or durability.
  • Heavy: Using a product weight of 4.2 lbs, it is not the lightest mobile choice.

30. Camco 55301 Power Defender

As somebody that has a method for establishing my RV each time that I arrive in a new place, I enjoy the notion of getting additional surge protection without adding a lot of time for my installation process.

The Camco 55301 is created for RVers who need a 30 amp connection and it’s rated to protect your cherished bit of cellular property from power surges around 2,800 joules.

It is going to also automatically disconnect your RV in the electricity source if harmful states are detected.

It is going to then reset your link after those requirements are no longer existing.

To assist you to remain in the know, you will find a set of LED indicators on the front panel of this unit that will assist you to diagnose electrical problems.

When it has to be set up properly (in the vertical position) to be adequately protected, this device is intended to withstand adverse weather conditions while continuing to function efficiently.

Things We Like

  • PowerGrip Manage: Easily disconnect and plug this unit to remain on the move.
  • Automatic Disconnect: Shuts off power when harmful conditions are found.
  • LED Indicators: Provides alarms to the occurrence of various power problems.

Things We Don’t Like

  • No more Anti-Theft Protection: Lacks comprised cable lock for extra security.
  • Have Complained About Loud Buzzing In The Unit: Though it seems that Camco has worked to solve this situation.
  • No Indication of all UL Certification: May lack sufficient third party security testing.

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