Top 18 Best Minivan for Camping in 2024

best minivan for camping

There are a lot of reasons that you may opt to pick out a minivan camper conversion on a normal RV.

Not only can you save a great deal of cash on the front purchase of a minivan, but you will also save money due to the greater fuel efficiency. Add to this the exceptional maneuverability, a minivan can match in almost any normal parking area, and you are less likely to encounter trouble when parking in locations where camping isn’t permitted. Even a minivan can blend in with its environment and no one anticipates that there are those camping inside. Stealth camping may provide you much more independence.

If you are considering switching your minivan or purchasing one to convert, then have a look at the examples below to give you inspiration for your conversion. Keep reading! In this guide, My Trail Co will help you choose the best minivan for camping.

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What to Search for When Purchasing a Minivan for Camping

When you are prepared to commit to some car to camp from, you need to ensure you’re seeking the appropriate features. As important as the fuel market and innovative features are, there are several more basic amenities that must enjoy camping.

For outdoorsmen, camping season occurs during the year. Rain, snow, or sun, having the ability to push out to a favorite place at a minivan, is as good as it gets.

Thus, what would be the top minivans for camping? Here’s a list of ten of the top choices:

Besides an exhaustive overview of those minivans, we will also talk about what you need to search for while purchasing a minivan for camping and also the best way to convert a minivan to a car that you may camp inside.

In addition, we have a post that informs which trucks you may stand-in if you want to be in a position to do that.

How to Convert a Minivan for Camping

When you are ready to go camping, it is important to be aware of each of the essentials. Many men and women throw away a mattress, sleeping bag, along with a cooler at the trunk and call it a day. To genuinely love yourself out in the forests, you probably need more than that.

For starters, the mattress setup has to be comfy and subject to the accessible room. You may select between an air mattress or even a conventional mattress. Whichever path you go, consider whether you’ll be eliminating the chairs or fold down them. If you are folding them, you are going to require a good platform to put upon the top, which means you don’t sink to the gaps.

Then think of the sort of hookups you are going to want. Many people today really like to rough it out in the wilderness with no anything, which can be called’dry camping.’ On the flip side, you may use power and sewer hookups to acquire the creature comforts that we are used to getting back in your home.

For power, you may use installed or portable solar panels. Many folks would rather hook wires directly into the battery of the minivan, yet this process can drain it quite rapidly. You might also use a battery charge which you charge in your home prior to going on the experience.

Ultimately, always determine what you will do for garbage and toilet trips. There are dozens and dozens of buckets, cans, collapsible containers, along with other choices which you could use to collect garbage. Many campgrounds arrive with dumpsters. Even if there are not any nearby, it is possible to tie the bag and set it in the skip once you depart.

So far as toilet trips are involved, there are not many options when you are camping at a minivan. Many folks favor the timeless bucket-and-bag installation, but others are not as comfortable out it. Before you reserve a campsite, find each the local bathrooms. Assembling a sewer system at a minivan is not viable since it’s too small of a room.

If you are not certain when a minivan is ideal for you, read our article”The 8 Greatest Vans You Can Camp In” to find out about various other choices.

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What are the Top Brands for the Best Minivan for Camping?

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1. Toyota Sienna

Toyota is known for producing vehicles which last considerably more than its rivals. The Sienna is a great illustration of the devotion to detail and excellent craftsmanship that Toyota continues to exhibit. It is the ideal commuter automobile, but in addition, it has a number of traits that make it a best minivan for car camping.

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2020 Toyota Sienna 2020 Toyota Sienna No ratings yet

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Some pros and cons of this Toyota Sienna:


Removing the chairs is quite simple if you decide to do so, no special tools are expected to find the task done, which means that you may clear space for a mattress and other camping requirements. The chair mounts are detachable, unlike a number of different vehicles on the listing.

The negative sliding door makes the Sienna simple to get in seconds. You do not have to climb throughout the trunk, even though the hatch door is much more than large enough for anybody to fit straight through. The broadside door can also be convenient if you are hauling large camping gear.

The roofing of the Toyota Sienna is largely horizontal, which is ideal for including roof racks, solar panels, surfboards, and other outdoor equipment. It comes stock with 2 mounts on the top that you attach a range of items instead of taking up space within the minivan.

Regardless of the massive interior, this car sits low, which keeps it from scraping low-hanging challenges and very low garage doors.


The general 68-inch elevation of the Sienna makes it impossible for an adult to stand inside the motor vehicle. It is significantly less than 45 inches inside, which means you are going to need to crawl or crouch to maneuver around.

There are not very many inner features. Apart from powered windows, the rear section of the car lacks features compared to most other cars. Even though it may not damage your camping experience, you definitely won’t possess many different road excursion amusements.

2. Nissan Quest

If you are seeking to lower prices on mileage whilst still obtaining a long-lasting automobile, then you are in luck. The Nissan Quest boasts all kinds of fuel-efficient features, and despite the decreased weight, it provides lots of towing ability. You are able to pull modest trailers or load up the inside with all your gear.

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2015 Nissan Quest 2015 Nissan Quest

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Some pros and cons of this Nissan Quest:


This automobile is quite big in regards to its width, which opens a couple of alternatives for bigger beds and other things. Additionally, it is an excellent option if you’re camping with a couple of people instead of on your own.

Although stopped in 2017, you will find thousands of these on the street. They use similar pieces of other Nissan vehicles, which means you’re never going to have the problem of not finding the right parts to fix it. Perhaps you will see that everything’s somewhat more economical.

The 27 MPG highway evaluation is very impressive to get a minivan. It shatters the expectations of other passenger and cargo vans, which makes it an economical selection for campers on a budget.

With three rows of chairs, this vehicle lets you select which ones stay and which ones will proceed. If you intend on driving with two or three passengers, then you are still able to have sufficient room to lay a little bed to have a fantastic night’s sleep once you arrive at your destination.


It is no problem at this time, but when the Quest never comes back, it is going to become nearly impossible to locate parts. However, so long as Nissan proceeds to produce repair components, this will not be a problem.

The seat mounts are a pain to get rid of. You are going to need a few tools, but elbow grease is the only means to pull them out without damaging the inside.

3. Mazda 5

The Mazda 5 is yet another superb minivan to select. Much like the above-mentioned entry on the record, this automobile is briefer than the typical minivan. But, it is fantastic for solo campers who do not need to address driving a large car. Additionally, it is worth noting that it’s the option of coming with a sunroof.

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2014 Mazda 5 2014 Mazda 5

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Some pros and cons of this Mazda 5:


If you are unaccustomed to working a bigger automobile than the compact dimensions of the minivan is excellent for you. It is short in length and height, which makes it feel more like a sedan than the passenger van.

The aerodynamic roof is among many features that help to improve the fuel economy of Mazda 5. The 4-cylinder engine starts up fast and uses very little gas.

As it is so small, you will have the ability to match this minivan in tight campsites that will otherwise restrict you when you’re driving a large car. Simply speaking, you are able to park in many different areas that may not adapt to a bigger van.

Based on the model and choices, it might be possible to tow a little teardrop trailer supporting your minivan. The mix will make perfect camping set up, whether you are sleeping at the minivan or a towed trailer.


Regrettably, the tiny interior prevents over 1 adult from sleeping indoors. But, you’re going to have the ability to match your child or even a pet along with you.

The Mazda 5 was stopped, but it utilizes the very same components as the brand new replacement minivan within their lineup. Even though you won’t have the ability to detect a new version, you may still receive a fantastic deal with no supply constraints in the near future.

4. Chrysler Pacifica

The Town and Country were the best minivan for camping vanlife. But, Chrysler replaced it with the Pacifica, together with lots of the improvements that clients wanted. The easy body design is a welcomed surprise in case you don’t want each the fancy decorative changes to contemporary minivans.

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2019 Chrysler Pacifica 2019 Chrysler Pacifica No ratings yet

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Some pros and cons of this Chrysler Pacifica:


The back seats fold and detach down, so you are free to correct and alter the inside however you would love to. Considering that the brackets are flush with the floor, you do not need to eliminate them whatsoever.

There is a negative storage area that fits into the back of the vehicle to store modest gear and camping gear.

Along with the side storage, then you can get rid of the false bottom close to the bottom of this minivan to store camping stoves, kitchen utensils, and much more. It sits flush with the carpeting to make it effortless for you to sleep with a mattress.

Either side of the minivan has sliding doors. It’s possible to open them to promote optimum airflow on hot days. In case you’ve got a fan running during the day, you will have the ability to relax without feeling overheated from sunlight.


The gas tank just holds 19 gallons, which is not much once you just get 19 MPG fuel efficiency. Providentially, the MPG rises to 28 when you are driving on the street.

5. Kia Sedona

If you’re trying to find the best minivan for camping with a family, then look no more. The Kia Sedona is possibly among the greatest options which you will find. Not only is it spacious with lots of interior space to spare, but it’s also quite reasonably priced. With tens of thousands of buyers every calendar year, the Sedona is not likely to be stopped or radically altered anytime soon.

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2019 Kia Sedona 2019 Kia Sedona No ratings yet

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Some pros and cons of this Kia Sedona:


The massive cargo space is much more important than any other minivan on the market. You and a few buddies may prepare the inside to make a fantasy of a camping car. Eliminate the chairs in under a couple of minutes, lay a mattress down, and have a blast wherever you move.

The flat roof around the Sedona is ideal for camping equipment. Rather than utilizing the inside area, add a roof rack and pod to package some of your gear.

The chairs in the Sedona fold, so that you may either eliminate them or put them out to sleep. If you are often camping, elimination is the thing to do. On the flip side, short camping trips would involve just putting the chairs ahead.

The Kia Sedona has more window area than any other minivan. If you like the idea of waking up to amazing views of the character, then this automobile is going to be the option for you. They include a slight tint on the back windows too.


The size is great for the interior camping area, but it might be somewhat hard to push for individuals used to driving cars that are streamlined. It appears long, particularly if you’re not utilized to it.

The fuel economy is not a thing to brag about. Having a town score of 18 MPG along with also a highway rating of 24 MPG, it is below the majority of the other people.

6. Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey is just another minivan that is going to be around for several years to come. It is among those top-sellers available on the marketplace over the USA, and repair parts are available in virtually every mechanic shop. In regards to camping, the reliability and spaciousness of this Odyssey are something to consider.

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2018 Honda Odyssey 2018 Honda Odyssey No ratings yet

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Some pros and cons of this Honda Odyssey:


Similar to the Kia Sedona, the Honda Odyssey provides Lots of window area. You’re able to look out of all sides with no restricted or obstructed by plenty of metal constructions or other things. For camping experiences, there is not much more somebody could desire at a minivan.

The inside space is excellent for campers who wish to extend out. You are able to eliminate the chairs in addition to their mounts in an issue of minutes or don’t hesitate to fold them ahead in the event that you don’t have enough time.

Like any other Honda automobile, the Odyssey must endure for more than ten years. The guarantee and the repair manual back this claim up, providing them an outstanding evaluation and esteem from households and adventurers alike.

Most versions of the minivan have a sunroof, which increases the outside feeling which most of us crave when we are camping. Open the top window let in the fresh air, or keep it shut while still allowing the sun through.


Not all the Odysseys include roof racks, which may make it hard to match your equipment on top. To produce the roof problems worse, it is slightly curved, making a challenge for people who want solar energy or flattened surfaces for camping gear.

The town MPG is 19, which will be close to the low-end of this spectrum. However, it is paired with the above-average highway MPG of 28.

7. Dodge Grand Caravan

Together with the Odyssey and the Sienna, the Dodge Grand Caravan has stayed a major vendor on the minivan marketplace. It is durability, durability, and rocky nature blend with spaciousness and comfort to generate the household, but it’s also ideal for camping. Another quality that retains this car at the very best minivan for camping conversion that it is so reasonably priced.

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2016 Dodge Grand Caravan 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan No ratings yet

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Some pros and cons of this Dodge Grand Caravan:


This vehicle includes a 4-cylinder motor or a 6-cylinder engine, based on which version you select. Four cylinders supply a superb fuel economy rating, whereas six tanks provide rapid acceleration and simpler speed upkeep.

The gasoline tank is 20 gallons, which will be more than sufficient to push for over 400 miles until you need to fill it up again. If you push on highways mainly, you are going to become more fuel efficiency out of this automobile.

The inside seats up to seven passengers, so it is rather spacious. Rather than being cramped in a little automobile, this minivan has lots of space to stretch out and save your camping gear.

The massive hatchback permits you to get everything in the rear of the automobile, plus it also offers storage from your third-row seat.


Regrettably, as of writing this particular post, the Grand Caravan has restricted accessibility. Once it narrows the chance of having a brand-new minivan, the repair components will be exactly the same as many other Dodge vehicles, which means you won’t need to worry about running out any time soon.

8. Ford Transit Connect

Though called a freight van by the majority of individuals, the Ford Transit Connects is, in fact, a minivan. This car comes in a lot of bundles that have seating choices for up to 5 individuals. Regardless of the 4-cylinder motor, it hastens rather quickly as a result of the lightweight materials used across the car’s frame.

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2020 Ford Transit Connect 2020 Ford Transit Connect No ratings yet

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Some pros and cons of this Ford Transit Link:


The cargo space from the Transit Link is extremely big. With as much as 123 cubic feet available, you won’t have any problem bringing all the camping equipment you desire. There is even enough room to throw a solar panel on the roof and then operate the electric wires to the inside.

The fuel market ranges from 24 cities into 29 highway mph. If it comes to bigger minivans, you won’t find anything which comes close to this degree of efficacy produced from this automobile.

It’s possible to pick out a freight variant or a passenger variant. If you purchase the freight vehicle, you will have an empty canvas to produce the greatest minivan for your camping. Additionally, it is considerably taller than most other minivans.


As stated earlier in this segment, the Transit Connect just comes in 4-cylinder versions. As soon as it is not too much of a limitation, you’ll certainly feel that a limit in case you’ve loaded up the freight space, and then you attempt to quicken.

It is somewhat shorter than any other minivan on the market. If you’re trying to find a floor space that permits you to stretch out through the night, you will want to eliminate each of the chairs behind the front.

9. Ram ProMaster City

The ProMaster City can be offered in a freight and passenger wagon model. The passenger version offers seating for five. The fold and tumble rear seats are arrangeable to nine distinct configurations making transporting both individuals or freight easy. Double sliding doors enable you to receive from both sides easily, along with also the split rear doors open 180 degrees to accommodate all your camping equipment. This is the best hybrid minivan for camping.

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2019 Ram ProMaster City 2019 Ram ProMaster City

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Some pros and cons of this Ram ProMaster City:


Base units start as low as $24,600, therefore it will not bust your budget. The numerous models offer you a few different accessible window choices. All versions are front-wheel powered and drive using a four-cylinder engine.

Side panels are almost verticle allowing for improved customization. It is comparatively simple to get in and out of using its low step-in height. For a little van, it’s a broad 131.7 cubic feet of cargo space.


You can not stand upright and go it around, so when you’re van camping, this could be an inconvenience, particularly on days when it’s raining.

There’s not any elongated wheelbase choice, so if you were searching for more space, this van may not be the ideal alternative.

10. Mercedes-Benz Metris

The Mercedes-Benz Metris is considered a mid-sized van. The size and appearance of this Metris make you think that it’s a minivan. But, it’s far more cargo space, and the interior is easily customizable to get camping, work, and much more. Together with 183 cubic feet at the trunk, you will have the ability to pack in all you require for one amazing van camping experience. There is the best camping gear for my minivan.

Some pros and cons of this Mercedes-Benz Metris:


If you are not comfortable driving a bigger cargo van, then the Metris delivers a perfect mix of spaciousness and effortless operation. Whether you obtain the freight or the passenger version, you’re going to have the ability to move the van nearly everywhere.

The cost is less than that which you’d think to get a Mercedes-Benz automobile. Using a manufacturer’s suggested retail price that is under $30,000, it would be difficult to discover a similar little camping van for whatever almost as comfy.

In contrast to other compact vans, like the Transit Connect, the Metris has a payload capacity that is almost 1,000 pounds longer. When you are trying to match whatever you can to get a day at the hills, the extra capacity is advantageous.

The Metris also includes a marginally impressive towing capacity of 5,000 pounds, which exceeds what you’d expect for such a little van. Additionally, it has a far smaller turning radius, in addition to a freight space that beat that the Ford Transit Connects.


The Metris is a bit more expensive than a number of the additional van choices which are on the market.

Though it’s roomy for a compact van, it doesn’t have sufficient height to have the ability to stand.

11. Mercedes Sprinter

The extended wait-list for new four-wheel-drive Sprinters proves that in several ways, the Sprinter is your crème de la crème for Class B conversion vans. Offered in either a typical roof or the considerably taller high-roof versions, the Sprinter may also be customized using a 144-inch or 170-inch wheelbase, two powertrain alternatives, as well as the super-popular four-wheel-drive choices. Additionally, it is currently made in the united states.

Preview Product Rating Price
2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 No ratings yet

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Sprinter aficionados love the area in a 170-inch high roof version: Well-configured construct workouts can sleep a family of four and also provide lots of standing space for people around six feet four inches. The largest disadvantage of this Sprinter? Its cost. A Mercedes is not cheap to buy and maintenance prices can pile up fast. Some also complain of an overly complex emissions method. Thankfully, in case you do not require the four-wheel-drive choice, there are loads of elderly Sprinters offered for sale and these cars will operate for thousands and thousands of miles. This is the best minivan for convert to camping.

12. Chevy Express

Preview Product Rating Price
2017 Chevrolet Express 3500 2017 Chevrolet Express 3500 No ratings yet

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If roof elevation is not a deal-breaker or if you are receptive to converting your van to some pop-top or even including a high roof then the Chevy Express could be a fantastic fit. This full-size passenger van’s existed for almost four decades and is available in 1500, 2500, and 3500 models.

The Chevy Express’s built-to-last chassis and easy interiors make it a DIY fantasy, and you are able to find lots of used versions available on the cheap. But the exact same selling things may be a drawback for everybody trying to find a couple more updates and more contemporary styling which you are able to see in other brands.

13. Nissan NV

The lengthy, truck-like nose of this Nissan NV Cargo van makes it stand out from its rivals, along with the NV comes in 3 distinct versions with standard or higher roof choices. The fundamental trim models are extremely fundamental, and a few van life forums whine that the van does not get really good gas mileage.

However, the Nissan provides decent value in relation to the Mercedes Sprinters and may do the job nicely for a construct out, particularly in the event that you would like a roomier cabin place upfront or do not care for a smaller cargo area using all the large roof versions. Nonetheless, it’s not quite as popular as the alternatives on this listing. This is the best lightweight camping trailer for minivan.

14. Chrysler Voyager Camper

If you’re searching for a deal minivan but the early Dodge Grand Caravan does not appeal to your contemporary sensibility, Chrysler’s got you covered with the Voyager. For the 2020 model year, Chrysler took the lowest cut heights of its Pacifica minivan, swapped the nameplate with a single from an older Plymouth, and voila: The Voyager was born. Whether this van acts anything like its own 10Best-winning brother and it needs to, since they’re one and the same we still don’t have any doubt it will impress using a smooth ride along with well-sorted powertrain, at an economical cost.  This is the best used minivan for camping.

15. Transit Link Camper Conversion

This large roof Ford Transit Connect Closet conversion appears really comfortable and very spacious for a minivan. It’s a little storage and kitchen on a single side, and also a tiny single bunk bed on the opposite. The desk area in the front makes this installment ideal for singles that wish to work and travel on the internet or as freelance photographers.

16. Suzuki Micro Van Conversion

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This cozy little set up has a seat that folds outside to a bed along 1 side. Along with also a complete kitchen on the opposite. All squeezed into a little 2005 Suzuki Carry van.

17. Renault Kangoo Van Conversion

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This Renault Kangoo conversion could be my favorite of the lot. But perhaps that is only the puppy swaying my conclusion.

18. Honda Element Camper Conversion

The Element is a unique crossover SUV constructed by Honda, working with a modified CR-V platform. This adorable version combines the features of a pickup truck and an SUV and it is accessible both with front-wheel and all-wheel driveway.

The Honda Element is simple to comprehend, as a result of the “boxy” styling as well as also the bi-parting side doors, which open the taxi fully. The Element’s layout was motivated by a lifeguard station – that the curved roof remembers the form of a surfboard. This is the best minivan for camping previa.

Minivan For Camping - best camping trailer for minivan


It’s possible to go camping from just about any automobile if you would like to. There are many minivans to test out, however, the ten options among the list above would be the finest around. You are able to select based on body design, inside space, reliability, comfort, innovative features, and much more. Attempt to write down a list of your needs before you purchase anything.

Minivans could be the very best minivan for stealth camping they are large enough for camping equipment along with also a high-quality mattress, but they are small enough to fit into tight spaces. You’re going to find the best of both worlds without even experiencing very many constraints in any way. Pick between Ford, Kia, Honda, Dodge, along with a Large Number of other manufacturers.

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