Top Best Ski Helmets 2023

Best Ski Helmets

The very best ski helmets aren’t just warm but comfortable you may forget you’re wearing a helmet. There is, in fact, no great reason for not wearing a helmet when skiing.

Regardless of what your budget is, there’s a helmet that will fulfill your wants. The more affordable versions provide very good protection and are a lot warmer.

And when ski helmets with sound are important to you. Are you looking for the best ski helmets? My Trail Company has many best choice products which help you choose it here!

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How to Select the Ideal Ski Helmet

Different types of Ski Helmets

There are many distinct kinds of helmets. Most recreational skiers select for the”half shell” that covers only a part of their mind. This usually means that removable ear muffs are wanted.

But for optimum security, you may decide on a”full face” complete shell layout where all these are incorporated. These are particularly popular for smaller kids and beginning skiers.

Half Shell: Basically a half shell helmet covers the pieces of your mind where you have hair (or needed it). Ears are coated only with a pillow of insulation as well as your face is exposed. This is undoubtedly the most frequent kind of helmet for most recreational fishermen.

Complete Face: This is essentially like a complete face bike helmet that also provides a great deal more protection. It ensures your head, down on the ears, and comes under your chin simply leaving the eyes and nose uncovered to get a helmet.

Complete Shell: The complete casing is fundamentally the same since the half shell except the ears is protected also.

Security and MIPS Integration

Make sure any helmet you purchase meets ASTM F2040 if you’re purchasing in the U.S or European regular CE EN 1077. While children’s helmets are milder compared to adults, they also need to satisfy stringent security standards.

Any helmet sold by a respectable reseller should satisfy these guidelines.

What is MIPS?

You will observe helmets marketed using MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection) integration and wonder exactly what that is. Together with the awareness of mind injuries new technologies are devised and probably the most frequently embraced is MIPS.

MIPS, in a nutshell, provides additional protection by enabling the interior lining to move independently in the outer shell. This has the impact of decreasing head motion in an effect.

You read about the tech here on the MIPS website. The fantastic news is that the price of MIPS is coming down and getting accessible more helmets each year. Adding MIPS integration into a helmet raises the price and what the excess protection from the mind bucket is worth is all up to you.

There are several competing technologies out there but not one as broadly embraced as MIPS. In any event, skiers triumph with greater head protection. But in my own book, spending an additional $30-$50 is well worth it to me to protect against a potential brain injury!

Ski Helmet Construction

Construction methods, the helmet consists of is about the most essential element in security, weight not to mention the price.

Injection Molded

Here is the custom design for ski helmets also consists of a hard, tough shell out of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) using an EPS foam lining that’s glued into the shell of the helmet. As soon as it’s a fantastic design that’s powerful, it’s also heavier than the in-mold construction. They are nevertheless, substantially more economical and great for novices and occasional skiers. On account of this construction method, they have a tendency to get a rounder form.


Many newer ski helmets are created from an In-Mold or even a Hybrid layout. This kind of helmet utilizes a polycarbonate shell with an EPS liner for lightweight and durability. This includes at a higher cost however but the layout is exceptional in effect protection and venting.


The most recent design today features a hybrid layout of ABS and In-Mold for lightweight and durability. These would be the most expensive kind of helmet but durability is significantly raised within an In-Mold just layout. If you can afford the additional price (close $200 and up) these helmets will be the thing to do.

Ski Helmet Construction - best affordable ski helmet

How to Appraise a Ski Helmet

Comfort and fit

Deciding on the correct match of the helmet for ski and snowboarding is crucial, however, this is simple to accomplish. Assess the circumference of your head only above the eyebrows in centimeters.

Then consult with the manufactures graph to pick the ideal size. If you’re at the top end of a dimension to go for the bigger one. Permit a centimeter or so if you’re likely to put on a beanie or other sort of hat.

As individuals have different shaped heads, manufacturers often create different shaped helmets or become famous for creating one of a specific form.

Sadly, this may be tough to understand beforehand until you try on the helmet. So make certain you’re able the yield the helmet if it’s uncomfortable to your form of

The helmet should obviously be comfy while unable to slip back and forth from side to side and you need to have the ability to compress the helmet readily under your chin so it fits closely without cutting off your circulation or depriving you.

You may then tighten and finish the match of the helmet using the adjustment system to your helmet so it feels comfy and snug.

You may know you’ve attained this if the helmet is perfectly aligned and doesn’t move easily once you attempt to move it around with your hands.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t ever put on a helmet that you don’t feel comfy in. You shouldn’t even notice you’ve got it after a couple of minutes. My Giro Seam helmet really”fits like a glove”.

Should you purchase a helmet online be sure you’ve got sufficient time to return it and find another one until you go ski, particularly important when you’re moving across the state on a long ski trip.

You do not need to buy a different helmet in the ski shop since you’ve got an embarrassing helmet.

In case you’ve got a ski shop near, try to find a couple of distinct brands until you locate the one you prefer, then purchase it online for a less expensive price. Various helmets will match different head shapes and there’s never a 1 size fits all solution to purchasing a ski helmet.

When a helmet has the capacity to correct the size out of a scroll button in the rear to make sure this is placed so it doesn’t dig in the neck.

Since everybody’s mind differs, 1 brand or make of helmet won’t ever work for everyone. It’s ideal to try on many diverse helmets and select one which you feel very comfortable.

Warmth and Ventilation

I first time that I wore a ski helmet, I believed I’d hate it! My spouse at the time was insistent that I use one, (that was after several noteworthy people died in ski injuries ) so that I gave in and tried you. I was shocked! Not only was that the helmet I forgot I had it by the end of this initial run.

Be sure the earpiece fits comfortable

I can’t envision it EVER being really cold you would have to put on a hat beneath your helmet for heat. You’re more likely going to have to open the vents on the helmet as you’re just too alluring than for protection against the cold.

This presumes, of course, your goggles fit well with the helmet and don’t leave a major gap between the helmet and the goggles to allow chilly air to leak in.

Since half shell helmets just protect your own ears with a pillow you have to be certain that they fit snug over your ears keeping them hot. Should they flop about or make a difference your ears can get chilly.

In chilly weather, the snug fit of the helmet must not allow air to come between your mind and the helmet.

I’d counsel you to obtain a helmet that has adjustable vents letting you close or open them as desired.

Some of the greatest ski helmets permit you to finely alterations of the vents, so letting you receive the precise quantity of ventilation you desire.

Search for flexible vents

This is going to be particularly significant on warmer times; you are going to want to correct the vents to cool you down. Ensure the helmet you purchase allows one to perform this.

Another consideration in hot weather are removable earmuffs, eliminating them would be the very best method to cool down.

When ear covers are somewhat loose and floppy they don’t provide adequate insulation. Half-shell helmets have a tendency to have less effective ear care because of this.

The ideal form of earmuffs is the ones that are slightly tensioned. Remember that a few ear muffs will also lower your ability to listen to.

Weight and Bulk

In theory, a heftier helmet ought to imply better protection, but this needs to be balanced with the demand for purchasing one that you truly wish to wear in your mind.

Lighter weight helmets still need to satisfy stringent security regulations and it’s much better to purchase something you’re comfortable in and really want to utilize.

An injection-molded helmet normally weighs slightly greater than one made out of in molding.

The distinction isn’t generally that noticeable nonetheless, but that is actually an issue of personal taste. Generally, a fantastic ski helmet may weigh about a pound and marginally lighter for kids.

Goggle Compatibility

It’s very important that the goggles that you select fit nicely with your preferred helmet. There should not be a gap between the helmet and the top of these goggles.

Everything needs to fit smoothly so if you are planning to try on a helmet in a ski store, don’t forget to choose your goggles to test for proper fit.

1 characteristic that’s a must is that a goggle strap at the rear of the helmet to keep the goggles from slipping off the helmet when you push them up onto the helmet.

You will especially love this to the ski lift so that you don’t need to worry about dropping them. Without it, I’d have lost mine!

Helmet Style

Ski helmets come in a selection of shades and layouts. It may be tempting to choose a superb bold color just to realize later this restricts what you could wear together with the helmet.

Picking a style that you need to get viewed in, increases the likelihood you’ll always wear it. Security is the main element when you get a helmet however there isn’t any reason you can’t seem great at precisely the exact same time!

Best Ski Helmets

Ski helmets today come in a huge collection of colors, so keep in mind you might need the one that you have to coordinate with all the coats and trousers you would like to wear.

You might locate a fairly neutral color that is best if you just intend to purchase a single helmet. In this manner, your helmet will suit most any color jacket. You always have the option to use a visor for extra design, but keep in mind that these don’t operate well with goggles.

Women’s Ski Helmets

There are currently helmets that are advertised as Women’s ski helmets. The sole distinction is that the availability of feminine colors and fashion. Should you go this route, make certain that you’re not sacrificing fit or comfort for fashion.

There’s not any difference aside from colors and possibly the lining, the security features are exactly the same. Additionally, there are some sizing differences between women’s special versions.

Helmet Features

Newer helmets offer you a number of features that make sporting a helmet more pleasurable.

Sound Systems: Helmets such as the Smith Optics Vantage have a choice to find a built-in”Skull Candy” sound system. So, if you’re shredding from the backcountry so could have in your favorite music playing. Personally, I haven’t used it but I could see the charm.

Just remember the dangers when you have music playing, you can’t hear people hoping to receive your attention. This is particularly significant where paths merge. Because of this, I’d only play audio when skiing at the back bowls or you also have the road to yourself.

Camera Mount: ” I believe it is amazing how many men and women wear Go-Pros in their helmets while skiing. Though you can just stick to a camera bracket, some newer versions have it constructed in. This manner you do not need to be concerned about it coming off. With Go-Pros costing tens of thousands of dollars, this is a fantastic alternative.

Goggle Retainers: This really is pretty much standard on almost any helmet today. It is a clip of some type on the rear of the helmet which the strap is hauled through thus the goggle can’t slide the helmet off completely.

Top Brands Of The Best Ski Helmets - best youth ski goggles

Top Brands Of The Best Ski Helmets

Giro Seam Snow Helmet

First off, I must mention the Giro Seam is my own every-day ski helmet. You are going to find out why these helmets completely kick butt.

A dial lock adjustment having floating inner suspension means the helmet adjusts to fit your head like a glove without pressure factors.

I use this helmet 7-8 hours every day for 100+ times per year (I have well over 400 times in this helmet)… trust me once I say you will forget it is there. This is the best snowboard helmets.

Preview Product Rating Price
Giro Seam Snow Helmet Giro Seam Snow Helmet

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Giro Seam Snow Sports Helmet at a Glance:

  • Shell: In-Mold construction
  • Visor: No
  • Weight: 16oz
  • Ventilation: 12 Flexible vents
  • MIPS: Accessible

Smith Vantage MIPS Snow Helmet

The recently redesigned Vantage helmet currently features MIPS technology. If you aren’t acquainted with it, then it stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System.

It is a fancy method of saying it reduces concussion risk by cutting back on the turning of your mind in the case of an effect.

The casing is a 1 piece injection molded shell that features a Koroyd layout exclusive to Smith which provides additional impact resistance. The outcome is a powerful, lightweight impact-resistant design at a fantastic price. This is the best snowboarding helmets.

Preview Product Rating Price
Smith VantageHelmet Smith VantageHelmet

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Women’s Model: Smith Optics Vantage Women’s Mips Ski Helmet

  • Smith Vantage MIPS Snow Helmet in a Glance:
  • Shell: Hybrid SL Shell Construction
  • Visor: No
  • Weight: 18.5oz
  • Ventilation: 21 Flexible vents
  • MIPS: Yes

Uvex 400 Winter Sports/Ski Helmet

Ski helmets with face guards are beginning to become popular for good reason: convenience.

Rather than having another set of gloves, they are made to the helmet. You simply flip up them instead of needing to remove the goggles having yet another thing to lose and keep tabs on.

The helmet shell is a 1 piece injection molded design for high durability and also an internal shell to absorb influences. This is the best kids ski helmets.

Preview Product Rating Price
Uvex Helmet 400 Visor Style Uvex Helmet 400 Visor Style No ratings yet

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Uvex Helmet 300 Winter Sports/Ski Helmet at a Glance:

  • Shell: Injection molded outer shell
  • Visor: Yes
  • Weight: 19.5oz
  • Ventilation: 6 Adaptive vents
  • MIPS: No

Lucky Bums Snow Sports Helmet

This helmet amazingly features rich and powerful considering the price point they were able to strike with this. Why is it that I consider it feature-rich?

Dial lock design adjustment strap at the rear of the helmet adjusts the inner suspension system well to help match a larger variety of head shapes and sizes.

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Do not forget to purchase the best womens ski helmets, however, since the adjustment range is just minor. the goggle retention strap onto the rear side is a lineup snap style fastener.

Lucky Bums Snow Sports Helmet at a Glance:

  • Shell: ABS/EPS Outer shell
  • Visor: No
  • Weight: 18oz
  • Heating: 6 Vents
  • MIPS: No

POC Receptor BUG Adaptive 2.0 Ski Helmet

The POC receptor is a skateboarder inspired design offering exceptional protection using an ABS shell for impact protection and penetration resistance with POC’s VDSAP (Ventilated Dual Shell Anti-Penetration system).

The inside has additional protection using an EPS liner using an In-Mold layout for shock absorption in case of an accident. To keep your goggles from fogging, the Receptor BUG includes goggle vents around the brim for airflow.

Preview Product Rating Price
POC Receptor BUG Adjustable 2.0 Ski Helmet POC Receptor BUG Adjustable 2.0 Ski Helmet No ratings yet

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What’s a helmet if it is uncomfortable?

Smith Optics Holt Snow Sports Helmet at a Glance:

  • Shell: In-mold polycarbonate
  • Visor: No
  • Weight: 19.5oz
  • Heating: 6 Vents
  • MIPS: No

Smith Vantage MIPS

  • Construction: Hybrid in-mold
  • Weight: 18 oz.
  • Ventilation: Flexible (21 vents)
  • What we like: The Vantage sets it all together: comfort, functionality, security, and appearances.
  • What we do not: Very expensive.

We have tested a lot of ski helmets, and not one is more striking compared to Smith Vantage. The high quality and attention to detail are all apparent, with a soft but supportive liner, exceptional coverage throughout your mind, and also an easy-to-adjust Boa dial to get a match. You just wear the helmet and forget that it is there–that the Vantage feels that light and comfortable. In addition, you become exceptional ventilation using a total of 21 vents (13 over the next area Oakley MOD 5 under ) controlled by 2 different sliders for simple customization. Overall you won’t find a helmet that’s so comfy and universally effective at frontside and backcountry usage.

Preview Product Rating Price
Smith VantageHelmet Smith VantageHelmet

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The Vantage also includes all of the security whistles and bells at the Smith arsenal. Their distinctive honeycomb Aerocore construction is observable through the port openings and meant to improve energy absorption at a crash. Along with the popular MIPS lining, designed to protect your mind in an angled effect, is discretionary.

These security features are hard to measure, but it is well worth noting that the additional technician is incorporated well into the low-profile layout. Whether the entire bundle would be well worth the exorbitant $260 cost is your choice. Editor’s note: Should you opt for MIPS, we have discovered it will run a bit smaller than the standard helmet, therefore those on the top end of this match range Might Have to size up… Read in-depth inspection

Oakley MOD 5

  • Construction: Hybrid in-mold
  • Weight: 20 oz.
  • Ventilation: Flexible (8 vents)
  • What we like: Creative detachable brim layout for a fantastic goggle fit.
  • What we do not: Not our favorite ear pad layout.

Oakley makes a number of our favorite ski goggles, however, the organization only recently jumped to the helmet match with the MOD collection. In the present collection, we favor their top-end”5,” that has panels of tough ABS plastic for additional protection and flexible ventilation. Further, its unique Modular Brim System (MBS) does a great job removing the dreaded gaper gap from adding two brim sizes (small and big ). It isn’t an ideal response it favors Oakley new goggles over other people but the choice to swap out that the brim makes it the most universal solution in the marketplace.

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The remaining portion of the MOD 5 is average Oakley quality. The helmet feels light in your mind and features premium features such as a magnetic chinstrap, Boa dial in the back, and detachable liner. The venting layout does depend on a chimney-like impact drawing up air through the goggle and outside the surface so it can not dump heat as rapidly as a helmet such as the Smith Vantage above.

We also discovered that the lining is a bit less cushioned as well as the cutout ear pads make it hard to wear headphones. However, these complaints are not deal breakers for many people, and the layout is quite strong overall. The MOD 5 can be obtained with or without MIPS, and also the Excess security technology raises the cost to $240… Read in-depth review


  • Construction: ABS
  • Weight: 20 oz.
  • Heating: Fixed (10 vents)
  • What we enjoy: Our favorite apparel below $100.
  • What we do not: Liner and foam tend to be less costly than pricier helmets within this listing.

Top to bottom within their snow helmet lineup, Smith simply makes it. At $70, the Holt is the authentic funding offering and our favorite apparel in its budget. It is a workout in smart layout, and among those Holt’s main accomplishments are preventing the bulky and off-putting mushroom appearance connected with cheap helmets. While less low profile or decays the superior Vantage over or Amount below, it is a noteworthy improvement over the remaining portion of the budget area.

Preview Product Rating Price
Smith Holt Snow Helmet Smith Holt Snow Helmet

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A really wonderful touch is Holt’s modification system. You do not have a dial adjuster, but an elasticized ring in the rear of the helmet extends to accommodate your own mind surprisingly well. Warmth and comfort are also aggressive, even though the memory foam, while warm and thick, feels more economical, and muffles seem more than we favor.

Overall, we have discovered that it is often worth updating to some mid-range or superior ski helmet especially for people who get in a lot of times on the mountain. However, so long as you are prepared to compromise a little in relaxation and are not prone to overheating (the fixed venting is only mildly effective), the Holt is a true winner. This is the best mens ski helmet.

Salomon MTN Laboratory

  • Construction: Hybrid in-mold
  • Weight: 13.3 oz.
  • Heating: Fixed (12 vents)
  • What we like: Super lightweight; ranked for both climbing and skiing.
  • What we do not: Fixed vents may allow moisture indoors.

Ranked for both downhill ski and climbing usage, the Salomon MTN Lab is a backcountry standout. The helmet’s feathery 13.3-ounce burden (our moderate size together with the warmer winter liner) is the lightest on our listing and makes it effortless to wear daily or attach to a bunch.

Preview Product Rating Price
Salomon MTN LAB Salomon MTN LAB No ratings yet

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Ventilation is also a strong point with 12 big cutouts spread along the top and sides of the lid. And Salomon did not skimp on features together with all the MTN Lab: the helmet incorporates nicely with our Smith I/O Mag goggles, the alteration dial in the back is simple to use, as well as both comprised Merino wool cubes (one lightweight and also yet one winter-weight) are soft and comfy.

Where the MTN Laboratory falls short is just like a helmet. Unlike the lavish, resort-ready options over, the Salomon’s minimalist cushioning is not as comfortable and does not protect you too in the cold. Additionally, the vents have been non-adjustable, and we discovered that moisture may work its way through the openings in thick snowfall (placing our hardshell’s hood above the helmet did relieve this dilemma ). These compromises make it less than ideal selection for lift-assisted days, but it is as good as it gets when you venture in the alpine.

Smith Level MIPS

  • Construction: Hybrid in-mold
  • Weight: 19 oz.
  • Ventilation: Flexible (20 vents)
  • What we like: High-quality and incredibly comfortable construct.
  • What we do not: Not as flexible as the Vantage above.

Smith has altered the favorite Variance among our all-time preferred hotel figurines together with all the Level MIPS. Immediately, it is possible to tell the most recent version is a completely modern helmet: its slick looks, generous venting, and hybrid casing construction closely resemble the pricier Vantage above. Additionally, it borrows that helmet Aerocore layout and contains a MIPS lining (a non-MIPS Amount can also be provided at $170) for sound crash protection. Throw in a warm and soft inside, and the Amount (and women’s Liberty) have all of the proper ingredients to pick up directly where the Variance left.

In conserving $60 compared with all the top-rated Vantage, you can make a few compromises. To begin, the Level is somewhat heavier (just about 1 oz ) and contains just one adjuster to the very best vents (the Vantage includes two). Further, they have matched the Vantage’s premium Boa match system to get an in-house VaporFit layout. Nevertheless, the degree of customization is extremely similar, and we have had no complaints together with our additional VaporFit-equipped helmets. Overall, the lighter and airier Vantage is your greater all-rounder, but we find little to complain about using the Level to get lift-assisted usage


  • Construction: In-mold w/ABS shell
  • Weight: 16.5 oz.
  • Ventilation: Flexible (11 vents)
  • What we like: Strong build and well-integrated security features.
  • What we do not: Not as comfy as the choices from Smith above.

Sweden-based POC has built a reputation around durability and security, and also the Obex is their well-rounded helmet up to now. The major news is that the integration of the SPIN technologies POC’s variant of a MIPS lining that intends to decrease rotational forces at an angled effect right into a lightweight and competitively priced package.

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The best thing about SPIN is its simplicity: that the layout uses cushioned pads that incorporate seamlessly into the liner. Rounding out the features, the Obex comes with a flexible fit system that secures evenly round the mind, a durable ABS shell, along with the new signature clean styling.

What is not to enjoy about the POC Obex? Despite their best attempts, the helmet is bulkier and less compact as Smith’s Vantage and Level above. Because of this, we discovered that it seems somewhat thicker than its 16.5-ounce weight indicates (ours is a dimension M/L).

What’s more, the interior cushioning is not as extravagant as the Smith layouts and we favor more cushioning across the chin strap particularly. In the end, just the top 3 vents are flexible, so the helmet may operate chilly on freezing days. To be honest, these gaps are still fairly minor, as well as the Obex’s mix of a premium security suite and fair $200 price point make it a place on the record.

Giro Ledge MIPS

  • Construction: ABS
  • Weight: 18 oz.
  • Heating: Fixed (8 vents)
  • What we like: A MIPS-equipped helmet for under $100.
  • What we do not: Not as comfy as the Smith Holt above.

Giro was among those first adopters of all MIPS technology, and also their snow helmet lineup is chock-full of MIPS layouts. The Ledge is a standout, which is $90 will be the most economical helmet on this list that is equipped with all the angled effect security features.

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Aside from that, you do not get a lot of whistles and bells, but there is enough here to create most passengers joyful: a goggle retainer hook round back, detachable ear pads, and a finicky but still quite usable fit adjustment system. Anyone out of casual riders to season-long rippers on funding ought to provide the Ledge MIPS serious consideration.

Quite a few Giro and Smith versions go head-to-head, as well as also the Ledge is a direct competitor using the Holt above. Both blossoms have very tidy, skate-inspired layouts, demanding hard shells that may have a good knock, and also are offered in a vast selection of colors. Where the Ledge gets the benefit is that the addition of MIPS for just a second $20 (Smith does not offer you a MIPS lining on the Holt).

But we favor the general fit and comfort of this Holt, and it incorporates somewhat better with a vast selection of goggle fashions. However, if MIPS is in your own must-have list and Giro helmets fit you nicely (they are proven to function best with oval-shaped heads), the Ledge MIPS is a proven budget choice.

Bern Watts EPS Thin Shell

  • Construction: ABS
  • Weight: 20 oz.
  • Heating: Fixed (11 vents)
  • What we like: Really comfortable, very good looks.
  • What we do not: Non-adjustable vents, the angled invoice gets in the way of big goggles.

Ski helmets are a class where we are often eager to devote a bit extra. A wonderful lid works and you do not consider it, whereas a bad one can ruin a ski day. However, the 100 Bern Watts makes a place on the list since it is flat-out comfy. Twist it on your mind and twist the Boa adjuster, and now you are ready for all-day fun. Another significant advantage is the 2-in-1 compatibility: from the offseason, you can grab a summer season for biking and utilize it for this particular action (it is accredited for both). We frequently find this helmet about Seattle and the dual-use facet is a reason.

At this price, there’ll be compromises, and also the huge ones for your Watts EPS are venting and goggle fit. To begin, the ABS construction means that there are not too many vents as many other choices on this listing, and what ports it will happen are non-adjustable. Additionally, it is somewhat tricky to discover a set of goggles that could squeeze beneath the visor and prevent exposed skin. Medium-fit goggles such as the Smith I/O can operate, but if you go too little or too big, it could lead to distress or mind freeze on icy days. If you are in a position to obtain the right goggle pairing, nevertheless, the Bern Watts is a good price.

Smith Quantum MIPS

  • Construction: Hybrid in-mold
  • Weight: 23 oz.
  • Ventilation: Flexible (22 vents)
  • What we like: Premium degrees of protection and comfort.
  • What we do not: Very costly and quite heavy for backcountry use.

Smith creates a helmet for pretty much every type and type of skier and snowboarder, and also their range-topping Quantum is tailormade for people handling ambitious lines. This helmet involves the complete arsenal of the brand’s safety features: the energy-absorbing Aerocore construction employed in parts of the Vantage and Level over is extended to the complete casing, you get extra protection across the rear of the head using a strip of ABS plastic, along with a MIPS lining is included with all models.

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And as anticipated from Smith, the Quantum is very comfortable with the ideal quantity of padding and an extremely tunable Boa match system, and its flexible ventilation makes it effortless to remain comfortable in almost all temperatures.

What drives the Quantum to some mid-pack end is the helmet is quite costly at $300 and its improvements over other layouts are incremental at best. The Vantage preceding packs almost as numerous security features weighs 5 oz less and comes at $40 cheaper.

Additionally, it ventilates likewise and is somewhat better for backcountry usage because of its lighter weight. But if you would like maximum protection and more or less every available feature presently available on the current market, the superior Quantum MIPS is the one to purchase. This is the best ski helmets with audio.

Pret Cynic X

  • Construction: In-mold
  • Weight: 15.5 oz.
  • Heating: Fixed (12 vents)
  • What we like: Cozy lining and fun styling.
  • What we do not: Non-adjustable vents.

Picking out the right $150 helmet is a workout in prioritization. In case your must-haves are lining comfort, flexible fit, and sticking out from a sea of Smith, Oakley, and Giro figurines, subsequently the Pret Cynic X is still a nice option. Its wool-blend lining gives it among the more comfy interiors for below $200, along with the easy-to-use match process that is similar to a Boa layout. We’d love to view flexible ventilation in the price point, however, also the Cynic’s fixed system using 12 vents along with a few open/close flaps across the inside do a fairly good job at temperatures regulation.

Much like all the Smith Mission beneath, the Cynic’s in-mold construction keeps weight in check-in under a pound to the moderate size. But unlike the Mission, you receive a small additional durability thanks to strategically placed panels of polycarbonate that leaves sections of this shell.

At length, looks are always subjective, but we enjoy the styling of the Cynic and Pret’s lineup generally (though some might find the big”Pret” across the sides somewhat extreme). To get a similar layout that has been lightened by roughly an oz for alpine touring usage, take a look at the Cynic AT.

Giro Range MIPS (

  • Construction: Hybrid in-mold
  • Weight: 19 oz.
  • Ventilation: Flexible (13 vents)
  • What we like: Excellent fit machine, premium construct.
  • What we do not: Lean ear pads do not work nicely with systems.

Giro is among those few brands genuinely innovating their match systems, and their Range MIPS provides a best-in-class low-profile layout because of a flexible two-piece shell. By turning the glove-friendly dial with your thumb, the semi-flexible shell either expands or closes around your mind. For many head shapes, it provides a totally amazing fit (the sole exception are around heads which will fit the Vantage better). And we have discovered the minimalist brim matches most goggles very well–even hard-to-fit big frames such as the Dragon X2.

For the cost, we’d prefer more substantial and supportive ear cushioning (even as long as you do not wish to utilize the sound drop-ins, they have given us fairly great all-day heat and relaxation ). The remaining portion of the layout is good: the strap under the chin is magnetic and simple to open and shut with gloves a wonderful step up in the typical buckle out of Smith and also the Range provides you superior features such as a soft-touch inside and MIPS lining. Ventilation does fall short of this Vantage, but the 13 big vents may be adjustable and also have worked nicely on our side-country explorations.

Sweet Protection Ascender MIPS

  • Construction: Hybrid in-mold
  • Weight: 13.4 oz.
  • Ventilation: Fixed
  • What we like: Ski mountaineering-specific layout with MIPS.
  • What we do not: No lining included.

Salomon’s MTN Laboratory previously has been a leading choice among ski mountaineers for a range of seasons, but it eventually has formidable competition in the brand new Sweet Protection Ascender. Such as the Salomon, this lid includes both skiing and climbing certificates, is super lightweight at well below a pound, and contains all of the requisite headlamp and goggle attachments.

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However, the Sweet Protection includes MIPS for extra protection through an angled effect something that is not provided using the MTN Lab also has smaller openings across the surface of the casing to restrict moisture from slipping through. Additionally, it is priced fairly harshly at $200, which matches with the Salomon despite the extra safety technology (a non-MIPS Ascender is available for $170).

A surprising omission using the newest Sweet Protection helmet is the fact that it does not include an interior lining. We realize the advantages of keeping things light and packable, and it is a fact that many people ditch Salomon’s lining on springtimes, but we would still like the choice to have one incorporated into the casing for relaxation.

Nevertheless, you will probably be wearing a hat or beanie beneath both layouts during chilly descents, so it is not a deal-breaker. And to get a more conventional choice from Sweet Protection for hotel use, take a look at their Switcher MIPS. This is the best women’s snow ski helmets.

Smith Mission MIPS

  • Construction: In-mold
  • Weight: 16 oz.
  • Ventilation: Flexible (14 vents)
  • What we like: Light, comfortable, and competitively priced.
  • What we do not: Less lasting than the choices above.

Taking the location of this favorite Aspect in Smith’s lineup is your Mission. This helmet covers what we search for in a mid-range lid: a flexible fit lining, incorporated goggle clip, and removable ear pads for sound systems. The foam inside is not as lavish as the Vantage or Level over, but it is still well cushioned and fairly warm for freezing days. Where the Mission stands outside is fat: in 16 oz for the MIPS version, it is one of the lightest fully-featured hotel helmets out there.

Remember the Smith Mission’s lightweight construct does come in the sacrifice of strength. Its complete in-mold construction means the helmet lacks the segments of burly ABS material which you get with superior hybrid in-mold designs such as the Level. Because of this, ours began displaying signs of wear quicker than milder options (it is a fantastic idea to take care when throwing it in the rear of an auto or boot bag). This restricts the Mission’s allure among acute riders but we like its mixture of weight, cost, and relaxation.

K2 Diversion

  • Construction: Hybrid in-mold
  • Weight:15.2 ounces.
  • Ventilation: Adjustable
  • That which we like: The low-profile fit and comfortable cushioning.
  • What we don’t: The comprised sound system.

Having a lightweight texture and luxury cushioning, the K2 Diversion is our favorite helmet in the venerable ski manufacturer. Besides a comfy full-wrap lining, the hybrid construction delivers a wonderful balance of practicality with in-mold on both sides and hard-shell towards the very top.

Preview Product Rating Price
K2 Diversion Ski Helmet K2 Diversion Ski Helmet

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Further, we adore all of the vents in front along with this helmet, and adjusting the machine with gloves is a cinch. Checking in at under 16 oz, it is also among the milder choices to generate our record.

Worth is where K2 Diversion endures, falling it towards the base of the package. Part of the excess price is the addition of a questionable sound system that does not provide the maximum quality audio and has an attached cable that’s challenging to control. It’s possible to get rid of the system however for $160, the cost is somewhat high if you do not intend to utilize it. In case K2 dropped the sound and cost, we’d prefer the Diversion more. There are the best place to putgo prowhen skiing.

Oakley MOD 1

  • Construction: In-mold
  • Heating: Fixed (6 vents)
  • What we like: Great price and attribute collection.
  • What we do not: Common looks and minimal venting.

On the insides of this MOD 5 and also MOD 3 is Oakley’s latest construct: the MOD 1. As its name suggests this is actually their entry-level version using a simplified appearance, trimmed-down attribute collection, and budget-friendly $120 cost. However, Oakley was able to pack in several nice touches, such as a buckle (something that you seldom find on a sub-$200 lid) and Boa’s proven 360-degree fit system. Comfort can also be great for the mid-range class as a result of some beanie-like liner which has a soft texture and molds well to your mind.

We are pleased to see Oakley enlarging their helmet lineup, but we believe they missed the ship a bit with all the MOD 1. To begin, its in-mold construction helps keep weight down but compromises in strength compared with ABS-built opponents like the Giro Ledge above.

The ones that spend some time at the playground or exploring the outer reaches of this hotel will probably need a more demanding design. What’s more, the MOD 3 and MOD 5 stand out from the marketplace using their own unique, futuristic looks, but the MOD 1 combines with generic, skate-inspired styling. Despite our nitpicks, we can not knock on the MOD 1’s worth, which makes it a place on the record.

Sweet Protection Grimnir II TE

  • Construction: Hybrid fiber casing
  • Weight: 21.2 oz.
  • Heating: Fixed (26 vents)
  • What we like: A carbon fiber helmet!
  • What we do not: Super costly and impractical.

Right off the bat, it is readily obvious the Sweet Protection Grimnir II TE is not your ordinary ski helmet. The casing is made out of glistening carbon fiber–it is especially impressive looking from the”Organic Carbon” color and the cost is a whopping $350. That is $50 more than the very expensive helmet within this list and sets it in the rarified atmosphere for an all-mountain/freeride layout. Exactly what the carbon fiber construct gets you, nevertheless, is both the incredible strength and pro-level performance. If you hit large mountain lines with a great deal of vulnerability, the Grimnir TE could be well worth a look.

It probably will not come as a shock that the Grimnir TE’s allure is quite limited. For starters, the folks considering this helmet probably find themselves in hairy scenarios rather frequently and might want to replace it following a crash well prior to the EPS lining has worn outside (that is just another $350).

Moreover, there is not a standardized test to prove this carbon construction really is safer, even though the substance is proven to be quite powerful. In the long run, the Grimnir TE remains a niche product, but Sweet Protection does create the 200 Igniter II MIPS, which shares a similar form and match but transactions the carbon fiber for much more functional ABS plastic.

Giro Union MIPS

  • Construction: In-mold
  • Ventilation: Flexible (11 vents)
  • What we like: Pretty comfy and lightweight.
  • What we do: No standout features; little vents.

Giro’s $150 Union MIPS and $200 Zone MIPS pay for the California brand’s mid-range resort offerings. In a lot of ways, they’re follow-ups into the Giro Range over but with no shell modification system. We were not blown away with the model, but equally the Zone and Union work nicely for hotel and backcountry usage with tunable venting, a well-cushioned inside, and a discreet fit system that adjusts vertically and all-around your head.

The main distinction is that the Zone MIPS includes a hybrid construction, which adds a hardshell top for durability, while the Union is a pure in-mold layout. The Zone also employs the magnetic clip which we like about the Range compared using the typical buckle around the Union.

Both helmets are a wonderful addition to the Giro fleet, but we provide the advantage to the Union as the far better all-around choice (and worth ) for your hotel skier. At $200, we favor the Smith Level within the Zone, however, the Union is still a fantastic choice at $150. Remember that as with all the Smith Vantage MIPS previously, we have discovered these helmets to operate somewhat smaller than their recorded size range.

POC Receptor Bug

  • Construction: Hybrid dual shell
  • Weight: 19.4 oz.
  • Ventilation: Flexible (8 vents)
  • What we like: Tough, impact-resistant construction.
  • What we do not: Reduce padding and no alteration system.

Impact resistance is the title of this game together with all the POC Receptor Bug, which provides exceptional durability using its double-shell system. It is a proven alternative for the ones that push the limits that the outer ABS coating covers the whole helmet rather than the partial policy of versions such as the Smith Vantage and Level also it includes just a slight weight penalty. Padding does fall short of their class-leading Smith choices, but it is a trade-off to keep burden in check.

Preview Product Rating Price
POC Receptor Bug Helmet POC Receptor Bug Helmet

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Regrettably, the normal Receptor Bug does not arrive with a healthy adjuster, therefore it can be somewhat tricky to find the ideal size (there are 5 sizes to select from, nevertheless ). POC does create a Receptor Bug Flexible edition, but it is going to cost you another $55. Along with the helmet will not redeem itself with regards to venting with 8 big openings across the surface of the mind which may be opened or closed based on requirements. For people searching for a splash of delight, the two Receptor Bug models are offered in a vast assortment of colorways, from conservative white or blue to brassy yellow or crimson.

Anon Raider 3

  • Construction: ABS
  • Weight: 21 oz.
  • Heating: Fixed (6 vents)
  • What we like: Great price, lasting construction.
  • What we do not: Appears and feels bulky; no match adjuster.

The Anon Raider is a long-time budget preferred with its durable construction and skate park-ready looks. From a features perspective, it is about as simple as it gets. There’s absolutely no adjustable fit system, its own venting system does not do a fantastic job with fever regulation or fog avoidance, and it is one of the lightest models on our listing at 21 oz.

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On the other hand, the inside cushioning includes a fleece backer, which is a lot softer than we expected for the cost, and the helmet includes a nice strong texture.

Its 80 cost puts it into direct competition with the Smith Holt over, and between the two, we provide the obvious advantage to the Holt. Smith has done a better job creating a more livable helmet to get the identical price: the easy fit system functions well and despite considering the same, it seems much lighter on your own mind and seems much less bulky. The Anon, however, is multi-season accredited, making it a great bargain to get a snow and snow helmet.

Atomic Revent+ Against Ski Helmet

Preview Product Rating Price
Atomic Revent+ Ski Helmet - Black - AN5005640 Atomic Revent+ Ski Helmet - Black - AN5005640 No ratings yet

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This helmet has been tricked out with the tech Atomic could presume to devise. Section of this all-mountain lineup, this hybrid construction helmet employs egg-carton-like Holo Core technologies to decrease weight without sacrificing functionality.

Meanwhile, the Atomic’s multi-directional effect deflector (Amid) system gets your noggin coated, providing maximum shock absorption in a collision or full-on ragdoll. And for improved relaxation, Atomic’s Live Match memory foam pads onto the inside ensures individual match right from the box. This is the best rated snowboard helmet with speakers.

Giro Emerge MIPS with Polartec Liner Ski Helmet

Yes the Emerge MIPS freestyle helmet features top-notch MIPS Spherical technologies to decrease the rotational power of crashes that are hard, and it has a detachable goggle retainer and earpads so you can use it as a playground rat in case that is your style. But the actual highlight of this Emerge is it’s the very first helmet to incorporate a Polartec Power Grid lining, which raises heat and relaxation, moves away moisture from the skin, and dries fast.

SHRED. Totality Ski Helmet

Preview Product Rating Price
Shred Optics Totality NoShock Helmet Shred Optics Totality NoShock Helmet No ratings yet

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SHRED. May have completed some re-branding, but also the organization’s devotion to designing exciting new products has not changed. The brand new Totality helmet is notable for two reasons: it is a tough shell helmet, yet it is amazingly light and features SHRED. ‘s proprietary Rotational Energy System (RES)–a lightweight method to protecting your mind from rotational forces continuing in gnarly crashes. What is more: This helmet includes 12 strategically positioned vents to ditch the heat you create while ripping replicate laps and stop goggles from fogging.

Atomic Count 360° HD Goggle & Count AMID Helmet

Preview Product Rating Price
Atomic Count 360degree Stereo Goggles Atomic Count 360degree Stereo Goggles No ratings yet

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Atomic’s fresh Count line concentrates on improved functionality, eyesight, and endurance. The Count 360° HD ski goggle incorporates crystal ribbon at the lens to supply high-definition in snow comparison, even though a minimalist framework maximizes the field of opinion. The Count AMID ski helmet is a burlier variant of the past year’s Recent, equipped with Atomic’s protection foam and Holo Core construction to have a blow to the mind like a champ.

Bern Monroe Goggle & Weston Peak Helmet

Preview Product Rating Price
BERN, Weston Peak Snow Helmet BERN, Weston Peak Snow Helmet No ratings yet

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The holy trinity based on Bern: fashion, comfort, and protection integrated effortlessly. The result: helmets and goggles which function as one. The Monroe is a women’s ski goggle catering to female faces also contains two high-contrast interchangeable curved lenses. The unisex Weston Peak ski helmet sport Bern’s signature: a fashionable form, zip-mold protection, and its own traditional visor detachable in this particular model.

Bollé Nevada Ski Goggle & Instinct MIPS Ski Helmet

Bollé shares serious eyesight with the debut of this Nevada goggle and cylindrical Phantom lens, fine-tuned to automatically adapt to varying light within 30 minutes. Get more definitions together with all the Phantom+ lenses comprising semi-polarized movies. This season Bollé adds MIPS to its favorite Instinct helmet to provide it a significant security update, which only makes great sense, the Instinct MIPS is from the freeride lineup.

Sweet Protection Switcher Ski Helmet

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Sweet Protection makes trendy helmets-literally. The Switcher’s exceptional one-turn venting system enables skiers to start and shut all 22 vents simultaneously with the turn of a knob. A mix of in-mold and hardshell construction, together with varying elasticity and influence shield technology, additionally guarantee sturdy yet lightweight protection. With the minimal difference in cost factors, we say your mind would be well worth the MIPS model.

Giro Eave Ski Goggle & Terra Ski Helmet

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Giro is back by popular demand, today with an emphasis on sleek lines and customizable fashion. The women’s Eave goggle unites Giro’s VIVID lens, a magnetic quick-change lens program, and also a brand new synonymous goggle strap to wed function and fashion. Pair the Eave using the newest freestyle-inspired Terra helmet, a lightweight but protective lid using MIPS technologies, for a minimalist look made to stand out.

Salomon S/Max Ski Goggle & Sight Ski Helmet

With MAX from the title, you anticipate a google that lets ridiculous eyesight. The S/MAX provides with a large rounded framework and shape fit extending eyesight into the peripherals, while Sigma lens technology provides high-def comparison, which means that you may see what is coming in almost any circumstances. The Sight helmet also ups the ante with fresh shock absorption technologies strategically positioned in the most crucial impact zones.

SPY Ace EC Ski Goggle using ONE technology

Preview Product Rating Price
Spy Optic Ace Spy Optic Ace

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Think lenses that adapt to varying light are old information? Think again. The Ace EC goggle provides you with contemporary technology: the 1 lens which may alter tints-not only increase color contrast on the fly. Push the button on the goggle’s lightweight lithium-ion battery pack plus an electronic pulse is sent through an invisible filament from the lens to immediately change lens shade for glowing, blended, or horizontal lighting.

POC Fovea Clarity Ski Goggle & Obex Spin Ski Helmet

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On the lookout for a goggle with x-ray vision? There is nothing (yet), however, the Fovea goggle comes close together with all the POC Clarity lens, designed with optimum intensity and comparison to increase vision. The lightweight Obex Twist helmet also features proprietary POC technologies -SPIN pads that sit between the lining and shell of the helmet to protect the mind from rotational, not only linear, hard knocks.

SCOTT LCG Ski Goggle & Symbol 2 Plus D Ski Helmet

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There is nothing worse than smudging your own lenses. The LCG Goggle creates a lens-changing cleaner using its award-winning lens shift slider system. Slide the tab onto the face of the framework and unhook the lens to swap out using the added bonus lens. Scott also adds advanced technology into the Symbol two Plus D helmet, such as a lower-profile form and 360° Actual Sound ear pads for superior hearing.

Cébé Icone Ski Goggle & Contest Visor Ultimate Ski Helmet

Cébé makes its introduction in North America using all the frameless Icone goggles, including around, a magnetic lens which makes swapping out to the move a bit of cake. Do not bother about the lens popping in a wreck Cébé’s magnetic system is more powerful than many. Cébé also updated its best-selling helmet in Europe with MIPS and RECCO to add to an already comprehensive list of trendy features. That is the best snow helmets.

Shred Simplify Ski Goggle & Slam-Cap NoShock Ski Helmet

Preview Product Rating Price
SHRED Slam-Cap NoShock Helmet SHRED Slam-Cap NoShock Helmet No ratings yet

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Known for its own path, Shred strays farther from the pack with the launch of its huge Show series comprising first Shred technology. The cylindrical Simplify lens unites NoDistortion and Shredwide technology to improve peripheral vision and improve optics. From the Slam-Cap helmet, Shred’s NoShock and RES security systems rival MIPS on the rest of the helmets on the market.

Dragon PXV GALAXY Ski Goggle

Preview Product Rating Price
Dragon Alliance Mens PXV Snow Goggles Dragon Alliance Mens PXV Snow Goggles No ratings yet

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Size does matter, and Dragon goes large with its own new PXV goggle. A massive fit supplies a vast field of view, and also the PXV’s Panotech lens contour radically expands peripheral vision. Lumalens photochromic technology enhances color contrast, that will assist you to see more harshly. Another cool feature is that the armored venting system that prevents snow from becoming packed to the foam in addition to the framework. This is the best audio snowboard helmet.

Uvex Compact FM Ski Goggle & Primo Ski Helmet

Preview Product Rating Price
Uvex Sports Compact FM Winter Snow/Ski Goggles - 550130 Uvex Sports Compact FM Winter Snow/Ski Goggles - 550130 No ratings yet

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A minimalist appearance creates the FM goggle stand out also allows Uvex to concentrate on what is below the surface: supervision technology along with a lite mirror lens which enhances eyesight and protect your eyes from the elements. Layout plus protection are also the assignments of this Primo helmet. A fashionable casing meets a liner that can be corrected just like a hood to make a comfortable mold between helmet and head for ultimate comfort and protection.

Pret Refuge X Ski Helmet

Preview Product Rating Price
Pret Refuge X Helmet 2019 - Medium/Team Black Pret Refuge X Helmet 2019 - Medium/Team Black No ratings yet

Last update on 2023-12-04 / Affiliate links / As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Pret’s brand new X series was designed with input pro Trainers and made for rippers appearing to challenge the mountain and live to ski every day. With MIPS technologies and overlapping freshwater cubes, the Refuge X is a remarkably light yet powerful all-mountain helmet. Want songs for stoked on bigger, bad lines? The Refuge X features custom made ear pockets that are audio-ready.

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