Top 25+ Best Sun Hats For Travel 2024 Review

Top Best Sun Hats For Travel 2020 Review

Summer is here and you’re already planning our next kayaking trips or beach get-together. Choosing the best sun hats for travel is one of the things you shouldn’t overlook when making plans, whether it’s for a vacation or for day to day use.

Not wearing a protective headwear during summer isn’t just uncomfortable, but it can be a health hazard, too. Browse our reviews of the best sun hats to consider this year; after this, choosing the one that suits you most should be a breeze.

Top 25+ Best Sun Hats For Travel

Top 25+ Best Sun Hats For Travel

Bestseller No. 5
Summer Sun Hat for Women Bucket UV Protection Wide Brim Beach Cotton Gardening Packable Travel Vacation Navy
Summer Sun Hat for Women Bucket UV Protection Wide Brim Beach Cotton Gardening Packable Travel Vacation Navy
FOLDABLE: folds up easily, compact and perfect as a fishing or travel hats.; DETACHABLE CHIN STRAP: adjustable for a better fit; won't blown off when it gets windy.
Bestseller No. 9
Sol Seaker Hat
Sol Seaker Hat
UPF 50+ Sun Rating; 3 ½" Brim; Breathable Polyester/Paper Braid*; Packs for Travel; Decorative Hatband

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General Impression

The Columbia Unisex Bora Bora II Booney Hat is the best choice for the best women’s sun hats for travel for guys. This complete brim hat provides UPF 50+ sun protection and is constructed from quick-dry material, which makes it an exceptional alternative for water activities. The Omni-Wick sweatband and mesh vent panel keep your head dry and cool in warm conditions. The Columbia Unisex Bora Bora II Booney Hat comes in five distinct colors and features an adjustable chin strap and dimensions toggle for a perfect fit on your mind. This hat is great for camping, hiking, fishing, fishing, and other watersports.

Outdoor Research Sombriolet Men’s Sun Style

A lightweight hat that will not encumbering you whatsoever, but will provide high protection against sunlight, wind, and humidity. Sturdy and heavy responsibility, the Outdoor Research hat can be amazingly comfortable even when wearing it for quite a while.

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The brims of this sun hat are foam-stiffened, but the elastic piping technologies make the brims withstand the intense wind without displacing the hat out of your head. The identical foam piping makes your sun hat float in case you accidentally drop it in the water. The Sombriolet hat also includes a TransAction headband for a secure fit, in addition to additional cable adjustments which will keep it in place.

While wearing it, you’ll be protected from perspiration too, because the interior headband comes with an anti-dripping system that also allows aeration. It is among the best female sun hats for travel who actually want ideal UV protection every day.

Henschel 5310 Packable Mesh Breezer Sun Hat

An Aussie-style choice, this Henschel layout is just one of the best sun hats for women travel in the marketplace. Made from an extremely durable heavy-duty UV protection cloth, the hat can also be trendy enough to make you look impressive even if worn on a casual day at the shore.

Preview Product Rating Price
Henschel Hats Aussie Breezer 5310 Cotton Mesh Hat Henschel Hats Aussie Breezer 5310 Cotton Mesh Hat No ratings yet

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It is among the few genuinely packable hats which do not get ruined or misshaped after packaging and unpacking it. Consequently, if you would like to bring it together for protection against sunlight and end to a camping trip or outdoor experience, it is one of the best options.

The 5310 sunlight hat includes a high SPF (50+) and promises protection against the wind and the rain too. Most sun protection hat testimonials suggest that this version enjoys the identical degree of quality as another Henschel products, including all the perks that you could already be acquainted with (CoolMax ring, washable, flexible, etc.. )

O’Neill Sonoma Prints Straw Sun Hat

A crowd favorite with guys of all ages, the O’Neill brand is among the market leaders in the market of sunlight hats for guys, and with great reason. Their sun hats have been crafted from natural substances (sea straw, in this instance ) and provide a high degree of protection, from perspiration, UV rays, and other components.

The brims are ample enough to protect you nicely (4 inches), and when it comes to sun hat you may pick from several sizes to find the one which fits you the best. The sea straw cloth is a lot more resistant compared to other organic substances (like other straw kinds ), which makes it among the best sun protection hats potential.

There’s also the emblem glued into sunlight hat, which many people decide to wear proudly. If you do not enjoy it, however, remember it may be readily eliminated by cutting round the paste.

Panama Jack Men’s Sun Style

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While most sunlight hats are practical in protecting UV rays, they are not especially stylish, but the Panama Jack Men’s Sun Hat is a shining exception along with a timeless favorite. The hat includes a 2 3/8-inch brim (therefore a bit smaller than a number of the safari-style choices ), however, the substance keeps UPF50 solar protection. The cotton coat has metal grommets for ventilation plus a stylish buckle around the crown. It is well-constructed with quality stitching and durable stuff. But it is important to be aware that the hat can’t be folded or bent, so take care when packaging it for excursions.


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The Home Prefer Men’s UPF 50+ Sun Protection Cap comes in eight color choices and is constructed from breathable quick-drying material. The UPF 50+ rating protects you in sunlight, and the net vents keep your head cool during warmer times. This is only one of the greatest men’s hats for sun protection on account of this cape-style style, keeping the sun from your neck during outside pursuits. This sunlight cap also will come with an adjustable or removable chin strap to fit all sizes. This is the best ladies sun hats for travel.


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The KastKing Sol Armis UPF 50 Boonie Hat is among the best packable sun hats for travel for women. The Prym 1 Camo color choices make it a favorite option for hunting and fishing, and also the elastic drawstring is adjustable for all sizes. This Boonie hat for men is made out of lightweight cloth and mesh vents to keep you cool during your outside activities, and also the moisture-wicking headband prevents the sweat from getting in your eyes.


The Quicksilver Men’s Pierside Straw Hat is a top option when seeking to buy a straw hat for sun protection. The elastic chin strap keeps the hat in place, even on windy days and the cloth is lightweight. This sun hat comes with an extra-wide brim to aid with sun protection on long hot days at the beach, on a fishing holiday or trip. The Quicksilver Men’s Pierside Straw Hat is constructed with 100 percent Raffia Straw and features a fashionable block Quicksilver emblem on the front. This hat is highly rated as the best men’s sun hats for travel one of the lifeguards.

USHAKE Foldable Super Wide Brim Fishing Hat

This is only one of the very best sun hats for guys when it comes to outdoor experience and sunlight exposure. Being wholely the product of Nylon, it’s extremely durable, thick, and provides supreme color. Most of all, cloth quality is simply brilliant. It utilizes UPF 50+ technologies which may safely protect you from sunburn. Weighing only nearly 5 oz, the coat is quite light throughout the wear.

Additionally, it’s super-wide brim makes it feasible to pay both the front of your own face and up the back to a neck. Anyway, you’ll never feel nostalgic at all sporting this since its net fabric is extremely breathable. By doing this, users will have the ability to correct its drawstring buckle involving the dimensions of 22.6 inches around 23.22 inches big.

DDYOUTDOOR 07-281 Fashion Summer Outdoor Sun Protection Hat

DDYOUTDOOR is another sun hat you might require if you demand a complete policy neck flap. Not only can it be fashionable but it’s also quite durable under all sorts of weather conditions also. Being constructed out of high-quality nylon cloth, it may protect you from sun, UVA, and UVB in addition to wind.

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More interestingly, the hat can also be water-resistant. Because of this, it’s fantastic to wear in the rain also. When you examine the sides, you’ll observe that it also features a sided mesh panel to permit the air to float through. In this manner, it won’t keep you sweating in any way. Discussing the flap, it’s also detachable. Thus, publicly to eliminate it at any moment.

Camo Coll Outdoor UPF 50+ Boonie Hat Summer Sun Caps

A superb cover for biking, biking, gardening, hiking, or some other outside activities, Camo Coll made it bear in mind that the protection of your neck and spine from damaging sun rays. Besides availing protection against sun rays, this sunlight cap provides protection from wind. Dependent on the user experience, this hat is very comfortable and wouldn’t hold in the warmth. You’ll also find strength and endurance inside since it utilizes 100% polyester stuff for your construction.

Preview Product Rating Price
CAMO COLL Outdoor Sun Cap Camouflage Bucket Mesh Boonie Hat CAMO COLL Outdoor Sun Cap Camouflage Bucket Mesh Boonie Hat No ratings yet

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Moreover, the hat is capable of protecting you in UPF 50+ and other UV beams. Various men have different head sizes, so the hat includes all the varying drawstring for appropriately fixing the hat. During rainy times, the hat will remain unaffected in the effective gust of wind.

Greatest Sun Hats for Women

Wallaroo Hat Company

TFG readers rave about the Wallaroo Hat Company’s Victoria Fedora Sun Hat. It is adorable, trendy, and exceptionally versatile-ideal for almost any sunny destination!

This contemporary straw hat is constructed from poly-straw using a cotton liner, which makes it lightweight. Plus you are able to fold it up and package it into your bag if you don’t desire it. 1 TFG writer shared, “It is great. I wadded it up daily and packaged it into my purse or backpack and it was perfect each time. I used it for a month in Europe. I adored it so much I am likely to find a couple of distinct styles and colors.”

Speaking of colors, this sun hat includes a ton of them to choose from, ideal for all your mood or personality!

NY Fashion Open Knit Beach Sun Hat

If you’re trying to find a packable sun hat having a cute open-knit appearance, then the NY Fashion Open Knit Hat is your TFG advocated hat for you!

This hat has a brief brim that will keep you shaded from these sexy rays. It is pliable and lightweight and contains a sweatband interior to keep you cool. 1 TFG writer shared, “I’ve worn it almost daily in Hawaii! I roll it for pop and traveling a flexible round to keep it compact”

It comes in two adorable colors (check out the green mint), maybe crushed or wrapped, and is quite stylish.

Sloggers Broad Brim Braided Women’s Sun Style

A cute and trendy hat that could be worn on just about any event, irrespective of whether you are visiting the beach, on the boat, or just heading out on a summer afternoon. This Sloggers layout is just one of the best-rated sun hats due to the broad brim. Since sunlight rays are the major reason for skin aging, a wide-brimmed hat is women’s best buddy, thus the prevalence of this specific model.

You may select from several color variations in the event the standard one does not agree with your taste. Each version includes a premium excellent ring which ensures additional comfort and a better match. Girls who use little and medium capsizes will come to realize that the sunlight hat suits them best. The hat measures 22 1/2 inches round.

The Sloggers sun hat is certified to take a 50 SPF filter, so putting it at the high protection class. If you are very protective of skin and cautious about sunlight rays and the possible harm they could attract, this is the hat for you.

Joylife Fisherman Hat

Have a trip back into the 1990s using a fisherman hat. All these playful reversible hats out of Joylife can be found in a selection of patterns certain to create sunny days much brighter. We adore the pop of yellow and crimson against the navy background with this fruity edition. Easy to pack and easy to clean, these motifs are ideal for summer camping, fishing, barbecues, and much more.

Malabar Hat Co. Straw Hat

Active mothers who wish to maintain their own hair protected when they are paddling their SUP or kayak require a sun hat that is likely to stay put. This woven straw hat in the Malabar Hat Co. is just the ticket. The adjustable toggle means it is secure, the broad brim is lined with a lively red hibiscus print, along with the hat provides UPF 50 protection.

Betsey Johnson Sun Hat

If you are opting to get a beach book vibe this summer, this Sun Hat by Betsey Johnson is your sunlight hat for you. The straw hat includes seashell information along with a pleasure rainbow-tasseled colored brim. Wear it with a cherry on the beach, a brilliant coverup if you go for ice cream, also with denim shorts and a straightforward tee about town.

Funky Junque Women’s Beach Floppy Sun Hat

This Funky Junque version is among the most common floppy shore sun hats for girls because of the contemporary and trendy layout. There’s an embroidered message on the back of the brim, and you’ll be able to pick from several alternatives for this particular message, in addition to by a couple of color choices.

So far as UV protection hats move, this one is very likely to turn up in summer festivals and other areas where individuals with fantastic style visit. It can be corrected using a drawstring and it measures about 23 inches on the interior.

Bear in mind that the coat arrives, therefore it has to be unpacked and made to recover its normal shape until you may use it. A number of the hat testimonials pointed out that this was a bit of a disappointment, but just because they could barely wait to put on it. Getting it back into its original form is not a problem, not even in the event that you fold and package it for travel every now and then.

HindaWi Sun Hats

To get a cushioned and reasonably priced sun hat which will pack well into your luggage or carry-on but nevertheless provide a feeling of design and most significantly – sunlight protection – that the HindaWi Visor is a terrific budget-friendly alternative.

Offered in eight distinct colors which range from grey or khaki to purple and sky blue, the bottom of the visor includes a vibrant floral pattern for an additional splash of pleasure. Unlike many visors that leave nearly all the cap of the head exposed, the HindiWI just has an opening in the back of the hat (to permit a ponytail through) with Velcro closure​ and contains an extra-long brim that measures 4.7 inches for maximum protection.

Tilley Canvas Adventure Sun Hat

If you’re trying to find the ideal sun protection hat for a wildlife or safari experience, TFG readers adore the Tilley Endurables Conventional Canvas Hat.

Made from cotton, this hat is warm resistant and mildew resistant. It’s a moderate brim and is incredibly durable. 1 TFG writer shared, “that I really like my Tilley hat. I have had it for approximately seven decades and I believe it’s been through the washing machine a few dozen times. It appears new. Packs folded or flat.”

This hat also can help you keep your valuables protected with a key pocket tucked inside, ideal to match a little bit of money, your room card, or possibly a bit of ID. Another writer shared, “I purchased one of those Tilley hats, they are amazing and look good on anybody.”

Lanzom Panama Wide Brim Sun Hat

Afterward the Lanzom Straw Panama Hat is ideal if you would rather a broad brim for additional coverage. This cute sun protection hat comes with an adjustable ring so that it can fit a bigger head. It is both elegant and functional with a lightweight and breathable cloth. 1 TFG writer shared,”It is flexible within the group and has a UPF 50+. Really appears sharp.”

You may select out of 29 colors to fit your style. Additionally, it is packable with a single reader discussing, “I have had it packed into my bag for more than a month now. As soon as I took it out another day to rearrange items it did not lose its shape. And it is fairly squished in right now!”

Number J Crew Packable Straw Hat

If you are searching for an ultra-cute and fashionable option, then create room for your carry-on approved J Crew Packable Straw Hat. It fits true to size, consists of raffia straw also preserves its shape!

1 TFG writer shares, “Really adorable, comfy, packs nicely. I have a two or three inside after pushing it into backpacks and suitcases to get a few years, but it’s held up nicely.”

The black ring is removable. And it is the ideal sun protection hat for ordinary usage, but also functions in the event that you would like to dress this up a little. Still another reader shares, “J Crew creates a cute packable hat! I used it on my European excursion.”

It is also possible to get this into a broad brim straw hat fashion too.

San Diego Crochet Floppy Sun Hat

This San Diego design is a TFG reader advocated one which wins in the trendy floppy sun hat class. This machine-washable hat is manufactured from 100% cotton and provides excellent sun protection.

And of course, it’s a cute crochet pattern plus a floppy brim which sits prettily. 1 TFG writer shares, “The San Diego Hat Company’s cotton crocheted hat is my favorite -broad brim, collapses flat in addition to my packing cubes, also that I have a couple of crocheted flowers that I snare to alter the appearance.”

Take note this hat operates a little small but it may be dressed up or down, so it works for every event!

Helen Kaminski Mita Retro Glam Sun Visor

With just a small retro flair, the Mita Packable Raffia Visor by Helen Kaminski will continue to keep sunlight off your face while allowing you to show-off your favorite up.

This gorgeous sun visor includes a 4-inch brim and is made from raffia fiber, a soft, pliable substance that is biodegradable. So helpful for relaxing golfing sun hats, a hot afternoon on the shore, or something to protect your face as you’re exploring neighborhood places.

As soon as it’s a bit more expensive, 1 TFG reader guarantees us that these women’s sun hats are”worth the purchase price.” Additionally, it is totally packable. 1 TFG writer shares, “I really like my Helen Kaminski raffia hats. They roll up very well.”

Things to Look for The Best Sun Hats For Travel


When picking a sun hat, then think of what you will do as you are wearing it. If you are out on the water, then you will need a coat that protects your neck and ears in the reflective waves. If you are just heading out for a run, keep a lookout for a long-bill, baseball-style cap with a visor to protect your face, a secure fit, and also a socket for pulled-back hair.


It appears to be a ridiculous consideration, but anybody with long hair understands that wearing down it at the summer is excruciating. Keep a lookout for a hat that has an outlet to get a ponytail. (Fortunately, a couple of fantastic selections on our list have only that!)


No hat is well worth spending a lot of money on, but it is far better to pay a bit more to get a hat that you are feeling comfortable and confident in than to purchase a less costly hat that you won’t end up wearing. Find one that works for your lifestyle and you are all but guaranteed to make sun protection a daily habit.


Are straw hats great for sun protection?

A straw hat with an extra-wide brim, such as the Quiksilver Men’s Pierside Straw hat, is a great selection for sunlight protection. These kinds of straw hats have been constructed with filler fibers which are woven very closely with each other to protect your neck, head, and face from sunlight.

The bigger the brim, the greater in regards to straw hats, as most don’t provide UFB 50+ sun protection just like any other cloth sun hats. Straw hats are a popular choice among both women and men and have become more fashionable lately to get a day at the beach or on a ship. Make sure you locate a straw hat with an adjustable chin strap if you will be in windy conditions, so the heat doesn’t fly off.

What’s a hydro cooling hat?

A hydro cooling hat is a hat that’s intended to especially protect you in the sun’s damaging rays and keep your head warmer on a hot day. Hydro cooling hats are created out of military-grade substances with internal liner technologies designed to help keep your mind 20 degrees cooler.

The material is lightweight and breathable and reflects the warmth from sunlight. Hydro cooling hats block 99 percent of the sun’s damaging rays. Hydro cooling hats can be a baseball-style cap or even the more popular completely brimmed hat. These hats come with moisture-wicking dry and technology quite quickly when wet and are some of the greatest men’s sun hats. A hydro cooling hat is very good for camping, hiking, fishing, running, biking, and other outdoor tasks like gardening.

What’s the best sort of hat for trekking?

When packing for a trekking trip, 1 thing you will always wish to add is a hat. There are several distinct kinds of hats for trekking, and so you’ll wish to consider a few items when you buy a hat for trekking. A broad brim trekking hat is a frequent option. The broad brim will keep sunlight from your face and from your mind while you hit the trails.

The top hiking hat may also have a water-resistant or waterproof finish in the event you experience any rain or find the hat wet throughout your hike. A hat with a UPF 50+ sun protection rating will continue to keep your skin protected from the damaging UVA and UVB rays from sunlight, and a hat with a net will help keep you warmer on your trip too. Deciding on a hat with a flexible cable works well for maintaining the hat fitted into your mind, along with an adjustable chin strap that will keep the hat from blowing off onto a windy day.

Which kind of hat should I wear a kayak?

Based on the form of a kayaking trip you’ll be going on, there are a couple of distinct kinds of apparel you can wear. If you’re kayaking through the chilly weather, you might wish to opt for a skull cap and a helmet to keep your head warm. If kayaking in warmer weather, then you are going to wish to select a hat that keeps you cool and protected from sunlight.

The very best kayaking hats include UFB 50+ sun protection, moisture-wicking technologies, and adjustable chin straps to keep the hat in place whilst kayaking. Some kayakers also favor a broad brim hat with a neck flap to keep sunlight from the skin on warm and sunny times. A hat using quick-drying cloth can be a bonus, just in case you get wet during your holiday experiences.

What’s the best color to get a sun hat?

To guarantee ultimate production, users must go for those with white shirts or hats which have light or bright colors such as gray, khaki, white, etc..


Sun hats are usually the right travel accessory to keep your head, shoulder, neck, and spine protected in the scorching heat of the sun and an effective gust of breeze. Along with protection, you may look more stylish and distinctive to catch tasteful shots onto your camera through outside pursuits.

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