9 Secrets About Air Traveling That You Must Know

Secrets About Air Traveling That You Must Know

With the field of travel coming back strong after months of taking the backseat due to the Covid-19 pandemic, people are itching for their next domestic adventure or vacation abroad. Traveling by air is the fastest and most common method of travel because it presents various advantages, including safety, speed, and comfort. Whether you regularly travel by air or even if you are new to it, there are some secrets about air traveling that you should know before you get on your next flight.

Arrive Ahead of Time

Everyone knows when their flight will take off, even before they start packing their bags. Unfortunately, sometimes flight ETAs change, which can cause you to miss your flight altogether. If possible, you should be at your specified airport ahead of time in order to avoid such issues.

Going to the airport ahead of time ensures that you can go through your luggage boarding process, grab a snack before your flight, and most importantly, be aware of which gate your flight is leaving from to ensure that you do not miss it. You can never really know how crowded an airport is going to be at a given time. Arriving early will save you a lot of hassle and frustration.

secrets about air traveling arrive at airport early

How to Find Affordable Flights

Flights are generally not cheap, especially if you are looking to travel via an international airline. There are several tricks that you can use to get the cheapest flight possible for the destination of your choice. The first tip is to find an affordable and localized airline that is local to your destination.

For example, if you are traveling to Durban, then you should look up airlines in South Africa. Looking for FlySafair flights to Durban would result in finding more affordable flights than if you would look for an airline that is expensive because of its well-recognized name. Another tip is erasing your browsing history before looking for flights to ensure that the cookies which are used to track your history on the airlines’ sites are not used to inflate prices.

How to Get an Upgrade to Business or First Class

If you booked a flight ticket for economy class, it does not necessarily mean that you will end up spending the flight in a cramped seat with other passengers around you. If you want to upgrade your seat without paying extra, then you need to wait until the last possible minute to board your flight. You can wait at the gate until most people are on board, then board the plane yourself.

This allows you to ask a flight attendant if there are any empty seats in business or first class. The chances of this tip working out for you increase when the flight is not completely full, and if you are well-dressed. Trying out this tip will not cost you any extra money, and you might actually get to enjoy the perks of being a passenger in first class.

It Is Okay to Use Your Phone

For years, a very common statement that a flight attendant has been telling you before take-off is to make sure that all electronic devices, including phones, tablets, or laptops you have with you on the plane are turned off. A secret that not everyone is aware of is that it is absolutely okay to have your phone switched on inflight. No studies have proven that cell phones that are not switched to airplane mode can interfere with any communication or navigation system on an airplane.

On the other hand, cell phones can be quite annoying to cabin crew, especially if passengers do not take their noise levels into consideration. Some airlines are adamant about their no cellphones rule, but more airlines are becoming lenient about it.

How Pilots Ensure Their Safety

Of course, both the pilot and co-pilot are important when it comes to flying an airplane. One of the measures that pilots take to ensure their well-being as well as the safety of all the passengers and cabin crew, is the meals that they eat during the flight. Each of the pilots has to eat a completely different meal. They cannot have the same meal, in order to avoid getting food poisoning, just in case. This way, if one of them gets poisoned, the other pilot is healthy enough to continue flying the plane until the destination is reached.

You Can Get Compensated for a Flight

Did you know that you can get compensated for a flight if it is delayed or even canceled? It goes without saying that if an airline cancels the flight, they are responsible for providing you with an alternative flight. A delay that lasts for hours can get you compensation that goes up to six hundred euros by some airlines, depending on the severity of the situation. The next time a flight is delayed, do not give in to frustration. Just find out how you can use this to your advantage and get the compensation you deserve.

Why It is Special for a Baby To Be Delivered Inflight

Generally speaking, pregnant women are advised not to travel by plane when they are in the third trimester. This is because the high altitude and pressure can have an effect on them. This limits the number of births that occur inflight, therefore making it rare for a baby to be delivered while on an airplane in midair, but still common enough that flight attendants receive training on how to deliver a baby. With some airlines, a baby born on board can have free airline tickets for life. If a baby is born between countries, this may result in the baby gaining dual citizenship.

How to Get a Whole Can of Soda

Any passenger knows that when it is meal time, a flight attendant comes by with a food trolley that has drinks on top. Any soda you choose will be poured out for you into a plastic cup. However, sometimes you may be able to get an entire can of soda instead of the mini plastic cup. Simply ask your flight attendant if this is possible. Make sure that you are mindful of your manners when speaking with your flight attendant because this can affect the answer to your request.

What Is in a Boarding Pass

A boarding pass contains important information that you probably are not aware of. You cannot board an airplane without a boarding pass because not only does it specify which seat you are assigned to, but it also contains information about which airline you are using, the places of departure and arrival, as well as which direction you are flying in. Odd numbers usually mean that you are flying south, while even numbers are flying west.

passport boarding pass for air travel flight

To Conclude

These nine secrets are not only interesting, but they are a must-know for anyone who is planning on air traveling. Whether you are a regular air travel passenger, or this is your first time on an airplane, these secrets about air traveling can be quite beneficial if you are aware of them. The most important thing to remember is that a positive attitude can greatly improve your chances when it comes to making requests from your flight’s cabin crew.

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