Top 33 Best Synthetic Down Jacket Review In 2021

Best Synthetic Down Jacket

Artificial down has traditionally been considered as a cheaper, less powerful solution to the real thing, but due to advances in engineering, synthetics come in their own, rivalling goose down into several places and even exceeding it in strength and water resistance. Technologies such as Polartec’s Alpha fibre, designed for military use, or Columbia’s proprietary TurboDown, a mixture of artificial substances and goose down, are finding their way to a larger assortment of products.

The consequence of this invention is that consumers in 2020 have access to artificial jackets that are warmer, better ventilated, lighter, and stronger than ever. The imitation stuff is here to stay, and that is a fantastic thing. Let My Trail Company help you to find out the best synthetic down jacket.

Synthetic Down Jacket Buying Advice

Synthetic Down Jacket Buying Advice

Kinds of Synthetic Insulation

The form and feel of artificial insulation vary significantly. A few are sheet-like in look with a constant filament pattern, making a buffer of heat such as a blanket. Other newer models mimic the form and attic of real down clusters but with additional water resistance. Here we break down a few of the most typical synthetic insulation types in the marketplace in 2020.


Much of the spike in artificial insulating material could be attributed to PrimaLoft. It had been well-known for many years that down insulation battles when moist, but there was not a product that could compete in packability and heat to the weight. PrimaLoft altered that, and the brand became synonymous with lightweight heat on popular coats like the Patagonia Nano Puff.

The PrimaLoft lineup has improved substantially recently, so much so it’s difficult to keep track of all of the choices. PrimaLoft Gold is your present stand out, with many adaptations within that class (Lively, Eco, Luxe, etc.). The business also makes the Silver and Dark, and all kinds share core advantages of compressibility, breathability, and decent heat for your weight.


This kind of insulation really is a version of PrimaLoft but at an exceptional program produced by The North Face. Instead of a flat sheet of insulating material, Thermoball uses PrimaLoft synthetic in clusters to mimic insulation. It does a very wonderful job of accomplishing so, with heating efficacy evenly a promised 600-fill-power down coat. Additionally, it is decently compressible and lightweight, which has produced The North Face ThermoBall a favourite selection for trekking, skiing, and travelling and of course for everyday wear.


Most proprietary synthetic technology is adequate, not top actors, but Arc’teryx includes a true winner in their own Coreloft fill. Located in all from their all-world Atom LT coat to regions vulnerable to moisture inside their imaginative down/synthetic hybrid Cerium LT, Coreloft is a staple for lightweight, hydrophobic heat. Arc’teryx is purists because they do not get into hydrophobic down, and their consistent use of artificial insulation in insulated wet-weather equipment is a testament. They have also expanded the line to add Coreloft Compact, which piled up nicely to FullRange and Polartec Alpha concerning breathability.

FullRange and Polartec Alpha

Though they are distinct brands, FullRange from Patagonia and Polartec Alpha are direct rivals in operation synthetics. They share a frequent target: high breathability to get high-output pursuits. And they are both very successful at it, despite having slightly different technologies.

The drawback of both kinds of insulating material is that they do not keep you as hot once you’re not moving. More air moving throughout the insulating material means less heat retention. We advocate FullRange and Polartec Alpha for tasks including climbing, ski touring, and light mountaineering if you are prone to overheating.


New synthetic technology frequently gets a great deal of hype, but The North Face delivered together with the Ventrix. Launched a couple of decades past, Ventrix includes a great deal in common with Patagonia’s FullRange utilized from the Nano-Air: it is pliable, elastic, breathable, and incredibly comfy. The North Face performs the little pores in the insulating material, which can be made to open and stretch during close and movement during childbirth for extra heat. It is difficult to affirm or deny the function which the pores perform, but we actually like Ventrix entire and the Hoodie fast has become one of our go-to coats.


Another large synthetic coat release was Patagonia’s Micro Puff coat, which utilizes PlumaFill insulation. We are going, to begin by stating that we’re impressed by PlumaFill–Patagonia asserts it features the most effective warmth-to-weight ratio of almost any coat they have created, artificial or down. That is a tall order, but PlumaFill is one of the lightest, warmest, and most packable synthetics available in 2020.

It is well worth noting that Patagonia presently just uses PlumaFill in several coats, such as the Micro Puff and fresh Macro Puff, which we enjoy but are somewhat slim with 10-denier shells. We expect Patagonia continues to apply this exceptional insulation kind in different bits later on.

Water Resistance

The single most important selling point of artificial fill over download is the fact that it keeps its ability to insulate when wet. Having a down coat, prolonged exposure to snow, or rain will gradually result in soaked feathers, making them lose their attic and warmth-creating possible. New hydrophobic down technology finally gives into sustained moisture. A moist down coat is thick, will not keep you warm, and takes considerably more time to dry than the artificial one.

Synthetic insulation resists water and moisture rather sits between the fibers, letting them keep their shape, keep to insulated quickly. The level to which artificial insulating material resists water changes by kind, but all synthetics repel moisture better.

On each side of the aisle, equipment manufactures are commonly including a DWR (durable water repellant) remedy to insulated coats. This aids water to bead off the casing rather than amassing and finally soaking through the inside of the coat. DWR remedies do a fairly good job at repelling mild to moderate precipitation, but by no means waterproof the coat. Artificial coats do a lot better job than down in moist conditions, but for prolonged exposure, you’ll wish to consider a rain shell.


Synthetic insulation generates less heat for its weight. By way of instance, you can anticipate a 12-ounce down coat will be clearly warmer than the usual 12-ounce faux coat. But, synthetics nevertheless do a fairly respectable job in this section and are just getting better. Gear manufacturers continue to innovate new and improved”down-like” synthetics hitting the industry year in, year out.

There’s a substantial quantity of variation from the heat of the synthetic jacket picks over. Popular models such as the Patagonia Nano Puff and Arc’teryx Atom LT fall to the lightweight class: equally, weigh about 12 oz and are created for cool-weather autumn and spring use. Jackets such as the Black Diamond First Light Stretch weigh approximately 17 oz and therefore are somewhat more midweight pieces.

For freezing cold conditions, parkas such as Patagonia’s brand new Macro Puff are authentic winter-weight synthetic coats. And even though these coats are absolutely warm, the huge majority of our selections for the very best down/synthetic puffy jacket brands.

It is hard to judge precise temperature ranges as relaxation is relative and depends upon variables such as layering, humidity, as well as the era and flow of the individual wearing the coat, but our estimates are as follows: lightweight synthetic coats are fantastic for temperatures from approximately 40 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit with little in the method of layering (you can buy yourself a bit more heat by including a comfy base layer). Midweight coats can take you down to approximately 20 degrees Fahrenheit, especially if you’re busy and receiving some blood circulation. Heavyweight parkas may handle the roughest states down to well below freezing.


The download has comparatively average breathability, also given its own warmth-to-weight ratio, a down coat can enable you to overheat during high-exertion pursuits. Further, once you’re sweating in a down coat, you’re in fact damaging its insulating properties as the own water vapour comes into contact with all the down feathers.

Concerning synthetic insulation, breathability fluctuates but newer strains are really excelling within this class. As an instance, the FullRange insulating material around the Patagonia Nano-Air is very impressive concerning its breathability and we have adored it as a part of actions like winter, winter, and cross-country ski. The Outdoor Research Ascendant and it’s Polartec Alpha insulation are another coat that trumpets breathability. And since synthetic coats are less delicate and less prone to leakage than down coats, a wider assortment of breathable shell cloths may be used.

If the purpose of the coat involves motion, the Nano-Air and Ascendant are all fantastic options and will outperform down. A few other kinds of synthetic insulation such as regular Coreloft and PrimaLoft do not breathe in addition to those functionality coats, but their hydrophobic character, which will help pull moisture away from your fibres, means that they stay a much better alternative as busy wear. Along with also the parkas on this listing are intended for belaying or hunkering down in chilly weather, not to exceptionally active usage.

Pack ability

Regrettably, synthetic insulation does not compress as closely down (along with heat, this is only one of its big selling points). It follows that people like thru-hikers and ultralight ounce-counters prefer down coats due to their capacity to material down really small in the base of a package and bounce back fast when opened.

But lots of the synthetic coats on this listing either pack into a pocket or possess another stuff sack which makes them reasonably modest. They will not be as modest down in almost all instances (Patagonia’s Micro Puff is 1 exception), but for casual usage and adventuring when the distance is not in an absolute premium, synthetics will pleasantly surprise you with their own packability.


Artificial coats are comfy as a result of their capacity to control the body temperature. They are the type of mid or outer layer that you could be wearing out in the cold without having to peel off as you are inside. The exact same is true when utilized as an active item. You’ll end up keeping it on for much longer than an equal down coat.

As an instance, in Seattle, we frequently wear a coat like the Arc’teryx Atom LT or even Patagonia Nano-Air once we leave the home and can use it all day. We could walk the puppy in 45-degree weather, then move inside to the workplace without missing a beat.

These synthetics are amazingly comfy and breathe nicely for indoor usage –you really feel as though you’re wearing your favourite hoody or fleece. When we were to wear a similar down coat like the Arc’teryx Cerium LT, it’d be too hot for physical activity or sitting inside. So although down definitely is warmer, we conserve it for applications like backpacking if we actually appreciate the warmth-to-weight.

The hood or No Hood?

A number of our top-ranked synthetic coats are provided in a hoody or non-hoody style. What is right for you will return to use: we hit to get an insulated vest or non-hooded coat for a mid-layer whilst skiing or around the city, along with the hoody is good as an outer layer or whether it is really cold. For stop-and-go cold-weather tasks like autumn hiking, ski touring, or snowshoeing, a hoody is wonderful to get for keeping you warm when taking a rest.

Expect to pay $20 to $50 additional for the hoody edition of the exact same piece. A down coat purchase shares lots of the very same considerations, and we have covered this question in greater detail from the article: Why Does Your Down Jacket Require a Hood?

Durability and Attention

A fantastic thing about synthetic coats is that they’re easier to take care of than down coats. To begin with, you do not need to worry as much about moisture and they do not lose feathers, which means you don’t need to be vigilant about maintaining a close watch on your coat. Artificial insulation will break down with time, but it is definitely much less delicate at the beginning.

Secondly, most synthetic coats are machine washable and do not need exceptional equipment and maintenance for cleaning. We don’t recommend drying your artificial jacket on heat regardless of what it says on the directions, yet this process goes a great deal more easily than with down.


Last but surely not least, you get more bang for your dollar with synthetic insulation. New synthetic coats from top brands such as Arc’teryx and Patagonia are still expensive, but synthetic insulation is less expensive to produce and this can be reflected in the purchase price. The expense of goose down has been moving up, additional incentivizing equipment manufacturers to think of fresh and sustainable alternatives.

Nobody has produced a true down option yet that may replicate the warmth and compressibility, and for all these reasons, down stays in high demand and much more costly. Start looking for the artificial market to continue to evolve, pushing closer to an authentic down substitute at a lower price.

The best synthetic down jacket brands

The best synthetic down jacket brands

Bestseller No. 1
Amazon Essentials Men's Packable Lightweight Water-Resistant Puffer Jacket (Available in Big & Tall), Navy, X-Large
Amazon Essentials Men's Packable Lightweight Water-Resistant Puffer Jacket (Available in Big & Tall), Navy, X-Large
REGULAR FIT: Comfortable, easy fit through the shoulders, chest, and waist.
Bestseller No. 2
Amazon Essentials Men's Lightweight Water-Resistant Packable Hooded Puffer Jacket, Black, X-Large
Amazon Essentials Men's Lightweight Water-Resistant Packable Hooded Puffer Jacket, Black, X-Large
REGULAR FIT: Comfortable, easy fit through the shoulders, chest, and waist.
Bestseller No. 6

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1. Patagonia Micro Puff

It was hard to choose which of Patagonia’s PlumaFill-filled coats we enjoy best. In the long run, the more recent Macro Puff takes home the honour, unseating the Micro Puff is our pick for the most effective synthetic insulating coat. The crucial difference between this jacket and that? The Macro has it.

The outcomes of the change may be evident: the coat is both larger and warmer. We had been worried it could be too hot for everyday wear, but after analyzing it through fall’s shifting temperatures, we’re amazed to discover that is not the situation. PlumaFill has proven itself again to be versatile insulation.

Preview Product Rating Price
Patagonia Micro Puff Insulated Jacket - Men's, Black, M Patagonia Micro Puff Insulated Jacket - Men's, Black, M No ratings yet

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The Macro Puff differs in the Micro at some other vital ways. The most impactful of these is that it’s an entirely different fit that is less athletic (meaning, it is looser and more ). That may make it even more attractive for men and women that intend to wear it like a regular coat around town or as an outer layer during action once the weather allows for this. The Macro Puff additionally has two drop-in designs inside pockets along with its double hand along with a single chest pocket, and that can be fantastic for stashing bulkier things such as winter gloves or a hat.

2. Arc’teryx Atom LT

The Atom LT is produced out of breathable Coreloft insulating material, which works better than down when putting beneath a shell. Together with a hydrophobic end, it will take a whole lot to keep the wearer from becoming moist from weather or effort. Polartec stretch side panels maintain the LT flexible. It is lighter, snugger fitting, and less bulky than other coats on this listing, making the LT an excellent centre layer.

Preview Product Rating Price
Arc'teryx Atom LT Jacket Women's Arc'teryx Atom LT Jacket Women's No ratings yet

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In design and purpose, the LT is all about as straightforward as it gets, but that is a fantastic thing. It is a no-frills insulating coating that is there if you want it and does not seem half bad if once you proceed from outdoor experience to the local watering hole. The side panels breathe exceptionally well by virtue of the above Polartec stretch panels. We have used this jacket for everything from travelling, to rock climbing, to ski, to trekking and it looks the specific same as the day we purchased it.

3. Rab Xenon X

Preview Product Rating Price
RAB Xenon X Jacket - Women's RAB Xenon X Jacket - Women's No ratings yet

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UK-based Rab Equipment is mountaineering new to its centre, but it does not imply its revolutionary technical outerwear can not be leveraged to be used closer to sea level. The Xenon X is the brand’s premier synthetic insulated coat and it is dead easy. It is an insulated jacket with a water-resistant shell and that is it. Nevertheless, it’s also among the warmest coats we analyzed thanks to some hefty serving of Primaloft Gold. The match can be somewhat boxy if wearing on its own, but if you are inclined to layer above a fleece or other tight foundation and mid-layers, go-to size.

4. Patagonia Micro Puff

The Micro Puff the lightest coat Patagonia has ever produced. On the exterior, it seems exactly like any other synthetic insulation coat, with only a small amount of additional sheen. The outer shell is constructed from a super lightweight, water-repellent ripstop nylon named Pertex Quantum.

Rather than utilizing horizontal baffles, as it will work with a lot of its own coats, or even the quilted design illustrated in its own Nano Puff, Patagonia implemented a special stitching pattern to make a mostly-continuous compilation of stations which prevent the insulating material from bunching. The actual innovation is really on the interior: Patagonia developed a new kind of insulation named PlumaFill that is composed of down-mimicking polyester fibres which are fastened together in a constant, fluffy coating.

Preview Product Rating Price
Patagonia Micro Puff Insulated Jacket - Men's, Black, M Patagonia Micro Puff Insulated Jacket - Men's, Black, M No ratings yet

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The end result is a coat super lightweight coat that does not quite feel like an”ultralight” coat it has two zippered hand pockets and 2 inside pouch pockets. Collars that spare no detail when cutting on weight do not have these useful regular features. Even the Micro Puff is slightly pricier than Patagonia’s other synthetic puffies, however, in case you are looking coat that is exceptionally lightweight and hot at precisely the exact same time, this is a superb alternative.

5. Bight Swelter

Bight Gear, previously called MtnLogic, takes a set approach to design and constructing outdoor equipment. That group consists of the 60-plus manuals working in Rainier Mountaineering Inc., the manual service that’s connected with the business. A number of these guides spend over half of the year on hills, and their collective wisdom and tastes are reflected in every piece which Bight produces.

Preview Product Rating Price
Bight Gear Women's Cozy Fleece Hoody Bight Gear Women's Cozy Fleece Hoody No ratings yet

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As a product of the process, the Swelter Jacket was created as a super-warm insulating piece which may be utilized as a mid-layer throughout outings that demand a best synthetic down jacket for women to the components or as an outer layer in milder conditions. The manuals’ input led to a number of the features which produce the best synthetic down jacket women’s (even if you are not attached to a rope onto a glacier).

1 such attribute is a slightly longer period that prevents cold spots between lower and upper layers, in addition to the addition of stretch panels around the cuffs that allow you to throw the coat in fast without taking off gloves. The coat is full of Polartec Power Fill, which is composed of 80 per cent post-consumer recycled stuff and makes this coat among the warmest on this listing.

6. The North Face Ventrix Mid Layer

Within the Ventrix Mid Layer is Ventrix, The North Face’s proprietary insulation. We have been fans of Ventrix insulation as it came out in autumn 2017, and it has been a staple on this listing as. Here is how it works: Like other kinds of active insulating material, Ventrix is exceptionally elastic, but unlike many other fills, it’s laser-cut perforations that open and shut with movement. When you are idle, then the perforations stay closed, thus trapping warmth. When you are busy, the perforations stretch open to discharge heat.

Preview Product Rating Price
THE NORTH FACE Ventrix Hoodie - Men's THE NORTH FACE Ventrix Hoodie - Men's No ratings yet

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The Mid Layer is one of The North Face’s newer implementations of all Ventrix. It is a crewneck pullover with a polyester shell that is not too technical it does not have the sheen which lots of insulated coats have, and it does not have stitched baffles. This makes it good for wearing as a hot indoor coating, but due to Ventrix insulating material, it is ideal for items such as ski touring and trekking.

7. Houdini Add-In Jacket

The Add-In Jacket’s longer trimming provides cold weather heat with a fashionable border which makes it ideal for life in cities and towns. The coat’s hem drops approximately at mid-thigh, therefore it is not provided that the trench coat but nevertheless provides a vital expansion of insulation under the beltline. However, the very best cold weather synthetic down jacket about the Add-In is not style; it is versatility.

Preview Product Rating Price
Patagonia Men's Houdini Jacket Black Outerwear MD Patagonia Men's Houdini Jacket Black Outerwear MD No ratings yet

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Houdini made the Add-In as a layering piece that may conveniently accompany different coats, for example, its One Parka or awesomely Cloud. Therefore, the Add-In includes a Goldilocks-sized load of Primaloft Gold Lively + insulating material, which you could otherwise find in coats for activities like skiing or trekking. It retains the Add-In from getting bulky and makes it ideal for cool to cold temperatures, and that, for all, will create this coat appropriate for everybody but winter’s worst times.

8. Norrøna Røldal Thermo100

Preview Product Rating Price
Norrona roldal Gore-Tex Insulated Pant - Women's Tasty Red, L Norrona roldal Gore-Tex Insulated Pant - Women's Tasty Red, L No ratings yet

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There are not many insulated hoodies on the market, and Norrøna made it effortless to decide on the best using its Røldal Thermo100. The coat is stuffed with lots of the identical technical features within Norrøna’s mountain outerwear. By way of instance, PrimaLoft Gold insulating material, a water-resistant nylon casing, stretchy cuffs, and two-way zippers which produce the Thermo100 simple to enter and act as vents. It is the warmest hoodie we have.

9. Outdoor Research Vigor Hybrid

There’s such a thing as a lot of coats. For example, once you’re jogging, hiking, climbing, or mountain biking trails. That is why Outdoor Research created the Vigor Hybrid an active-use coat that restricts its insulating material to crucial zones that the remainder is a grid to keep the body heat while letting it breathe.

Preview Product Rating Price
Outdoor Research Men's Vigor Hybrid Hooded Jacket Outdoor Research Men's Vigor Hybrid Hooded Jacket No ratings yet

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The Vigor’s insulating material is notable alone. It is named VerticalX Air, and it is composed of vertically oriented fibres which are better at transporting moisture away from your system compared to normal synthetic insulation. The fibres also trap air, which equates to heat. The Vigor is probably too mild for an around-town coat, but it is ideal for high-output pursuits. (If you want a bit more warmth, check out Outdoor Research’s Refuge Air Jacket, which likewise contains VerticalX Air.)

10. L.L.Bean Packaway Jacket

From the synthetic coat class, L.L.Bean’s Packaway is economical, but it does not mean it is low quality. The coat is stuffed with PrimaLoft Gold insulating material the exact same material found inside Patagonia’s ever-popular Nano Puff Jacket that is enriched with Cross Core technologies, which has been originally developed for NASA and utilizes aerogels to improve heat without doing the exact same to weight.

It is water- and – wind-resistant, using a recycled polyester casing and 2 hands warmer pockets in addition to exterior and inside chest pockets. This makes for a coat that is equally too hot, packable, and fully-featured as others which are so frequently called finest, but for half of the cost.

11. Hill City Thermal Light Shirt Jacket

When Gap Inc. started its brand new men’s new Hill City, everyone (including us) was fast to boil it down into a man version of the organization’s women’s athleisure manufacturer, Athleta. It’s that in several ways, but in testing a sampling of this group at New York’s Adirondack Park, we found that it is also highly-considered and oftentimes highly specialized. One of our favourite bits is the Thermal Lighting Shirt Jacket.

Contrary to the remaining coats on this listing, Hill City went with a design angle. The topcoat closes with snap buttons also has a collar that lies flat and away from the chin. However, in any aspect, the Thermal Lighting is constructed just like a faux jacket: it’s a stretchy water-repellent outside made from nylon and spandex and can be full of hot PrimaLoft Gold Active+ insulating material. It is lightweight and scrunches into a backpack at the close of the day. It is not what you would wear to the peak of a mountain, but that is exactly why we enjoy it.

12. Patagonia Nano-Air Hoody

  • Insulation: FullRange (60g)
  • What we like: Best-in-class comfort and breathability.
  • What we do not: Not as durable as other coats on this listing.

The Nano-Air out of Patagonia might not be our best synthetic down jacket puff warmth, but it wins outright in one major category: relaxation. This pillow faux coat is very soft, stretchy, and breathable seems like a combo of a high-end performance slice along with your favourite sweatshirt.

Climbers and busy people love its capacity to breathe and move (the FullRange insulating material and stretchy casing are more breathable than the Atom LT over ), and you won’t find a cosier bit for everyday use or travelling.

Preview Product Rating Price
Patagonia Nano-Air Hoody - Men's Black X-Large Patagonia Nano-Air Hoody - Men's Black X-Large No ratings yet

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We knock on the Nano-Air down a notch since it isn’t quite as durable as we’d like for the purchase price. The super-soft cloths that specify the coat and also make it comfortable to have a propensity to reveal wear with hefty use and especially around the sleeves and back of the throat. Nevertheless, Patagonia has updated the casing into some more powerful 33-denier nylon, so we’re optimistic it will hold up better over time.

Additional changes from the past fall comprised swapping the side panels to get a smoother appearance (a positive update in our view ), also Patagonia integrated an 87-per cent-recycled polyester shell and liner. However, the formula largely stays the same, and also the Nano-Air nevertheless is among our treasured synthetic coats…

13. REI Co-op Groundbreaker

  • Insulation: Polyester (120g)
  • What we like: Currently super cheap available; great heat and weather resistance.
  • What we do not: Restricted breathability and odd match.

You are able to get as techy as you would like to your faux coat nowadays, however, REI’s Groundbreaker is a best synthetic down jacket for outdoors women. While supplies last, it is now priced at just over $30 available (which isn’t a misprint), which makes it among the greatest values on this listing.

With this coat, you get easy polyester insulating material, a nylon shell with a DWR finish, and astonishingly very good wind resistance. The Groundbreaker isn’t as soft or breathable as much pricier choices from Patagonia or The North Face, nor does it have functionality characteristics, but you get an adequate dose of heat at a fantastic cost.

1 battle with REI Co-op’s in-house products could be sizing. In general, we have not discovered it to be super consistent when cross-comparing distinct REI coat lines. In the instance of this Groundbreaker, it is possible to anticipate the coat to be baggy from the chest and waist, and also we do not adore this kind of business generally.

Additionally, it is worth noting that you don’t receive any zippers on the exterior pockets, so be careful with your possessions. These shortcomings aside, the Groundbreaker delivers a fundamental faux coat design for just over a great pair of wool socks, also it is difficult to argue with this.

14. Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

  • Insulation: PrimaLoft Gold Eco (60g)
  • What we like: a lightweight feel plus a fantastic synthetic coat for casual usage.
  • What we do not: Will have difficulty withstanding serious wet or cold.

Ahead of the Nano-Air, there was the Nano Puff. This flexible faux coat is a wonderful selection for around-town usage, walking and trekking on crisp days, and even as a mid-layer for hotel skiing. Like the North Face ThermoBall beneath, it seems somewhat like a lightweight down jacket but with greater wet-weather functionality and a lower cost. This blend has made it among Patagonia’s best-selling coats year in, year out.

For all those picking between the trio of Patagonia synthetic coats included near the top of the list, here’s what you want to understand. The Nano Puff has become the most casual of this team, has a casing which is much more slick than soft, and it’s lightweight and comfy feel have made it hot for everyday usage, travelling, and mild adventures.

The Nano-Air is more resistant to the touch and much more breathable, which makes it the functionality choice of this group and a fantastic solution for active users. Along with also the Micro Puff is quite near a lightweight down jacket concerning heat and breathability, but it is a whole lot more brittle and costly compared to Nano Puff.

15. Arc’teryx Proton LT Hoody

  • Insulation: Coreloft Compact (60 and 80g)
  • What we like: To high-output actions, the Proton LT is more watertight than the Atom LT.
  • What we do not: Constructed for the chilly and you’re able to overheat in moderate problems.

One knock we’ve got against our top-ranked Atom LT is breathability, which Arc’teryx’s longer performance-oriented Proton line attempts to cure. The Proton LT is a super active insulating coat, with 80-gram Coreloft Compact from the human body and 60-gram from the hood (Coreloft Compact is much more breathable and packable compared to the normal version employed from the Atom).

As anticipated out of Arc’teryx, you also receive a superior finish and fit, superb freedom, along with a stretchy face cloth that is both comfortable and durable. In training, this coat is a wonderful game for high-output usage in cold states and is now our go-to mid-layer for backcountry skiing and another winter adventuring.

Preview Product Rating Price
Arc'teryx Proton LT Hoody Men's Arc'teryx Proton LT Hoody Men's No ratings yet

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Why is not the Arc’teryx Proton LT ranked higher? In the conclusion of the afternoon, it is a targeted piece that’s most at home in the cold. If you are working hard in states above freezing, then the Proton merely can be a lot of coat and we have had a propensity to overheat and begin sweating (when sedentary just like sitting around the camp, it may be helpful up to approximately 60 degrees Fahrenheit).

It’s well worth noting that Arc’teryx creates a much milder Proton FL Hoody using Octa Loft insulation, which is exceptionally breathable but less heat and weather resistant. The two Proton versions are excellent synthetic coats for functionality usage but lack the regular allure of this Atom line.

16. The North Face ThermoBall Eco

  • Insulation: PrimaLoft ThermoBall Eco
  • What we like: The puffy texture of a down coat.
  • What we do not: Heavier than the Patagonia Nano Puff above.

Synthetic-insulated coats long have aspired to mimic, and also the popular ThermoBall in The North Face is one of the best down synthetic jacket ultralight backpacking. Produced in partnership with insulating material wizards PrimaLoft, ThermoBall engineering is an efficient insulator as a result of little round clusters of PrimaLoft thermal fibres placed in its brick-like baffles. This gives the coat a look and feels that it instils a lightweight bloated but at a lower price and with exceptional performance when moist.

The North Face recently updated the ThermoBall into the”Eco,” which comprised swapping the normal nylon shell and polyester fill for 100-per cent recycled substances. What’s more, the match of the medium-size coat is noticeably thinner than the previous edition, which can be a fantastic thing.

Regrettably, the weight has remained about the same in a recorded 15.2 oz (our guys medium was somewhat milder in 14.1), therefore it falls well short of their 11.9-ounce Patagonia Nano Puff over that produces similar all-around functionality. Nevertheless, the ThermoBall’s easy styling makes it a powerful solution for everyday wear, and it is both warm and comfy as a mid-layer whilst skiing.

17. Black Diamond First Light Stretch Hoody

  • Insulation: PrimaLoft Silver Active (60g)
  • What we like: Tough, stretchy, and breathable.
  • What we do not: Heavier than the coats above.

Black Diamond was making a huge push in coats of late, and the outcomes have been powerful. We enjoy their heavyweight Belay Parka for chilly weather, but the First Light Stretch is a far more lively synthetic that may be worn out in a selection of requirements as an outer layer or mid-layer.

Preview Product Rating Price
Black Diamond First Light Hoody - Women's Sandalwood Small Black Diamond First Light Hoody - Women's Sandalwood Small No ratings yet

Last update on 2024-05-28 / Affiliate links / As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

To be certain, the designers have ski touring and climbing into your mind they predict the First Light a perfect”start-stop” bit and its own assemble and attribute set concur. With this winter, the Stretch variant replaces the older First Light Hoody, which brings to the table a stretch lining and elastic hood. BD also upgraded the First Light Hybrid, which has Merino back for much more breathability.

From the mould of Arc ‘teryx’s Proton lineup, the First Light Stretch includes a softshell-like router that could take some abuse and use. Sacrifices arrive with a couple of ounces of additional fat and PrimaLoft Silver Active rather than the more effective Gold but we enjoy the extra freedom and functionality hood. For casual wear, we still favour the Atom LT or Nano-Air, but for serious skiers and climbers, the First Light Hoody is a top-notch synthetic coat that’s most at home in the backcountry.

18. Outdoor Research Ascendant Hoody

  • Insulation: Polartec Alpha Direct (95g)
  • What we like: Lighter and less costly compared to Uberlayer.
  • What we do not: Open knit insulating material is distinctive and shell cloth is comparatively thin.

We were really excited when the Uberlayer premiered a couple of years back, which had been Outdoor Research’s most aggressive performance synthetic jacket up to now. However, regardless of the innovative layout, it was too thick (19.9 ounces) And expensive ($299) for our preferences. Input the OR Ascendant, which was brand new this past year and provides similar upsides since the Uberlayer but also with noteworthy improvements.

This coat is exceptional in terms of breathability and heat, but using Polartec Alpha Direct insulation along with also a less substantial shell material, the Ascendant weighs in at only 13 ounces. It is a terrific active piece for ski, cold-weather biking, and hiking, and maybe travel.

Preview Product Rating Price
Outdoor Research Men's Ascendant Hoody Outdoor Research Men's Ascendant Hoody No ratings yet

Last update on 2024-05-28 / Affiliate links / As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

What are the drawbacks of this OR Ascendant? The vulnerable Polartec Alpha Direct insulation in the inside has an exceptional open-knit design that’s all but yarn like in texture, along with the 20-denier shell is less durable than the Uberlayer (30D) or Winter Ferrosi (90D) below. In addition, the hand pockets are available and don’t have closure systems.

This looks like a strange omission for a technical coat, but one which was performed in the name of cutting weight. Yet it is difficult to argue using the formulation: the Ascendant performs nicely, is lightweight, comfortable, and looks great to boot.

19. Rab Xenon Jacket

  • Insulation: Stratus (60g)
  • What we like: Strong heat and wind protection for performance usage.
  • What we do not: The redesigned variant has a poor match.

The Xenon from UK-based Rab is a faux coat made for serious climbers and hikers. Upgraded last season and substituting the much-loved Xenon”X,” changes comprise Stratus insulating material in the area of PrimaLoft Gold Active, an Atmos ripstop shell rather than Pertex Quantum, along with a lesser weight.

Very similar to the old model, the Xenon packs relatively little into its own chest pocket, which is not true of the Arc’teryx Atom LT or The North Face Ventrix above. Significantly, the coat also saw a fall in price to below $200, which makes sense given the change to the in-house technician.

Preview Product Rating Price
RAB Mens Xenon Recylced Polyester Insulated Jacket RAB Mens Xenon Recylced Polyester Insulated Jacket No ratings yet

Last update on 2024-05-20 / Affiliate links / As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Why is not the Rab Xenon rated higher? Our main gripe relates to the match. Whereas the prior version was slender and great for scaling and active usage, the present version has a baggier cut and seems very bulky. Considering that the performance characteristics of the coat, that change does not make a great deal of sense.

Additionally, the regular allure of the Xenon is not on precisely the exact same amount as many of the choices above, and it comes at a version that is stripped, limiting its usefulness as a mid-layer for actions like hotel skiing. Nevertheless, it is still a workable outer coating in summertime and shoulder-season requirements and a good alternative for fast-and-light alpinists.

20. Enlightened Equipment Torrid Apex

  • Insulation: Climashield Apex (65g)
  • What we like: Ultralight, hot, and moderately priced.
  • What we do not: Insufficient storage, no cable adjustment from the waistband, along with the coat takes weeks to send.

Nearly all the coats on this listing aim to balance functionality and casual usage, but the Enlightened Equipment Torrid Apex is an outlier. In other words, this is a real ultralight synthetic-insulated coat built with severe thru-hikers in your mind. It weighs only 8.4 oz for the hooded variation at a men’s medium, is full of 65g Climashield Apex insulating material, and contains a 10-denier shell fabric with a DWR finish (to reduce more pounds, a 7D fabric alternative is available). You won’t find fancy logos or even in the manner of routine allure, but the Torrid Apex is cherished by long-distance hikers.

Another intriguing ultralight faux coat comes in Utah-based Nunatak using all the Skaha Apex Pullover. The customization choices are endless, in the rear and sleeve length to pockets as well as the true quantity of insulation (yes, you are able to customize and distinguish the insulation in your system and sleeves/hood, also ).

The Nunatak is warmer and thicker compared to Torrid and constructed to handle harder conditions, and the two utilize continuous filaments for extra durability. Concerning competition, that largely comes from bogged down coats like the Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer and assorted Montbell versions, but the Enlightened Equipment and Nunatak prove artificial insulation is a true alternative for hardcore hiking and backpacking.

21. Outdoor Research Refuge

  • Insulation: VerticalX (60g)
  • What we like: Strong warmth, fantastic match, and clean looks.
  • What we do not: Bulky and hefty that are not your backcountry piece.

For non-performance usage, Outdoor Research altered the older Cathode using the newest Refuge. We are going to begin by stating that there’s a whole lot to like about this jacket: it is comfy for around-town use using a pillow coating of VerticalX insulating material. We really enjoy the soft texture and clean styling, each of which is large improvements over the Cathode.

The match is just about perfect it is fairly athletic rather than overly baggy, yet still allows for layering underneath. Last but not least, the Refuge provides a healthful quantity of weather protection regarding both water and wind.

Preview Product Rating Price
Outdoor Research mens Men's Refuge Hooded Jacket Outdoor Research mens Men's Refuge Hooded Jacket No ratings yet

Last update on 2024-05-28 / Affiliate links / As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Bear in mind that in comparison to a number of the synthetic coats previously, the Outdoor Research Refuge isn’t created for your backcountry. It is large, heavy at more than 20 oz, and does not pack very little (it can be utilized as a belay jacket, however other functionality uses are restricted ).

For testing purposes, we took the Refuge on a backpacking trip in Patagonia, and even though it provided a great barrier against the end and additional great heat, it ended such a huge space in our package we would not do it. However, for casual usage, walking the dog, and sporting around the town, the Refuge is a winner and one of those warmer synthetics on this listing.

22. Patagonia Stretch Nano Storm

  • Insulation: FullRange (60g)
  • What we like: Waterproof and exceptionally versatile.
  • What we do not: Do not pack very nicely.

It is hard to categorize Patagonia’s Stretch Nano Storm, but that is probably a fantastic thing. It is unquestionably a synthetic, using the exact same 60-gram FullRange insulating material as the Nano-Air above. And it is officially a raincoat, together with Patagonia’s waterproof H2No casing cloth.

Throw in a substantial quantity of stretch and several of alpine-centric features such as pit zips along with a helmet-compatible hood (alpine( maybe not ski), and you’ve got yourself a heckuva Swiss Army Knife slice that may do the job for hiking, ski touring, plus a great deal more.

Preview Product Rating Price
Patagonia Mens Nano Storm Jacket Patagonia Mens Nano Storm Jacket No ratings yet

Last update on 2024-05-11 / Affiliate links / As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The most obvious drawback of this Stretch Nano Storm is price: $399 can provide you with a very nice down coat and it is among the most expensive versions on this listing (tied together with the brand new Macro Puff above).

Additionally, the Stretch Nano Storm doesn’t pack well, which somewhat limits its backcountry allure. Ultimately, we enjoy the athletic match, which can be less pliable than a conventional ski coat, but means that it will not take on layers rather as readily. However, for serious adventurers who escape lots of winters, the Stretch Nano Storm is a really versatile piece to have in your own stride.

23. Kuhl Wildkard Hybrid Jacket

  • Insulation: PrimaLoft Gold Active Eco (60g and 40g)
  • What we like: Nice crossover appeal.
  • What we do not: Kuhl styling is not for everybody.

Many Kuhl products are more casual than performance-oriented, but the Wildcard does a fairly good job in both. On the surface, this faux coat looks thinner than most of its puffier counterparts over. The nylon cloth on the chest is virtually glistening with little baffles across the arms which don’t shout hardcore outside use.

However, when you look beneath the hood, then the Wildcard has functionality chops too, such as high-end PrimaLoft Gold Eco insulation along with a healthy quantity of stretch. Using its warmth, breathability, and styling, it may be your busy outer coating on a cool day and seems great around town also.

Preview Product Rating Price
Columbia Men's Rogue Explorer Hybrid Jacket Columbia Men's Rogue Explorer Hybrid Jacket No ratings yet

Last update on 2024-05-28 / Affiliate links / As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

As is true for other Kuhl equipment, the styling may be somewhat polarizing. You like Kuhl also it matches your theme, or a few people today find it to be somewhat too much. Additionally, the Wildcard is lacking insulation in certain places such as both sides of their human body and underarms (it’s a nylon stretch cloth there rather ). In practice, we have found this kind of layout is fantastic for motion and makes the coat comfortable and less hard to wear, but on chilly or windy days it surely makes it more permeable to the components.

24. Outdoor Research Winter Ferrosi

  • Insulation: VerticalX (80g)
  • What we like: Super tough and fantastic assortment of motion.
  • What we do not: Heavy and restricted packability.

The routine, softshell variant of this Ferrosi includes a cult-like after one of the climbers and ski tourers because of its blend of comfort, breathability, and also the capacity to block wind, but at the cold most men and women throw it within an insulated coat. Outdoor Research wised up and started the Winter Ferrosi together with the inclusion of vertical insulating material.

The outcome is an absolute monster of a faux which is one of the warmest and roughest on this listing. If you prefer to venture out in sunlight without worrying much about the components, we really like this coat.

Preview Product Rating Price
Outdoor Research Men's Winter Ferrosi Hoody Outdoor Research Men's Winter Ferrosi Hoody No ratings yet

Last update on 2024-05-28 / Affiliate links / As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The Achilles’ heels of this Winter Ferrosi is the majority. The burly 90-denier shell and a wholesome quantity of insulation set it one of the heaviest versions on this listing (and that is for the non-hooded version as the hoody was stopped ), and it will not stuff down little in your package.

If you know you’ll be sporting the Winter Ferrosi all this period (on a cold-weather hike or bicycle ride, by way of instance ), it is an excellent option. However, for all those carrying their possessions in a bunch for long periods, we favour a milder and less significant piece.

25. Cortazu Mid-Layer

Another sustainable offering, now from Netherlands-based newcomer Cortazu who burst onto the marketplace with a three-layer coat made from completely recycled and recyclable materials.

This, the’Mid-Layer’ out of Cortazu features lightweight insulation to provide a nifty balance between heat and weight for if you are working hard. Special props need to go out to this Airtastic outer cloth that delivers a fantastic degree of stretch and a gentle touch, providing it a terrific amount of comfort when worn as a standalone jacket for warmer climes, or portion of a layering system throughout the warmer months.

26. Montane Flux

Having a cut intended to be worn across the top of your winter layering system along with also a no-thrills what-you-see-is-what-you-get approach, British established Montane have revealed their legacy with the newest Flux that follows the traditional Scottish winter belay jacket layout.

100g of Primaloft Silver matches the torso and 60g fill the hood and arms. This variant in volume provides you a bit more freedom to have the ability to maneuver, which can be further aided by the loose, inner cut of this coat. It is going to be useful once you’re sitting on your own belay perch, already caked in layers of wool, PrimaLoft, and GoreTex and will need to throw something quickly for additional warmth.

There are no gimmicks. The coat just works and keeps working through the day. I appreciate a pair of fleece-lined pockets, along with also the Napoleon chest pocket can swallow maps up readily. This pocket may prove especially useful once you want to swiftly stuff away equipment whilst hanging by your crampons along with one strand.

27. Haglöfs Essens Mimic Hood

Haglöfs appear to have stolen the patterns to the weight stitch-through down coat here. It has an almost identical appearance and construction, but instead of utilizing natural fill, they have packed it using their very own artificial QuadFusion Mimic, a 100% recycled fiber that has the light, fluffy and lofty sense of down.

Through testing, I found it incredibly portable, especially when utilized as a hot mid-layer, using the fairly brief cut slotting beneath a waterproof effortlessly. The coat moved with me nicely when ski touring along with walking some steep snow slopes, all thanks, at many parts, into the stretch panels at the armpits.

These also add more breathability in what generally becomes a rather warm location. Throw in the caliber Pertex outer cloth, helmet-compatible hood, and chest pocket and you have got an extremely helpful mid-layer for alpine experiences.

28. Forclaz 100

The coats in this roundup are averaging approximately 200 – 250 per coat, as well as the Micro Puff Storm, reaches the lofty peaks of 430. This made us more excited to incorporate a more budget choice. In the end, there are many out there who will be only getting a sense of winter walking, ski biking, or scaling, and it may seem pretty daunting once you see all of the fancy technologies and superior price tags that accompany them.

Whilst the Forclaz 100 does not hold half of the attribute set of a number of the alternatives in this round-up of their greatest synthetic insulated coats, it will still pack a reasonable quantity of insulating material (100g/m2 within the human body and 80g/m2 on the hood and arms) to get an adequate weight (335g). You definitely can not turn up your nose at these stats awarded that the very small cost of 29.99.

29. Past Clothing Prima Lochi Jacket

The Prima Lochi Jacket comes in a comparatively lesser-known brand that looks poised to make a splash in the outdoor market: Beyond Clothing.

Past Clothing uses superior Polartec Alpha insulation frequently found in busy insulation bits (which you will see more of under ). But we categorized this bit within synthetic coats since it is just too hot for many high-aerobic actions except the coldest weather. Nevertheless, if you are getting after it in weather approximately 10 degrees F and under, well, this may be a wonderful option.

30. Sherpa Adventure Gear Annapurna Featherless Down Hooded Jacket

Small hits and attention to the detail stage to the excellent construction in this artificial piece. Sherpa’s signature, vibrant Himalayan designs accent the zipper pull and can be stitched in the chest pocket. All in all, the stitching, materials, and construction look and texture high-quality. Along with the felt liner in the chest and handwarmer pockets adds a little but much-appreciated touch.

Preview Product Rating Price
SHERPA ADVENTURE GEAR Women's Penzum Hooded Jacket SHERPA ADVENTURE GEAR Women's Penzum Hooded Jacket No ratings yet

Last update on 2024-05-28 / Affiliate links / As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The match runs a bit large, which is well worth noting in the event that you intend to layer this bit or not. People who do coating will love the Annapurna’s taffeta lining. In terms of functionality, Sherpa utilizes 3M’s Thinsulate using 75% recycled stuff. This well-known insulator worked excellently as temps varied from 40 and windy down to 20 and snowy. Much past that, and you are going to want to bring a milder insulator above it.

31. Mammut Rime IN Flex

The Rime Flex has quite a snug fit while nonetheless, however class-leading elasticity allowed movement. The sleeves and lower hem have been somewhat short for overhead reaches, however, the match round the shoulders felt considerable irrespective of arm motions.

Preview Product Rating Price
Mammut Rime Flex Hooded Jacket - Men's Mammut Rime Flex Hooded Jacket - Men's No ratings yet

Last update on 2024-05-28 / Affiliate links / As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The Rime Flex is about the warmer and milder side of this busy insulating material category. The Pertex Quantum Air casing and OTI Stretch insulating material provided breathability and heat that functioned well for hiking down into the top 20s. It proved warm during fractures, even in moderate winds. The coat still played well into the 30s so long as I vented the primary zip, and that I found it great for lounging to the lower 50s.

32. Helly Hansen Lifaloft Hooded Stretch Insulator Jacket

The Helly Hansen Lifaloft Hooded Stretch Insulator Jacket is a sudden slice. Once it resembles a normal insulator at first glance, it has proven itself amazingly quick-drying and extremely breathable in 6 months of use and regular wear.

Preview Product Rating Price
Helly-Hansen Mens LIFALOFT Hooded Stretch Insulator Jacket Helly-Hansen Mens LIFALOFT Hooded Stretch Insulator Jacket No ratings yet

Last update on 2024-05-28 / Affiliate links / As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

GearJunkie’s editor-in-chief, Sean McCoy, has worn this coat downhill ski, skin from the back, also as a daily wear coat in Denver’s winter. In addition, he used it as insulation during rigorous elk hunts in the Rocky Mountains. His verdict? The Lifaloft Hooded Stretch Insulator Jacket is a winner.

33. Salewa Ortles Hybrid TirolWool Celliant Jacket

The Ortles Hybrid Tirolwool Celliant Jacket includes a contoured, body-hugging match, with a long torso and long sleeves for protection in most body positions. Elastic underarm gussets and stretchy softshell sleeves improve freedom. This coat was among those less-bulky active insulating material bits, which makes it coating well under thicker garments.

Preview Product Rating Price
Salewa Men's Ortles Hybrid TirolWool Jacket Salewa Men's Ortles Hybrid TirolWool Jacket No ratings yet

Last update on 2024-05-28 / Affiliate links / As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The wool-and-polyester hybrid provided heat to your centre during higher-output actions down to freezing. Along with the nylon front and rear panels obstructed breeze. The softshell sleeves and sides vented nicely.

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