Top 11 Best Travel BCD 2021 Review

Top 11 Best Travel BCD 2020 Review

Are you thinking about purchasing the best travel BCD, however you don’t understand what the best choice is for you personally?

Do you understand the kind of BCD Vest Jacket along with the vital requirements you have to need to get the absolute most from your own instincts?

The dip vest also called a coat or BCD is a very important part of your dive equipment to ensure safe and optimum dives since it will make it possible for you to control your buoyancy. In addition, it functions as a harness that holds the jar and the attached parts that enable you to breathe out of it.

The reason it’s crucial to pick the type and design that best meets your needs and style of diving.

And that isn’t synonymous with having to leave 1 kidney and a part of another to purchase the priciest BCD in the marketplace. Simply, understand how to pick the ideal option.

Afterward, I abandon a practical guide together with the critical points which you need to keep in mind to purchase the proper dip BCD vest.

Top 11 Best Travel BCD Brands - best tech bcd

Top 11 Best Travel BCD Brands

Bestseller No. 1
Cressi Travel-Friendly Light Back Inflation BCD for Scuba Diving | Patrol: Designed in Italy
Cressi Travel-Friendly Light Back Inflation BCD for Scuba Diving | Patrol: Designed in Italy
Pockets with zippers and bindings on the side lobes; The pockets fit perfectly into their places.
Bestseller No. 2
BC: 30lbs lift.; 14 lbs dumpable weight / optional cylinder band trim weight.; 10lbs non-dumpable.
Bestseller No. 3
TUSA Liberator Sigma II BCD, Medium
TUSA Liberator Sigma II BCD, Medium
Ultimate Stabilizing Harness; Full jacket style BC; 18 – 46 lb. Lift capacity; Durable 500D Cordura, 420 denier nylon materials
Bestseller No. 4
Cressi Travelight, Black/Pink, S
Cressi Travelight, Black/Pink, S
210 denier nylon; 2 rear weight carrying pockets; 2 zip up pockets for accessories; Soft, padded back, with double strap for fixing the tank
Bestseller No. 5
AQUALUNG Pro HD Compact BCD (Medium/Large), Gray, Orange
AQUALUNG Pro HD Compact BCD (Medium/Large), Gray, Orange
ML/LG:Weighs Less than 4.75 lbs (2.2kg) Including: Airway & Weight Pockets!; Can-Be Packed Flat or Rolled
Bestseller No. 6
Oceanic BioLite BCD - LG
Oceanic BioLite BCD - LG
Total BC weight is only 2.5 kg; Includes right shoulder carabiner adjustable positioning system
Bestseller No. 7
Scubapro HYDROS PRO BCD with BPI, Men, Black, Large
Scubapro HYDROS PRO BCD with BPI, Men, Black, Large
Instant Dry: Ideal for travel due to less water retention and lower post-dive weight.
Bestseller No. 8
Bestseller No. 9
Scubapro Litehawk BC w/BPI for Scuba Divers, M/L
Scubapro Litehawk BC w/BPI for Scuba Divers, M/L
3-dump deflation system enables divers to dump air from a variety of underwater positions; Lightweight, perfect for travel: just 2,36 kg / 5.2 lbs
Bestseller No. 10
Hollis LTS Light Travel System Rear Inflation BCD (MD)
Hollis LTS Light Travel System Rear Inflation BCD (MD)
Ideal for traveling divers, weighs only 5 lbs (2.27 kg); 30 lbs (13.6 kg) of lift capacity

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Oceanic Jetpack Travel BCD

The oceanic Jetpack Travel BCD is similar to any other lightweight travel BCD we have ever reviewed. That is as it has two items – a BCD plus a semi-dry day tote that clip together.

There is no need to stuff your own BCD to a bag, as soon as you’re able to take it on your back whilst also using it to take your other scuba equipment and many days worth of additional travel amenities in precisely the exact same moment.

After the lightweight travel BCD and vacant afternoon, luggage is attached they burden only 3.75 kg (8.25 pounds ) and there’s 42 litres value of packing space from the dry bag. It features traveling friendly compartmentalization such as a makeup bag for travel sleeve, main compartment, and two outside, easy-access pockets.

The lightweight travel BCD is constructed from 1000-Denier Cordura, 420-Denier nylon urethane laminated bladder substance, and fast dry i00-Denier double-coated nylon, which makes it exceptionally durable, lightweight and fast to dry.

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It is air mobile has elastic bungee straps that maintain the rear inflation bladder saturated in profile to assist in a rapid deflation. Buoyancy trim and control whilst stirring area are simple, as a result of its Oceanic’s elastic power inflator. This comes equipped with an inner pull ditch cable attached to an overpressure/dump valve.


  • Serves as lightweight travel bcd and ergonomic bag for scuba equipment + several days’ values of traveling conveniences.
  • Can be carried like a backpack
  • Permanent and quick drying
  • Quick deflation
  • Ergonomic layout and features help buoyancy and trim


  • Doesn’t have aluminum D-rings
  • When fully packaged with dip equipment (labs, fins, snorkel mask, dive computer); exceptionally unlikely to fit in the overhead bin on flights.
  • Somewhat heavier than some other traveling BCDs

Scubapro Litehawk BC w/BPI Travel BCD

This piece of equipment is your editor’s personal favorite because of this: it is so highly performant you could think it is straight from a futuristic film. It is the very best scuba BCD when you’re planning to devote a good deal of time snorkeling, so every additional feature and performance is really going to create an impact. In the end, if you are nearly a pro-level diver or whenever you want more relaxation, you will need equipment that can maintain.

Preview Product Rating Price
Scubapro Litehawk BCD with Standard Power Inflator Scubapro Litehawk BCD with Standard Power Inflator No ratings yet $564.00

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Here are only a couple of the excellent functionalities of the top-rated BCD for travel, the ones that impressed us the most. To start with, you can forget about the bulky feel of standard traveling buoyancy compensators. This version does not place air around like the other layouts have a tendency to perform. Its atmosphere pockets are positioned largely from the trunk, allowing more motion flexibility and space in the torso and torso.

Second of all, its 3-dump deflation system allows more control over where you dump air out of. This directly translates into greater freedom of motion from many different submerged places. You will feel very much on your element whilst wearing it.

What Makes This Traveling BCD Stick out

  • Lightweight travel BCD: just 2,36 pound / 5.2 pounds.
  • 3 color choices and Many sizes to Pick from
  • Streamlined air mobile technology enables flawless buoyancy regulation
  • Air is placed in the trunk, allowing more motion
  • Allows the diver to dump air from more places
  • Very inexpensive because of its quality

Mares Magellan BCD

Magellan BCD from Mares is a reliable and incredibly lightweight travel BCD that’s integrated with a quick-release fat component. In addition, it includes a tank ring that retains noncompulsory slim down. Contrary to other traditional bags that feature a rigid backpack, Mares Magellan BCD is distinguished by the cushioned nonetheless non-rigid package.

For simple adjustment, this Traveling BCD features a ring loop package. It merely has a roll-up compartment. Fortunately enough, it’s a patent-pending yet concave cushioned shoulder which raises comfort in the chest and shoulder region. It’s a trouble-free patent-pending arrangement for female sailors. This is the best dive travel accesories.

Preview Product Rating Price
Mares Magellan Unisex Compensator - Adult, Black/Grey, S/M Mares Magellan Unisex Compensator - Adult, Black/Grey, S/M No ratings yet $479.95

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Key Features

  • Foldable backpack
  • Strap loop backpack arrangement for Simple adjustment
  • 1 roll-up pocket
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Weighs 7.25 Pounds
  • Incorporated quick-release weight construction

Aqua Lung Zuma Travel BCD

The name perfectly describes the expertise you may expect to possess while stirring with this beauty. A hit with discerning and difficult to please divers, this stunning BCD wins extra points for several remarkable features. Let us take a peek at the most crucial of these.

To start with, it actually deserves the name of this lightest BCD for adults presently available on the market. It weighs less than 4.4. Pounds. And it is super simple to package in a small-ish bag. The adjustable chest strap ensures additional comfort and therefore, does the specially designed to valves which produce considerably less mass.

Preview Product Rating Price
Aqua Lung Zuma Travel BCD Aqua Lung Zuma Travel BCD No ratings yet

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Second of all, it permits you to carry with you all the ideal things in all the correct places. The pockets ensure no vital accessories will probably be left behind, while the four D-rings and attachment grommets are best for your knife. You are safe to use it if your spine will have uneasy in additional traveling buoyancy compensators: the additional padded back and lumbar support are all wonderful.

What Makes This Traveling BCD Stick out

  • E valves to get a less bulky texture
  • Weight integration using a patented method (Aqualung Surelock II)
  • Extra comfort to use and wear
  • Lined pockets, 4 D-rights, and grommets
  • The lightest choice available on the marketplace, under 4.4 pounds.
  • Small and easy to fit in a bag
  • Padded back and additional lumbar support

Hollis LTS Travel System BCD

The Hollis Travel BCD is the best lightweight travel BCD and destinations in which weight constraints are restricted. Integrating key features from the favorite HD200, the Hollis LTS travels BCD is a burden integrated back inflation layout. It weighs 13.6 kg (30 lbs ).

Preferably, it’s excellent for steel 85’s and only AL80’s. What is more, it includes a non-modular and easy layout that stows simply. It just weighs 5 lbs. The traveling BC includes a Rugged 1000D nylon outside cover along with 420D inner bladder. Along with substance, in addition, it features chest and hip D-ring for sling bottles and accessories. It comes in addition accompanied by a limited lifetime guarantee.

Preview Product Rating Price
Hollis LTS Light Travel System BCD Hollis LTS Light Travel System BCD No ratings yet

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Key Features

  • Weighs 5 Pounds
  • Hip and torso D-rings for sling bottle or attachments
  • Comfortable back cushioning
  • Rugged 1000D nylon outside cover along with 420D inner bladder
  • Integrated weight system

Dive Rite Travel-Pac

Whereas many inflating systems match as a coat, the Dive-Rite traveling lightweight travel bcd is a different layout altogether. It features a metal backplate and wing alongside a completely adjustable diving harness crafted out of elastic webbing.

The straps adjust to your specific body dimensions and are held in place with a crotch strap to prevent it from riding up. What’s more, the 360-degree donut wing provides even inflation and will not hint divers whilst floating on the surface.

Te dive-rite is a very streamlined lightweight travel bcd that places buoyancy where it is most needed for flat trim throughout the chest, helping the weight of the tank. This comes together to make it a great lightweight travel bcd for diving in caverns, wrecks, and other overhead surroundings.

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Besides being exceptionally lightweight (only 2.3kg when dry), the dive-rite is extremely durable; using a 1680-denier ballistic nylon outer tote, and a hefty duty 210 deniers nylon urethane laminated bladder: it had been made to endure the tests of traveling.

If you are a seasoned diver and you understand precisely what you need…an if what that is is a much more alternative layout which you could easily just and can be orientated around the maximum equilibrium, this is a superb option.


  • Unique design for maximum comfort & buoyancy
  • Light and easy to package
  • Includes camera strap, a Fantastic feature for photographers


  • On the other hand
  • Only comes in black

Scubapro Litehawk

This spine inflation method does a superb job of sustaining motion in the torso and shoulders while still providing very good lift capacity. Buoyancy regulation is potential in many different underwater places using a 3-dump deflation system. The lightweight and flexible backpack make stowage for traveling easy.

Preview Product Rating Price
SCUBAPRO Glide Diving BCD with 5th Generation Air2 Octopus SCUBAPRO Glide Diving BCD with 5th Generation Air2 Octopus No ratings yet

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  • Substance: : 420enier nylon
  • Lift capacity: : 29.2bs (13.2 kg)
  • Dry weight: 4.8 to 5 pounds (2.2 to 2.3 kg)
  • Integrated weight system
  • Women’s version: NA
  • Optional Air 2 alternative inflator
  • 3-dump deflation system
  • Flexible backpack
  • Speedy launch rotating shoulder buckles and 2 place sternum strap
  • High quality at an Affordable Price


Italian scuba and freediving pros SEAC is as well-known in the UK as other popular brands, but its own products include excellent recommendations. The Trip is SEAC’s variant of a lightweight but fully operational BCD. The outer and inner bladders are constructed of 420-denier nylon, and also the integrated weight pockets from exceptionally abrasion-resistant 1000D Cordura.

The backplate is semi-rigid, which means that the coat can be folded for packaging while keeping the sturdiness of a fully-rigid backplate to be used with the only tank strap. Seac’s Semi-Frame-To-Back system anchors the shoulder straps right to the backplate, a helpful attribute to alleviate tension on the substance and appeal to various body types. SmSmallerippered pockets and octopus/gauge holders are situated on both sides, with four large and 2 smaller metal D-rings raising the carrying capacity.


  • Dry weight: 3kg (L)
  • Maximum lift: 11.2kg (S) – 18.3kg (XL)
  • Material/denier: polyurethane-coated nylon 420 (bladder), 1000D Cordura (fat pockets)
  • Backplate: semi (half stiff, half elastic )
  • Integrated weights: yes

XDeep NX Ghost

Since the cost clearly suggests, this is really a high-end product geared towards the amateur diver who favors the wing and exploits settings. The exceptional’skeleton’ backplate is created of aircraft-grade aluminum metal and the tank at the back can be emptied to match the diver’s requirements.

Acknowledging that many recreational sailors do not enjoy the position of the wing may set them in at the surface, the Ghost’s bladder, constructed from 1,100-denier Cordura, is smaller in the surface than at the base, thereby lowering the propensity to push a diver forward in the surface.

Weighing in at only 2.2kg to your backplate, bladder, and use, complete with steel D-rings, the machine is just one of the lightest on the market. Ditchable fat pockets, just like the majority of wing methods, are marketed as modular extras but add little to the total weight. A deluxe version is available which contains a quick-release harness and additional shoulder cushioning. This is the best scuba travel bag.


  • Dry weight: 2.2kg (regular ), 2.4kg (deluxe)
  • Maximum lift: 17kg
  • Material/denier: polyurethane-coated nylon 420 (bladder), 1,100-denier Cordura (fat pockets)
  • Backplate: inflexible
  • Integrated weights: no

Palantic Scuba Choice Travel BCD

This high-tech super-functional device is just one of the very best travel scuba gear on the market, and everybody who enjoys a little more manual control will love it. The three-dump deflation system, for cases, permits you to dump air from many different submerged positions, causing a better control over the result. The incorporated pockets include a fast-release method, letting you acquire a more balanced swimming place.

What Makes This Traveling BCD Stick out

  • Heavy-duty 420 denier bladder, quite durable
  • Three-dump atmosphere deflation system
  • Speedy release weight pockets
  • Weighs only 5.5 pounds.
  • 30 pounds. liLiftapacity
  • Enables a high degree of user management and adjusting

tart Jacket-Style BCD from Cressi

Cressi traveling BCD was created with 1000 Denier Cordura in the outside panel & 500 Denier internal lalayersThe air strand and waist strap of the backpack are separate. Tightening the coat is potential when deflated without hugging the consumer’s gut once the jacket is inflated. It’s an inflator using a double air filtration system round the valve and its own hose connection.

Fortunately, the incorporated inflator may be rinsed to eliminate debris and other lavender. The ultra-durable thermoplastic can be used to produce the back-plate system. This thermoplastic is really compact and little for lightness. Additionally, it has rubber damper which helps to gripe tank, an extra tank strap.

Key Features

  • Ultra-durable construction
  • Two big pockets bag compartments with veVelcrolosure
  • Rigid carry handle and padded backpack
  • Three exhaust valves alteration buoyancy
  • Nylon locator strap
  • 2 technopolymer d-rings
  • Octopus holder
  • 2 spring-clip holding rings
  • Quantify holder



Regardless of which kind of gear you are searching for, the fit is the most important consideration. Traveling BCDs are more lightweight and more flexible compared to their conventional counterparts, so they’re more prone to moving around in your own shoulders submerged and riding up while on the surface.

You ought to attempt your BCD before purchasing it if you can to guarantee a fantastic fit. A complete BCD that is suitable for properly will wrap snugly around the own body without pinching or squeezing. When emptied, it ought not to rotate or slip around in your own waist or shoulders. Pick a model with space for alteration in all its straps and clips, just in the event that you put on a few pounds between dip vacations.


The two most typical BCD layouts are rear flotation (also called back inflate) and coat.

Rear flotation BCDs are somewhat less popular, except when it comes to dip traveling. These fashions are more streamlined and easy to package, as a result of their own easy-to-roll-up bladders and elastic backplates. This makes them a clear choice for jet setters.

Many seasoned divers prefer back flotation BCDs as they’re not as restrictive than their counterparts that are bulky, which makes them more comfortable and”free” feeling. These designs promote ideal cut and streamlining underwater, as a result of their form-fitting layouts. Consequently, they are best for divers that are interested in exploring overhead surroundings such as shipwrecks and caves.

Jacket style BCDs fit snugly around the shoulders and torso, exactly like a coat. These are the most frequent versions offered and considered that the”conventional” layout by old-school SCUBA divers. Many dive centers train their pupils utilizing this kind of buoyancy apparatus since they’re secure, supportive, and simple to control. Jacket styles are easy to don and doff since they slip across the shoulders like a winter jacket, which makes them a favorite selection for rental gear.

If your plan is to dive in tough circumstances, remember that a jacket style BCD will probably be comfortable on the surface. This layout pushes your head and shoulders well over the ground, whereas some rear inflating models really rotate forward, pushing your head nearer to the water’s surface.


A BCD’s lift clarifies how much weight it could compensate for. Since many sailors prefer to see hot water spots, the lift isn’t a significant focus in regards to traveling BCDs. However, if you are intending to dive with a great deal of direct or in colder waters, then you ought to cancel the weight.

A BCD with a small lift will allow your shoulders and face dip near the water once you are on the outside, causing distress during long swims or while awaiting the ship. The too-small lift may also lead to issues underwater since you become less and not as buoyant as you descend. This is particularly evident for sailors using a massive quantity of weight. When in doubt, select a BCD with much more lift than you believe you are going to want.


Nowadays, most BCDs incorporate an integrated weight system. Some use plastic trays with locking handles to maintain your guide in position, but some utilize buckles or zippers with”quick release” mechanisms. Regardless of which kind of weight integration you select, make certain to pick a system that’s simple to discharge at depth.

The most lightweight BCDs available on the industry typically do not contain weight integration. The clips and trays demanded are not simple to roll or fold. And, they add weight to your gear bag. Consider a conventional system which employs a weight belt if you’re attempting to travel with as little weight as possible.


Most sailors prefer to holiday in calm areas using warm tropical water. But that is not always the situation. While searching for a journey BCD, maintain all of the diving environments that you wish to research in your mind.

If you are anticipating cold water or rough surface requirements, you are going to need just a bit of additional lift. Technical overhead and diving environments (any enclosed area submerged ) may necessitate using a rear inflating system. If your travel plans include tough surroundings, pick a BCD that’s strong and secure, and provides a lot of flexibility.



If you have ever dip gear that rides upon the outside, you are aware that it is not any fun. However, this embarrassing situation isn’t hard to prevent. A few BCDs are equipped with transferring torso and waist straps which allow a customized fit for sailors of all heights. This attribute will keep the kit’s center of gravity low and assist your tank”stick” to your spine rather than bobbing about on the surface. This feature is particularly beneficial for miniature sailors, girls, and children.


Utility pockets make it easy to carry accessories such as a flashlight, dive knife, and SMB (surface marker buoy). These internal storage components close with Velcro or a zipper, occasionally enlarging or rolling out to get additional space. While most traveling BCDs are equipped with hardly any storage, a minimum of one final pocket is essential for carrying those odds and ends.


Lean pockets evenly disperse your dip weights and also help you keep proper body placement both above and underwater. Normally, these aren’t”rapid release”, so they just hold a couple of pounds while the vast majority of your weight is saved in pockets or on a belt. Most trim pockets are located on the rear of your BCD, close to the tank.


If your BCD does not consist of much internal storage, then you are going to need a few mounting grommets for attaching fittings. These reinforced points make it possible for diving knives, lights, and other resources to store securely on the exterior of your equipment.


Taking care of your BCD will prolong its lifetime, and eliminating all traces of salt is the most crucial region of the cleaning process. Some designs have a vent on the air bladder which attaches directly to a garden hose to get superb easy interior cleaning. An easy-to-open port also provides airflow and accelerate the drying process.


Most traveling BCDs utilize an elastic backplate or none in any way. This permits your equipment to roll up or fold into a much bigger area, perfect for cramming everything in a gear bag. While fashions using a plastic backplate and carrying handle could be ideal for regular use, they’re somewhat bulky for packaging.


What’s the Best Way To Utilize Travel BCD?

To start with, you need to shop for the ideal travel BCD to the likely place, rather than to your own personal preferences as a diver. Understanding where exactly you intend on using your new equipment is essential when choosing out it and will affect the equipment’s performance too. We covered ahead of the subject of buoyancy in freshwater and saltwater, so ensure that you examine it and consider it prior to purchasing your next traveling BC device.

To be able to use a journey BCD to its very best level of functionality, be sure its layout is a fantastic match for the sort of environment where your dives will happen in, and also for the kind of excursion. Can you be driving into the diving website and rear or will there also be trekking or walking until you attain it? In the latter scenario, you need to be well prepared to carry all of the equipment and be energetic enough once you get to the water. This would indicate reducing overall weight as far as possible.

If you are unsure about the reply to such queries or of having other specialized aspects of your forthcoming diving excursion, ask your diving teacher or drop us a line.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Traveling BCD?

The most immediate advantage is that the lightness which produces a travel BCD a lot more mobile in contrast to your regular one. The top models also incorporate some other perks including additional pockets and saving features, quicker set-up, and packaging up, in addition to a diminished storing space required.

Could I Use A Travel BCD for Ordinary Use?

Obviously you can, particularly in the event that you want a lighter version to the usual BCDs outside there. However, you have to keep in mind that all such options are a trade-off. You do get to enjoy the excess lightness, it is correct, however, you’ll also wear out your equipment faster with much more intensive usage. The ideal traveling BCDs can have problems with wear and tear harm should you use them often.

How Much Would You Go With A Traveling BCD?

There are no particular restrictions to some traveling BCD’s thickness due to it being a traveling piece of equipment. But, understanding how deep you can go warrants a whole discussion and it might be overly simplistic to reply it.

You may read our guide to understand how to compute maximum working depth in scuba diving and take it from there. Also, familiarize yourself with a couple of key diving notions to always remember, particularly if you’re a newcomer. Trust us, they can save your life!

How To Keep Traveling BCD?

Maintaining your equipment should really be a leading concern, so here is our very best information on it. Begin with studying the care and maintenance instructions of each bit of equipment very attentively. They may vary from 1 thing and brand to a different, so listen.

Second of all, never drive a journey BCD beyond its stated limitations (by way of instance, by carrying more inside than its own upper weight transport limit and so forth ). Third and last, if you are able to spend a larger initial investment, then go for a more qualitative and expensive version. It is going to wind up saving you more money in the very long run, as it is going to require fewer repairs and will last longer.

In Conclusion

In case you’re diver constantly on the move, there’s never been a better time. As you can see in the above list, you will find a number of fantastic alternatives in regards to buying travel-oriented dip equipment. Ever since your BCD is the greatest and bulkiest of all your gear, it surely makes sense to begin here.

What do you consider the list? Have you used any of those BCDs? Or, perhaps you’re a lover of a traveling BCD which didn’t create this record. Let’s know what you think in the remarks section. We like hearing what fellow anglers need to say and always look forward to learning something new.

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