Top 13 Best Travel Curling Iron 2020 Review

Top 13 Best Travel Curling Iron 2020 Review

Are you looking for the best travel curling iron? Ever wondered that which curling iron that won’t damage hair is ideal for traveling? Are you an individual that travels a great deal and constantly worries about the way your hair is going to be impacted by this climate?

Whether you are a slick business girl wanting to seem lively to the morning meetings or some glamorous vacationer seeking to soak up the sun in fashion, you wish to package the ideal instrument on your own. The problem is that while we might want to things our favorite curling tools into our bag, they are not necessarily appropriate for the occupation.

Here is what you need to look for if you are a globetrotter with a penchant for rolling ringlets.

Top 13 Best Travel Curling Iron Brands - best travel curling iron dual voltage

Top 13 Best Travel Curling Iron Brands

Bestseller No. 4
ThermaCell by Conair Compact Curling Iron
Great for travel or everyday use; Heats up in just 2 minutes; Powered by ThermaCELL butane cartridges (includes 1 cartridge)
Bestseller No. 5
VAV 2 in 1 Ceramic Curling Wand Flat Iron Ionic Hair Curler and Straightener Portable Travel Hair Styling Tools
PORTABLE FOR TRAVEL--Front cover could avoid scalding injury and make it easily to carry.; DUAL VOLTAGE--Curling iron and flat iron Voltage is 100-240V AC for worldwide use.
SaleBestseller No. 6
Conair Double Ceramic Curling Iron, 1 Inch Curling Iron, White/Rose Gold
Higher ceramic content for even heat and gorgeous, long lasting styles with less frizz; Unique cool tip for safe, easy handling and Auto Off feature

Silver Bullet Fastlane Large Ceramic Conical Curling Iron Gold:19mm-32mm

The greatest tool to Boost your own hair imagination, offering complete customization. Having an impressive 25 variable heat settings plus a tapered 19-32 millimeter diameter barrel, this strong curling iron that won’t damage hair allows for experimentation with curl tightness and fashion. This instrument can also be acceptable for all hairstyles and hair lengths. The clamp-free travel steam iron comes with an easy-grip manage plus also a 360-degree swivel cable to create styling your locks as simple as possible

The Silver Bullet Fastlane Large Ceramic Conical Curling Iron Gold:19mm-32mm was made to bring out your internal hairstylist! Whether you would like to rock a stunning Hollywood wave or tousled, beachy curls, then this exceptionally versatile curling iron that won’t damage hair provides full control through styling and maximum imagination to get a customized experience.

Gone is the day of curling irons which provide only 1 look. Now you can play as far as you like with this flexible styling tool. This is the best travel converter for curling iron.

Hoson Curling Professional Iron 3/4-inches

It is a professional curling iron that won’t damage hair which can bring out loose soft hairstyles without a lot of freezes. It’s because the curl uses tourmaline ceramic technologies which guarantees that it releases myriad negative ions which will keep the hair moist to get an ideal curl. Other than this, in addition, it utilizes accurate, smart control of temperature. You, therefore, adjust the warmth from as low as 225-degrees F to 450-degrees F based on the kind of curl you would like to achieve. The fantastic thing is that the device has a massive control panel which lets you control the temperature for steady heating.

It’s a really secure and effective device that’s essential to use because of this insulated anti-scald wand suggestion. Due to this, you’ll find it a cinch to design with an advantage. Again, it features a 360-degree swivel long power cord for improved versatility. The professional travel steam iron features a double PTC heater, which brings about quickly 60 minutes heating to 225-degrees F as soon as you press the heat button.

T3 Whirl convertible styling wand

Probably the sleekest thing to hit your vanity (and, at 140 it ought to be, right?), this contemporary, chic style isn’t only a pretty face.

Additionally, it lets you effortlessly create easy-breezy boho shore waves in moments which will last all evening.

With technology that enables it to keep a consistent temperature (there are five configurations to pick from), it supplies a frizz-free finish.

And, here is the best bit, it is compatible with interchangeable barrels, which means that you may attach different shaped barrels into the batter to make unique styles of curl.

Uvistare 6-In-1 Professional Curling Iron

The security of this curling iron that won’t damage hair must be a variable everybody checks out before making the purchase. Here’s a really secure unit as a result of the double insulation plus insulated set of the glove. You, consequently, kindly use the device to attain top-notch outcomes. Other than this, it’s two adjustable temperature settings inside a selection of 300-degrees F into 410-degrees F. Besides this, in addition, it uses PTC heating technologies, allowing it to heat immediately in only 30 minutes.

To include more, the professional unit includes around six varying tourmaline ceramic barrels. These ranges from 0.35-inches into 1.25-inches for greater performances and flexibility. Additionally, the unit readily provides a powerful bulk of negative ions that can lock in moisture to protect the cuticles and also do away with static power and freeze.

Conair YOU Pro Cordless ThermaCell 3/4 Inch Curling Iron

Preview Product Rating Price
Travel Smart by Conair Thermacell 3/4' Ceramic Curling Iron Travel Smart by Conair Thermacell 3/4" Ceramic Curling Iron No ratings yet $23.47

Conair YOU Pro Cordless ThermaCell 3/4 Inch Curling Iron is a cordless travel steam iron with a lot of excellent features. With no plug or plug, you may take advantage of this material anywhere. It’s created by Ceramic technologies for smooth, sleek styling and high-shine complete. It extends around 360 degrees F ultra-high heating performance. It’s Cordless for simple travel. The renewable Thermacell butane gas cartridge lasts for months of usage. It is compact: The fashionable neat and portable size makes it simple to store away or package up for traveling.

Revlon Curl Collection Bubble Curling Wand

Though this travel steam iron appears different-such as ping pong balls have set on top of a different -it’s a ceramic center that provides your hair constant heat for curling-around 400°F! No worries when bringing it with you on your journey as it as a global dual voltage.

To make it even better, they have included a bonus heat resistant glove to prevent burning yourself while bending. The ceramic material and the warmth go nicely together, providing your hair glow that will certainly stick out from other people.

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

Here is the best travel size curling iron that won’t damage hair. It’s a sleek, high-quality one-inch barrel, heats up really quickly, and is flexible enough to make both tight curls and looser rings on many kinds of hair.

Though BaByliss promotes this version since titanium that the barrel is really a titanium/ceramic mix, among the greatest options for moving heat while producing those negative ions which producers insist keep hair soft and shiny.

Preview Product Rating Price
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron No ratings yet $49.99

While we are on the topic of exactly what producers say, the Nano Titanium is designed to make”far infrared heating” which gets inside every hair shaft to operate quickly and protect against harm from prolonged heat exposure.

The inspection team does not know whether that’s accurate or not, but what we do know is this BaBy(liss) does its job quickly and exceptionally well. There is a wonderful assortment of 50 heat settings (around some 450° setting you shouldn’t ever want ), a turbo-heat button that raises the travel steam iron’s temperature with lightning speed, and a feature that is vastly overrated, a very long eight-foot 360° detachable cable. The clip is strong but not overly tight, along with the cone goes through hair readily without snagging.

Xtava 5-in-1 Professional Curling Wand and Curling Iron Set

The Xtava 5-in-1 proves you don’t need to pay a fortune for quality and flexibility. It includes five interchangeable tourmaline/ceramic barrels, giving you the capability to decide on a different look each time you moisturize your hair. Along with the whole collection is amazingly cheap for the quality it provides.

Here is what’s included: 0.3-0.75 inches and 0.7-1 inch tapered clipless barrels, also 0.7-1.0, one-inch, and 1.25-inch barrels with clamps. The bigger barrels operate well with short- and – medium-length hair (or naturally-curly hair) and produce fantastic, tight curls; the bigger ones have clamps to aid with long hair and are great for producing loose curls and waves.

As you know by now (if you have been paying attention), the tourmaline/ceramic barrels provide heat, whereas the negative ions that they produce seal from moisture, reduce frizz and make hair shiny and smooth. You will find nine temperature configurations from 250-410°, which makes this set a fantastic selection for everybody except those with exceptionally delicate or extremely thick, hard hair. 1 warning: the barrels do not have trendy tip protection, which means you will want to use a heat-resistant glove (as well as the set) to prevent burning yourself. This really is a dual-voltage version with auto-shutoff.

Anjou 1.25-Inches Curling Iron

In spite of the form of hair or fashion you want to attain, this really is a multifunctional curling iron that won’t damage hair that will be appropriate for you. It’s a professional curling iron that won’t damage hair that’s been fitted using PTC heating elements to make sure that it warms up in minutes to 200-degrees F. Along with this, it is simple to adjust the temperature of the unit from 200 to 410-degrees based on what kinds of curls you would like to achieve.

The device is quite secure as a result of this anti-scalding wand and insulated suggestion. This implies it is cool to touch hence a select you never need to miss. What’s more, in addition, it comes with an ergonomic design for effortless grip when curling.

The Beachwaver Beach Waver Pro Curling Iron

And today, as our friends from Monty Python would say, for something entirely different. We all know we stated the HSI kit has been our most expensive option, but that is about double the cost for – as we say – something entirely different.

If you’d like amazing shore curls and waves just like you see in fashion magazines and on the red carpet, many ordinary curling irons are not going to reduce it. You will need something particular: the Beach Waver.

Preview Product Rating Price
The Beachwaver Co. Pro Curling Iron The Beachwaver Co. Pro Curling Iron No ratings yet

It’s a one-inch ceramic cone that clamps to your own hair, heats up fast – and rotates either left and right with only the push of a button. It is undoubtedly the best method to make people natural-looking waves and free-flowing curls which will turn heads.

A word of warning: you need to take care when utilizing the Beach Waver since it becomes extremely hot exceptionally fast, and may turn your hair into a wreck just as readily as it can produce a masterpiece. Take it slow, however, and you’re going to be amazed. It is accessible with an 11/4″ barrel too.

HOT TOOLS 24K Professional Extra-Long Curling Iron

With an exceptional styling coating, this is an ideal curling iron that won’t damage hair which lets you create defined silky designs for an elegant appearance. The curls can also be long-lasting and because it produces negative ions, it is going to lock in moisture to avoid frizz. It’s fitted with a superb heating component that may consistently and evenly disperse heat to permit professional curling.

Along with this, it’s quite flexible as a result of this 360-degree swivel long power cable. The device has a dimension of 1.25-inches barrel, which satisfies it for all styling demands. Besides that, it is possible to even acquire different sizes based on what’s going to suit you.

Remington Pro Pearl Ceramic Curling Iron

Remington Pro Pearl Ceramic Curling Iron is a flexible curling wand which you may use for industrial and individual needs. The device provides you with as much as 10 varying temperature configurations to choose from, which makes it a superb choice. Aside from this, in addition, it heats to a maximum temperature of 410-degrees F, meaning you could use it for producing both soft and thick curls.

Furthermore, the curling iron that won’t damage hair is fitted with an excellent pearl ceramic heating element. For this reason, it contributes to faster results and less harm to your own hair. In addition, it produces negative ions which assist in locking in moisture to reduce frizz and permits for accomplishing distinct fashions. Along with this, it features an infused smashed pearl barrel that provides lustrous, smooth waves. The device contains different barrel sizes which vary from 1 to 2 1.5-inches.

HSI Professional Curling Iron Sets

This is definitely the costliest standard option from the Groom+Style ranks, but you could not ask for more flexibility since the HSI collection includes four interchangeable barrels: 3/4″, 1″, 11/2″ plus also a fourth wand-style barrel which taper from 1″ to 3/4″. You may decide on the size and sort of curls you would like, or mix and match, by simply altering the barrel.

Preview Product Rating Price
HSI Professional Groover 1 Inch Tapered Curling Wand, 1.3 Pound HSI Professional Groover 1 Inch Tapered Curling Wand, 1.3 Pound No ratings yet $34.99

All four are created from tourmaline for even heating system, fast curling, and moisture preservation (and those negative ions).

The temperature could be corrected to 450° through the electronic control panel, which will display an error message and stop the travel steam iron out of heating when the barrel is not locked into position properly. The low-temperature settings under 200° are fantastic for thinner and shorter hair, also. The HSI gets warm fast but there is a protective glove as well as the kit.

We should notice that there is no clamp onto this curling iron that won’t damage hair due to the interchangeable barrels, therefore this version is much more suited to people who’ve employed a more straightforward travel steam iron previously.


Curling Iron Types

Picking the correct sort of styling tool for you means getting under consideration the pros and cons of every curling iron that won’t damage hair kind. Conventional clamp-style irons allow the consumer to maintain the hair in place while it lays in the desired shape. Curling travel steam iron wands offer you somewhat more freedom.

With no clamp attachment, users only wrap the hair around the barrel. Automatic curling irons might look intimidating in first, but they offer you a solution for people who have had difficulty with conventional styling tools. Interchangeable irons make it possible for users to change their design without needing to buy many irons using different barrel dimensions. Travel irons are somewhat smaller but nevertheless provide the features of full-sized units. Brush-style irons include more body and volume to hair but aren’t necessarily the ideal option for longer defined curls.

Barrel Material

The substance of curling iron that won’t damage hair may make a major difference in the results that you get. Cheaper materials such as metal have a tendency to burn the hair and harm it. Gold plated barrels are a much better option for reducing the quantity of heat damage done to your hair whilst curling it.

The top choices, to help avoid damage and ensure even heating, are ceramic and tourmaline. These kinds of substances to produce negative ions, which may help you avoid surplus damage. Buyer beware, some curling irons are just coated in materials such as ceramic, gold, and tourmaline. With prolonged use, the coating will burn off.

Barrel Diameter

Considering diameter is equally important when determining what type of curl you are after. The majority of the models featured on this webpage are extended in various socket sizes.

Normally, the bigger the barrel, the looser the curls. Skinnier irons can produce tight curls. Additionally, it is important to be aware that bigger barrel dimensions are normally not appropriate for anyone who has shorter hair. It is hard to wrap hair about a 2-inch barrel, as an example. You can typically find barrel dimensions available in a selection of 0.5-inches to 2-inches.

Your Hair Type

It is important to observe your own hair type before deciding on a curling iron that won’t damage the hair version. In case you have especially fine hair, you need to be certain that you are able to fix the warmth of your chosen unit to prevent damaging and burning your own hair.

People who have thinner hair may also find they have to do a little bit of trial and error to learn what materials and settings lead to a long-lasting curl. Thicker haired users are going to wish to opt for a travel steam iron which could become very hot.

In case you have quite thick and lengthy hair, you will also need to consider the burden of this curling iron that won’t damage hair because curling this kind of hair generally takes more. Anyone who would like to tone down the frizziness of the hair may wish to stay with a cone material that heats evenly, such as tourmaline.


The most expensive curling irons are normally professional-grade irons manufactured from highly durable materials. These curling irons are usually priced at more than 100 are intended for salon use, because they are hard enough to manage daily repetitive usage.

You do not have to invest more than 100 to find a standard curling iron that won’t damage hair, however. Many manufacturers offer you cheap options below $50 which are made from solid materials such as ceramic and tourmaline. The least expensive curling iron that won’t damage hair alternatives are normally quite basic and frequently lack temperature controllers. Some inexpensive possibilities, nevertheless, are feature-packed and still can provide salon-grade curling.

A Few Recommendations to utilize Travel-friendly Curling Iron:

  • Please maintain your Travel-friendly Curling Iron safely particularly cordless. In case it turns out, a car can lead to a damaging accident.
  • Carry your little and mild curling iron that won’t damage hair from the bag that could easily locate.
  • Since you’re traveling, your hair will probably be dirtier. Therefore Hair must washout using a deep-clean shampoo which will give a luminous appearance. Then conditioning only finishes not in the roots and also utilizes it. Conditioner can drag off your own hair, which may make curls fall from it.
  • Blow-dry hair upside down with your palms until hair is totally dry. Don’t flake out the hair if it’s wet.
  • A mousse or curling cream generates body and assists tired hair to maintain curls.

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Traveling curling irons have developed during the past couple of decades, including a number of the highest technologies to protect your own hair. It’s integral to consider the voltage when traveling overseas or you’re going to get a tool that works.

Equally, don’t forget to locate a transport case, even though your version does not include you. Protecting it in the bumps and bashes of travel will keep it performing at its greatest.

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