Top 25+ Best Travel Podcasts 2021 Review

Top 25+ Best Travel Podcasts 2020 Review

Mytrailco provides you with a list of the best travel podcasts. Read our reviews below and choose the best one for you.

Listening to a place to listen to podcasts – especially travel places to listen to podcasts – is one of my favourite things. You will find so many travel places to listen to podcasts around at the moment, and they make the perfect bit of travel escapism when I’m in the car, walking to work, or just have a bit of downtime.

I already listen to some great travel places to listen to podcasts, but I’m always looking for more, so I asked some travel blogger friends to tell me their favourite place to listen to podcasts about destinations, travelling, and travel tips. Here are their recommendations for the 2020 travel place to listen to podcasts, along with some of my favourites.

Top 25+ Best Travel Podcasts - best podcasts related to international travel

Top 25+ Best Travel Podcasts

No Shitting In The Toilet

Get in front of the curve and revel in this podcast out of Peter Moore, best-selling travelling writer and Wanderlust Web Editor.

Expect tales and humour of different travel’s highs and lows, from a variety of specialist guests along with Peter himself.

The first instalment takes its subject in the name, but do not worry, they are not all about bathrooms… This is the best travel podcasts on Spotify.

Amateur Traveler Travel Podcast

Host Chris Christensen has been interviewing people since podcasting’s first years and contains a catalogue of destination displays from which to pick. In July of 2020, in reality, Chris observes FIFTEEN YEARS – amazing!!! His interviews enable you to decide what to see, eat, and do. No doubt Chris has done an event on it When there’s somewhere that you need to see. Chris interviewed me on my NC Crystal Coast.

Travel Stories Podcast aka Backpack Digital

The rambles of Hayden are cause you to feel as though you’re sharing a beer while he discusses his ideas and tales of life and participating. Podcast began years and I think of it, but Backpack Digital was rebranded as by Hayden.


Care about sustainable travel? Duh, most of us do! And Hayley Tillard and millennials Chris Minehan have translated this passion into EcoLust, one of the best travel places to listen to best podcasts about travel out there. “we would like to live better – to the entire world, for many others, and for me personally,” they state.

With each episode, they plan to make it easier for us all to live and travelling a bit more sustainably, no eco-shame here! They discuss their struggles and triumphs – by travel the world with the only carry-on bags to researching households reside. All the while expecting to others. We are in.


Rick Steves is a prolific American travel writer, guide-book writer, television personality, and lovers. Even though Steves’ podcast covers weekly one-hour conversations with guest specialists regarding travel culture and people, his podcast set extends into European movies tours and records. This is the best European travel podcasts.

Location Indie

Jason of Zero hosts location Indie to Travis and Travel of Extra Bundle of Peanuts. If you would like to prepare a company or make a living in the street so that you may keep travelling, this series gives an excellent insight into the pros and cons of this distant work lifestyle, in addition to potential jobs to find.

Place independence that is whilst contributes to travelling, this podcast is much focused on the best way best to attain that work lifestyle that is distant instead of travelling kind or destinations episodes.


Gravy is a James Beard Award-winning podcast using a counterpart to print magazine under the Exact Same title produced by the Southern Foodways Alliance. It investigates the American South. Though Gravy isn’t especially a travelling tradition, food is such a massive portion of travelling I know something new in each and every episode about areas across the South and food has formed the area’s history.

Some of my favourite episodes in the writings comprise”The Jemima Code,” Separation of Church and Coffee” and”The Mason Jar Pickle.” In every episode, host John T. Edge reminds listeners of their audio advice to”create cornbread, not war”

The Switchback Kids

This podcast is for you if you are arranging a visit to a park. Elizabeth and Cole Donelson (aka the Switchback Children ) visiting all the 59 national parks, and within this podcast, they discuss what they experienced while still researching our nation’s public lands. They cover the parks including dives into budgeting tips lists, parks, and much more, from all angles.

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Amanda Kendle hosts the Thoughtful Travel Podcast and features a range of interviews with travelling bloggers, authors, and business professionals. Each incident has a subject and the capacity to pick the very best people of Amanda is demonstrated again and again.

The quality may fluctuate between interviews however you quit discovering this as the material consumes you. This is the best travel podcasts sailing the south pacific.


The Girls Who Travel Podcast was created from a Condé Nast Traveler set of essays, interviews, and articles such as International Women’s Day, and can be introduced by former Travelogue podcast regulars Meredith Carey and Lale Arikoglu.

The weekly podcast covers matters especially related to girls but intriguing to everybody; current episodes have covered topics like going on safari solo, the way journey inspires our cooking, and exactly what it is like to go in an all-women class excursion.

JUMP Podcast

JUMP Podcast’s mission is to inspire all to head out and watch the entire world. Together with 53 countries counting and seen, JUMP targets adventure and active travel. Anticipate packing to bucket listing inspiration, speech hacks, and trekking suggestions. Jackie covers the foundations in a conversational and relatable manner – which makes you feel as though you’re having a convo with a friend.

Extra Bundle of Peanuts

Hosts Trav and Heather out of Extra Bundle of Peanuts have an enjoyable and chilled approach to journey podcasting. Having a focus on traveling more and spending, there is a little bit of what on EPOP – from interviews with travelers and travel hints to the top 10 lists. Start looking for the budgeting information!

Armchair Explorer

Each episode of this Armchair Explorer podcast sees their story is told by among the world adventurers.

Hosted by award-winning travelling author Aaron Millar, each narrative is inspirational, action-packed, and thrilling.

You Must Have Been There

Love travellers’ stories, relaxed banter, and view in Simon Calder, among the most respected voices in travelling, and author/former BBC producer Mick Webb.

It the equivalent of sitting at a pub with two or three travelling chums. Perhaps, that the best-named travel podcast at the history of travel place to listen to best podcasts for travel, also.

National Trust

A podcast with a rather straightforward but efficient short: requesting audio-makers to flip in their microphones and”stand quietly in areas (or items that may be widely interpreted as disciplines )”. The outcomes are recordings offering a compelling listening experience that is strange.

Recent episodes have taken listeners into ashore on the shore of Greenland, the streets of Jenin in Palestine, the Beskid Mountains in Poland, along with also the Sinharaja tropical rainforest in Sri Lanka to listen to sunrise break. All you need to do is to close your eyes and let your imagination fill in the blanks.

Afropop Worldwide

If your understanding of African American music ceases at Youssou N’Dour and Fela Kuti, Afropop Worldwide will broaden your horizons. As its name implies, the tradition takes listeners on a trip across the planet, going everywhere African American music has gone, sampling everything from sexy salsa rhythms in Puerto Rico into the spiritual areas of west African Vaudou from Utrecht (yes, Utrecht).

Allow the contagious music, intriguing cultural insights along with the beautiful, rich voice of the Cameroon-born host Georges Collinet transfer you to places you might not have believed African music had attained – it is guaranteed to leave you feeling more optimistic.

Water Too Wet, Beach Too Sandy

If you adored Wanderlust’s article about the 20 most astounding vacation complaints, you are going to adore the Beach Too Sandy podcast.

Presenters Alex and Christine Schiefer scour the web to get one-star testimonials for travel-related services and have read out them in stunning voices.


Simon Calder’s second podcast is a mixture of up-to-the-moment travel news and enjoyable chats with traveling’s biggest names, such as Wanderlust’s very own Lyn Hughes.

There is a journey masterclass every episode covering everything into solo travel from wildlife photography.

Awake At Night

With huge numbers of individuals living displaced around the world at this time, this podcast is a harrowing but crucial listen. Let’s introduce you to Melissa Fleming, the main spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). She hosted on Awake At Night out of 2018-2019 and today is as good a time as any to listen. This podcast focuses on refugee stories but investigates what it takes to be a worker facing a number of the world scenarios. Do not miss the interview with Khaled Hosseini, author of The Kite Runner, and also a child refugee from Afghanistan.


“Most vacationers to Latin America prefer to know a little Spanish – and it’s necessary to have a fantastic awareness of the fundamentals. If you are trying to take your Spanish check the DuoLingo Spanish podcast out.

“Once I lived in Oaxaca in Mexico, I utilized the DuoLingo Spanish podcast to come up with my language abilities – it informs easy-to-follow tales in intermediate Spanish, with English context. It is a terrific way to get more of a grasp in your language!”

According to Nomads

Host Tayo Rockson features amazing stories from those that are entrepreneurs and nomads, with a focus on leaders in travel, culture, business, and international affairs.

Wild Ideas Worth living

Host and journalist Shelby Stranger interviews impactful explorers, specialists, and entrepreneurs who’ve taken their crazy ideas and forced them into a fact, those who have climbed the tallest mountains, composed best-selling novels, and stood for what they think in.

Eye On Traveling with Peter Greenberg – Previously Travel Today

Each week, recorded from a different place, Peter Greenberg’s Eye On Travel makes them intriguing and requires the aspects of traveling.

Each episode concentrates on a particular topic and requires a deep dip you did not know you had to know more about the subject. The Ontario International Airport event, by way of instance, dives to the changes in achievement has come from such changes, and the airport is conducted.

With Peter Greenberg’s wealth of information along with specialist guests, this series is going to keep you returning for more.

Deviate With Rolf Potts

Rolf Potts resembles The Godfather of his publication Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term Travel is in charge of getting many People from our hometowns and outside to the world.

Deviate, in his podcast, Rolf Potts delivers more of the wisdom. With guests that range backpackers to luxury travellers, to historians, this series has something for everybody.

The Globetrotter Lounge

This podcast is hosted by Jet Set Lisette, an award-winning travel specialist, and host. Interviews inspiring and amazing women who have discovered ways to travel the entire world.

Out of Office Podcast

Since the originals in travelling, it makes sense that Out of Office, Contiki’s podcast is top here on our list of the best travel place to listen to podcasts. Having a brand new season comes in ancient 2020. Travelling creates Outside and stories of Office attempts to discuss these stories that are amazing. Focused on men and women who like to travel, this Contiki-powered podcast focuses on travelling within a couple, native civilizations, men’s journey. There is no lack of inspiring and fresh articles on OOO.

We Travel There

Go past the tourist attractions that are simple and find the very best things from the view of a local.

That is the goal of the sound show, which speaks from all over the world of sponsor Lee Huffman they call home.

The southeast Asia Travel Show

The southeast Asia Travel Show specializes as its name implies. The hosts operate and reside in specialize in the tourism market and Southeast Asia. Their adventures, together with the sheer quantity of information which make this podcast a wonderful source for people considering beginning or working a company that is related.

Being new, starting in January 2020, The South East Asia Travel Show does not have the large back catalogue that other travel places to listen to podcasts has but the content really stands out as a top-notch!

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