Top 17 Best Women’s Travel Pants 2020 Review

Top 17 Best Women's Travel Pants 2020 Review

Since I found some of the best women’s travel pants we’ve included on this list, they are almost all I ever wear. They’re so comfy and flexible?

Among the travel challenges, all of us face is currently remaining comfy. When you are stuck on a plane for 10 hours, whatever you are wearing becomes a problem. You need it if you are a day hiker.

If you are on a city break, you need clothing that is trendy travel. That is precisely why we went to a mission to locate the most comfortable and flexible convertible pants for travel for both men and women (see our options for men’s trousers here).

The fantastic thing is that, after analyzing dozens of pairs, we discovered some options! To assist you to avoid all of the necessary researching and analyzing involved in locating the very best convertible pants for travel, I have assembled a guide to the very best convertible pants for travel and pants to make the search simple for you!

Things to Look for in the Best Women’s Travel Pants

What should you look for in the women’s convertible pants for travel? The best convertible pants for travel for men and girls have features that are similar. Obviously the fit and cut are distinct, but a lot of the features in women’s convertible pants for travel are the same as those for men. Listed below are a number of facets of the women’s convertible pants for travel worth looking for.

Fit, Comfort & Material

So as to be the convertible pants for travel for women – or the best travel clothing for anyone – comfort is key. If a thing is uncomfortable that won’t be worn by you certainly? If it comes to the very best travel garments, nevertheless, it has to be comfy in plenty of travel-specific scenarios.

I am discussing the center seats of market class subway platforms, along with mountain paths. You need women’s convertible pants for travel which can possibly manage an increase in Northern Spain and be more comfortable for your whole red-eye trip to Kyoto. Turn to the best women’s convertible pants for travel.

The cut of women’s convertible pants for travel fluctuates. A few are fashionable and sleek. Others are billowy and care-free. Some of the hiking and technical women’s convertible pants for travel aren’t super-flattering, while others appear to get a night on the town. Many of the best women’s convertible pants for travel are made from blends of cotton. The stretchiest are synthetic. We love these kinds of convertible pants for travel since they’re frequently the lightest, stretchiest, and also quickest to wash. However they are not necessarily the most trendy, and a number of them create a bit”swish” sound when you walk.

Not all convertible pants for travel are equally. In fact, some of the best women’s convertible pants for travel use articulated knees, a crotch, or tailored features. Knees are little angled sewn the natural bend of the knee. This gives you a selection of movement with no necessity for material that is stretchy. In the same way, a crotch is a diamond-shaped swatch of material sewn in the trousers’ crotch area. The result of distance and freedom of motion.


Durability is the thing that separates women’s convertible pants for travel from the best women’s convertible pants for travel. All travel clothes get put to the test on the street. Then it has left behind if it does not pass the traveling evaluation. Whether you are drifting through art galleries at Mexico City or looking for orangutans from the jungles of Sumatra, you need clothing that remains intact and looks like new after every washing. The top women’s convertible pants for travel utilize durable materials and fortify the stitching of pockets and also some other high-pressure seams.

Weight & Packability

There is a great deal of durable clothing on the market, but just the very best travel clothing is also lightweight and easy to pack. This is particularly essential for aviation, as airlines are creating bag prices it longer and more costly. The women’s convertible pants for travel will keep your bag light. Meaningless weight to take and less money spent in the check-in countertops.

The convertible pants for travel for women also pack down small. This way it is possible to pack smaller and lighter. As an instance, rather than having a bag, carryon can journey. Or it conserves space to place clothing or souvenirs you purchase the way on. One pair of women’s convertible pants for travel won’t make this happen, but packing clothing ends up saving a great deal of room.

Top 17 Best  Travel Pants For Women

Top 17 Best  Travel Pants For Women

Bestseller No. 3
GRACE KARIN Womens Pants High Waist Trouser Cropped Pants with Pockets 3XL Army Green
Women's High waisted Slim Fit Office Casual Pants Trousers with Pockets
Bestseller No. 4
Amazon Essentials Women's Studio Woven Stretch Ankle Pant, Navy, Small
Moisture-wicking, side slant pockets, elastic waistband with drawstring
Bestseller No. 5
Cherokee Workwear Professionals Mid Rise Straight Leg Pull-on Cargo Scrub Pant, L Petite, Grey
Women's Mid Rise, Straight Leg Pant; Knit Waistband; Inseam: 28.5"; Cargo Pocket, Pant Back Pocket, Patch Pockets
Bestseller No. 6
BALEAF Athletic Travel Lounge Sweatpants for Women Stretch Ankle Tapered Joggers Yoga Dress Pants with Pockets Black XL
Special Interior Pocket for keys or AirPods, 2 Deep Side Pockets available for Mobil Phone
SaleBestseller No. 10
Columbia Women's Back Beauty II Bootcut Pants, Black, Medium Regular
Omni-Shield advanced repellency; Omni-Shade UPF 50 sun protection; Interior drawcord; Zippered hand pockets

Black Diamond Notion

Each of the women that are searching for some stretch and loose-fitting pants will surely adore the Black Diamond Notion. These trousers are made from organic cotton and they’re ideal for virtually any occasion whether it’s unwinding on the sofa, going to the gym, or spending some time at the boulders on a cool moment.

The Dark Diamond Notion features an elastic waistband that guarantees a perfect match, in addition to stretch cuffs that stop the trousers from getting in the way of the footwork. The cuffs offer the pants a cut, so that you may wear them.

Preview Product Rating Price
Black Diamond Notion Pant - Men's Black Diamond Notion Pant - Men's No ratings yet

The gusset on those pants enhances and the knees that are added to their durability. The trousers also include two hand pockets and 2 back pockets that are fantastic for keeping little essentials handy.

1 drawback is that these trousers are perhaps not the most powerful of our selections, fraying in conditions. Fortunately, Black Diamond offers a lifetime satisfaction guarantee in their attire, which makes it feasible to fix, replace, or refund the trousers at no cost.

Chico’s Women’s Travelers Classic No Tummy Pants

The Chico trousers are a terrific alternative if you’re searching for something comfy and soft. They’re produced from spandex and acetate, making them soft and stretchy. The layout can pass for pants, although They’re a little like trousers in the substances. And these really are high-wasted, which in its makes them seem casual.

It isn’t ruffled in the front, although the waistband is stretchy. Instead, the stomach area is completely smooth on the front, using vertical lines that produce your stomach look flat, along with your chest more. Yes, these trousers will not be comfortable, but they’ll also allow you to look great.

The sizing is amazing – that the trousers can be found in sizes that range from XS (0) to XXL (20), using regular, tall, and short span choices. Along with this, they’re also offered in an assortment of colors that are different, so I am confident you will find.

They’re ankle-length, so make sure you pick the ideal match for your elevation up. These do not have any pockets, and that the only disadvantage for them. They’re machine washable therefore keeping them clean isn’t likely to become a problem in any way.

And incidentally, these trousers are wrinkle-free, and that means you will arrive at your destination looking as put-together because you were when you entered that plane. As you don’t need to think about ironing them this attribute makes them amazing for packaging.

Eddie Bauer Guide Pro Women’s Travel Pants

I recommended the Eddie Bauer Horizon Guideline as men’s convertible pants for travel but they also make some of the best convertible pants for travel for women. Articulated knees and a nylon/spandex mix means you get a total selection of trousers and movement that dry. You are able to lift your knee without immunity for extreme getaways. The extras are held by side zip cargo pockets. Thanks to storage and comfort, I’d say that these are some of the best convertible pants for travel for long flights.

The Guide Pro women’s convertible pants for travel are some of the best convertible pants for travel for women who increase. Added features like Stormrepel DWR End provide moisture protection whereas the Free shade shield protects you from the sun.

Arc’teryx Gamma LT

Observing the unique naming schemes of the company, fans of the manufacturer will know precisely what they’re getting into when they pick up a set of Arc’teryx Gamma LT Pants. The Gamma hints these softshell convertible pants for travel are weather-resistant, stretchy, breathable, and abrasion-resistant whereas the LT, on the other hand, stands for”lightweight”

1 thing about this Arc’ teryx Gamma LT’s substance is the fact that it provides better weather resistance. These gals are one of the very best If it comes to withstanding weather conditions. The Arc’teryx Gamma LT is especially excellent for the cooler months.

Preview Product Rating Price
Arc'teryx Gamma LT Jacket Men's Arc'teryx Gamma LT Jacket Men's No ratings yet

Obviously, with this weather protection, it is possible to anticipate these trousers are a bit hot to wear in warmer weather. (And, regrettably, it isn’t feasible to convert these pants into shorts)

Despite this drawback, the Arc’teryx Gamma LT is a great women’s travel pant. They are one of comfortable and the most powerful of our selections. First and foremost, the Gamma LT is hardwearing and attributes female-specific layout that allows exceptional freedom of movement when traveling, biking, or hiking.

Outdoor Ventures Sleek Fleece-Lined Pants

These fleece-lined trousers from Outdoor Ventures will be the perfect alternative for women that are traveling someplace cold and would like to keep warm without wearing extra layers. Offered in black, dark blue, purple camouflage, the polyester and Spandex outer coating is totally windproof and waterproof. As a consequence, without even worrying about the cold seeping through, that you may venture out to the ice and the snow. Better still, the liner is made from 100% polyester fleece for relaxation and warmth.

Even though these trousers are clearly thicker than others on this listing, four-way stretch renders the flexibility that you want to go snow-shoeing, skiing, or climbing. While a waist adjustment system allows you to change the width, bottoms enable the trousers to fit on your snow boots or trekking shoes. The hand pockets are lockable for additional safety and also have reflective pulls for low-light visibility (especially useful in nations with limited daylight hours). The trousers that are comfy are boot cut using a match and come in sizes XXS.

PrAna Women’s Halle Pant

If it comes to activewear, not just you but your clothes have to be flexible. It will not get a lot more elastic compared to PrAna Women’s Halle Pant, which is ideal for all types of weather conditions.

Use them for all-day hikes; maintain the pant legs rolled down if it is cool in the daytime and as soon as the sun begins to take a look, just roll them up and fasten them together with the button closure for a cute and practical set of capris!

Coming in 10″earthy” colors, you are guaranteed to discover some that fit your character or surroundings finest.

Columbia Women’s Anytime Outdoor Bootcut Pant

Among the pairs of women’s convertible pants for travel I own are the Columbia Anytime Outdoor Bootcut pair.

The thing I enjoy most about this set of trousers is they do not wrinkle and are lightweight. They are able to roll up at a ball for 5 minutes and 2 weeks after I have placed them on, they are smooth. Since they do not have tags, zippers, or some pockets you can wear them everywhere. I wore them to some Michelin-star restaurant when my dress pants were wrinkled to wear.

They may be dressed up with shoes and a wonderful blouse. Both front pockets lie flat and a tiny pocket is using a Velcro seal.

Preview Product Rating Price
Columbia Women's Anytime Outdoor Boot Cut Pants, Sun Protection Columbia Women's Anytime Outdoor Boot Cut Pants, Sun Protection No ratings yet

They’d assume the space of a single pair of jeans In the event that you were to pile three pairs of these pants collectively. They’re made out of 4% Elastane and 96% Nylon so that they have a fantastic amount of stretch. The zipper, snap and drawstring aren’t tight-fitting, which means that you may sit on a plane in those for 12 hours and never believe that the closed digging into your skin.

The only thing that I do not really like are the drawstring is lean and does not do a terrific job of trimming them so that they occasionally feel overly loose.

When these trousers are extremely thin and breathable, I anticipated them to dry out a bit faster than they did. It took most of a day to allow them to wash. They are rather elastic and pliable, but they do not actually stretch out with prolonged usage. I have had one set with daily use now for two decades and they look good. It is the way that the crotch is now.

Robbins Discovery Pants

Probably the most versatile of the pants we have reviewed, the Royal Robbins Discovery trousers can be worn in any circumstance. If anything, they seem too wonderful to put on in adventure settings, probably due to their look. But they’re fantastic for wearing to a wonderful dinner.

The substance is a bit lighter than many others, so that they are comfortable for everyday wear, as you walk, and they do create a swishing noise.

Preview Product Rating Price
Royal Robbins Women's Discovery Pant Royal Robbins Women's Discovery Pant No ratings yet

My pet peeve about those pants is closure. There’s a flap that inch beyond the button and pops about and button on the interior, and a zipper. This makes them a dimension that is really unforgiving. Attempt to fit into those and you would not wish to get any weight, which usually means eating dinner or lunch! The waist does are inclined when sitting for longer intervals, to dig in the skin.

The fastest of the four choices dry. They stay free provided that you are not currently balling up them prior to wearing for days. There are pockets at the front and a single pocket in the rear that lay quite flat, which means you do notice they are there. There aren’t any other markings on the thighs.

Joop Joop Bohemian Elephant Harem Loose Yoga Travel Pants

Pants are a superb option for each of you that dress. They permit you to keep some of your own personal styles, with freedom of motion and while being comfortable. I’d know – when it is not sexy enough for shorts, but too hot for jeans, I take off these in the summertime.

The Joop Joop trousers are lightweight and airy. Since they’re made to be loose they do not adhere to the skin. I’m not certain you will attain that match, as a result of deficiency of dimensions.

The trousers are available in 2 dimensions – S/M and L/XL. If you are petite, then you will probably see them overly big. And if you a size, then you may not discover them baggy as they ought to be.

Is that the assortment of prints and colors. They can be found in designs which I’d wear on a daily basis – in case you are a lover of vibrant patterns, I believe that you are really going to enjoy them also. Especially since they have pockets.

The waist is stretchy, but the ruffles are hidden in the variations that are patterned. Additionally, there are cuffs around the ankles, which helps to ensure you could fix the distance of the trousers, so they are never overly long for you. These harem pants are a fantastic alternative for you if you like your clothes to be noticed and be unique.

verlane The Easy Chino

When traveling in the summer months, you will want to. Input these chino trousers a variant of this brand’s best-selling Easy Pant. You may rest assured knowing you are going to stay cool and comfortable due to its lightweight cotton twill construction (98 percent cotton, 2% Spandex). Like the Easy Pant, these pants feature a pull-on waistband and leg for a flattering fit. In five colors, such as green, black, white, heather gray, light brown, and navy, and these Everlane trousers are ideal for casual and workwear.

REI Co-op Taereen

Every woman needs a pair of convertible pants for travel that are designed to help keep you cool and comfortable during a long flight or an increase that is tropical, and light, stretchy. And that is what REI Co-op Taereen Pants offer.

These trousers are made from nylon & spandex fabric that is pliable and cool. The trousers have a water repellent finish and provide UPF 50 sun protection. Reinforced cuffs and As a result of the reinforcements, REI Co-op Taereen was developed to endure a variety of travel experiences.

The Same as the prAna Halle, the REI Co-op Taereen Travel Pants comes with Lots of pockets. 2 zippered pockets and two hand pockets can keep your possessions secure.

These trousers come in two colors (black and peppercorn) and they might have easily been the very best convertible pants for travel for ladies, had there been two minor drawbacks. The pockets are cut steep angles, which makes it simple for the items. Additionally, the size is XL.

SCOTTeVEST Margaux Cargaux Travel Pants

The SCOOTeVEST Margaux Cargaux Travel Pants has a title, but also some technology.

While they might be somewhat more costly than other products in our manual, it is worth it if you would like to put money into high-tech clothes that will endure for many years to come.

There are just a few colors to pick from, but they are fine and earthy, moving with any type of surroundings or apparel.

Kirkland Signature Ladies’ Ankle Length Traveling Pant

Preview Product Rating Price
Kirkland Signature Ladies' Ankle Length Travel Pant Kirkland Signature Ladies' Ankle Length Travel Pant No ratings yet

These budget-friendly women’s convertible pants for travel make our list. The 4-way stretch material is lightweight and quick-drying, but not. Additionally, there’s a little of this”swish” sound you get out of full-synthetic combinations found in various kinds of convertible pants for travel and other athletic equipment.

Kirkland Signature Ladies Travel trousers are lightweight, cheap, and comfy.

IXIMO Women’s Linen Cropped Pants Trousers with Pockets

Carefree, breathable and loose, these linen trousers make our list of the best convertible pants for travel for women due to comfort and style. Baggy and billowy look to linen pants for some of the best convertible pants for travel for weather that is hot. They get loads of airflow plus they seem great with warm-weather shirts. The IXIMO Women’s Linen Cropped Pants is as comfy as sweatpants but looks more classy.

The waistband means they are easy and comfy to use, and the sheet material dries. Once we traveling in the tropics as it dries we wear a good deal of linen and the appearance is a feature, not a flaw.

Unitop Women Dry Lightweight Cargo Pants

Another 88/12percent nylon-spandex mix on our listing of the best convertible pants for travel for ladies. The comfort level is added to by A elastic waistband. These cargo pants have three Velcro pockets and a zipper pocket to carry all of your stuff.

Preview Product Rating Price
Unitop Women's Quick Dry Convertible Cargo Pants Unitop Women's Quick Dry Convertible Cargo Pants No ratings yet

Like the version, these Unitop cargo trousers have lots of pros and cons. They’re lightweight, quick-drying, and repel some water. The nylon makes them stretchier and hardy. The cloth also makes them breathable and also somewhat noisy (anticipate a”swish” sound if you walk).

ASICS Women’s I Proceed Me Travel Pants Taper

If you are all about relaxation and do not care about appearing professional or business you can not go wrong. Pair them with a t-shirt along with a hoodie, and you’ll feel as great as you do on your PJs.

The Asics tracksuit is made of spandex and polyester, so it is stretchy but it isn’t skinny fitting. It is quite loose and it will not adhere to the skin, which I find are the most comfortable fit for a tracksuit.

Along with this, you will find cuffs. That it might, as there aren’t any length alternatives.

Preview Product Rating Price
ASICS Women's I Move Me Travel Pants Taper ASICS Women's I Move Me Travel Pants Taper No ratings yet

The waistband will not feel tight as well as the drawstring will make it possible for you to correct the match you would like. Oh, and also this tracksuit has pockets (yes!), so you’ll have some essentials on you.

Regrettably, there’s not a great deal of color assortment – you can just get these convertible pants for travel in black and white tarmac (blue) colors. However, they are machine washable, so they’ll be easy to wash.

Coalatree Trailhead Adventure Pant

In 10.9 oz, these are a few of the very best lightweight convertible pants for travel for ladies. They’re durable comfortable and packable. They package directly in their front pocket.

The ripstop fabric is waterproof and stain-resistant. Four-way stretch cloth and a crotch imply you receive a vast assortment of movement. Coalatree Trailhead Adventure Pant’s drawstring in the waist and knees make them flexible and comfy, but not appropriate in conditions. Probably not the best pants for traveling in Europe unless you are trekking and camping a lot.

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FAQs About Women’s Travel Pants

Q: How do I wash my trousers?

A: You need to follow the directions of the manufacturer, as you would a pair of workout pants, but you’re going to have the ability to wash some of them. As most are rapid drying, you will probably have the ability to wash one or more one of these pairs at a resort room, hang them, and also have them dry.

Q: Will I have the ability to wash clean my trousers?

A: Again, consult with the maker, since functionality can influence but we advise against it. Hand or machine washing is your thing to do.


Now that we have discovered these women’s convertible pants for travel, there’s no need to go back to traditional pants. All these have a good deal of features that are fantastic for travel but excellent. I believe that they’ll be loved by you.

If there are any pairs of convertible pants for travel that you love that I left off the list, let me know and I’ll review those.

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