Top 12 Best Travel Yoga Mat 2024 Review

Top 12 Best Travel Yoga Mat 2020 Review

If you are wondering what the best travel yoga mat to undertake your experiences is, then you have come to the ideal location.

Spending hours and backpacking can be difficult and hunched under backpacks are likely to take its toll. Although mindfulness and yoga is something everyone can exercise in their day to day lives anyhow, travel presents fresh challenges that will leave your body crying out for a dose of self-care.

Whether you are a newcomer who would like to bring a little bit of mindfulness for your regular or a yoga instructor, this post gets you covered. Using recommendations from our epic Facebook neighborhood, coupled with our own expertise, we’ve assembled the ultimate collection of traveling yoga mats.

No stone was left unturned and we have delved to the durability, cost, portability, and weight of their most well-known mats that will assist you to find your ideal travel companion. We’ll show replies but do not neglect to read on to learn more about what to expect from every product.

Top 12 Best Travel Yoga Mat

Top 12 Best Travel Yoga Mat

SaleBestseller No. 1
Gaiam Yoga Mat Folding Travel Fitness & Exercise Mat | Foldable Yoga Mat for All Types of Yoga, Pilates & Floor Workouts, Be Free, 2mm, 68'L x 24'W x 2mm Thick
Gaiam Yoga Mat Folding Travel Fitness & Exercise Mat | Foldable Yoga Mat for All Types of Yoga, Pilates & Floor Workouts, Be Free, 2mm, 68"L x 24"W x 2mm Thick
STICKY TEXTURE: Features a sticky texture that provide stable footing on the go; DIMENSIONS: 68"L x 24"W x 2mm Thick / Weight = 2lb

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YogaBellies Skinny Mat Luxury

So, where can we begin? Certainly there is a yoga mat, plus they are all exactly the same? That is exactly what we believed, and we’re amazed to find we were not wrong! There’s loads of variety in regards to traveling yoga mats and a lot to discuss. This one, by the superbly YogaBellies brand, comes at a great color scheme and is directed at girls and both yoga users. At just 1.5mm thick it folds or rolls for carrying or storage out, and is ideal for travelers.

It is made from a neat all-natural rubber formation and includes the promise of odors, and as soon as you’ve finished with it since it’s natural, it’s totally biodegradable. Despite its slim structure and lightweight it’s amazingly durable, and that means you’ll find a sensible lifetime in the very appealing, non-slip, and a striking yoga mat.

The microfibre surface is quite comfy – on first usage you spray it lightly with water to trigger – and it’s ideal for yoga or perhaps overall exercise. It is not the sole one, although it may be yours for about 45, which can be pricey compared to others on the listing.

Yoga Design Lab mats

The mats made by Yoga Design Laboratory (YDL) would be an ideal travel mat for sexy yoga because they’re a kind of hybrid between a conventional yoga mat plus a yoga towel. At 70 inches and weighing 1.8 pounds, YDL mats are easy to fold down for simple packaging and are created from a completely recyclable and biodegradable rubber foundation. A microfibre-like substance, since you’ll find on traveling drawers that are streamlined, forms the non-slip surface.

This means there is no need to package a yoga towel beside you while having the advantage of a non-slip surface to practice on! YDL mats are wonderful to check at, with patterns.

prAna Nomad Travel Mat

My heart has been stolen by the prAna Nomad travel yoga mat. While I may not use the term’ literally’ in the correct sense, I am totally head over heels and totally.

It’s a mat with grip As soon as it is not the mat available on the current market. The prAna nomad includes a surface providing grip on hard surfaces to yogis. Whether or not you would like to do a vinyasa session or a yin yoga session, then there’s a double density to use to your dream yoga training.

Preview Product Rating Price
prAna Nomad Travel Mat, Black, One Size prAna Nomad Travel Mat, Black, One Size No ratings yet

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The prAna Nomad has been doused from being vulnerable to mold with an additive, which prevents the mat. Additionally, it is super easy to clean.

My mat makes me feel as though I’ve two hats in a single! As it is simple to wash, foldable, eco friendly, and super grippy, it really is a go-to man for any planet journeys.

Jade Voyager Yoga Mat

The Jade Voyager Mat is a choice to carry in your experiences with you. It’s a cushioned yoga mat that compresses down to round the size of a yoga block – superb useful for vacationers who want to pack light!

The mat is made of open-cell all-natural rubber, which generates an especially great grip that will assist you to hold poses for a minute longer every time. The pure rubber also provides additional cushioning for comfortable practicing on the move so despite being a mat that is thinner, you still get a nice degree of cushioning.

Preview Product Rating Price
JADE YOGA - Voyager Yoga Mat (68 Inch) JADE YOGA - Voyager Yoga Mat (68 Inch) No ratings yet

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Without letting you sink when holding presents this mat will encourage you. Not only will you gain by obtaining a mat but Jade Yoga plants a tree for every single mat offered. That’s likely to offer you a feeling inside!

The Jade Voyager Yoga Mat is available in several colors: purple, olive, midnight blue, and flame red.


The YOGO Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat is a version trusted and used by seasoned yogis for their traveling requirements. This mat also there are two sizes available and comes to fit your character. There’s also a variant: the Ultralight Long although the dimensions are to get the Ultralight Standard. It is a little heavier in 3.2 lbs (1.5 kg) and clocks at 72 x 29 inches (183 x 74 cm) when opened up.

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A layout that permits you to package it down is boasted by this yoga mat. The straps connected to the mat work in just two manners that are helpful, since they provide a carrying approach and also make it simple to hang your hat up to dry after it has been cleaned.

The YOGO mat is made of tree rubber that’s high-performance and super tacky for grip and traction throughout your clinic. Yogis claim it is also quite durable for a traveling yoga mat. In case you choose to put money into a YOGO mat to the trips, a food-producing tree will be planted in Africa. Light Travel Yoga Mat

The Gaiam Foldable Travel Yoga Mat

The Gaiam Foldable Travel Yoga Mat was made with traveling in mind. It had been conceptualized for a mat, not a mat. This mat will be happy with your bag or duffle bag! The mat folds to a 10-inch 12-inch rectangle that’s ideal for tossing in the bag and going to the shore or the closest airport!

Additionally, it is tough to beat at the price. Approximately $25 and a phenomenal find. Is the absence of cushioning. Many men and women find it to be a beach mat due to performance and its grip. Make sure that your mat winds up in the color!

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Additionally, since it’s constructed from PVC, you will probably notice a solid plastic odor when you’re first using the mat. Letting it hang out and airing it out will assist the odor fades quicker. This mat used or can’t be stored for long at sunlight. The sun can leave the mat fragile and will damage the substance.

The lifetime warranty is great! However, it does not cover ordinary wear and tear, nor abuse of this yoga mat. It covers manufacturing defects in workmanship and materials.

Liforme Travel Yoga Mat

The Liforme Travel Yoga Mat is made out of alignment in your mind. It’s an exceptional markers system inserted on the mat, which aids with foot positioning and hand. It may be annoying sometimes when you are unsure if your heels are aligning properly in Warrior, right? This mat carries away!

The mat’s top layer is smooth, very similar to the prAna mat feel. Additionally, it provides excellent traction while using a coating. It is heavier than travel mats, coming in at lbs! Given substance and its weight, it is not possible to fold this mat. Liforme will comprise a yoga mat tote and so that adds to its portability. Liforme really takes pride in the fact that their mats are wider and longer than other mats, coming in at 70.8″ long x 25.6″ broad.

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I really do love this mat is really friendly despite having the ability to heft about! It’s free of PVC and created with just non-toxic substances. What fabulous is this mat is biodegradable! It will decompose in just three to four years at a landfill.

MB Zen Relief Yoga Mat

The MB Zen Yoga Mat is a folding yoga mat that’s made of thick high-tech memory foam for optimum comfort whilst staying easy to store and carry.

Here is the mat on the list, that as you’d expect, does make it a much alternative. Whilst it will not suit everyone, yogis who want additional support or suffer from continuing joint pain will discover this folding mat provides a lot more relaxation.

This mat has a two-sided design together with the bottom with a non-slip coating to boost performance and safety. When you purchase this MB Zen mat, then you receive a free carry bag that makes packaging easier and retains your mat in prime condition.

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Employing this MB Zen mat to your travels means you will be protecting your orientation combined with being environmentally friendly. The mat doesn’t have any plastics and latex and SGS approved, along with the transport bag is made from 100% cotton.

MB Zen has partnered so a tree will be planted in return in the event that you invest in such a yoga mat! They have a warranty in place – should you have some difficulties with your mat contact them and they’ll address the problem or refund you!

Toplus Suede travel mat

Amazing strides have been made by Toplus to their yoga mat market’s traveling side, and also their travel mat is very considerable for a traveling yoga mat. Its compact character comes from its depth of 1/16th of an inch, which also can help to keep its weight down to 2.4 pounds despite it has been created in part from natural rubber.

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It’s also constructed with natural suede, providing two alternative surfaces with various grips to select between, and has the capability to be rolled or folded, based on what suits your requirements best.

Khataland YoFoMat

Only at 68 inches long and 2.7 pounds from the package, the Khataland YoFoMat might not be the lightest or smallest of all traveling yoga mats we are reviewing but is it the largest or heaviest. A sensible mid-market version, the YoFoMat remains able to claim to be environmentally friendly and maybe equally rolled or folded.

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(Folding of this mat has been made all the easier by the existence of folding lines) Among those heavier traveling yoga mats in 1/6 of an inch additionally makes it among the lightest and most comfortable to use over extended intervals, while an additional carry case is just another tick in the box to your Khataland YoFoMat!

IVIM Folding Yoga Mat

This very wonderful yoga mat is among the very best in the purchase price range – it is only 18 and really worth the cash – and is completed in an attractive shade, with no potentially deflecting pattern. It’s full-sized and folds down to a package for ease of storage and carriage. It’s produced of an eco-friendly substance, without latex, and is simple to clean and offers a very long life to you. You may rest assured you will find not any substances in this one, so it’s totally safe for everybody.

Suited to exercising or for yoga use, it’s made to be a non-slip thing for performance, and is going to be a terrific selection for traveling or for home use. In 900g it’s appropriately mild for traveling and globally, and it might make a sensible selection for anybody. As traveling yoga mats move, this can be an option and at half of the cost of other eco-friendly variants, is worthy of consideration. We suggest that you add this one.

PeaceLoveYoga Mat Towel

This really is a thing, a full-sized yoga mat, and apparel which make a superb purchase. It is designed primarily to be utilized as a towel mat on top of your mat in the gym, but we guess it’s ideal for traveling. It is made from quality materials, made to be slip-free and durable, and it’ll suffice in most situations. It’s a toweling coating that is microfibre, which means it can be used by you like a towel also it includes a strap for simple carriage. This one is light for simple carriage and is going to fit into your bag or backpack.

The yoga mat is sold finished and also this superior thing is one. Pack off and it is very durable, easy to roll out, and completely eco-friendly without dangerous substances included. This is a mat, using yet one which people would have no trouble, and a rather texture. Additionally, it includes a convenient carry strap also, at 17.99, is well priced for a product of these qualities.


To get a journey mat, an alternative is to bring your yoga mat that is daily. That is a thing! There are numerous reasons.

Easier to package. I am a firm believer in packaging, so that I fit my traveling equipment in one carry-on sized luggage. My lightweight yoga mat moves in my bag so I do not need to keep tabs on a thing that is additional on busses, on the airplane, and if going from hotel to hotel.

Less hassle at the airport. You may carry a rolled-up yoga mat on the airplane. Flight crews know that it is not likely to take enough distance up.

I say”generally” because, occasionally, in the event, the airline you are flying has determined to be really strict with their luggage coverage, they may attempt to charge you extra to your yoga mat. Possessing a yoga mat which hides away in your bag can make things move at check-in.

Less hassle in the law. As soon as I was able to take a rolled-up yoga mat – particularly if seeing places like Bali and the US – the immigration officers could give me a tough time. They could see I believed it meant I had been going on teaching within their own country and was carrying a yoga mat, although I was not.

There was one time US immigration took me to secondary for 2 hours, though they never stop me from going into the state! That stress in addition to jet lag is unpleasant. Now I can pack off my yoga mat no hassle, inside my bag!


A journey yoga mat’s disadvantage is as you get using a yoga mat, there isn’t quite as much cushioning.

In case you’ve got sensitive knees, backbone, or knees requires some getting used to. It may not be advisable based on what’s happening with your body.

For me personally, I’ve discovered that the majority of the suffering from practicing to a yoga mat could be solved by improving my orientation – practicing frequently on a mat has improved my entire body sense once I practice!

Just be aware before you purchase a traveling yoga mat isn’t just like a cushiony mat. And bear in mind you may always cushion your knees using a blanket or a towel to protect them.

The Way to Select the Best Travel Yoga Mat to your Travels

Because there are a lot of yoga mats on the market, Alright, it is a tricky question, but they are. They whatever suck you have been dreaming about but prove to be deceiving, and make you wish you never met them.

A Fantastic Guideline is to Select a yoga mat predicated on these features:

1. Lightness

You don’t need to wind up like me and my own 8-pound yoga mat. Carrying a hefty yoga mat round also suggests you will face additional luggage fees in the airport, so your shoulders will constantly be in pain (kinda feels like carrying an embarrassing back ) and you’ll create a love-hate connection with it, which is not what yoga is all about.

The ideal weight for a traveling yoga mat (do not ask me how I know this) will be from 2 to 4 lbs. In general the lighter.

2. Portability

There are just two things to consider here. For starters, you would like a yoga mat that does not require much distance. If you are among these travelers that package their lifetime in a lot of luggage (from backpacks to suitcases and Aldi luggage ), you actually need a yoga mat that’s compact enough that you slide it into your primary bag.

The issue is that yoga mats have been saved rolled up. But, you can find several yoga mats now. I suggest opting to get a yoga mat that is cushioned.

3. Texture and substance

Dropped in your head during downward-facing dog since your palms slid on your sweat? If you have undergone this embarrassing and lonely minute, odds are that your mat had a terrible grip (rather than because you’re a sweaty mess).

Decide on a texture that is tough enough that you will not slip through your yoga practice, but that you wind up with hands and feet. It is possible to choose according to which you are traveling. Can it be cluttered? Can it be sexy? Are you really going to sweat a great deal?

There are a whole lot of yoga mats available made from earth-friendly choices such as shrub rubber, jute cotton to less-earth-friendly options such as microfibers, polymer resin, or plastic or polyurethane. Assess their pros and cons, and select the ideal traveling yoga mat to you based on your requirements.

4. Thickness

The novice mistake would be to swap a yoga mat that is hefty to a yoga mat that is very light. Whilst yes, you might get a yoga mat that is lighter to continue, your Savasana will be the pose from your practice.

Be certain you don’t compromise comfort for lightness – you will find heaps of yoga mats out there which are mild and comfortable. Additionally, remember that light is fantastic to fold it or to take your travel yoga mat, however, maybe not the very best for savasana or to do headstands. It is uncomfortable too thick and comfy and a spectrum from mild, and the sweet spot of everyone will differ.

Bear in mind that there’s always the choice to snag a mat beneath your trip yoga mat – particularly if you’re likely to yoga studios.

5. Durability

Traveling dirty and can get rough, based on the kind of traveler you’re. Then durability is much concern if you are hotel hopping during your time overseas. There will be yoga mats out there there which you can snag to keep it tidy and nice.

But to get an experience, practice yoga in addition to a hill and if you are intending to go off the beaten path or within a hallway that is dodgy I highly suggest considering durability because of an aspect. By way of instance, some mats are not intended to go in sunlight. If Surya Namaskar’s sex about the beach is the thing, then people will not last.

6. Eco-friendliness

Yogis maintain the tenet of ahimsa – significance non-violence and non-harm in Sanskrit. As a yogi, you might choose to decide on a yoga mat that is earth-friendly simply to return to Pachamama. These are made from plastic or might consist of substances like jute or cotton.

You could check out exactly what the provider is currently doing to give back to the community and decide what brand to choose. Bear in mind, karma pays!

7. Design

Your yoga mat will develop into your buddy and your lover at once – encouraging you whenever you require it, after you, and allow you to get stronger and better. Pick at it and enjoy it

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Maintain your self well-aligned on the holiday by slipping your yoga mat. You know what sort of mat works best for the clinic, but any sort of mat is far better than one which is too large to carry with you, or none in any way.

Pick the size, design, and substance to fit your requirements and prepare to choose your well-being to a different level on the next vacation.

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