5 Steps to building Your Perfect Travel Capsule Wardrobe for 2024

How To Build a Travel Capsule Wardrobe 5 Packing Essentials and Tips

For anyone lucky enough to be travelling in the coming months, one thing on your mind will be packing, and what you do and don’t need to pack. For some people, this can be a real challenge, as the time away from home has so many unknowns. The most instinctive response to this problem can be to pack for anything and everything that you could ever need. But while this may seem like an easy and suitable solution at the time, you may come to regret this decision when you have to lug everything you own in an overweight suitcase. So to make packing for your next trip a breeze, have a look at these 5 packing essentials and tips!

building the perfect travel capsule wardrobe

1. Research and Plan

Before you even begin your packing or start deciding what outfits you’re going to take, you should first do some research and make a plan. Your research should be focused on the climate at the relevant time of the year, the weather forecast for the location you are travelling to, and any outdoor activities you are planning to take part in at your destination.

Knowing these things beforehand will give you a clear indication of the weather to expect. In turn, this will allow you to pack suitably for the weather and to have the items you need for any activities, such as hiking or spending time in the ocean.

2. Gather Your Basics

Now that you have an idea of the outfits and items of clothing you will need, before gathering these together you want to put together your basics. These must-bring items include things like underwear (make sure you pack enough of it, but no need to overdo it if you’re going to have access to a washing machine or a laundry service!), plain t shirts, trousers/shorts, and depending on the climate, things like raincoats, jumpers, or hoodies. Conversely, don’t forget to bring items like swim suits and light sun dresses or tank tops if you’re going to a hot beach destination! You should check out Eberjey, they have collections of women’s swimwear that will be perfect for your beach getaway.

However, these basics don’t actually have to be basic, or plain. With these needed layers, you have a great opportunity to show your personality or creative side. Using a reputable personalised clothing company such as Banana Moon Clothing will give you the opportunity to have your own designs on your basic garments for your trip.

3. Plan Your Outfits

By this point, you should be ready to start getting everything together and thinking about how you can mix and match your clothes. You have your basics and you have an idea of the outfits you wish to take with you.

A top tip when selecting garments to make up your outfits is coordination. Indeed, making the most of a minimal amount of clothing is key to packing well for travel, so interchangeable and multi-purpose outfits are a must. If you can wear the same top with all the bottoms you brought, and vice versa, you are on the road to packing success.

4. Add Colour & Patterns

Whilst you have been selecting the garments and outfits to make up your travel capsule wardrobe, it is possible that you may have limited these outfits to a certain colour palette or a selection of colours in order to make sure that they are versatile enough for different situations and that you can pair them up in various ways. (Don’t worry if you have or haven’t, as it is your capsule wardrobe, so you do you and flaunt it!)

If you feel like your outfits are lacking a little colour or vibrancy, now is the time to add some colours and patterns. This can be done with absolutely any garment you own, as long as it fits the criteria for your trip!

5. Choose Your Shoes & Accessories

No wardrobe is complete without shoes and accessories, and this definitely applies to your travel capsule wardrobe as well! Footwear can be one of the bulkiest things you put into your luggage and one of the trickiest categories of clothing to narrow down. So when it comes to choosing your shoes, it is important to stick to the task at hand and choose only footwear suitable for your trip.

You will be able to select your footwear based on the activities you’re planning to do and the weather at your destination. It’s recommended to limit it to 2-3 pairs, so versatility is also an important consideration here. It can be tempting to pack (too) many pairs of shoes, but for each type of footwear you’re considering, ask yourself if you’re likely to ever be in a situation to wear them on your trip. That said, be sure to pack something that is comfortable and kind to your feet for any time spent relaxing and travelling.

When it comes to accessories, a travel cross body bag is both fashionable and functional. Be sure to choose the right one that will complement several of your outfits and add a touch of fantasy to your looks! A little bit of jewelry is also light to pack and an easy way to add some fun or sophistication to your holiday outfits.

travel outfit accessories

We hope that these packing essentials and tips to help you build the perfect capsule wardrobe will be useful on your next trips. And remember: you can always pick up anything you forgot to add to your suitcase or that you didn’t realize you’d need at your destination. In fact, it can be fun to do a bit of local shopping and pick up a couple of new items abroad! Coming back from Latin America with a Panama hat or from Bali with a rattan bag, for example, can make for a cool and special souvenir that you’ll actually use.

Are you a light or heavy packer? Have you mastered the art of building the perfect travel capsule wardrobe? Do you have more packing tips to share? The My Trail Co team would love to hear about your packing habits and tips! Let us know your thoughts in a comment below.

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