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An Easy Guide to Understanding How Scooter Insurance Works

An Easy Guide to Understanding How Scooter Insurance Works

Insurance can be complicated, but understanding how scooter insurance works is surprisingly easy. If you own a scooter or are thinking of purchasing one, you must know the ins and outs of this type of coverage. This post will explore precisely what scooter insurance is and why it’s so important to have it. What Is […]

Consider these 7 Crucial Things Before Buying an E-Scooter

Consider these 7 Crucial Things Before Buying an E-Scooter

For those of us who have grown up with sci-fi classics like Back to the Future, the dream has always been to find a fun way to get around, sort of floating through the city without a care in the world. While hoverboards remain a fantasy, a similar tool in the advent of electric scooters […]

Can You Take an Electric Bike for Mountain Biking?

can you take an electric bike for mountain biking

An electric mountain bike is a great option for people who want to take their bicycle off-road. If you are looking for an electric mountain bike, there are many different options available today that will fit your individual needs. With electric bikes becoming more popular, they have become less expensive and easier to find. This […]

How to Dress Properly for a Mountain Bike Ride

How to Dress Properly for a Mountain Bike Ride

Mountain biking is a form of fitness that combines many different activities, movements and skills, especially when you actually ride trails. Wearing the proper clothing is crucial to the success of mountain biking, since it has a direct impact on how you perform. For example, you need to keep your body temperature down on your […]

How to Take Care of Your Bicycle and Its Different Parts

how to take care of your bicycle and its different parts

Cycling is one of the healthiest, most accessible, and most exciting recreational activities. These are a few of the reasons why some people swear by their bikes both as a mode of transportation and for leisure, and need to find ways to care for their bike properly. This constant use naturally affects the excellent condition […]

Top 18 Best Mountain Bike Gloves Reviews 2022

best mountain bike gloves reviews

Imagine riding down a beautiful mountain range while taking in the view, and as you tackle a steep downhill or gaze at the scenery, your hands start to hurt. Trust us, we know this feeling! We’ve been there many times. Maybe it’s due to the stiffness of the handlebars, or to your hands’ sensitivity to […]

New Biking Trends That Will Become Popular in 2021

new biking trends that will become popular in 2021

When it comes to trends in general, they rarely happen to spring out of nowhere. Instead, they tend to develop from the current ones coupled with fixes, improvements, and innovations, which basically means that they can, at times, be easily predicted. With that said, in this article we are going to discuss some interesting new […]

Top 21 Best 4 Bike Hitch Rack 2022

best 4 bike hitch rack

If you love riding bicycles and want to take them on your travels and adventures, you’ll likely face the problem of how to transfer your two-wheeled vehicles safely and conveniently. This is particularly true when you need to carry numerous bicycles at once, so that your whole family or group of friends can bring their […]

Top 20 Best Bike Storage Shed Reviews 2022

best bike storage shed reviews

Bikes are versatile vehicles that promote healthy lifestyles by being eco-friendly, fun and exciting to ride, and giving you an opportunity to exercise and spend some time outdoors. With many benefits, they are becoming increasingly popular modes of transportation around the world. Protecting them against wind, rain, snow, sun, and other outdoor threats can be […]