7 Things to Know When Trailing with a Step-Through Electric Bike

7 things to know when trailing with a step-through electric bike

Riding an electric bike is an easier way to get around than using a traditional bicycle because an e-bike comes with an electric motor that offers pedal assistance. This pedal assistance makes cruising over rough terrains and going up hills a breeze. 

There are a couple of categories that the construction of bicycles falls under: step-over and step-through e-bikes. Also known as the diamond or triangle frame, step-over bikes feature a simple but strong design, offering a balanced ride and additional pedal power. When you use one, you need to step over its central bar. Moreover, step-over bikes are designed for riding on any kind of terrain. 

On the other hand, step-through bikes provide you with an upright riding position, allowing you to mount and dismount effortlessly. All you have to do is step through the curved frame. This is why older riders prefer them. They don’t have to lift their leg over the bike frame repeatedly. Step-through bikes are popular with women as well since they can wear dresses or skirts when they ride. 

Thus, these bikes are perfect for everyday commutes or leisure rides. If you’re thinking of getting one, you can discover more about them by checking out online sources or reading reviews. 

Here’s what you need to know when trailing with a step-through electric bike.

Find the Right Way to Transport Your E-Bike

With preparation and planning, it will be easy to travel with a step-through bike in tow. If you’re going to fly and you want to bring your bike with you, contact your airline ahead of time to see whether they’ll allow you to bring your e-bike as checked baggage. If it’s allowed, pack your bike in a case or a bag, along with all necessary tools or accessories for assembly or repair.

Alternatively, you can have your bike shipped. Just confirm the shipping fee and factor this cost into your budget weeks before your travel date.

Buy a Bag to Protect Your Bike

Aside from your personal travel bag, a soft bag will be a great way to protect your e-bike from scratches and dings. It will also help keep components, like the chain, derailleur, and battery, safe from damage. It can protect your step-through bike from dust and dirt too, so you can enjoy riding it long term. Some bags are even water-resistant.

Go for a Convenient E-Bike

You’ll come across different options of e-bikes. A popular one is the folding electric bike. This style is suitable for those who want to ride their bike in town but also want to take it with them when they use public transportation or need to store it in their hotel room. 

Another lovely feature of this e-bike style is that it can be folded up and stored away when not in use, so you can take it wherever you go.

step-through electric bike

Disassemble the Bike for Easy Transport

To make your bike easy to carry and transport, take the battery off and put it in a safe place. Then you can remove all pedals, handlebars, seats, and wheels. This way, you’re left with a smaller unit that will be easier to move around or store in your vehicle if you’re traveling by car.

If you have an electric bike with a front fork suspension, consider purchasing a rear-wheel lock for added security during transport. Most e-bikes come with standard quick-release front forks, so if you’re traveling by plane or train, the forks must remain secure.

Consider Where You’ll Park and Ride Your Bike

Figure out where you’ll park and ride your bike. The following questions can help you determine where:

  • Is there an option for locking the bike? If so, what type of lock will be necessary? Can this lock be kept with the bike, or do you need to carry it separately?
  • Is there space for parking the bike? Will other people be able to access their bikes in the same place as yours? Are there any rules you need to be aware of? How many bikes can fit in one location at a time?
  • How safe is this location for riding an electric or a traditional bicycle? Do other riders have enough room to get around safely, or are they likely to be uncomfortable or bothered when you bike there?

By asking yourself these questions, you’ll be able to choose a good space for parking and riding. Without having an ideal space to park or ride your bike, you won’t be able to fully enjoy using your step-through electric bike.

Stay Updated on Current Laws

It’s just as important to know the rules and regulations that might affect your trip. In some places, local laws may apply to where you’re traveling. For example, in Alabama and New York, it’s illegal to operate a motorized bicycle without a motorcycle license or an endorsement on your driver’s license. In addition, some states like Texas don’t allow e-bikes on highways.

Hence, make sure you’re up-to-date on current laws before you ride your step-through bike.

Take Care of Your Bike

Besides knowing the basics and the laws, taking care of your bike is essential. 

Here are four tips you can follow to ensure that your e-bike remains in tip-top condition:

  • See to it that the battery is charged to full capacity. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with a dead battery while out on the road.
  • Adjust the seat height, so riding your bike will feel comfortable. The right saddle height will also prevent injuries and increase pedal efficiency.
  • Clean your electric bike by wiping down its body regularly, especially after riding through wet areas, like puddles. Water can potentially damage delicate electrical components over time if left unchecked
  • If you’re going to disassemble your bike, you need to remember where all those little screws go so that you can put them back on properly later on. Since some people tend to forget the right positions, they add the screws to the wrong hole.



Once you buy a step-through bike, you’ll have fun traveling around and exploring the great outdoors. After all, step-through electric bikes are easy to get on and off and convenient for your daily commute and recreational trips. Just don’t forget to keep the above-mentioned information in mind for smooth, memorable rides.

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