Fall & Winter Fashion Advice for the Outdoor-Loving Family

Fall & Winter Fashion Advice for the Family

Saying goodbye to the long, hot days of summer doesn’t have to be too painful when you know that the rich hues, cozy atmosphere, and comforting holidays of autumn are right around the corner. The colorful fall landscape awaits, together with the promise of hot chocolate warming us on brisk, cool days. It’s a time when we look forward to wardrobe changes and we welcome a new season with renewed spirit. And this year promises to offer fashion trends that will excite shoppers who are eager to update their wardrobes.

Here are top tips and fashion trends for the family for this fall/winter season – especially for those who still want to make the most of the outdoors at this time of the year, and to do it in style!

Varsity Jackets

One of the hottest ticket items for men’s fall apparel is the varsity jacket. No longer a fashion item just for athletes, this design looks stylish no matter who wears it. When is the last time you wore a varsity jacket? If you loved the look then, you’ll be happy to know that this trend is back and some of the top brands have cool collections to choose from.

You’ll find these bomber-style jackets at a number of online retailers. Whether your personal style commands leather sleeves and wool patches or minimal frills, you’ll find a plethora of options that can suit anybody’s fashion taste.

fall winter fashion trends varsity jackets

Vintage Rock Tees

This year’s fashion theme may be a celebration of the past with the introduction of vintage rock tees, but you’ll have a great time sorting through a variety of shirts painted with rock bands across the front. This trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, so make sure you add these tees to your kid’s wardrobe.

Wear them with jeans, a cotton skirt, or yoga pants. There’s no limit to what you can pair your vintage tees with, and they’re flowy and relaxed enough to sport for many types of activities. And while you’re shopping, how about enjoying some of the music? Have a listen to Twisted Sister’s “I Wanna Rock” and rock on.


One of the best shoes for that classic, casual, and active look belongs to Vans. The authentic-style shoe remains a part of the Vans heritage since its founding in the 1960s. This lace-up shoe consists of a low-top canvas upper with vulcanized rubber outsoles for better traction.

The style is still popular today and fits nicely with any casual outfit. Vans are an iconic symbol of sneakers that come in an array of colors for the fashion-minded individual. With bright colors dominating the fall/winter scene, Vans are an obvious choice for variety and style.

Sweater Vests

Although this classic piece of apparel has been around off-and-on over the years, the sweater vest won’t be exiting the fashion stage anytime soon. Practicality meets fashion with these warm selections offered in multiple colors and styles, and you can wear them with or without a blouse underneath. Match solids with printed pants or combine multi-colored sweater vests with solids. You’ll enjoy mixing and matching your vests for several different fashion looks.

girls in sweater vests


With these upcoming trends for the fall/winter fashion season, you’ll be in style when you add some of these items to your wardrobe. Pick up a few of any or all of these to include in your closet for a casual and fun look that you can dress up with jewelry or other accessories.

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