7 Breathtaking Countries Where Camping in the Wild Is Legal

breathtaking countries where camping in the wild is legal

How about planning a camping trip with your family in the wild to heal your mind, body, and soul, while also having some adventure?!

You may want to ditch the mainstream stay in a luxurious boutique hotel and plan an adventurous, do-it-yourself, and back-to bush experience by pitching a tent anywhere and enjoying serenity in the open.

However, there are some countries where camping in the wild is prohibited. Because of this, you need to be mindful of the countries and areas where wild camping is legal before planning an outdoor getaway with friends and family. Here is our list of awesome countries where camping in the wild is legal to spend some time in nature and have a low-budget break with friends and family.


Did someone say ‘free’? Yes, you heard that right! Camping in Sweden is free, legal, and highly supported! Pitch a tent under the sun in the Swedish Lapland, or camp in lush green forests or the national parks, sleep on mountain tops or in beautiful meadows, or camp beside numerous beautiful lakes… In short, wherever you choose to pitch your tent, camping in Sweden will not disappoint!

Besides, the numerous hiking tracks, thousands of islands, and beautiful countryside make the country an ideal place for wild camping. Right of public access laws and freedom to roam in Sweden are added benefits, as they allow you to camp wherever you want, as long as you maintain a distance of at least 150m from the nearest houses. However, while you have the right to roam in nature freely, bear in mind that campfires are not allowed.

wild camping tents sweden


Doesn’t camping in the dramatic Lofoten islands, inside the Arctic, under the midnight sun sound dreamy?

Wild camping among the dramatic scenery of Norway should be on everyone’s bucket list, as it can help keep the budget down in an otherwise expensive travel destination like Norway. Wild camping is permitted everywhere in Norway, whether in the mountains or by the lakes.

The common right of access in Norway allows you to camp anywhere in Norway for free in the open country. But you are requested to take care of nature and the wildlife and to leave no garbage behind. Also, Norway has a rocky terrain, so you have to take the best camping cot with you.


Well, pitching a tent under the Eiffel tower would cost you a steep penalty of up to 1500 Euros – but that does not mean that you cannot camp anywhere in France! As per the law, wild camping is allowed anywhere in France with the permission of the landowner, and with a few limitations. For example, camping on coasts, near historical sites, and on protected natural sites is illegal.

Anyways, there are local rules to follow as well. So, it is suggested to find a city hall to ask about the landowners in the village where you intend to camp and to enquire there to be granted permission beforehand.

tent camping in the wild mountains france


Wild camping in the picturesque wild plains of Scotland, which boasts the UK’s highest mountain and the biggest coastline, is something to do at least once in our lives. Whether you pitch a tent in the high rolling dunes of the Sandwood Bay, the beautiful Lost Valley of Coire Gabhail, or the idyllic isolated Outer Hebrides island of Vatersay, Scotland is an ideal place for wild camping.

The Land Reform Scotland Act 2003 makes wild camping legal in Scotland. You can pitch a tent anywhere in Scotland if the place is enclosed. Camping in Scotland is relatively easy, as there are no restrictions to official sites.

That said, note that Scotland also has some rules in place for wild camping. These include disposing of your trash properly, removing all signs of your camping stay, and being kind to nature and people. Campfires are also illegal in Scotland as they create the risk of wildfires. Scotland also offers a variety of outdoor activities, along with wild hiking.


No doubt, nice weather with plenty of natural reserves and beautiful beaches makes for a heady combination to tempt you to wild camp! Spain offers both of those things. Whether it is the beautiful island of Gaztelugatxe or the Irati forest, Spain has some of the most beautiful natural landscapes to offer.

The regional authorities are responsible for wild camping in Spain. Camping in the wild is permitted on the Atlantic coast and in rural regions. However, there are strict controls on camping on beaches, in the tourist areas, and near the natural reserves.

Moreover, it is necessary to perform proper research before planning a wild camping trip to Spain, as most of the ground in Spain has rocks and stones that make setting up a comfortable camp a bit difficult. Caravans are allowed an overnight stay in designated places in Spain.


Camping in Romania is completely legal as no law forbids camping, but don’t forget to ask permission from the landowner before setting up camp to avoid embarrassment. The abundant lush green forests, agrarian fields in the South, the hills of Transylvania, and the temperate continental climate of Romania make it a favorable setting for wild camping.

It is permitted to wild camp on islands and beaches in Romania, but camping is prohibited near the natural reserves.


The diverse and historical country of Turkey, which lies at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, is an ideal place for wild camping. And yes, wild camping in Turkey is legal and is highly encouraged.

Wild camping in Turkey is a great opportunity to get outdoors and experience the country. The country’s lush green forests and beautiful beaches are ideal places to wild camp in Turkey.

wild camping on beach in turkey

To Conclude

Numerous countries in the world offer wild camping, but it is mandatory to follow the basic rules and regulations of the country and the area to have the minimum possible impact on the environment. It is important to be careful about our vicinity while camping and to leave the place in the same condition as it was before.

No doubt, camping in the wild allows us to experience nature at its best, and is one of the best and most cost-effective getaways with family and friends.

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