7 Essential Items for Your Hunting Pack

essential items for your hunting pack

For both experienced hunters and total newbies, a hunting trip is one of the most exciting activities there are. The time spent out in nature and the excitement of outwitting your game cannot be beaten. In order to make the most out of your hunting trip, it is vital that you prepare everything you will need well in advance. There is so much gear that can really help to make your trip more comfortable and to give you the best chance of success.

To help make your hunting trip a success, here are seven essential items for your hunting pack. Whether you are hunting with a rifle or a bow, we have compiled a list of the most important items that every hunter should take with them. 

1. Specialized Hunting Clothes

The weather can get very cold very quickly when you are out hunting, so it is very important that you pack the right clothes. You will need to take the weather and climate into account when choosing your apparel. Look for thermal clothes which you can wear in layers, so that when you get too hot you can start to strip layers off.

Specialized hunting jackets and frogg toggs waders are camouflaged so that the animal does not spot you and run away. You will need different colors and camouflages depending on the environment in which you are hunting. The best hunting suits have multiple pockets so that you can carry all of your necessary tools and equipment on you.

essential hunting items camouflage clothing

2. Quality Hunting Boots

Difficult terrains are part and parcel for hunters and just add to the challenge of an exciting hunt. In order to conquer the terrain, you will need to choose your footwear carefully. Don’t worry about how your hiking boots look, just make sure that they fit comfortably and that they keep your feet warm and dry and free from blisters.

Look for quality leather boots that have thick soles and are durable but also light. They need to be waterproof but also breathable. You may need to wear thick socks if the weather is cold, so you don’t want boots that are too tight. New boots can take a while until they are comfortable, so wear them around your neighborhood in the weeks leading up to your hunting trip so that they are broken in.

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3. A Digital Rangefinder

Once you have taken care of your clothing, you will need to start thinking about the gear you need that will help you on your trip. The hunting enthusiasts at TargetTamers.com explain that one of the most useful pieces of equipment is a digital rangefinder. This useful gadget will enable you to calculate how far away your quarry is before you make the shot.

There are many occasions when you will only get one shot or the animal will be gone forever. Make sure that you choose a rangefinder that is durable and can take a bit of a rattling, as it may get banged around a bit as you are moving over the terrain. There are also rangefinder apps which you can download on your phone, but they are not so sophisticated. 

4. A Durable Hunting Knife

A durable hunting knife is another vital piece of equipment for every hunting trip. The most important feature of any knife is the blade so you will need to consider the size, shape, and sharpness, as well as any blade grooves. In addition to the blade, you also need to choose a knife with a quality, non-slip handle and a nice balance of weight between the blade and the handle.

If the blade is too light, it will be difficult to cut, but if the blade is too heavy, it can slip in your hand.  You will need a knife that can cut wood, bone, flesh, twine, and all the other materials you’re likely to encounter on a hunt.

5. A Spacious Backpack

Every hunter needs a durable, spacious backpack for their hunting trip so that they can fit all of their gear. Hunting backpacks need to be strong but also light so that they don’t slow you down while you are pursuing your quarry.

Choose a tactical backpack with adjustable shoulder straps, so that it sits comfortably on your back for the duration of your trip. You should also look out for one with many pockets so that you can access your different gear without having to ruffle through the entire bag. Find a backpack that comes in the same color and design as your camouflage so that it doesn’t give you away.

6. A Well-Stocked First Aid Kit

first aid kit for hunting

A good first aid kit is a must-have for every hunting trip because there are so many different injuries and accidents that can occur. You need to think carefully about what to take so that you don’t find yourself in trouble without the thing you need. Make sure that you have plasters, bandages, antibiotics, medicine for allergies, paper stitches, gauze, and materials to make a sling or a splint.

Before you set out on your trip, double-check the expiration date on everything in your first aid kit so that you know it is all safe and effective to use. 

7. Food and Water

There is nothing like a hunting trip to bring on an appetite and every hunter knows the importance of preparing the right food and water supplies. If you are planning to eat what you kill, you will still need to pack some provisions in case your hunt is unsuccessful.

If you are just going out for the day, then nutritious snacks like trail mix and beef jerky may be all you need, but for multi-day trips, you may want to consider taking specially designed freeze-dried food for hunters.

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Final Words

With the hunting season already well underway, there is no better time to plan your next big trip. Making sure that you are fully prepared and have everything with you that you need is crucial for a successful hunt. Make sure that you have all the essential items for your hunting pack on this list and you will be safe and comfortable on your hunt!

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