7 Tips to Help Keep Your Hair Healthy While Camping

7 tips to help keep your hair healthy while camping

As the weather starts to warm up again there are some great opportunities to head into the wild and pitch up your tent. It’s a surprisingly popular choice. Okay, so most people will end up at an established campsite. But, you’re still going to be faced with the same issue. How do you keep your hair healthy while camping, to help it – and you! – look and feel great?

The good news is that it’s easier than you think. You just need to prepare before you leave.

Get the Right Products

You’ve probably spent a long time trying different products to get the ones that work best with your hair. Going camping doesn’t mean it’s time to ignore these products.

However, if you’re still struggling with the right products then check out the Oz Hair & Beauty range. There is something for every hair type.

Naturally, carrying large bottles of shampoo and conditioner is not a viable option,  especially if you’re camping in the wild. But, you can decant some of each product into small travel bottles for toiletries. If you have the right facilities to wash your hair, you’ll want the right products on hand.

Just make sure you label each bottle clearly.

Get Dry Shampoo

In recent years, dry shampoo has become a popular option. It can be used when you’re out of time but still want to look your best.

The fact that you can spray it on your hair and simply comb it through in seconds is a lifesaver when time is limited. The same principle applies when camping. Spray and brush, your hair will look as good as normal.

However, you should note that dry shampoo doesn’t work well with hair styling products. If you’re camping and unable to wash the styling products out then they will make it much harder to comb your hair. It increases the likelihood of damage. That’s why it’s best to keep styling products to a minimum when camping.

Deep Condition Before You Leave

When you know you’re about to go camping you’ll want to shampoo and deep condition your hair the night before. A deep condition will ensure your hair is fully moisturized before you leave. This will help you to stay looking and feeling healthy during your trip.

There are plenty of great products on the market. You need to choose a natural product, such as those sold by Oz Hair and Beauty, and one that matches your hair type. You can then leave it in place for at least 20 minutes to help your hair be as healthy as possible.

Don’t forget, while hair styling products will make it more complicated looking after your camping hair, a sun protection spray will help. It will diffuse the heat and reduce the damage caused by the sun, ensuring your hair looks great.

how to take care of your hair while camping

Consider Your Hairstyle

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to tackle camping hair is to look at your current hairstyle and see if you can improve on it for camping.

That means looking at styles that need minimal maintenance, such as braids. These can be a stylish option for a few days and, because the braids are close to your scalp it’s hard to get your hair tangled.

It’s not the only style you can choose. Have a chat with your hairdresser to see what styles they recommend. After all, they know your hair best and should be able to suggest something that is easy to manage while you camp. Naturally, you’ll want to make sure you can still revert to your normal style after camping if desired.

Remember, tangled hair is the most difficult to deal with when camping. You’re likely to damage it further while trying to detangle it.

Cover Up

Your hair looking messy is one thing you need to deal with. But, you also need to remember that camping means spending a lot of time outdoors and that means you’re probably going to see a lot of sun. You have probably already packed the sun cream. But, have you considered the damage the sun’s ultraviolet rays can do to your hair?

The best way to protect your hair is to wear a hat. You can opt for a baseball cap, a sun hat, or even a bandana tied across your hair. The choice is virtually endless and it’s a great way to protect your hair and scalp.

As a bonus, especially if you have long hair, you won’t need to do anything else with your hair. Straight hair stretching down from your chosen head covering looks fantastic in any scenario.

Camping Shower

Most campers don’t think of this as an option. But, a camping solar shower is very small. You’ll need to find water to fill the pouch with and then leave it in the sunshine to warm. If you’re using it to wash your hair it doesn’t need to be hot and there is more than enough water to give your hair a proper wash.

This is when your small bottles of product will also come in useful. Of course, if you have a water container and a source of water you can simply wash your hair in cold water if you wish.

Naturally, you won’t have a hair dryer, straighteners, or other tools handy to style your hair, you’ll need to make sure you have a style that can air dry and still look good.

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Keep a Comb Handy

Finally, if you’re trying to style your hair you’ll want a comb. These are easy to carry with you and gentle on your hair. Best of all, regularly running the comb through your hair will prevent it from becoming tangled. That doesn’t just help to keep your hair healthy and looking good. It also makes you feel better about your hair and allows you to relax and enjoy the camping trip.


That is the bottom line: you need to take care of your hair to keep your hair healthy while camping but, at the same time, you need to enjoy the camping experience. It is possible to do both.

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