Top 20 Best Camping Towel Review In 2021

best camping towel

For camping expeditions, journeys, and shore activities, a towel is just one of those essentials to package. However, you can not bring your large fluffy bath towel combined it’s bulky and slow drying. You will need a lightweight, packable, absorbent, and quick-drying towel just like the top ten finest camp towels we have reviewed under. They roll up or fold to compact bundles, are not a burden to take, and their drying operation is remarkable. They are best for biking, camping, hiking, biking, and all sorts of active outdoor pursuits. Keep reading My Trail Company will help you to find out the best camping towel.

How To Pick The Finest Camp Towel - best camping quick dry towel

How To Pick The Finest Camp Towel

To Pick the Best camping towel which will serve you nicely determined by how and where You’ll be using it, here are the features to look for when assessing various options:


Here is the number one consideration with any towel. To make certain you receive a towel which will do what it’s supposed to perform well, assess its own water absorbency. How long it absorbs water can determine how quickly and how effectively it’s going in order to wash off you after a bath. A fantastic camp towel ought to be capable of consuming at least 3 to 4 times its own weight in water.

Most camping towels are made from microfiber, which is quite good at absorbing water. This substance does is that it retains water between its fibers. It’s also essential to say that the appropriate method to use a microfiber towel to wash is by dabbing/blotting, not wiping or rubbing back and forth just like using a normal cotton towel.


Camping entails trekking and trekking and it’s inevitable you will sweat. You can also use your towel on several occasions with no proper wash. It follows your camp towel provides the perfect requirements for offensive odor-producing germs to flourish.

To make certain this is not true, start looking for a camping towel that dries fast and has anti-microbial properties. Some manufacturers use silver beams though others make their towels utilizing substances with organic anti-microbial properties. Some employ anti-microbial remedies.

All these are targeted at preventing the development of odor-producing germs and parasites thereby preventing odors and making sure that your towel retains smelling fresh. Nonetheless, these remedies wear out with time.


A towel is a romantic thing and it’s necessary that you enjoy how it feels on your skin. Following a tub, drying with a towel that feels luxurious on the skin would be the very best quick dry camping towel. The majority of individuals don’t enjoy how routine microfiber feels in their skin. For relaxation, the ideal microfiber towels use a plush microfiber which has a gentle and soft suede-like feel. They aren’t as comfortable as cotton towels and it might take several applications to become accustomed to the feeling.


When deciding upon the ideal camp towel, it is all about the substance. How good a towel works return to exactly what it’s made from. Its weight, absorbency, drying capacity, packability, and durability will be dependent on the substance. Here are the Normal materials, travel towels are made of and what to expect with every:


The vast majority of travel and camp towels are made from a microfiber cloth that’s a blend of nylon and polyester. While lightweight and thin, its absorbency is unbeatable — it may hold three to seven times its own weight in water. Why is microfiber so very good at absorbing water is that it traps water from the spaces between the fibers. Microfiber can be fast-drying, compressible, soft, and durable.


Though quite comfy and absorbent, cotton is not a fantastic substance for camping towels since it melts slowly and can be tight.


In case you’ve got sensitive skin or merely don’t like synthetic substances, linen is a fantastic selection. It’s hypoallergenic, sterile, of course, antimicrobial, and dries quickly. But, it isn’t a perfect camping towel cloth since it’s rough.


Bamboo is eco-friendly, antibacterial, rapid drying, and its own moisture absorption is superior to that of cotton. But, bamboo towels are around the bulky side and do not hold up nicely.


Many camping tasks demand a towel and how you’re going to use the towel will ascertain the very best camping towel to suit your requirements. Would you like one for drying off after a bath, one for drying dishes, or even for cleaning drains? Would you desire a backpacking towel or you to use when car camping?

For drying off after a bath, you’ll require a bigger camp towel. If you are not traveling or camping, you may use your towel at the beach or at the gym. Perhaps you will end up using it to wash off after showering in your home. For wiping dishes, spills, or drying your hands, a little towel is going to do.

Backpacking demands a little, lightweight, and packable towel as you’ve got the liberty to bring any sort of towel you want on automobile camping experiences where distance and portability are not a concern.


You’ll observe that camping towels are present in many sizes to accommodate various purposes. That is because size is the main criterion when picking a skillet. The function that you desire the towel to execute and how you’ll be carrying out the towel will determine what size to select.

To get a camp kitchen, a tiny hand-towel size is adequate. For drying off after showering, the perfect towel is bigger enough to succeed but not so big that it takes forever to wash and requires too much room in your pack or tote. If you’d like a beach towel that you may lounge on, you’ll require a bigger towel. For backpacking and trekking in which storage space is a limiting factor, a comparatively small towel is demanded. For car camping, you are able to select a large towel.

Pack ability

Being a towel for use when on the move, a camp towel ought to be simple to transport. A towel packability is dependent upon its size and the substance it’s constructed from. Camping towels made from synthetic substances weigh less and pack smaller than normal cotton towels.

If you’d like a backpacking or trekking towel, then packability is quite important, as each ounce and also square inch is more valuable. If you’ll be auto camping, packability is not all that significant and you may also package your routine cotton towel.

Many travel towels have been intended to be compressible and they fold down to a compact bundle that does not take up much storage room at a carry-on bag, backpack, or travel bag. A number of them even come with carrying cases that compress the towel into a tiny dimension and keep it’s compact folded or wrapped form.


Weight is an important aspect to consider when picking a travel towel, particularly in the event that you’ll be trekking on foot. Most camping towels have been intended to be lightweight but a few will probably be around the lighter or heavier side based on their substances and dimensions.

If you’ll be backpacking, climbing, or hiking, every ounce counts. As you’re likely to be on the move with your towel, then it’s a fantastic idea to invest in a skillet that will not weigh you down. If you’re car camping, then weight does not matter just as much and you may even take the conventional towel you are using in your home.

Dry Time

A camp towel ought to be quick drying. You do not wish to take a soggy, wet towel as you grow or grow. It might weigh down you along with the dampness that will promote the development of mold, mildew, bacteria, and musty odor. Additionally, it is unhygienic to package a moist towel along with the remainder of your items.

Unlike cotton towels that absorb water easily and take all of the time to wash, microfiber towels dry extremely fast. This is only because they hold instead of absorbing water. As soon as you’ve used the towel, then simply squeezing it’s going to eliminate the majority of the water.

Camping towels which include mesh components and hanging hoops will also be terrific. In case you’ve got a moist towel, all you’ve got to do is put it into its own bag and hang the bag on the surface of the backpack so that it proceeds to wash on the move.

The best camping towel brands - best microfiber camping towel

The best camping towel brands

Bestseller No. 2

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1. Sinland Microfiber Camp Towels

All these microfiber towels from Sinland are just the ideal size – about the size of extra-long hand towels – for hiking, backpacking, travel, fitness center, sports, and other busy pursuits. They’re big enough to use for drying off after a shower yet lightweight and compact so that they fit in a travel bag or backpack and are not a burden to deliver along.

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Their drying operation is amazing. The terry feel is soft, super absorbent, and dries times faster than normal cotton towels. Made from an 80/20 blend of polyester and polyamide, their quality is great and they hold up even after regular washings. For transportation, they roll or fold up so that they do not take up storage space and are easy to travel with.

What Makes This Camp Towel Stands Outside

  • Perfect travel size and weight
  • Fantastic absorbency and drying rate
  • Lots of color Choices
  • Inexpensive package of three and Fantastic values

2. Rainleaf Microfiber Camp Towel

This high rated camping towel by Rainleaf is simply the perfect size for the drying and packaging. It’s features that make it the ideal package towel for camping, travel, hiking, biking, and other busy pursuits. It’s convenient to have on the move since it’s lightweight, streamlined, and comes in its own carry bag. It easily fits in a carry-on bag or backpack where distance is a premium.

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Super absorbent and quick-drying, it is going to dry you quickly and thoroughly dry in record time then. It has a loop that makes it effortless to hang it everywhere to dry. To guarantees, it remains fresh even after prolonged usage without washing, it’s an antibacterial treatment that uses silver beams to kill mold and odor-causing organisms.

What Makes This Camp Towel Stands Outside

  • Compact, lightweight, and packable
  • Super absorbent, rapid drying, and antibacterial
  • Variety of sizes to Select from
  • Has a lifetime guarantee

3. Alfamo Cooling Camp Towels

Unlike another towel within this listing, this towel Alfamo is created for cooling when it’s hot. It’s ideal for outdoor sports and activities like hiking, biking, climbing, sailing, exercising and working from the summer warmth, and for journeys in tropical climates. You may wear it in several ways – like a scarf, wristband, or neck wrap. As an alternative to carrying, it folds up into its carrying pouch using a carabiner clip.

The breathable mesh cloth was made to maximize the underfloor heating system. The substance is extremely absorbent and retains a great deal of water. If this water evaporates, the towel melts and hydrates the skin. In this manner, it promotes relaxation, prevents overheating, and reduces hot flashes. To trigger it, you merely soak the towel in water, then wring it out and snap it. It remains cool for up to 3 hours and warms you off by around 30 degrees. Additionally, it provides UPF 50 sunscreen protection.

What Makes This Camp Towel Stands Outside

  • Super absorbent and underfloor heating cloth
  • Soft, comfy and breathable
  • Offers UPF sun protection
  • Three dimensions and multiple colors
  • Lifetime Money-back guarantee

4. Wise Owl Outfitters Camp Towel

This high rated camping towel with Wise Owl Outfitters has everything you may ever need or desire in an outside, sports, or travel towel. Super absorbent and quick-drying microfiber construction, generously sized, and super packable, it’s the very best lightweight camping towel to possess with you for drying when trekking, biking, swimming, travel, boating, swimming pool, and beaching. In addition, it works great for workouts, fitness center, and yoga. It is going to also function as a blanket or shawl once it gets cold. Even when you’re on the lookout for a towel to the four-legged buddy, this towel fits the bill.

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Due to the microfiber material, it soaks up a great deal of water drying off you quickly and easily. It dries really quickly as well with no change in size, shape, or color. The snap loop makes it effortless to hang it anywhere for a fast dry. The substance can also be tender and skin-friendly. It’s lightweight, compacts well into the included carry bag, and just take up very little storage area.

What Makes This Camp Towel Stands Outside

  • Super-absorbent and quick drying
  • Skin and soft friendly
  • Big size yet lightweight and highly packable
  • Contains bonus washcloth or hand towel

5. Youphoria Microfiber Travel Camp Towel

The Youphoria Microfiber Travel Towel is extra absorbent, quick-drying, lightweight, and packs into a really compact package! What more can you need in a towel for camping, biking, biking, or hiking! It comes in 3 distinct sizes so that you may decide on the perfect size based on if you would like a little workout towel or a massive beach or body modification.

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The’Suede’ kind of microfiber, it’s created of feels tender and will hold as many as five times its own weight in water. It dries around ten times faster than a normal Terry fabric or cotton towel. It resists mildew and scents quite well even after prolonged use. For carrying, it rolls right into a really compact package that matches right into its own carry case and requires hardly any space in your bag or backpack so it’s easy to take everywhere. In terms of quality and durability, this really is a really well-made towel which washes nicely and will serve you for ages.

What Makes This Camp Towel Stands Outside

  • Ultralight and packable
  • Additional absorbent and fast drying
  • Soft and gentle blouse texture
  • Top-notch quality backed by a lifetime guarantee

6. SUNLAND Microfiber Camp Towel

This exceptionally popular Microfiber Towel by Sunland is a very lightweight and compact towel that’s suitable to carry anywhere. It’s offered in many different sizes and matches backpacking, traveling, boating, swimming, swimming, travel, biking, running, boxing, beach, biking, sports, gym, and all types of outdoor applications. It’s lightweight and compact and very easy to carry. The big sizes fold as much as a tiny bundle and also the provided carrying case is useful. It will not take up precious room in your luggage compartment.

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Using it’s an excellent experience because the plush microfiber it’s made of is gentle and soft – feels just like suede fabric. Its drying operation is superb. It soaks up heaps of water drying your own entire body and hair fast without needing to rub it back and forth. All you need to do is pat yourself dry. Once wet, it dries 3 times faster than cotton and also has a loop for ease of hanging to dry when hiking.

What Makes This Camp Towel Stands Outside

  • Vibrant colors and various sizes
  • Super absorbent and fast drying
  • Ultralight and Compact
  • Skin and soft friendly

7. Relefree 2 Pack Microfiber Camp Towels

With this bunch, Relefree provides two excellent camp towels. The massive towel functions as a bath towel when swimming, travel, and hiking. It’s also excellent for the beach, swimming pool, yoga, and swimming pool. The little towel is good as a hand towel, face towel, dish towel, gym towel, or puppy towel. On Top of That, they roll up together to the transport case creating a lightweight and compact package that occupies hardly any space in a traveling bag, gym bag or backpack

These towels thirstily absorb water – that the substance can absorb water 2-3 times its weight. Additionally, they dry up very quickly – up to 10X faster than normal Terry fabric or cotton towels. The substance is a suede type plush microfiber that’s gentle and soft on the skin. These towels can also be nicely made to provide long-lasting support.

What Makes This Camp Towel Stands Outside

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Fantastic water absorption and diffusion
  • Skin and soft friendly
  • Fantastic value for the money

8. Bodi Towel Microfiber Antimicrobial Quick-Dry Camp Towel

Why is this microfiber towel by Bodi Towel that the very best disposable towel for camping is the best size, packability, toweling functionality, and anti-inflammatory properties? Its large size makes it a fantastic tub, beach, and swimming skillet. Weighing less than the orange and bigger compared to the usual t-shirt when folded, it does not require much storage space or weigh you down when on the move. It’s ideal for situations where reduced weight and quantity are important for example when traveling, biking, trekking, kayaking, and maintaining in a gym bag.

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Its performance for a towel is remarkable. It’s extremely absorbent and may soak up 1.8 gallons of water. It disturbs you quite quickly by simply tapping and dries quickly. The material employed in its construction has a soft smooth suede-like texture and is antifungal and antibacterial. It holds up nicely in the wash. It is available in a nylon and mesh pouch using a loop for hanging.

What Makes This Camp Towel Stands Outside

  • Low weight and quantity
  • Highly absorbent and fast drying
  • Antibacterial and antimicrobial substance

9. WildHorn Outfitters Microlite Camp Towels

With this package of 3 Microlite travel drawers, WildHorn Outfitters provides a comprehensive solution for all your outdoor and camping towel wants or to pay the entire family. The extra-large size is ideal for the beach and also for car camping. The large size is large enough to dry you off after a shower but still lightweight and packable which makes it the ideal hiking, camping, and skillet. The little towel is excellent for use for a camp kitchen towel, for minimalist backpacking, also for use in the gym.

Each of the towels at the set consumes an amazing quantity of water and is extremely capable of drying off. They dry fast and have snap loops for hanging. The plush microfiber cloth is soft and gentle to the skin. Lightweight and compact, these towels are simple to carry. Each towel has its very own carry case and there’s a carabiner attachment clip for those three.

What Makes This Camp Towel Stands Outside

  • Three convenient sizes
  • Soft and tender material
  • Super absorbent and fast drying
  • Fantastic value for money

10. Shandali Microfiber Travel and Sports Camp Towel

Lightweight and compact, this Shandali travel towel is ideal for traveling, backpacking, hiking, swimming pool, fitness center, biking, golfing, beach, sports, and workouts. It retains up water to four times its own weight and dries you quite quickly. Just by hanging and jelqing with the hanging loop, then it dries really quickly ready for packaging or to another user.

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It’s manufactured from 80% cotton and 20% nylon with a high thread count, making this towel soft and skin-friendly, comfortable, and durable. When it’s time to go, it rolls up into a really small and light package that easily fits in a backpack or travel bag minus taking up too much valuable space or weighing down you.

What Makes This Camp Towel Stands Outside

  • Packs light and compact
  • Fantastic absorption and quick-drying
  • Soft and comfy feel
  • High-quality and backed by a lifetime warranty

PackTowl Personal - best fast drying lightweight camping towel

11. PackTowl Personal

Scoring well in just about any performance class, the PackTowl Personal towel consistently amazed us with its capacity to manage the elements. It’s an antibacterial therapy to help prevent odor, the XL size (“Body” at PackTowl sizing) is big enough to wrap around most people, and it feels soft against the skin. It is made from a tear-resistant cloth and has been the ideal towel we analyzed at absorbing water and repelling dirt.

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Better yet, sand in the shore remained on the towel surface therefore that it was easy to shake off, leaving the towel wash after several applications. Its drying period was quicker than nearly all of the towels we analyzed and it melts to a tiny size at a zippered ventilated pouch, which makes it suitable for traveling or camping.

12. Rainleaf Microfiber Towel

The Rainleaf Microfiber Towel was almost identical in style to many of the pricier versions and scored just too in our area tests. The only downsides are that it’s smaller and contains lighter-feeling fabric. It did not manage our day in the shore quite as nicely and took a bit longer to dry, but it’s similar in comfort and packability.

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And, as it is treated with an antibacterial coating–something not regular on funding (or even a few expensive ) towels it handed our odor test with a perfect score. At only a fraction of the purchase price of the best camping towel lightweight, it is a fantastic choice if you are the sort of person who moves camping a few times annually and requires something cheap that functions nicely.

13. PackTowl Luxe

Preview Product Rating Price
PackTowl Luxe Quick Dry Microfiber Towel for Beach and Travel PackTowl Luxe Quick Dry Microfiber Towel for Beach and Travel No ratings yet

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If packaging down your towel into a very small space is not an issue for you, the PackTowl Luxe is about as comfy as a towel may get. Even though it does take up a little more space and takes considerably longer to dry, it’s exactly the very same measurements as our top pick, but using a plusher feel against the skin.

Unlike similar large and lavish camp towels, it did not smell after being put away wet. It consumed water off the skin without repainting from the dirt and sand, which made it amazingly clean for a towel with such a large heap. Since it was easy to shake off, we all appreciated using it as a wrapping and beach blanket, also.

14. REI MultiTowel

Our Very best quick drying towel for camping pick is your REI Multi Towel. Made from a polyester mix (85% polyester/15% nylon microfiber), this towel can consume as many as eight times its own weight in liquid. It’s also lightweight, compact, and rapid drying.

We picked it as our very best Value pick since it performs nicely (most other camping towels can not hold as many as eight times their weight in liquid) while retailing for a couple of bucks less than a lot of their other popular choices.

The Multi Towel is available in many Distinct colors and a Wide Array of sizes:

  • Little  14″ x 10″, 1.1 ounce
  • Moderate  22″ x 12.5″, 2 ounce
  • Enormous 36″ x 16.5″, 4.3 oz
  • XL 54″ x 25″, 9.5 oz
  • XXL 58″ x 36″, 15.3 oz

The Multi Towel includes a snap loop attached to a corner for simple hanging. It includes a carry bag that’s strong nylon on one side and a mesh around the other and contains a fixed loop for simple attachment.

REI also sells the REI Multi Towel Lite, a cousin of the Multi Towel. We urge the normal version to auto dealerships as well as also the Lite version to backpackers or anybody centered on reducing their package weight.

15. PackTowl UltraLite

Ultralight backpackers, thru-hikers, or anybody seeking to minimize pack weight will frequently sacrifice some functionality instead of lightness. We scoured around to the most alluring camp towel which works nicely and flipped up the PackTowl UltraLite.

The body dimensions of this PackTowl UltraLite (25″ x 54″) weighs only a mere 3.4 ounce. Or, for the masochists who need to wash off using the smallest towel potential, you can carry around the hand dimensions (16.5″ x 36″) that will just weigh you down by 1.5 ounces.

Preview Product Rating Price
PackTowl UltraLite Quick Dry Microfiber Towel for Backpacking PackTowl UltraLite Quick Dry Microfiber Towel for Backpacking No ratings yet

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Although lightness is this towel forte, it’s still capable of consuming four times its own weight in water and drying fast after it has been wrung.

We urge the PackTowl UltraLite simply to people whose main criterion for picking their towel is fat. Any camper, backpacker, or traveler that can manage the excess ounce will probably be better off using our preceding choices.

16. Dock & Bay Microfiber Beach Towel

If big coverage is exactly what you’re searching for, then we have discovered the towel to get you! Though this towel is not promoted as a camping towel, it’s in the soul of a skillet comparatively lightweight and streamlined.

The Dock & Bay Microfiber Beach Towel is created from a super soft polyester mix microfiber (80% polyester/20% polyamide), therefore it’s incredibly lightweight and compact in comparison to a conventional cotton Terry towel of the exact same size.

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This towel is available in 3 dimensions, such as an Exceptional round design:

  • Enormous – 31″ x 63″, packaging to 5″ x 8″ and also 13.0 oz
  • X-Large – 35″ x 78″, packaging to 6″ x 10″ and also 18.0 oz
  • Round – 75″ x 75″, packaging to 6″ x 12″ and also 28.0 oz

The microfiber material is extremely absorbent and easy to the touch. This towel includes a fixed elastic loop found in the center of one of those borders, instead of stitched the corner, and cotton and mesh carrying bag.

You’ll discover this towel in an assortment of bold, strong colors, in addition to bright stripes. The round towel includes a geometric layout.

17. Sea to Summit Drylite Towel

This Summit camping towel is ultra-light and ultra-portable, as it comes in many unique sizes. The extra small and small size towels are great for backpackers and hikers. They’re quick-drying, partially on account of this microfiber material, which is 70% cotton and 30% nylon microfiber. Another advantage of this material is its unusually soft suede end, making it rather soft to the skin.

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  • Lightweight
  • Quick-drying
  • Antibacterial Therapy
  • Broad color variety


  • Expensive
  • Thin

18. Northbound Train Microfiber Camping Towel

This Northbound Train camping towel is a good, quick-drying, and mobile version that will surely serve any function it is possible to place a camping towel around. It’s enough absorbency to wash after swimming or exercising, and it’s machine washable so you might also use it to wash your additional tools or wipe up spills.


  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Super absorbant
  • Mildew & mold resistant
  • Comes in a towel Collection


  • Moderately priced
  • No snap loop
  • Less portability

19. Incite Elite Quick Dry Towel

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Ideal for both camping and traveling, the Elite Quick Dry Towel host the essential construction and convenient features to make this compatible with almost any experience you might have about the books. We are speaking a microfiber construction, a hanging loop for easy drying only about everywhere, along with a lifetime guarantee on every product. I cannot argue with this.

20. Biospired Footprint Camping Towel

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Compact. Lightweight. Machine washable. That is essentially what we are searching for here using package Jacuzzi towels. With the Biospired Footprint Towel, that is precisely what you’re getting. Each piece features a microsuede composition that absorbs water and quick-drys easily, a snag loop for hang drying, along with also an air-flow pouch that clips on your backpack without difficulty.

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