Top 29 Best Car Camping Sleeping Pad Review In 2020

best car camping sleeping pad

As this is all about hauling a pad in the vehicle, the focus is on relaxation rather than weight. Hence that the list comprises either quite broad pads (some are double-sided ) or quite thick pads. In case you’ve got a vehicle, you will probably have a larger tent rather than some claustrophobic bivy shelter, therefore such pads will match well and you’ll feel comfortable.

Within this text, you own a listing of the best car camping sleeping pad, all of top-notch, top-rated, and dependable instruments from renowned brands.

The best car camping sleeping pad  brands - what is the best sleeping pad for car camping

The best way to pick

So you have loads of options, and they are wonderful. In my opinion, those are the ideal sleeping pads for car camping presently in the marketplace.

Nothing could go wrong with these superior gear, except that they could get punctured naturally. If that is the concern, then choose the Teton Sports mat, then this is a fantastic foam pad that will last eternally.

However, how to select actually? First, assess your financial plan. The rates are extremely different here, you’ve got them at the scope 25 – 370.

Next, you may want to consider versatility. They all are relatively bulky and heavy, but a few are still well packable and lightweight enough to be taken from the package. Those are primarily the inflatable pads from the text both Klymit pads as well as also the Exped SynMat. But regarding the flexibility, the Alps Mountaineering Dual pad is obviously with no game due to its 2-in-1 characteristic.

In terms of the relaxation, the thicker and also the broader the better, as straightforward as that. I really like to utilize double pads. However, I have still another reason I feel nostalgic in a sleeping bag so that I use either a dual tote solo or that I unzip among my rectangular bags entirely and use it as a normal blanket. In this kind of arrangement, a dual mat comes really excellent. This works well if it’s not chilly too much (however it’s usually, I mainly sleep at very significant elevations well over 2000 meters in the Alps).

sleeping pad - best comfortable car camping sleeping pad for two

The best car camping sleeping pad brands

SaleBestseller No. 8
Lightspeed Outdoors XL Super Plush FlexForm Self-Inflating Sleep and Camp Pad, Teal
Open size: 77" x 30" x 3" Rolled size: 30" x 7.75" Weight: 6.0 lbs

1. ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Self-Inflating Dual Air Conditioning

There is the best sleeping pad for car camping. This is a very distinctive pad here from the list since it’s a double-sided sleeping pad that could be divided into two different single pads, or you may just fold it and utilize as a very thick solo mat. This is due to a hook and loop Velcro connection that runs at the centre.

The R-value 6.9 is such you could use it in most seasons, and if you fold it, the more R-value is greater by a factor 2 so it is possible to utilize it in the harshest conditions. The burden is that it’s most acceptable for car camping but if you choose the half of it, then it can be taken on shorter overnight trekking tours. The mat weighs 9 pounds 7 oz (4.28 kg).

Particular distinction: 2-in-1 pad.

2. Big Agnes Hinman Double Wide sleeping mat

Here I will present the Hinman Dual Wide pad, but you need this version in a number of sizes, simply to learn whether you purchase them for household members. This Dual Wide is intended to use doublewide sleeping bags in precisely the exact same brand, this might be very important to understand so which you may purchase them together. The Hinman Dual pad is quite stable and it doesn’t shake when you proceed on it, making it a fantastic selection for couples, so you won’t be bothered too far when your spouse moves onto the pads.

The mat is insulated and appropriate for many seasons. They don’t provide R-value, however, they provide the temperature evaluation, see below from the specifications. This leaves its R-value about in the range 6 -7, simply to know you could depend on it in almost any surroundings.

Preview Product Rating Price
Big Agnes Hinman Sleeping Pad Big Agnes Hinman Sleeping Pad No ratings yet

Using its 78 x 50 inches size, this sleeping mat provides optimum relaxation. Its 2.5 inches depth might not appear too far, but that really is a high-density good foam that delivers fantastic insulation and relaxation. The outside is PU-coated polyester for better water resistance. It’s a really silent material, you may wish to understand whether you’re extremely sensitive. The fat is 114 ounce (3.23 kg).

The mat is with double valves on the very top. Be aware it is very compactly packed as it pertains from the manufacturer, therefore it might take a great deal longer to self-inflate than that which you could possibly be accustomed to. It’s a great idea to split it with a few pumps so it may expand properly. Deflate and package then and use it as you’d use any self-inflating pad. Due to this a compact core, the mat includes two compression straps that you see in the image above and there’s absolutely no material sack included.

Particular differentiation: high-density core. This is the best sleeping pad car camping.

3. Exped MegaMat Duo 10 Sleeping Pad

As its name implies this really is really a double-wide pad, therefore it’s acceptable for couples, to get a mom with a child, or just to get a solo use when you’ve got a room and need relaxation; a comfortable you won’t find.

However, in addition, this is an extremely thick pad, so the amount 10 explains its thickness, and that means you’ve got 10 cm of an open cell PU foam, which can be Oekotex 100 certified.

However, this isn’t all, this pad is accompanied by an impressive R-value 9.5, therefore this can be an insulated sleeping mat acceptable for the most serious problems.

They explain it as the nearest you may come to sleeping on your house to bed, and I am certain this is really so. This is the greatest automobile camping mattress. You’ve got vertical sidewalls here along with a totally flat sleeping surface.

The materials are of high quality. So you’ve 50D polyester on the very best and 75D at the floor, TPU polyether picture laminate, hydrolysis resistant, and honeycomb embossed.

The mat comes packaged in a smart-pack bag using a height-adjustable roll-top and also carrying strap so that you can take it too attached to a shoulder. In addition, you have a Mini Vacuum included. The double valve system is extremely effective, and the alteration of the stability can be accomplished simply by tapping the one-way flap of the inflation valve.

The depth is 3.9 inches (9.9 cm) and that the pounds will be 163.3 ounces (4.63 kg).

Particular distinction: probably the comfiest double mat.

4. Exped MegaMat Outfitter 10 LXW


Preview Product Rating Price
Exped Mega Mat 10, LXW Exped Mega Mat 10, LXW No ratings yet

This is a brand new 2017 variant of this very popular and award-winning camping pad, a fantastic solution for stomach and side sleepers. This is unquestionably among the comfiest pads available on the industry. It’s insulated and its own R-value is notable 9.5, among the best memory sleeping pad for car camping in the listing. The weight is just 6 pounds 15.5 oz (3.16 kg).

Particular distinction: relaxation. Be aware that it’s 3.9 inches (9.9 cm) thick.

5. Exped SynMat Mega 12

That is an insulated sleeping mat best self-inflating sleeping pad for car camping but it’s lightweight enough to be carried in the backpack for long distances. Its R-value is 5.3. The number 12 from the title is the depth in centimeters, therefore this really is the thickest pad on the listing.

It could be very important to stress that this sleeping mat comes in 4 distinct sizes, so that you may pick proper dimensions for you and your family or your spouse.

The mat is an inflatable kind, suitable for 4 seasons and also for really low temperatures. For example an inflatable pad, it packs to much smaller dimensions compared to other Exped versions given here. But note that it’s a rather different R-value, that remains great enough for many seasons.

The pad is introduced in detail in my individual review, therefore please check the link below for more.

Particular differentiation: that the thickest of all.

6. Klymit Insulated Dual barbell Sleeping Pad

This is among those distinguished Klymit’s sleeping pads together with familiar V-shaped air chambers. The pad is fresh, started in 2017, insulated as the title suggests, and with all the R-value 4.4. This is a 4-season pad together with all the Klymit’s Body Mapping technologies, amazingly comfortable and convenient for both couples and also for solo usage too.

This is an award-winning layout and technology, so nothing could go wrong with such an instrument. It’s intriguing that its stuff sack doubles as an air conditioner. It’s with an incorporated one-way valve that plugs from the inflation level valve using a gasket on the mat. So you simply roll up and press on the bag, which will match the mat. In this way, you prevent moisture collecting in the mat (which can occur if you blow off the air from the lungs).

Preview Product Rating Price
Klymit Double V Sleeping Pad Klymit Double V Sleeping Pad No ratings yet

Be aware it is built in 1 dimension only, and it isn’t especially long, so if you’re a tall man, better assess various other versions. Please check the link below for much more, the mat is explained in detail in my individual review.

Particular differentiation: body mapping.

7. Klymit Self-Inflate V Sleeping Pad

This sleeping mat is brand new in the marketplace and it’s also a new kind for this brand that is famous for their inflatable sleeping pads that you’ve here from the listing too. So here you get a self-inflating pad and it has their own V shape invisibly inside the plan but less prominent as in their other pads.

The mat is coated and you’ve got 5.3 R-value that’s roughly equal to the temperature rating of -4 F (-20 C). This really is a sleeping mat for many seasons. The casing is 30D stretch polyester on the very top and 75D polyester on the floor.

Preview Product Rating Price
Klymit Self-Inflate V Sleeping Pad Klymit Self-Inflate V Sleeping Pad No ratings yet

The mat weighs 2.9 pounds (1300 gram ) so it’s lightweight for an insulated pad, which is the main reason for adding it; it is possible to use it too for shorter trips that are shorter from your vehicle parking.

Particular distinction: This really is a pad having an unbelievable cost.

8. Klymit Static V Luxe Insulated Sleeping Pad

This pad is quite much like the Dual version given above, together with all innovative features typical for all these Klymit pads. This is a lavish single mat, insulated and with 4.4 R-value. The insulating material is artificial Primaloft Eco, lightweight and compressible, and it comprises 60 percent of those recycled materials. Such insulation is well known for not only absorbing water, it dries fast and it keeps its own insulating material if it becomes moist.

The term Luxe from the title describes it great width and length, so if you’re a tall man, this really is a pad for you. This is an inflatable pad therefore its packed size is remarkably small, keep this in mind when that attribute is crucial for you. This type of design makes it much more versatile than the majority of the pads on the listing. To find out more please follow the hyperlink for my different review.

Particular distinction: excellent packed dimension. This is the best car camping sleeping pad extra wide.

9. NEMO Roamer Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

This is a brand new pad on the marketplace that Nemo started for its season 2019. They assemble it in 2 dimensions and they are 4 inches (10.2 cm) thick. This is a remarkably comfortable sleeping mat, great for side sleepers.

The mat is self-inflating using a foam interior which provides insulation, the temperature rating with this pad is -30 F (-34 C) and this is near 7.5 R-value. This really is a pad for many seasons.

Preview Product Rating Price
Nemo Roamer Camping Sleeping Pad Nemo Roamer Camping Sleeping Pad No ratings yet

The bigger version (XLW) is using all the size 80 x 30 inches (203 x 76 cm) so it’s suitable even for really tall men and women. It weighs 5 pounds 4 oz (2.38 kg) and it’s surprisingly well packable. Please follow the link for my entire review.

10. Teton Sports Camp Pad

There are lots of reasons why you may wish to consider this mat.

If you’re on a budget, then this is among the best foam sleeping pad car camping.

This mat comes in 3 distinct sizes. This is actually the longest pad at the listing.

All pads are developed to match the Teton Sports cots. So the biggest of those pads, Teton Sports Outfitter XXL Camp Pad matches the Teton Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot.

On the flip side, this Outfitter Cot is building to be utilized as a stage for your Teton Sports Outfitter XXL Quick tent, and that means you’ve got a combination called tent-cot, together with the tent sitting on the cot.

So, because you understand, this can be a complete sleeping system of a specific kind, perfect for car camping. You are able to view it explained in the link in my different review. The biggest of those pads from the group is enormous, see the measurements below, even though it isn’t especially thick. Note also that you’ve got an exceptionally powerful fabric here.

There’s not any statement regarding its R-value, however, this really is really a foam pad and it certainly provides some insulation.

Particular differentiation: the maximum pad.

11. Therm-a-Rest BaseCamp Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

This BaseCamp sleeping mat is mild enough to be performed on shorter paths, its R dimension weighs just 2 lbs 8 oz (1.14 kg). So clearly it’s quite a bit lighter than the majority of the pads in the listing and this really is a flexible pad. The thickness is somewhat small 2 inches (5 cm), however, as I said, this really is something for the two worlds, for car camping, and for hiking.

Preview Product Rating Price
Therm-a-Rest Basecamp Self-Inflating Foam Camping Pad Therm-a-Rest Basecamp Self-Inflating Foam Camping Pad No ratings yet

They build it in 3 dimensions and it’s always great to know so that you may find your very best fit. As its name implies this really is a self-inflating kind, as well as also the open-cell foam to give you great insulation together with all the R-value 5.8. Hence that the mat is acceptable for all seasons. You may wish to understand also it is extremely cheap for such a kind and for this type of high manufacturer.

12. Therm-a-Rest DreamTime Mattress

Thus, what’s so particular about this particular pad, and why is it? There are a few distinctive features, and you won’t find them in different pads. This Dreamtime pad is a three-component system that includes the following components:

  • A memory foam coating.
  • A self-inflating core pad.
  • On the exterior, you get a detachable and machine-washable microfiber cover.
  • Combine two systems.

So with all these features, this pad stands outside. The mat is constructed in two dimensions, plus they’re equally great Big and Extra Large, watch at the Specifications below. However, this isn’t all, its own R-value is 10, among the greatest here in the listing. This can be an insulated pad for all weather conditions.

The materials are lasting, which means you’ve 75D polyester on either side. The foam is urethane. If you’re confused by the side straps that you may see in the image, this is actually the Connect two system, to partner it with a different DreamTime mattress to get a double-wide configuration.

Particular distinction: a three-component system.

13. Therm-a-Rest Luxury Map sleeping mat

This pad is constructed in three dimensions, R, L, and XL, which means you’ve got sufficient choices to pick. It’s self-inflating and insulated, with R-value 6.8. So it’s in the upper selection and an extremely warm pad for virtually any weather.

The substances are 50D polyester knit on the very top and 75D polyester on the floor. The center foam is urethane. The standout attribute here’s the Stress Mapping system utilized to provide optimum support in which it’s needed, so something like what you have from the Klymit pads.

Preview Product Rating Price
Therm-a-Rest LuxuryMap Self-Inflating Foam Camping Mattress Therm-a-Rest LuxuryMap Self-Inflating Foam Camping Mattress No ratings yet

This usually means that they quantified the strain made by the body in different sleeping positions and introduced an advanced die-cut foam to provide comfort and support in the ideal places. Because of this, you’ve got a more and supportive sleep surface. This is probably the source of this term Mac from the title of the pad.

Particular distinction: stress mapping for optimum comfort.

14. Therm-a-Rest MondoKing 3D Self-Inflating Foam Camping Air Mattress

This can be an insulated sleeping mat acceptable for many seasons, and having an astonishing R-value 11.4, the greatest of pads on the listing. It’s built-in two dimensions plus they both are large.

Preview Product Rating Price
Therm-a-Rest MondoKing 3D Self-Inflating Foam Camping Mattress Therm-a-Rest MondoKing 3D Self-Inflating Foam Camping Mattress No ratings yet

The fabric is a really soft and nice 75D reverse pearl polyester on top and the exact same durability polyester is about the bottom. The inner foam is urethane, and you may want to be aware that the pad is constructed in the united states. Much more can be obtained in my individual review, please follow the link under.

Particular distinction: among the very insulated pads.

15. Lightspeed Outdoors PVC-Free Warmth Series

A superior-quality sleeping mat perfect for car camping. The mat has a top R-value to maintain the consumer exceptionally hot. Its non-slip fabric makes it a fantastic substitute for aviation.


  • Made from PVC-free materials. Free of plastic odor. No crinkly sound. Self-inflating. Appropriate for stomach sleepers.
  • Integrated cushion for head support. Offered in various thicknesses and dimensions.


  • Takes too much time to inflate the very first time after unpacking it. Heavy for backpacking.

16. Therm-a-Rest RidgeRest Classic Foam Camping Sleeping Pad

An affordable sleeping mat which combines value with quality and offers the required comfort. The mat is acceptable for campers needing a lightweight sleeping pad.

Preview Product Rating Price
Therm-a-Rest RidgeRest Classic Foam Camping Sleeping Pad Therm-a-Rest RidgeRest Classic Foam Camping Sleeping Pad No ratings yet


  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • Made with durable materials. Ideal for summer, autumn, and spring biking. An economical alternative for biking and biking trips.


  • Not perfect for chilly temperatures. Not good for uneven surfaces.

17. WELLAX Ultra Thick Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

Fantastic for Campers and Hikers

Covered in durable ripstop nylon, this inflatable sleeping mat can attain a lofty profile of 3 inches deep. In addition, its innovative self-inflating technology comprises two valves and does not require any pumping in your part.


  • Its powerful nylon cover material is waterproof, tear-resistant soft to the touchscreen.
  • This sleeping mat features two-valve technology which requires the hard work from self-inflation!
  • Its 3-inch profile provides support and comfort for all those camping in a car, tent, or out on the floor.


  • Although this pad may reach a 3-inch attic, a few sleepers may favor a foam pad for this inflatable version.
  • This sleeping mat is a superb value because of its durability, but maybe too pricey for many shoppers.

18. Hikenture Double Sleep Pad

A Double-Sized Pad for Co-Sleepers

Couples and camping friends have loads of space to cuddle up with this double-sized sleeping pad. It is coated in waterproof polyester, is simple to spot-clean, and features a built-in foot pump for fast inflation and deflation.


  • Campers may use this sleeping mat together or love it for some broad solo snoozing.
  • No manual pumping or heavy breathing is required to inflate this sleeping pad. Just use the built-in pump, and it’s going inflate in just two minutes!
  • This sleeping mat is readily compressed and may be rolled to a carrying case if you are ready to package up.


  • If you’re searching for something little, you discover this sleeping mat’s double-design to become inconvenient.
  • Remember this can be an inflatable pad, which isn’t full of cotton, foam, or some other pillow cloth.

19. Zooobelives Inflatable Sleeping Pad

A Budget-Friendly Sleeping Pad for Camping and Hikers

If you are trying to find a budget-friendly sleeping mat, this very affordable alternative is an excellent thing to do. It’s easy to inflate, features a thick 4-inch construction, and may be attached to some other pad for the additional sleeping area.


  • This sleeping mat includes a water-resistant cover material, ideal for sleepers camping in the fantastic outdoors.
  • This sleeping mat is quite reasonably priced for shoppers seeking to adhere to a strict budget!
  • This sleeping mat features special side-snaps which may be used to link two pads together for an excess roomy design.


  • This sleeping pad includes a ribbed surface which may make its attic somewhat irregular.
  • If you are taller than 5’9″, you should probably look for a bigger sleeping mat that will totally accommodate you.

20. REI Co-op Camp Bed Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

  • Weight: 3 pounds 10 oz
  • R-Value: 6.8
  • Thickness: 2.5 In.
  • Pros: Almost indestructible, Fantastic value, hot, simple to use
  • Cons: Not as thick as other auto camping mattresses

This self-inflating sleep mat has high marks for durability and dependability. Every year, night after night, it retains inflating and providing lots of heat and pillow. Having an R-value of 6.8, it is going to keep even chilly sleepers warm summer long. And for many, it is insufficient insulation for winter camping. Besides heat, the open-cell foam provides an increase in relaxation.

And even though there are thicker pads within this listing, we discovered the Camp Bed for a high choice due to its affordable cost, the capability to last through years of heavy usage, comfort, and gentle hands.

21. Coleman Self-Inflating Camping Pad with Pillow

For your casual camper, it is difficult to beat $35 to get a camping sleeping mat and cushion. This amount from Coleman is not the fanciest on the listing, but in the event that you only intend to sleep out a couple of nights annually or would like to check the camping waters without breaking the bank, this can be a good alternative.

Preview Product Rating Price
Coleman Self-Inflating Camping Pad with Pillow Coleman Self-Inflating Camping Pad with Pillow $38.74

But although the standard of the mat itself is okay, the attached straps are strangely brittle and prone to breaking at the rivet. If you do not especially care about utilizing the straps, then this is a great budget choice.

  • Weight: 3 pounds 4 oz
  • R-value: Unavailable
  • Thickness: 2.5 In.
  • Pros: Cheap, great for tall campers
  • Cons: Long-term durability issues, less comfortable than other mattresses

22. Kelty Tru Comfort

This is a comfy sleeping pad, but we needed more out of it for the purchase price. Let us begin with the great. In 4.75 inches thick, it provides lots of cushioning and also keeps unwanted sleepers off the floor all night. The stuff sack doubles as an inflation tote, and it worked. It is a hardy and simple air mattress.

Preview Product Rating Price
Kelty TRU Comfort 20 Degree Sleeping Bag Kelty TRU Comfort 20 Degree Sleeping Bag No ratings yet

However, for the cost, we wish there was foam insulation. This would not just allow it to be warmer, but also much more comfortable. Kelty makes some fantastic equipment (like one of our favorite camping seats ), but for the price tag, we would rather sleep on the REI Camp Bed or invest $50 more for your Camp Dreamer XL.

  • Weight: 4 pounds 10 oz
  • R-value: Unavailable
  • Thickness: 4.75 In.
  • Pros: Materials sack works well as inflation tote, thick
  • Cons: Not overly hot or comfortable as other camping beds

23. REI Camp Dreamer XL

Would you enjoy a fantastic memory foam mattress? Then allow me to introduce you to the Camp Dreamer. Four inches of engineered and air foam provides lots of cushioning to get a fantastic night’s sleep. With an R-value of 5.5, it is going to keep you warm on cold summer nights.

The flat core foam is intended to pack up readily and (as you can see in the above picture ) provides a little baffling into the mattress. We learned the hard way one night these foam make to get a lumpy, uncomfortable mattress if not entirely inflated. However, if topped off, it is going to rival any resort mattress.

  • Weight: 6 lbs 6 oz
  • R-value: 5.5
  • Thickness: 4 inches
  • Pros: Cozy, added pillow doubles as inflation tote; reversible valves create inflating and deflating simple
  • Cons: Large packaged size, less hot as the MondoKing 3D

24. Sea to Summit Comfort Plus Insulated

Our editor was analyzing this sleeping pad for many years, and it is still going strong. One of our favorite things about this is that the dual air chambers. We normally are concerned about popping lightweight sleeping pads and being abandoned on the cold floor. However, this includes a built-in redundancy that prevents us from stressing. If one side pops (that it has not in many, many camping trips), another remains excellent.

Preview Product Rating Price
Sea to Summit Comfort Plus Mat Sea to Summit Comfort Plus Mat No ratings yet

It has a repair kit, and though the 40-denier cloth is not the toughest potential, we have found it loads powerful together with being warm, packable, as well as comfy. Overall, it is fantastic backpacking and car camping sleeping mat.

  • Weight: 1 pound 11 oz
  • R-value: 5
  • Thickness: 2.5 In.
  • Pros: Dual air chambers provide redundancy and Permit for habit stability, packs small
  • Cons: Expensive, not as mild as other pads

25. Therm-a-Rest Z Lite Sol

There is a motive closed-cell foam pads are a cult classic. It is light, it is warm, and it is virtually indestructible. No wonder you frequently see it listed one of the thru-hikers’ favorite piece of equipment.

The aluminized surface (the silver side) reflects heat back in your own body and provides additional heat at night. Along with the egg-carton pattern raises insulation and comfort.

Even in case, you don’t intend to utilize this as your only sleeping mat, then it is a fantastic addition to anything else you choose. It provides unparalleled durability and that additional insulation required for a fantastic night’s rest.

  • Weight: 14 oz
  • R-value: 2.6
  • Thickness: 0.75 inches
  • Pros: Indestructible, light
  • Cons: Not as comfortable as additional sleeping pads

26. Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Uberlite

The most remarkable thing about this pad is your weight or lack thereof. It will not weigh you down in only 8.8 ounces. And since it packs down to the size of a soda can, you will have more space in your package for additional snacks and gear.

  • Weight: 8.8 oz
  • R-value: 2
  • Thickness: 2.5 In.
  • Pros: Extremely light, packs down to the size of a soda can
  • Cons: Not as hot as insulating pads

27. Big Agnes SLX Tent Floor

Backcountry snugglers rejoice! Following is a double sleeping mat that’s comfy, packable, and light enough to carry on the road.

As our editor mentioned in the complete inspection, “The mat is not super light at two lbs 6 ounces, but it is insulated and lots thick. To split the 3.5-inch-thick double mat, there is an inflate valve that you blow into. With that, it might take a little time and power to completely inflate it”

Preview Product Rating Price
Big Agnes SLX Tent Floor Pad Big Agnes SLX Tent Floor Pad No ratings yet
  • Weight: 2 pounds 10 oz
  • R-value: Unavailable
  • Thickness: 3.5 inches
  • Pros: Backcountry snuggling, thick
  • Cons: Heavy, larger, packed size

28. Exped Downmat XP 9 with Pump

If you like to camp all year round (even when the mercury drops) or simply can not get hot during the night, this extra-warm sleeping mat is right for you. The combo of 3.5 inches of atmosphere and 700-fill goose down makes this among the warmest backpacking pads on the market.

Preview Product Rating Price
Exped DownMat XP 9 Insulted Sleeping Pad Exped DownMat XP 9 Insulted Sleeping Pad No ratings yet
  • Weight: 1 pound 15 oz
  • R-value: 8
  • Thickness: 3.5 inches
  • Pros: Warm, thick, comfy
  • Cons: Not as light as other pads, unnecessarily warm for summer camping

Spotlight on One of Our Top Choices

29. Outdoorsman Lab Ultralight Sleeping Pad

What should one look for in a sleeping pad? Weighing the pros and cons of each feature versus the cost and intended purpose of the pad can be very time-consuming.

Air pads for camping, hiking, and backpacking are a popular choice because they are lighter and pack down to a smaller size. Unfortunately, many companies expect you to pay a higher price for the convenience.

The Outdoorsman Lab Ultralight sleeping pad is great value. While affordable, it bears all of the features that attract campers and hikers to inflatable sleeping pads in the first place.

One Sleeping Pad for All Seasons

The first step in choosing the right sleeping pad is to think about how and where you’ll be using it. The Outdoorsman Lab Ultralight sleeping pad is suitable for hikers, backpackers, and campers who don’t want to be held back by the size of their gear.

It also bears an R-value of 2.2. While arctic expeditions will always require a closer gear assessment, this value is acceptable for four seasons. So right away, we know that this particular sleeping pad is a great match for a host of climates, from summer hikes to fall/winter camping getaways in the forest.
Remember that the sleeping bag you use with your pad is just as important. Pairing the Outdoorsman Lab sleeping pad with a bag that further helps regulate temperature is essential.

For a great fit, pair it with the Outdoorsman Lab Ultralight Sleeping Bag:

If you take trips outdoors regularly or have already planned multiple trips this year, durability should also be on the purchasing checklist. This sleeping pad is made from 200 Denier Nylon, which is known for its versatility and durability. It is also a premium material to withstand moisture and other sources of weather-related wear and tear.

Perfect Size for Solo Sleepers On the Go

The Outdoorsman Lab Ultralight sleeping pad gets major points from consumers because it is compact when broken down and sized right for the single sleeper.

This sleeping pad is the perfect match for pretty much every single person sleeping bag on the market and expands to a full 73 inches when inflated. That means campers and hikers approximately six feet tall and shorter won’t have to worry about finding a mat long enough. One reviewer 6’ 1” tall found that the size was adequate for their needs.

A single person sleeping pad has advantages over those with a more generous width. This one is roughly 21 inches wide when set up. It fits easily in places where you can’t take up too much space, like shared tents or RVs on group trips. That said, the width is still accommodating enough for the average-sized person who might like to switch what side they’re sleeping on at night.

The maximum thickness is approximately 2.2 inches. That’s not too thick or too thin for optimal support. If you’ve tried other, thicker sleeping pads, you know that extra thickness doesn’t automatically mean extra comfort. In fact, it usually means you end up sinking and rolling around on a pad that gets too soft as the hours tick by.

For travel, it rarely gets smaller and lighter than the Ultralight. Weighing in at 14.5 ounces, it packs down to the approximate size of a plastic water bottle. Therefore, you’ll have no trouble stashing it in your pack or grabbing it on the go for a last-minute excursion.

Intelligent Design, Easy to Use

Exclusive features are a hallmark of the Outdoorsman Lab Ultralight sleeping pad for camping. First, there’s the unique diamond cell-pocket design, which works with the Nylon material to reduce slippage. That said, the type of surface you’re setting your sleeping pad upon makes a huge difference as well. This design feature additionally works to help the sleeping pad conform to your shape.

It is also refreshing to see a sleeping pad that doesn’t feature various valves. Inflation and deflation are both performed with just one air valve. Users are delighted to discover that bringing along a compressor to fill an air mattress is unnecessary here; it takes 10-15 good breaths to reach maximum capacity.

To deflate, simply release the valve and begin folding or rolling your sleeping pad to help push the air out as you pack.

Overall, the patented design goes a long way in making the Ultralight a reliable choice in sleeping pads for camping. One can tell that the company went to great lengths to fulfill camper’s wishes in making a mat that’s user-friendly enough for novice outdoorsmen but holds its own with among the type of gear that seasoned adventurers are looking for.

About Outdoorsman Lab

From the manufacturer:

“Outdoorsman Lab was founded with a scientific mindset, the spirit of the great outdoors and a mission to offer innovative, well-made, high-performance outdoor gear at a great value. We work hard to craft innovative designs with select high-quality materials to create exceptional, affordable outdoor gear that stands out from other products on the market.

Our gear is thoughtfully designed and rigorously tested to exceed your expectations while providing an unmatched combination of premium features, performance, and value.

Based in the foothills of the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Colorado USA, we believe outdoor adventures should be a fun, comfortable, and safe experience. Our goal is to provide you with reliable quality gear so you can come back relaxed, recharged, and ready to plan your next adventure. So, whether you are heading out on a weeks-long backpacking adventure or just going on a weekend camping trip with your family, Outdoorsman Lab has the gear you need at the prices you love.”


Overall, the Outdoorsman Lab Ultralight sleeping pad is eager to please. It’s rated for four-season warmth, so it pairs well with other sleeping gear you have for the climate you intend to use it in. The material choice indicates that it’s tough enough to withstand repeated trips, and it is dead simple to inflate and deflate.

Finally, it gets high marks for weight and size. As long as the main draw to these types of sleeping mats is their portability, these factors will always be of the greatest importance. Where those points are concerned, you cannot do much better for your money than the Outdoorsman Lab Ultralight.

Top tip for value and performance: get the 3-in-1 Outdoorsman Lab Ultralight Sleeping Pad + Sleeping Bag + Pillow bundle:

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