Top 101 Best Freeze Dried Food 2021

Top Best Freeze-Dried Food

Freeze-dried foods are not only for astronauts anymore. In reality, they are a few of the most popular meal alternatives for hikers heading to the backcountry. They are convenient, calorically compact, lightweight, and yummy at the end of a very long day of effort. All you need to do is add boiling water, then wait for a while, then eat your yummy meal directly from the bag. Additionally, no dirty dishes make for a joyful backpacker.

Ok, before we get ahead of ourselves, it is probably very important to set up your expectations. This isn’t your grandma’s home-cooked dinner; it is a backcountry meal. Odds are, even if the tastes are not quite what you’re expecting, you are likely to be hungry enough to wolf down it with a grin.

Everything tastes better from the wilderness. That having been said, we always bring a small container of sauce, olive oil, and some pepper and salt sticks for when we have to kick up a meal a notch. Foraging can be some sort of a bonding activity that you could do with your fellow camper. It’s also good to bring home whatever you foraged from the wilderness so you can plant it at home for your self-sustaining garden, says Ecopeanut.

You will find a lot of different freeze-dried meal tastes, and a few are far better than others. It is hard to get more abstract than standing private food tastes, but we feel like discussing our own opinions. We hope this guide can help you update your backpacking food sport and find some delectable treats. Are you looking for the best freeze dried food? The My Trail Company team highlights the top choices tested for you below!

Best Freeze-Dried Food - best dehydrated backpacking meals

Benefits & Features of Freeze-Dry Foods

Important Advantages Of Freeze Dry Food

Each one of the benefits of using freeze-dried foods from the wild need to do with an advantage. With a couple of freeze-dried food packs on your backpack, you won’t need to worry about searching for food and cooking your own meals as soon as you’ve arrived at your campsite. Plus, most freeze-dried food packs now are lightweight and will not occupy too much room in your backpack.

Another wonderful feature of freeze-dried foods is the long shelf life. It is possible to purchase an entire packet of your favorite freeze-dried food products years ahead of your trekking treks and they’ll continue to be good.

Incidentally, it is a fantastic idea to incorporate a couple of freeze-dried food packs on your first-aid kit. In a survival situation, freeze-dried food packs offer you a trusted method to keep up your energy. Even though a fresh supply of water should be your top priority, freeze-dried foods may significantly improve your energy levels and stave off hunger.

What’s Freeze Dry Food?

To freeze-dry, cooked or fresh meals, manufacturers first set the food in a drying room and reduce the temperature to -40°F. Scientists then gradually increase the room’s temperature, which can help form a vacuum around the meals. The entire purpose of the process is to receive the ice about the meals to change into a gas and vanish. After this process is done, the food was”suspended” at a sterile condition that could only be triggered as soon as you add water to it.

The contemporary history of freeze-dried foods dates back to World War II. Researchers were trying to find an inexpensive way to provide countless troops using a lightweight and filling food supply which didn’t spoil. Throughout the war, researchers used the very same fundamentals of freeze-drying to maintain blood and essential drugs. The majority of people now probably associate freeze-drying foods using NASA astronauts.

Did you Know?

Modern historians consider the Ancient Incas were the primary culture in the world to clinic freeze-drying. Archeological evidence indicates this Andean tribe could frequently freeze potatoes, eliminate moisture with fabrics, and provide them for their own warriors to get a filling and lightweight bite.

Freeze Dry Food Versus Dehydrated Food

While the methods of freeze-drying food have just been perfected in contemporary times, the process of dehydrating food’s been in existence for centuries. We’ve got records of several historical societies drying out veggies and fruits to maintain their freshness.

In the olden days, people used insulated regions along with also a passion to dry out their meals. Nowadays, you will find dehydrating machines developed to eliminate water by heating the food up and always circulating a warm and dry atmosphere.

Benefits Of Freeze Dried Foods For Campers

While freeze-dried and dehydrated foods have lots of similarities, there are a couple of reasons campers prefer freeze dehydrated products. To begin with, freeze-dried foods were created to eliminate as near 100% moisture as quickly possible. Dehydrated foods, nevertheless, could retain up to 10% moisture content when you purchase them. The reduced moisture content from the raw dried foods is that the significant reason that they have a longer shelf life than dried foods.

Another benefit of freeze-dried foods consumed over dried foods is they weigh less. You will just add a few ounces for your travel apparel with freeze-dried food boxes. By comparison, many dehydrated food packs are measured in fat.

Nutritional Value Of Freeze Dry Food

Considering that most of the minerals and vitamins are maintained from the freeze-drying process, there is not much difference between freeze-dried foods along with a brand new meal. Specifically, researchers have not found any significant differences between the fiber and antioxidant levels in suspending dried versus ordinary foods.

The significant distinction between freeze raw and raw foods would be at the number of calories. Nutritionists have found that calories are somewhat higher in freeze-dried foods since they lack content.

Interestingly, the most effective dried foods are somewhat less nutrient-dense than freeze-dried foods typically. Researchers say that the dehydration process breaks down more vitamins than freeze-drying. A couple of vitamins you might be missing in dehydrated foods contain vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin, and B-complex nutritional supplements.

Stay Hydrated

Girl taking water out of woods spring on a hiking excursion

1 thing you want to remember while eating freeze-dried foods is to consume more water than normal. Bear in mind, each the moisture was removed from freeze-dried foods to prevent them from spoiling. This means that your body is going to need to hydrate the meals for you since you are ingesting and digesting it. Additionally, freeze-dried foods’ higher salt material may negatively influence your hydration.

If You Purchase Your Personal Freeze Drying Machine?

If you go on a lot of camping experiences, you may be tempted to purchase your own freeze-dried apparatus. As soon as it’s more suitable to cook your food to fit your dietary preferences in your home then freeze them dry, it is going to take a couple of years of hiking until you get back your money on a freeze-dried apparatus.

Anyone who is dead set on making their meals at home may wish to consider investing in the less expensive dehydration apparatus. For casual backpackers, nevertheless, it is a lot more cost-effective and convenient to purchase freeze-dried foods from respectable businesses instead of purchasing a machine.

Energy-to-Weight Ratio

Most backpackers choose freeze-dried foods since they are a lightweight dinner choice. The process of freeze-drying a meal eliminates 80% of it is water weight while keeping a high amount of calorically-dense nourishment. Most meal components include 500-900 calories and weigh approximately 5-7 ounces. This puts them at the 100-130-calorie-per-ounce ratio, which is not spectacular but remains fairly excellent.

Are they healthy?

The process of freeze-drying may retain up to 90 percent of these nutrients, however, the product is only going to be 20 percent of its initial weight. Nevertheless, most freeze-dried foods are packaged with sodium and unrecognizable ingredients. Scientifically speaking, we would place them to the”sorta healthy” camp.

Freeze-dried foods will nevertheless do a much better job of providing a balanced meal as compared to the majority of hiker dinner alternatives, such as ramen or immediate potatoes. Certain brands, such as Mary Janes Organic and decent To-Go, utilize all familiar components or”real food,” which is a step in the ideal direction in our view.


Freeze-dried foods aren’t cheap and you will find economical alternatives (mashers, pasta sides, ramen, etc). If you are spending months on the road thru-hiking, meals such as these will probably be too expensive to become more sustainable. However, for the casual backpacker, foods in this way may add a great deal of value, convenience, and pleasure.

PRO TIP: When you purchase 8 or more backpacking meals out of REI, you save 10 percent. We generally stock up to the trekking season. You may even save money by buying bulk meal snacks.


Whenever we go backpacking we take a number of our tried-and-true favorite freeze-dried foods. Each excursion we additionally take some new tastes to check out. First launched by our beloved friend David Branson while hiking the Zion Traverse, the most”scientific” CleverHiker Squirrel Rating System has been born. We are going to call it the SRS for today.

While consuming fresh freeze-dried foods, we deliberate about how it tastes and finally choose a squirrel score. Each meal we consume earns a squirrel score between 5 and 1 according to taste, texture, and overall deliciousness. You will find just whole mosquito evaluations because half a squirrel will be gross. We update this list every single time we place on our snobby food critic trousers and stuff our faces at the backcountry.

Freeze-Dried Food - best freeze dried camping food

Top Brands Of The Best Freeze Dried Food

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Alpine Aire

  • Calories Per Pouch: 760 cal
  • Cost per 100 calories: $1.70

Alpine Aire was producing freeze-dried backpacking meals for twenty-five decades, or so the business is far from a beginner. Alpine Aire dishes can be bought online and in outside specialty stores.

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Some freeze-dried backpacking foods have high sodium, but Alpine Aire retains the extra salt into a sensible quantity. The organization does make some fascinating meals like Wild Quinoa Pilaf with Hemp Seeds, Himalayan Lentils & Rice, and Wild Thyme Turkey. Besides foods, Alpine Aire additionally makes snacks, snacks, dips, as well as smoothies.

The foods are simple to prepare – open the pouch, then eliminate the oxygen absorber, and put in hot water. Each tote has a ruler on the side that will assist you to assess the total amount of water that you want. When it’s prepared, you are able to do all of your eating directly in the tote.

Mountain House

  • Calories Per Pouch: 800 cal
  • Cost per 100 Calories: $0.99

Mountain House is the most visible business among people creating freeze-dried meals. They have been producing freeze-dried foods since 1968, providing the army Special Forces with soldier rations. Mountain House then proceeded to the consumer market, in which it has thrived.

Preview Product Rating Price
Mountain House Classic Bucket Mountain House Classic Bucket

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Mountain House is famous for its homestyle American foods which are hearty and possess a consistent taste. The biggest review is that the meal large sodium content. The business has a broad reach; its own breakfast, dessert, and dinner dishes are found on the internet, in outside stores like REI and big-box retailers such as Walmart.

Harmony House

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  • Calories Per Pouch: 480 cal
  • Cost per 100 Calories: $1.45

Harmony House freeze-dried backpacking food is for the DIYer who would like to create their recipes for dining at the backcountry. The business sells individual components like freeze-dried vegetables and fruits. Additionally, it supplies soup combination kits and chili mixes that include all you want to generate a freezer bag recipe. Besides freeze-dried foods and dried vegetables, Harmony House also sells textured vegetable protein (TVP) that is the best hiking food in which you could fall into any meal for a protein kick.

Outdoor Herbivore

  • Calories Per Pouch: 420 cal
  • Cost per 100 Calories: $1.54

Outdoor herbivore foods are created in tiny batches with food that’s sourced locally as far as you can. Over 80 percent of those natural, non-GMO ingredients have been grown in the USA. Foods are created out of natural whole food ingredients that are freeze-dried and dried. Outdoor Herbivore doesn’t add flavor enhancers, fillers, processed foods, or synthetic ingredients for their foods. The focus is on quality foods seasoned with spices, herbs, and nominal salt.

Preview Product Rating Price
Outdoor Herbivore Backpacking Food Seasonal Combo (Vegan) Outdoor Herbivore Backpacking Food Seasonal Combo (Vegan) No ratings yet $45.99

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Unlike other manufacturers that provide a bag appropriate for eating and cooking, Outdoor Herbivore ships their own foods in a mild, non-gusseted tote to save on weight and space. To consume outside herbivore foods, you need to move them into a pot or similar cooking container. This is the best dehydrated food.

Next Mile Meals

  • Calories Per Pouch: 540 cal
  • Cost per 100 Calories: $2.59

Next Mile Meals includes a small choice of foods, but there’s a best backpacking food freeze dried behind this selectivity. The business is relatively new; born throughout a 2017 PCT thru-hike fueled by keto-focused meals. Throughout that trip, the homemade recipes not just provided lots of gas for a long-distance increase but was widely popular amongst other hikers that were constantly asking for extras.

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Next Mile Meals includes a lineup of ketogenic-friendly fare for camping, traveling, and hiking. The foods are intended to be low in carbs and high in protein and wholesome sources of fat loss. As a result of this excess fat, Next Mile Meals tends to become calories dense than foods that rely on carbohydrates. Comparable to additional freeze-dried backpacking foods, it is possible to consume Next Mile Meals their storage pouch following rehydrating them.

Trailtopia Adventure Food

Preview Product Rating Price
Trailtopia Beef Stew Trailtopia Beef Stew No ratings yet

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  • Calories Per Pouch: 540 cal
  • Cost per 100 Calories: $2.03

Trailtopia Experience Food is an up and coming firm specializing in producing dehydrated and freeze-dried backpacking food. According to Minnesota, Trailtopia started in 2014 after creator Vince Robichaud was invited by family and friends to begin selling the backpacking food he had been preparing for excursions. The family-run firm has been growing since its beginning.

The foods are packed with compact pouches so that you may add water and consume out of the pouch without having a lengthy spork or spoon. The recipes have a wonderful balance of carbohydrates and proteins.

Wise Food

  • Calories Per Pouch: 660 cal
  • Cost per 100 Calories: $1.26

Wise Food aims the crisis preparedness marketplace and is famous for the longest shelf life of its own foods. It utilizes a technical Metallyte packaging produced by ExxonMobile that protects the freeze-dried and dried foods out of oxygen and moisture. This additional protective coating ensures that the food is shelf-stable for around 25-years.

If you do not require a long-term storage alternative, the company also creates and sells its own outdoor-focused food at a Mylar pouch using a seven-year shelf life. You are able to pick the packaging you want when you obtain a meal.

As it concentrates on crisis preparedness, Wise sells its meals in bulk amounts. You are able to buy individual meals in cases of 6 pouches or select sample kits that provide a number of entrees and breakfast foods. The Wise foods are less costly than other freeze-dried backpacking food choices since it utilizes artificial fillers and ingredients.

Backpacker’s Bistro

  • Calories Per Pouch: 330 cal
  • Cost per 100 Calories: $2.73

Chef Melissa Lynn Lieser utilized her culinary practice and affinity for whole foods to make Backpacker’s Bistro, a lineup of healthy backpacking food with a gourmet twist. Lieser makes all of the Backpacker’s Bistro dishes from her bottom in Portland, Oregon. The majority of the food is sourced from local farms or renewable providers and sliced by hand. The prepared food is then roasted in the oven and dried overnight. Each of the bits is composted, therefore that nothing is left to squander.

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Backpacker’s Bistro goes far outside of your run-of-the-mill freeze-dried backpacking food. The foods live up to their title using bistro-quality ingredients like red wine, olive oil, homemade pasta to produce their special flavors.

Fantastic To-Go

  • Calories Per Pouch: 820 cal
  • Cost per 100 Calories: $1.58

Founded by chef Jennifer Schism along with also her business partner and husband David Koorits Fantastic To-Go is centered on providing all-natural foods that taste good in the backcountry. The tastes are exotic, and the foods are made with ingredients that you may pronounce.

According to Maine, excellent To-Go makes breakfast foods and dinner entrees equally in single-serving and double-sized pouches. The business supplies a couple of tasty recipes that are full of taste and ample enough to meet her appetite. Apart from its own meat dishes, fantastic To-Go additionally makes gluten-free, vegetarian, vegetarian and pescatarian meals.

Nomad Nutrition

  • Calories Per Pouch: 600 cal
  • Cost per 100 Calories: $2.33

Nomad Nutrition bypasses the meat also provides completely plant-based meals. The business carefully designs its foods to satisfy the nutritional requirement of backpackers with the ideal balance of carbs, lean vegetable-based protein, and carbs. Since they’re plant-based, Nomad Nutrition foods are vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and soy-free.

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The business employs an exceptional kind of dehydration named REVdry which retaining the flavor, odor, and feel of their food without using artificial colors, artificial flavors, unpronounceable substances or additives that are unwanted. The recovery process is additionally energy-efficient. It’s six times quicker than freeze-drying and 24 times quicker than normal dehydration. The meals also rehydrate more rapidly taking approximately eight minutes of bathing rather than twenty.

Nomad Nutrition resources its own food locally and cooks it like you’d cook it into your house kitchen. After entering the REVdry machine, the food is packed and ready for transport. The business produces six different entree foods and sells them into single-serving packs, dual serving packs, and sample packages that contain numerous meals. This is the best freeze dried backpacking meals.

Patagonia Provisions

  • Calories Per Pouch: 600 cal
  • Cost per 100 Calories: $1.16

Patagonia entered the food marketplace in 2012 planning to promote environmental change through meals. The business created Patagonia Provisions, another branch based in California committed to repairing our broken food series and demonstrating that environmental stewardship can produce great-tasting meals.

Preview Product Rating Price

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Each meal is optimized to make sure the components are harvested sustainably by farmers and fishermen that decrease their ecological effect. In the instance of its own poultry foods, Patagonia only buys its fish out of reef-net anglers who harvest the salmon Shrimp with solar-powered gear.

Whenever you’re purchasing a Wild Salmon meal out of Patagonia Provisions, you know your money will encourage these regional fishermen as well as their environmentally-friendly fishing clinics.

Backpackers Pantry

  • Calories Per Pouch: 580 cal
  • Cost per 100 Calories: $1.12

Backpackers Pantry was set in 1951 to create healthful and lightweight route foods for girl scouts. The business quickly expanded past its woman scout roots and is currently famous for its backpacking meals. The Colorado-based firm is famous because of its global tastes and its diversity of foods that are offered in both single-serving pouches and massive cans acceptable for groups.

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Like many backpacking meals, the components may be used for eating and grilling. They’re ideally-shaped for backcountry use as a result of the gusseted bottoms which help them stand up. It is possible to place them along with a log while they soak and not need to worry about losing a meal since they dropped.

Mary Janes Farm Outpost Backpacking Meals

  • Calories Per Pouch: 375 cal
  • Cost per 100 Calories: $3.06

Mary Janes Farm is over a food maker. The Idaho farm works a bread & breakfast inn provides a farm school and conducts on the food share co-op for people who live close to the farm. Included in its different operations, the plantation has developed an assortment of organic breakfast, dinner, and dessert foods that are available through its site and internet, at retailers such as REI.

A number of the foods can be found in various packaging options such as the Outpost pouches that are developed for backpacking. This pouch includes a box bottom which enables it to stand up unassisted and may be used for both eating and grilling. On top of that, the non-aluminum Outpost eco-pouch could be burnt in a flame.

Packit Gourmet

  • Calories Per Pouch: 680 cal
  • Cost per 100 Calories: $1.32

Packit Gourmet hails from Texas and is still a family-owned and operated firm. The organization’s roots began in the 70s when creator Jeff and Debbie Mullins struck the street with their growing family and worked hard at dehydrating food to generate a nice meal. After decades of meals manufacturing, their daughter Sarah had the mad notion of turning their loved ones camping foods to a business enterprise.

In 2008, the family began making backpacking foods within their loft and advertisements them from a Volkswagen bus in 17 national parks. The rest is now history. The business has earned accolades for its foods and is currently one of the very best freeze-dried backpacking food businesses.

Packit Gourmet puts a priority on healthful foods and traditional homemade tastes. Each meal utilizes high-quality freeze-dried and dried produce, lean beef proteins, and powerful seasoning combinations. Their authentic all-in-one foods as the business go the additional space to add packets of hot sauce, olive oil, or cheese in case a meal may use that extra kick. There are the best tasting freeze dried food.

Wild Zora Paleo-Meals-To-Go

  • Calories Per Pouch: 370 cal
  • Cost per 100 Calories: $3.50

Initially launched by a mom and son hiking staff who desired healthy freeze-dried backpacking food for its paths, Paleo-Meals-To-Go is currently owned by Wild Zora. The foods are paleo with entire ingredients like local grass-fed beef, free-range poultry, farm-fresh veggies, and hearty seasonings.

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Healthy and hearty meals are the focus of the Wild Zora Paleo-Meals-To-Go line of meals. Each pouch includes a strong single-serving, that’s more than sufficient for your hungry hiker. Each of the foods is gluten-free, soy-free, milk-free, grain-free, protein-rich, and shelf-stable to get two-years in the date of production.

Some foods are nut-free, while some are created based on the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), a kind of paleo diet made to lessen autoimmune diseases.

Paleo-Meals-To-Go ships at a resealable pouch that’s acceptable for eating and cooking. Simply add water, await the food to boil, and you’re able to eat directly in the bag. This is the best freeze dried foods.

Wise Company

Wise Company is the USA made manufacturer that specializes in backcountry foods and crisis preparation. That is about as regular as freeze-dried foods get, but it is a trustworthy brand that is nicely reviewed by outdoorsmen and crisis preppers everywhere.

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  • Wise provides six-packs of 2 serving pouches on lots of their meals at a fantastic price!
  • Made in the United States
  • High in protein!
  • Up into some 25-year shelf life


  • Not as wide of a Choice of exciting foods and tastes as a few other brands
  • On the more expensive end of freeze-dried meals, unless you purchase in bulk
  • Some people May Not enjoy the textured vegetable protein – it is a matter of taste


Omeals is among the best freeze dried meals market. All Omeals arrive with a heating element that you split and put within your meals package with water. There’s a very small opening at the top towards the cover of the bundle to let out extra steam as the food warms up. The ease of the heating component is great for cyclists who do not have the skills or equipment to boil water from the wild.

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Along with the heating component, Omeals provides you with all the items that you will need to enjoy their foods from the wild. These amenities make Omeals one of the simplest products to use for new campers.

Considering all of the conveniences you are becoming with Omeals’s packaging, it is tough to discover a better bargain in the freeze-dried food world.

Peak Refuel

Whether camping, hiking, biking, or hunting, you would like to be at your very best! Peak Refuel premium foods are devised to supply the wonderful flavor you’d expect on any experience. Peak utilizes 100% meat and superior ingredients to make certain you’re at the greatest level through which your compass requires you.


  • Uses only premium ingredients and processing techniques
  • Meals are cooked together Instead of blending pre-freeze-dried ingredients
  • High protein, low sodium, excellent calorie-to-weight ratio
  • Presently nine dinner choices and three breakfast Choices
  • Complete flavor, big cuts of beef, fruits and veggies, Fantastic feel


  • Currently, just one vegetarian/vegan dinner (Three Bean Chili Mac) and 2 vegetarian/vegan breakfasts (Mountain Berry Granola and Strawberry Granola).
  • A Bit More expensive than other manufacturers

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