Top 17 Best Luggage for International Travel 2024 Review

Top 17 Best Luggage For International Travel 2020 Review

Are you searching for the best luggage for international travel? What is the best lightweight luggage for international travel? Read our reviews below to find the right option for you.

International travel may open the chance for a brand new world of adventures. Your world view can be expanded by immersing yourself and boost your perspective. At precisely the exact same time travel may be exhausting and stressful. Obtaining the bag can take a great deal of the hassle.

Have a look at our selections for your best luggage brands for international travel, in addition to some practical methods for choosing the ideal bag for the next big trip.

Benefits Of Luggage For International Travel

Benefits Of Luggage For International Travel - best luggage brands for international travel

You will enjoy lots of advantages when you pick the best lightweight luggage for international travel.

Lots of Room to Use

International excursions are normally more which means you could realize you have to package. This is the point where a cleverly designed luggage can make all of the difference, providing the storage and company which you will need for your entire outfits, accessories, and other essentials.

Maintain Your Belongings Safe

Maintaining your possessions secure is always an issue if you are traveling, no matter your destination. Possessing the bag may provide you protection and reassurance. Start looking for suitcases, for example with TSA-approved locks to ensure you and the airport TSA agents can obtain entry to your bag as needed. For carry-on luggage, start looking.

Maneuver Smoothly and Easily

Traveling often means doing a great deal of lugging round of suitcases and luggage. That is when you will be glad you took the opportunity to discover a lightweight bag that’s simple to move even though the biggest of audiences. Features like free-spinning wheels and telescoping handles will make it a cinch to carry your bag on wheels, to your own side, or facing you.


There are a few inherent and potential pitfalls of travel with luggage throughout your trip that is global.

Could Increase Your Baggage Charges

Then you will need to attract, the more probable you’ll wind up paying extra luggage fees. Allowances for checked luggage on international flights are far more expensive compared to on national flights, but if you have to test more than a couple of bags, you might wind up facing hefty prices which would otherwise be prevented by packaging lighter.

Could Make a Hassle to Transfer and Pack

Luggage lugging round of luggage and also signifies maneuvering. Many airports have luggage carts available for rent, which may make this simpler, but you might not be ensured the exact same luxury in a subway station or if using different modes of transportation in your destination.

Could Be Homemade or Cheaply Made

Not all of the bag is created despite being expensive to buy. Inexpensive materials, poor construction, and defects in design could lead to luggage which causes anxiety. A zipper, as an instance, can make you eliminate some of your possessions. That is where all of the difference can be made by picking quality bags.


Top 17 Best Luggage For International Travel - best luggage locks for international travel

Top 17 Best Luggage For International Travel

SaleBestseller No. 4
Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels, Carry-On 20-Inch, Caribbean Blue
Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels, Carry-On 20-Inch, Caribbean Blue
EXPANSION to allow you to pack more items and compression keeps clothing neatly pressed
SaleBestseller No. 6
Samsonite Freeform Hardside Expandable with Double Spinner Wheels, Checked-Large 28-Inch, Black
Samsonite Freeform Hardside Expandable with Double Spinner Wheels, Checked-Large 28-Inch, Black
ULTRA-LIGHT, ultra strong shells withstand the rigors of modern travel; EXPANSION to allow you to pack more items and compression keeps clothing neatly pressed
Bestseller No. 7
Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase Spinner Hardshell Lightweight TSA Lock (apricot white, 3 piece set(20in24in28in))
Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase Spinner Hardshell Lightweight TSA Lock (apricot white, 3 piece set(20in24in28in))
Sturdy ergonomic aluminum telescoping handle; Interior mesh zip pocket and elasticated,Squared full-capacity design
Bestseller No. 8
Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels, Checked-Large 28-Inch, Brushed Anthracite
Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels, Checked-Large 28-Inch, Brushed Anthracite
4, multi-directional spinner wheels for effortless mobility, re-engineered lightweight; Lightweight locking telescopic handle

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Bric’s Bellagio Spinner

The Bric’s shape with leather cuts that are luxe has an upgrade in the Bellagio Spinner’s kind. Polycarbonate casing makes sure your items remain undamaged and safe. Its Hinomoto wheels that are enlarged attract simplicity from the moment. Interiors are equally practical since they are understated chic, using herringbone. This is the best checked luggage for international travel.

Travelpro Platinum Elite Expandable Spinner

The genius and beauty of this Travelpro’s Elite spinners lie at the specifics. High-density nylon cloth in darkness black, Bordeaux, classic grey, or espresso is scuff- and – stain-resistant with superior leather grips and chrome zippers. The tip-resistant tapered expansion provides around 2 inches of packing space that is additional. The built-in, folding suit bag keeps clothes from wrinkling during long-haul flights. Pockets are incorporated to permit ease of obtaining and organizing accessories and objects. this is the best luggage brand for international travel.


This is the best luggage tags for international travel. Delsey is a bag manufacturer that specializes in travel bags and suitcases.

The business prides itself on providing high-quality luggage options. Additionally, it functions to reduce its environmental footprint by sourcing its products everywhere and ethically.

Delsey has been available since the 1970s and has become a highly-trusted, dependable brand for global travel. This is the best large luggage for international travel.

L.L Bean

For many years, L.L Bean has been advocated for extended journeys — that comprises international ones. L. L Bean’s lineup of the bag comprises everything from rolling suitcases to heavy-duty bags with strengthened zip closures.

The business has been in operation since 1912 and has a mindset that places clients first, which makes it a fantastic pick for anyone seeking to trust their bag manufacturer.

Victorinox Lexicon Hardside

The Lexicon was created with exactly the exact same savior-faire and specialized experience that you would expect from the business behind the Swiss Army Knife. Its sleek silhouette is a nod to the future of travel. This is further strengthened by using advanced molding technologies done on its own polycarbonate shell.

Victorinox’s recessed wheels and haul-handle features provide added packing space not provided by other luggage manufacturers. Interiors have pockets dividers and suiters. Security and safety are guaranteed through resistant double-racquet zippers and Traveling Sentry-approved locks.

Ambeur Carry-On

CALPAK generates suitcases and accessories together with intelligent technology in your mind, with practical features like compression straps to make the most of your interior area. Additionally, the CALPAK bag is offered in a variety of fun colors, including this increased golden hue. CALPAK is also famous for its traveling accessories, such as its five-piece packaging block sets. The newest also releases coveted collaborations from time to time, such as one with star hair pro Jen Atkin with daring shades of the classic luggage. This past year, the brand acquired a highly-coveted seal of approval: Oprah called the CALPAK duffle and carry-on bag to her 2019 favorite items list.


Since 1877, Hartmann was fabricating luggage.

Hartmann provides all different kinds of luggage such as carry-on bags and big, oversized suitcases.

The Business came to existence in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has expanded to Europe and Asia.

Now, thanks to improved layouts and technological breakthroughs, Hartmann’s bag is smaller but much stronger, despite offering lots of space.

Hartmann is stylish and utilizes only the best materials to ensure the satisfaction of its faithful clients for the best carry on luggage for international travel.

Delsey by Air France Premium Expandable Trolley

When France’s top luggage manufacturer and flag-bearing airline came with each other to construct the bag, you can expect no less than first-class travel adventures. The Delsey x AirFrance Premium is a trolley crafted, utilizing high-grade polycarbonate. The removable and washable liner keeps clothes and other things clean.

An overweight luggage index on the grips instantly warns travelers about packing too much without needing to utilize a scale. TSA combination locks and zip SecuriTech provide security and reassurance while in transit. And Internet monitoring features also make it effortless to recover luggage anywhere in the world in case your piece is missing.

Rolling Adventure Duffle

L.L.Bean’s lineup of rolling duffles comes in handy when a conventional rolling bag will not perform the trick. They have all the features of a traditional duffle, such as water-resistant exterior and several grips for carrying, in addition to the ease of wheels for simple transporting. Like the remainder of L.L.Bean’s products, these duffles were produced for the adventurer in mind and were created to hold up at the most intense travel conditions.


Clients have been wowing when its bag – the leatherback – was introduced into people moving on boat voyages.

Since these times, Antler has become a company that provides a reasonable price and luggage options.

Antler provides both soft and hard bag alternatives, in addition to business and regular carry-on bags.

Together with people in England holding the capacity buyers can store based luggage or airline kind.


A little business of travel specialists set pathfinder, working for the good of travelers.

The products created were dependable, durable, and considerate of budgets.

Now, Pathfinder is a pioneer in bag technology, honoring its slogan”quality is all”.

The Frame Carry-On

Arlo Skye entered the traveling scene with bits and an emphasis on design. Their product was the Frame Carry-On, as pictured here, which includes two TSA-approved locks a standout attribute in the industry, rather than a zipper. Additionally, their carry-on suitcases possess an airline-compliant detachable charger that can power your products on the move.

The brand started cooperation with Brooklyn-based designer Ellen Van Dusen, including brightly-colored zipper suitcases, and also have an airline- approved pet carrier. Arlo Skye also provides a 21-day return policy, which means that you may set your new tote to the exam before deciding to keep it for the long haul.

The Aviator Carry-On Plus

Paravel gets the seal of approval: in 2018, the new fold-up tote was selected as one of Oprah’s favorite items. Ever since that time, Paravel has expanded with all the Aviators to the world of luggage. The bag features a roomy inside placed in a so chic polycarbonate outdoor.

Paravel is famous as a weekend package that matches their weekender bags with packing cubes that were convenient. Better yet? You can monogram or personalize your bits. Additionally, Paravel is devoted to sustainability and generates products from post-consumer recycled plastic water bottles.

Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek is a brand with a reputation that is fantastic.

It is new that is utilized by regular travelers, but this is acceptable for everybody.

Wheels, which can be fantastic for transporting heavy luggage are offered by A lot of its suitcases.

Offered in many different sizes and price ranges, Eagle Creek’s suitcases include a”No Matter What” guarantee that covers many different mishaps and scenarios that may negatively affect your luggage.

Rimowa Original Trunk

The Original Trunk of Rimowa is a testament to the genius of the brand in bringing function and form together. Adhering to the form and dimensions of classic traveling trunks, this piece features Rimowa’s different groove design, durable aluminum, and poly Jacquard casings-accessible at a sophisticated color palette of muted metallics.

The trunk-shaped bag offers travelers space and effortless access to things buried underneath the bag. Flex dividers might be configured to match styles that were organizing while its multi-wheel system guarantees simple and simple maneuvering. And Rimowa’s game-changing digital tags offer remote check-in of your back from any time, anyplace.

Samsonite Lite Box Alu Spinner

Samsonite’s top-of-the-line Lite-Box series features superior aluminum shells, crafted to match the design sensibilities of the contemporary traveler. Corner reinforcements are set up to guarantee the security of possessions through rough handling or extreme weather.

Going from 1 check-in into another is simple thanks to wheels that are quiet and double-pull handles. Interiors are spacious using massive and small pockets performed in lush, high-quality materials. There’s also the choice to get your Lite-Box monogrammed, which makes this situation your own.

The Jaunt

Roam Luggage will do just fine if you’re searching for a bag that is customizable. It is possible to pick a number of colors as you make your luggage: one to the front part of the bag, one for your rear casing, and another color that will function as the”accent” color, for the horn and wheels. The color combinations are endless, and you could put them in a monogram. Past the incredible aesthetics of Roam, these bags have a shell that’s created from the USA along with an aluminum handle with four height settings.

The Way to Pick the Best Luggage for International Travel

When you are traveling globally, there are a few challenges and considerations you will want to plan to get out of a perspective. That is where getting the very best luggage sets for international travel may take the stress and optimize your enjoyment-regardless of whether you are traveling for business or pleasure. Traveling to Europe? Have a look at our bag for travel.

The Way to Pick the Best Luggage For International Travel - best lightweight luggage for international travel reviews

Start Looking for Materials

You will want to inspect a few luggage for your trip if you are like most travelers. Checked baggage is handled with the utmost care and in a global flight with stops, your luggage might want to be moved to another time. That is where using luggage that is durably made from quality materials might make all of the difference.

As you shop for a bag for traveling, guarantee that the bag you are going to be using for luggage is created from a hard-sided substance that will not be ruined. Since this substance is both lightweight and durable polycarbonate is an option. Keep away from soft-sided substances.

The significance of lasting construction goes into bag accessories, like wheels and zippers.

Double-Check Sizing

What is the best size luggage for international travel? Airline size constraints on the checked and carry-on bags may fluctuate. In which distance restricted, and in some instances, restrictions could be tighter on flights. Since you search for luggage you’ll use for global travel, it is never a bad idea to confirm the size constraints for your airline(s) which you fly most often.

In this manner, you can buy luggage that can accommodate all those specifications for both checked and carry-on bags. Taking the opportunity to store and research based on these measurements can help you to save on penalties and bags fees for overweight or oversize bags.

Consider Must-Have Features

If you are traveling since you will be off from the conveniences of home, you might want to generate some sacrifices. Acquiring set to fit your requirements can allow you to feel comfy no matter where your travels may take you. Consider, by way of instance, a carry-on tote with a built-in charger that you can use to maintain your apparatus. If you’ll be traveling for business, a suitcase with a built-in garment suitcase can save you from needing to find a dry-cleaner for your suit or small business apparel as soon as you arrive.

Make care to consider the features that you want to have on your go shopping. This can make it easier to narrow your choices down as you begin.

What About Allergic?

The bag you buy for global travel should endure for many decades (and maybe a lot of decades) ahead. Not all manufacturers that are bag stand behind their products. That is where it might be worth your time from a manageable luggage manufacturer which provides some form of guarantee or guarantee. Some manufacturers, like Riley & Briggs, include a lifetime warranty. Others, for example CHESTER, provide a 100-day trial period so that you can be certain before you commit, that you’ve made the correct choice.

Is a Must

It is more important than ever to own when you are traveling internationally. That is true not just round the airport but if creating your way through city centers and subway platforms in your destination.

There are a variety of features worth searching for this can make it easier, particularly on a global trip. For starters, elect for suitcases with built-in spinner wheels, which will let you drag your luggage behind you, along with you, or perhaps facing you as desired. With an ergonomic grip will make lugging your suitcases around 14, telescoping handles.

For carry-on luggage, you could search for features like 360-degree spinner wheels and telescoping handles. If you would rather wear your carry-on tote make sure you search for adjustable and cushioned shoulder straps.

Can It Stand Out?

The final thing that you want when you arrive at your destination is to understand that someone make the mistake since it seemed like their own of grabbing your bag. This remains a frequent problem not only for travelers but on domestic flights.

Selecting can help lessen the odds of your tote. Be certain your bag has the capability to be customized using a luggage label or other add-on attribute.

Check Out Security Features

Safety is a particularly pressing concern when you are traveling so purchase a bag that has built-in safety features for your reassurance. Some bags, as an instance, will come which TSA brokers and you are going to have access to. Obviously, you could buy TSA locks and put them to luggage.

Consider a Complete Luggage Set

If you want a carry-on and checked bag for your excursions, consider buying a luggage collection from your brand rather than purchasing bits. Not only will this ensure that your luggage all suits coordinate from a style perspective, but in addition, it will be cheaper to purchase luggage compared to purchase a piece-by-piece. Top luggage manufacturers offer you sets which have a carry-on too as two suitcases. Some manufacturers provide packaging garment bags and cubes.

Elect for Value Over Price

The fact remains that you get exactly what you purchase from an excellent standpoint while no traveler would like to invest more than they want to for the bag. Instead of automatically picking a collection based on a price consider the value of what you are obtaining. It is worth investing a bit more money up-front to wind up with a bag that will not fall apart in just a few years of use and that suits your requirements.

For extra savings bag manufacturers offer you special promotions when you register to their mailing list, so this might be worth looking into too.

As you can see, there are a number of considerations worth keeping in mind while looking for luggage for travel. The tote will be lasting, lightweight, secure, and packed with features to make your life simpler. Make sure you check out our luggage manufacturers that are recommended for selecting your luggage and follow our hints. From that point, you can package and travel with confidence!


Luggage is an important part of travel.

Without a luggage or travel bag, you put yourself at risk of needing to replace your suitcase on a normal basis and losing your possessions.

Employing any above you will have the ability to appreciate your holiday.

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