Top 11 Best Freeride Snowboard 2023 Review

Top 11 Best Freeride Snowboard 2020 Review

What is the best Freeride snowboard? Can it be the dimensions, the shape, bend, or the substances used?

Knowing these specs help you realize how a snowboard must work, but the fact is the way you want to flow as a possible journey and your freeride snowboard is dependent upon your preferences.

Freeriding is a category that encompasses a vast variety of riding fashions and conditions. We take that no plank is an end-all for everybody, so we researched a selection of snowboard designs. We think there’s the freeride board that is perfect out there while we can not choose for you.

For you, we have examined the advantages and the specifications, in addition to the drawbacks you want to be conscious of when looking for your freeride snowboard.

Here we reveal our Best Pick and Runner Up collections for your freeride snowboards this season and jump in. We enter right into three of the best options for freeride contours. The pros and cons of each product are described to assist you realize the features and advantages together with anything. We’ll direct you through the way to pick your freeride snowboard.

Top 11 Best Freeride Snowboard

Top 11 Best Freeride Snowboard Brands

SaleBestseller No. 1
SportsStuff Snow Ryder 130 cm | Beginners Board, Hardwood Construction, Easy Adjustment, Blue
SportsStuff Snow Ryder 130 cm | Beginners Board, Hardwood Construction, Easy Adjustment, Blue
Size: 130cm for riders 80-150lbs; Durable: Hardwood construction for long lasting, repetitive use
Bestseller No. 3
ESP 145 cm Freeride Snowboard - Flex Bindings - Beginner to Professional Snowboard - Solid Core Construction
ESP 145 cm Freeride Snowboard - Flex Bindings - Beginner to Professional Snowboard - Solid Core Construction
WILD GRAPHICS - The amazing surface of this board boasts cool and eye-catching designs
Bestseller No. 5
Grizzly Snow Deluxe 95cm Kid's Beginner Freeride Snowboard, Red
Grizzly Snow Deluxe 95cm Kid's Beginner Freeride Snowboard, Red
Recommended for Ages 4-7 & riders up to 50" tall, boot size up to 6Y; Perfect for kids who are interested in learning to snowboard
Bestseller No. 6
Slippery Racer Kids Hardwood Snowboard with Velcro Binding in Various Sizes (90 CM-Yellow/Green)
Slippery Racer Kids Hardwood Snowboard with Velcro Binding in Various Sizes (90 CM-Yellow/Green)
Made of durable hardwood material meant to withstand rough use; Ideal for young beginner snowboarding enthusiast that want to hit the slopes.
SaleBestseller No. 9
Swix T Bar Freeride Vise Ski & Snowboard Wide North Collection by Universal (2 Piece), Black
Swix T Bar Freeride Vise Ski & Snowboard Wide North Collection by Universal (2 Piece), Black
The perfect universal vise for waxing and light tuning; Works with all skis and snowboards regardless of width

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Lib Tech T.Rice Pro HP Freeride Snowboard

The Lib Tech T.Rice Pro is a snowboard that permits you to genuinely examine the slopes. It both off and on the piste. It features Lib Tech HP construction – it unites Aspen and Paulownia timber to provide the board a split along with a pop.

This board’s bottom is sintered, and that means that you can rely on a great slide along with durability. The Bio Beans Eco top that is sublimated leads to performance and durability. In terms of the advantages, the T.Rice Pro features Magna-traction’ layout. This usually means that the border is wavy (rather than directly ), assuring a much better grasp on hard turns.

When speaking about the profile, this really is really a rocker-dominant snowboard. It’s really a hybrid that has a camber profile supporting the endings with hints which are uplifted. This sort of profile is the key to its flexibility. It works nicely off-piste in deeper and ungroomed snow but additionally has the playfulness required for a few tricks while moving down the slopes.

To improve stability and speed, the T.Rice Pro board includes a directional twin shape. This usually means that it is mainly made to ride routine when dividing. On the other hand, the shape makes it feasible to ride change. The position is placed in the center, letting it work in any circumstance.

We must mention that the bend. This really is a medium-firm plank, which can be required for top-level functionality when freeriding. Boarders concur that it provides excellent performance, together with the capability to do virtually whatever you produce. However, remember that it is best suited to upper-intermediate and innovative riders that have lots of expertise. All things considered, it might be the very best snowboard for freeride which you will encounter.

Jones Flagship

Confidence inspires and outshines others in terrain. Its proven performance pedigree paired with a few of the snowboard industry’s most sustainable production techniques makes it our top selection for the best freeride snowboard.

I can not say enough about this snowboard that is redesigned that is amazing. Ideal for freeriding, the Flagship was totally redesigned for its 2019-2020 season using an all-new form.

Additionally, Jones continues to innovate its production procedures and has constructed the Flagship using more environmentally friendly substances. Specifically, they use what they call Super Sap Bio Resin, and it is a fresh plant-based epoxy resin as a substitute for a typical petroleum-based product.

Preview Product Rating Price
Jones Snowboards Flagship Snowboard Jones Snowboards Flagship Snowboard No ratings yet

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This ride features a directional hybrid camber profile to get unmatched edging on hard snow along with a somewhat mellowed bend for greater float and faster turns from powder. The new Flagship still carves straight-lines with unbelievable precision also.

The new Flagship is not a super-stiff plank (medium-stiff) but rigid enough to manage the most technical riding you can throw at it. The new bend pattern has somewhat warmer towards the tail, enabling greater control so it is possible to handle busting through the dip. If you’re searching for stiffness consider the Carbon Flagship.

If you are trying to up your game, this board handles like a dream, if you are in pow trees or beating moguls daily, control and speed are not a problem.

Gnu Mullair

The Mullair is excellent. This board is ideal for a person who can manage the speed and split on hard-packed snow using the best of cyclists – but may also tear this up in powder.

The Gnu Mullair is a fairly rigid board that may not float as well as a few of its rivals, but more than makes up for this with its lively hard spinning, pronounced grip, and needless to say, a great deal of speed.

This board is constructed of sustainably harvested Balsa, Aspen, and Paulownia II. These forests are united with’Tri-Ax / Bi-Ax Silky Smooth Bio Laminates’ to produce a mild, powerful, and poppy snowboard.

Preview Product Rating Price
Gnu Mullair Snowboard Mens Gnu Mullair Snowboard Mens No ratings yet

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This GNU snowboard includes super-high molecular weight sidewalls ready from a soy-based elastomer. The sidewalls are laminated to five inner wood layers, for completely bombproof construction.

Combine all of this with Magne-Traction for unreal border control and hold in all states, and you get a candy board that is quick, tough, retains wax, and can be environmentally friendly.

Surely not for the novice, or perhaps lower-intermediate rider – you ought to be an intermediate-advanced rider to deal with this one.

DC Mega Snowboard

The 2019 DC Mega is a simple, no fronts, timeless jelqing. A true twin shape provides you a proper platform for riding ahead or change while the conventional camber profile provides you all of the horsepowers you need in your ollie and noble power. A mixed Poplar/Beechwood core provides this deck lots of energy and snap whilst still staying not to be overly heavy in weight.

DC’s sintered foundation provides an extremely porous detail to help absorb and maintain my wax when tuned regularly which will permit you to blow the doors off your pals and ski racers every day of the week. The DC Mega might not be packed to teeth with plenty of technology, bells, and whistles, but what it lacks embellishments it makes up for in credibility and functionality.

Niche Maelstrom

Preview Product Rating Price
Niche Maelstrom Snowboard Niche Maelstrom Snowboard No ratings yet

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Another brand new freeride board from 2020 is from Niche – the Maelstrom.

Now this really is a more customary freeride board compared to the Skeleton Key and Hybrid. It is a rigid, tough, tough charging monster. If you like you are riding competitive and you wish to have the ability to control both groomers and powder and then crush crud, the Maelstrom ought to be on your radar.

Chamonix Dolent Snowboard

The 2019 Chamonix Dolent Snowboard provides all-mountain liberty to the rider targeted toward slaying the inbound opportunities provided by their own regional hotel. When it’s linking turns, spraying skiers, or ducking fences, the Dolent explodes on the scene to supply the all-mountain performance you have been looking for.

The directional twin profile places back the rider’s position, to provide them an easier ride through heavy snow zones and puts the plank at a cruise controller like adventure whilst riding hardpack and groomed runs. Carbon stringers are inserted across the deck’s heart for an extra pop in and out of turns off jumps and other alterations. The legitimate camber profile provides exceptional energy, edge grip, and Ollie electricity. The Dolent is a power to be reckoned with, certain to make a lasting impression on almost any rider.

Ride Warpig

We place the Warpig within our freeride segment but may just have easily added it into the all-mountain mix. It is popular because of its flexibility on-piste and at the playground, but the freeride credentials can also be plain to see. Having a directional shape and rocker profile using marginally early increase, the nose floats upward in powder well.

Preview Product Rating Price
Ride Warpig Snowboard Mens Ride Warpig Snowboard Mens No ratings yet

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The drawback makes certain it is not a leg, but the stance remains centered on sidecut for exceptional carving and restrains hardpack snow. Sidecut radius is shorter in the front, and this commences works well. Longer sidecut to the tail provides drive and stability, making for an enjoyable, flexible ride.

Capita Ultrafear Freeride Snowboard

If you prefer to unite freeride and also do a few suggestions off-piste, there’s no better option compared to Capita Ultrafear. Capita is a family name in the community. They’re famous for their high-quality snowboards as well as the innovations they comprise. The Ultrafear delivers performance, which explains why it’s the favorite of several adrenaline-seekers.

Among the wonderful things about the top freeride snowboard is its own FSC-certified P2 superlight center (makes it lighter than most other versions ). Do not let you worry since its body armor that is kevlar/titanial makes sure the Ultrafear can withstand lots of abuse.

To improve impact-resistance, Capita equips this plank using a 1.5millimeter cork border steering system. Cork is much more powerful and milder able to absorb the impact once you hit on dull objects. This way the hit is not moved to you, so that you get a ride. It includes all the’Superdrive’ foundation – a base with precision-design plus a glide.

The board’s top is constructed from top-quality fiberglass, impregnated at the top with Magic Bean resin. This improves durability but leaves the plank lighter also. You can depend on the 360 ° steel borders of Ultrafear to produce this facet exciting.

With a shape that is true, this one comes, unlike planks. Since it allows horseback riding this is the trick to its flexibility. However, the other features we spoke about ensure it can handle the terrain. This can be a flex board. You may expect speed and stability, but also pop if you require it. It is an exciting board wherever you go, which you will like.

Bataleon Party Wave snowboard

Year the Bataleon Party Wave was one of the planks at the Blue Tomato office in Schladming. This enjoyable machine functions to piste from powder and a few have chased it.

Preview Product Rating Price
Bataleon Party Wave Snowboard Bataleon Party Wave Snowboard No ratings yet

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The buoyancy is increased by the foundation technologies, the broad and lengthy nose helps along with the entire thing is perfected by also the swallowtail. You are told in the movie by björn Bettermann out of Kanoa Trading:

Burton Deep Thinker Freeride Snowboard

The Burton Deep Thinker is the one for you if you are an advanced snowboarder who would like to find a flavor of the very demanding slopes. This board was created utilizing the Freeride Geometry, which makes sure it could follow you. It good in regards to gliding, floating, and control.

Like many Burton boards, the Deep Thinker includes all the lightweight Fly II center that’s reinforced in some specific locations. Burton utilizes when jumping, 45 carbon highlights to give it a superb soda. Moreover, the Deep Thinker includes a sintered base with profound wax pores, providing you with a glide that’s really hard to match.

The board’s shape is directional – ideal for riding. It’s a 7-millimeter imprint that gives you control when creating those turns in the snow. Users say that the advantage hold on this particular board is one of the very best. This is due to the frostbite’ borders (serrated knife-edge) which creates the grip more powerful when dividing.

Concerning flex, you are able to say that this is a board that is rigid. It seems rather aggressive once you ride it – ideal to the freeride descents. In addition, we wish to include the stance is transferred back and Burton’s patented Channel mounting method lets you fix it how you prefer. We believe that it is the very best freeride snowboard for expert and advanced riders that aren’t reluctant to check their limitations.

Never Summer Chairman

Preview Product Rating Price
Never Summer West Bound X Wide Snowboard Never Summer West Bound X Wide Snowboard No ratings yet

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This plank is really a bomber and designed to control the mountain in the stuff or whether to the groomers.

It is rigid and cambered and loves to split – enjoys to be railing that border – but at precisely the exact same time finds a way to float very well from powder. And it is not bad on a leap – or riding turn.

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Buyer’s Guide: Things to Search for in a snowboard

Buyer's Guide, things to Search for in a snowboard

Should I choose?

Freeride snowboards for charging Alaskan lines (sometimes called large mountain snowboards) tend to be rather rigid and also have directional flex patterns – typically with a stiffer tail compared to nose to get driving off the rear foot and allowing the nose to float in powder. If a wax freeriding that is hungry is slightly bit more sedate with laps within hotel boundaries in the menu throughout side stashes along with trees you’ll probably need something lively and a bit more forgiving.

If the silhouette be double or directional?

For performance off-piste – probably directional. And it’s also advisable to try to find a nose for lifting you in 22, providing a spoon shape. The nose than the tail and put back posture will guarantee so that you won’t feel as though your leg is a weight following a day that your entire weight is on the rear of the snowboard. A tail that is stiffer than the nose may help drive.

You ought to be taking a look at twins that encircle a broad spectrum of snowboards, Should you prefer to have imaginative off-piste. You can read a few of the advantages of a snowboard for horseback riding while keeping the majority of the things which produce rooster tails ship and then float from powder.

What about quantity change snowboards?

Try one In case you have attempted. These snowboards change volume so that you receive touch area and exactly the surface but a contour for maneuverability and that extra width provides float. They good on the piste, if you would like to place the party back to snowboarding these would be the snowboards for you.

Which snowboard if I select?

Rate your needs and riding style foremost and first. If you considering powder turns to get the maximum sporty nosed directional snowboard you’ll be able to find, probably using a tail that is funky. You should take inspiration and predominate in the shape somewhat if you like a little bit of flexibility for snowy times. If you like to throw twists and catches shore (check out you!) You’re likely to require a twin tuned for freestyle and then powder in measures.


What Is A Freeride Snowboard?

A snowboard is a board designed to supply you with the ultimate off-piste encounter. As a result of this, it is different from boards that are ordinary. It is stiff, quickly, floats, and has a form that is tapered. This lets it manage all you may encounter when going mountainsides that are down.

It is a board to ride in the snow. Remember that nearly all of them are not beginner boards. If you are an upper-intermediate/advanced rider, then the freeride snowboards will provide you a burst.

In addition, we need to mention just one thing related to snowboarding. As it means heading off-piste, the probability of triggering an avalanche is greater. This is much more common than you’d believe. That is the reason to be educated about what to do in case an injury occurs and you have to consider avalanche safety. Additionally, it is a fantastic idea to have an avalanche beacon airbag if you are going into avalanche-prone places.

What’s the Difference Between Freeride And All Mountain Snowboarding?

As we have explained freeriding means riding the plank off-piste. Since you don’t understand what you are likely to encounter this produces the runs exciting. Freeriders are often snowboarders, able to unite elements of the ski.

All-mountain snowboarding involves a little bit of everything – groomers, off-piste, and even tips. So the plan is oriented towards functionality on snow, an all-mountain snowboard spends the majority of the time onto a piste.


This concludes our overview of their best snowboards. We have reviewed rate demons carvers rigid, and mid-stiff snowboard alternatives for you.

Snowboards are getting more popular with intermediate. So they are not suggested for the boarder the five people reviewed are different.

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