Best Ski and Snowboarding Areas in Idaho for Both Skiers and Non-Skiers

Best Ski and Snowboarding Areas in Idaho for Both Skiers and Non-Skiers

What is the best overall option for a vacation in winter? A holiday is more fun and fulfilling when your itinerary has something to please everyone. Whether you want to enjoy a trip with your family or friends this winter, some ideal winter sports destinations can be found in Idaho’s ski areas. These places will bring smiles to your faces, whether you are a skier or a non-skier.

1. Schweitzer Mountain Resort

For Skiers & Boarders

The resort is a famous ski destination in Sandpoint, Idaho. The Sandpoint forecast for winters makes it an ideal skiing and snowboarding destination. But it is wise to check the weather forecast before planning the trip on weather apps like Tomorrow. Tomorrow’s weather forecast also shows additional details like air quality and pollen spread, including ragweed, for those who might need it. 

The Schweitzer Mountain Resort has more than 2,900 acres of terrain for skiing, 92 selective runs up to a 2,400 feet height, and three terrain parks. It makes this resort the largest one in northern Idaho.

The resort attracts snowsports fanatics from all corners of the world, who come to enjoy the best Northwest powder. It is hard for them to find the experience at any other mountains. The Schweitzer has a cross-country skiing route of 20 miles, where the skiers get to see unbelievable scenery while skiing through the Nordic ski trails. Skiers of different skill sets and levels of experience can make the most of their skiing here.

For Non-Skiers

For those who prefer to visit the area other than on skis or a snowboard, Schweitzer provides hosted snowshoe hiking as a different way to tour the mountain. For a cost of $25, you can trek in the powder on any of three hikes of your choice. The hike includes a chairlift ride, a trail pass, and your snowshoeing gear rental. If you are confident and feel like a pro, you can pick the more adventurous option by hiking on the snowshoe trails in the hosted moonlight under the stars. 

On the mountain peak, the summit lodge of Schweitzer, Sky House, offers a panoramic view. Grab a chair in the nest, relax, and have a full meal. You can enjoy mouthwatering food and unforgettable scenes. If you are running out of time, get into a nearby café, buy something tasty, and walk your way out.

Take your sightseeing to the next level and explore Selkirk Powder. It is the outfitter based out at Schweitzer that provides twin-guided snowmobile tours. You get to see glaring views of Pristine Priest River and Lake Pend Oreille while gliding on snowmobile trails. Excursions are in hand for both experienced riders and those who are just starting out.

2. Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area

Bogus Basin mountain resort Idaho

For Skiers & Boarders

Whether wandering through any of the three twin black diamonds on the boundaries, coming down casually through several runs from the backside, or using the terrain park to sharpen your new tricks, you get to enjoy an unforgettable experience in Bogus Basin. The installation of the new lightning chairlift has made it easy to complete an entire day of runs with minimal downtime.

For Non-Skiers

The Glade Runner Mountain Coaster ride is the best to get the feeling of the winter breeze. The rollercoaster has been mounted on a plain sailing metal rail system with complete security. It is an ideal way to explore the mountains covered with snow. You can book the tickets online or can also buy them directly on the mountain.

The fun continues with a tubing hill sliding 800 feet down. Be worry-free about taking back your tube up the hill. The conveyor belt carries the sliding tube back on the hill. You are only required to enjoy your ride. Make a point to get reservations in advance to get the best possible experience. 

3. Brundage Mountain Resort

For Skiers & Boarders

Brundage is a paradise for people who love the winter season. The resort is located in the southwest of Idaho and has many skiable terrains, with an in-bound space of 1,900 acres. It also has a guided backcountry covering 18,000 acres, which gets accessed with the help of snowcats.

There are six lifts that the mountain boasts. Out of these six, one comes with lightning speed with much longer ski runs, named Temptation, and is more than 2 miles long. The resort has two different terrain parks, Bear Progression Park and Jammer Park.

For Non-Skiers

If rushing down a slope is not your cup of tea or you are longing for a bit of a break, you have the option to head for a day out at ‘The Activity Barn’ that lies to the south of McCall. You can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities during winters in this hub. It includes Nordic skiing, fat biking, snowshoe trails with no cost, a six-lane tubing hill, many activities for children, and traditional sleigh rides.

winter sports showshoeing

You can get discounts on tubing sessions by showing them a same-day lift ticket or the season pass of Brundage. It is advisable to fill in the liability form online before you get there, to save some time.

Get yourself treated by visiting Bear’s Den for a delicious meal. This special dinner starts from a ride by snowcat to the mid-mountain camp of Brundage. Grab your complimentary drink on arrival and settle yourself for a complete meal starting from soup to dessert in this aerial getaway.

Now that you have satisfied your stomach, take a ride back down to your base by snowcat to get a peaceful night of sleep.

4. Pomerelle Mountain Resort

For Skiers & Boarders

Pomerelle Mountain receives over 500 inches of snowfall every year. The snowfall of this high magnitude in conjunction with Pomerelle’s magnificent runs produces a worthwhile destination for skiers. The resort lies in the south-centre of Idaho. You can ski down the black diamond runs and cut through the narrow gaps of the trees for a breathtaking ride.

Plenty of lower-tier runs are present, and if you are a beginner in riding, it is the ideal place for you to learn skiing.

For Non-Skiers

Located approximately 45 minutes away from Pomerelle, The City of Rocks National Reserve awaits you. The reserve is spread across 14,407 acres featuring a topography peppered with a colossal natural rock deposit. Grasp a pair of Nordic skis or snowshoes and move out exploring the trails. The reserve’s trail map will guide you in the mighty area that will make your day memorable. 

When the sun goes down in the Rock City, make yourself comfortable in the Willow Glamping Yurt to spend your night. It is an ideal place for hunkering after stargazing through the evening. The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation manages the reservation of the Yurt. Their website is available for reservation. Make sure to book an early reservation as the Yurt typically gets booked 180 days in advance.

Winter: a Challenging and Adventurous Season

Schweitzer Mountain Road Sandpoint United States

Winter brings plenty of challenges. Many people enjoy these challenges by going to cold places like Idaho to enjoy the season by skiing and snowboarding. It makes them feel good about their lives to explore these places during winter. The snow-capped landscapes themselves carry a different charm and serenity.

Most people reserve their annual holiday and wait for the winter season to explore new adventures. You need to be aware of the peak season and book your resort accommodation well in advance to enjoy your holidays. 

Make sure not to get carried away if you have never done skiing or snow sports. There are places available for beginners. Learn and then explore your talent on the snow. Plenty of activities are available in Idaho for non-skiers as well.

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