10 Best Places to Snowboard

10 best places to snowboard

Whether you are planning a family vacation or a fun trip with friends, snowboarding is a great activity that has many benefits. It allows you to acquire a new skill, to travel around mountain resorts and discover new places, as well as to create a stronger bond with your family or friends over cozy nights by the fireplace in your chalet. So what are the best places to snowboard in the world, and when is the optimal time to enjoy them? Read on to find our pick of the best snowboarding resorts in the US and abroad!

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Now, without further ado, here is the list of the top ten best snowboarding resorts divided into three locations: USA, Canada, and Europe.

Domestic Resorts: Best Places to Snowboard in the US

1. Snowbird USA

Snowbird is located near Salt Lake City, Utah. Conveniently, it is only a 45 minutes’ drive from the airport. There you can enjoy various terrain for both beginners and experts. With an area spreading over 4700 acres, Snowbird offers a huge array of different activities that go beyond snowboarding. You can try skiing, heli-skiing, riding snowmobiles, and even walking tours with snowshoes.

2. Telluride, USA

With 41% of the runs marked as advanced, Telluride resort is the perfect location for snowboarding and skiing experts who like a challenge. However, newbies will also enjoy this resort in Colorado since it offers a variety of quiet slopes for beginners. If you want to progress, you can use the services of local instructors and trainers to better your snowboarding and skiing technique.

best resorts for snowboarding

3. Mammoth Mountain, USA

Unlike most resorts in the US that close for business around April, the Californian Mammoth Mountain is known to continue to operate up until July. Being the country’s number one family-friendly resort, it offers rides and trails for children and adult beginners in the Discovery Park. For more proficient snowboarders, the resort has built the Wonderland Park, which is full of big-sized jumps and steep rides.

4. Squaw Valley, USA

This is a top choice if you and your friends are true adrenaline seekers and looking for steep lines and an increased level of difficulty. Although you will also find some terrain to practice if you’re a beginner, this resort in California obviously favors seasoned snowboarders. If you are exceptionally good or just want to try out your skills, you can even take part in Squaw Valley’s annual competition and become the Snowboard King of the mountain!

5. Alpine Meadows, USA

Alpine Meadows is another resort in California that has a more relaxed atmosphere and welcomes everyone to enjoy its premises, regardless of their skills. A quarter of the terrain area is devoted to newbies, allowing them to pick up the basics from certified instructors. About 40% of the slopes are for intermediates, whereas a third of the rides are built to meet the needs of true snowboarding experts. The surroundings of the resort are remarkable, as you can enjoy the gorgeous views of the mountains together with breathtaking Lake Tahoe.

best places to snowboard in US

6. Mt Baker, USA

Mt Baker is located in Washington and has maintained a convivial, family-run business ambiance. It became famous for its extremely difficult rides that attract even top professionals like Tom Burt. Note that beginners would not take full advantage of what the resort has to offer since it’s built mainly for experts.

Close-By Resorts: Best Places to Snowboard in Canada

7. Whistler Blackcomb, Canada

Whistler and Blackcomb are the two mountains that surround this resort, and they afford an experience for people of all levels. The snow area consists of five parks that cater to different levels of skills, including professional riders. At the Nintendo Terrain Park, you can enjoy Olympic-sized pipes where top athletes practice their skills.

Overseas Resorts: Best Places to Snowboard in Europe

8. Cervinia, Italy

If you would like to leave the continent and travel overseas, this Italian resort will exceed your expectations. The highest peak is 3,600 meters tall and opens a breathtaking view of the Alps mountain range. This altitude also provides good snow quality and the best snowboarding experience. Cervinia resort is mainly built for beginners and intermediates, so professionals might find it a little too easy.

snowboarding jump in snow park

9. Verbier, Switzerland

Switzerland is world-famous for its exclusive and superior skiing and snowboarding resorts, and Verbier is not an exception. The area is so massive that it is recommended to hire a guide on location to fully appreciate the variety of the rides you can take. The resort would suit both newbies and seasoned riders, and will surprise you with the diversity of its runs.

10. Chamonix, France

If you are an experienced rider and prefer European chic to North-American pragmatism, you will most certainly enjoy a vacation in Chamonix, one of the best-known French Alps ski resorts. Intermediate riders should visit Brevant and its rides with various levels of difficulty, whereas seasoned snowboarders can head to Argentieres Grands Montets and enjoy the company of world-famous athletes. It is recommended to plan your trip after the New Year to avoid large crowds.

Final Words

Snowboarding or skiing is a great hobby that allows you to travel around the world to take in all the best places to snowboard and to benefit from intensive physical exercise at the same time. Regardless of your level and budget, you will find somewhere in this list that fits your levels and preferences and will give you the best vacation. But before that, make sure that you have all your documents in order, including your visa and passport to avoid complications on arrival. Have a great trip!

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