4 Best Student-Friendly Countries to Visit

4 Best Student-Friendly Countries to Visit

Traveling is a dream of millions of students. No doubt, any trip is costly, but as a rule, students don’t have extra money for that. Fortunately, there is a solution for those who cannot imagine their lives without exploring new places. Travel-addicted learners need to find a place with affordable prices for flights, accommodations, daily living, and attractions. Grab some great ideas of the best student-friendly countries to visit below if you’re an undergraduate with a tight budget.


Undergraduates frequently choose Columbia because of its location, climate, and affordability. Traveling by plane will cost about $300 for a return ticket, which is quite a low price for any student who wants to explore a new country. You can easily find a hotel in Bogotá for $15 per day. Nevertheless, there is always an option to save on accommodation. If you don’t mind a large and noisy crowd of travelers, you can rent a bed in a hostel for about $5 per night.

The average check in a restaurant is approximately $5 per person, significantly cheaper than in most other countries. However, the quality of dishes served isn’t poor. In Colombia, you can find a lot of great eateries for locals that serve top-quality meals at affordable prices. While you’re there, make sure to try all the unique tropical fruits Colombia is famous for, such as maracuya, lulo, and tomate de arbol.

Attractions also will surprise you in this country. Don’t forget to visit the Gold Museum in Bogotà, Plaza Bolívar, and Monserrate, as well as the countless natural and man-made riches the rest of this hyper biodiverse country has to offer.


Another country in South America that every student can visit is Argentina. Head to Buenos Aires to see the country at its best. The price for a plane ticket starts at $150 per person. Despite being a popular city for travelers, it is reasonably cheap for a short stay. It can help you discover the county and meet a lot of locals. It might be challenging to find a cheap stay in a hotel. Prices start from $35 per night in decent hotels. However, many locals provide accommodations for rent, so you can save money if you research wisely. 

Buenos Aires will treat you with its unusual cuisine, so don’t forget to try Milanesa and Bife de chorizo – preferably served with flavorful chimichurri sauce. If you’re a wine lover, these dishes must of course be paired with some delectable Argentinian red wine. Undoubtedly, interesting places to visit in the capital are La Boca, May Square, and the Woman’s Bridge. 

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caminito la boca buenos aires argentina


Lisbon, Portugal, is a great place for those who want to have a good quality of life in Europe without spending too much. To visit the capital of Portugal, you need to book tickets in advance because it is a popular destination. The average price for a ticket to Lisbon starts at $250. The best option would be to book tickets 2-3 months before the intended trip. Also, it will help you cut the costs by several times.

A good hostel will cost you $30 per day. However, if you travel with a friend, you can rent a dedicated house or apartment and save a lot. Also, there is always an option to find a cheap hostel. Since Portugal is a popular destination among tourists, there are a lot of great places to stay. Besides, there are thousands of inexpensive cafes in the city, so you can always find the right option for yourself.

Mandatory places to visit in the city are the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, Castelo de São Jorge, and Passeio das Tágides. Beyond the capital, the country has impressive landscapes. Therefore, don’t be afraid about renting a vehicle to travel across the county and explore all its perks. Whether you want to learn surfing on the coast, visit the palaces of Sintra, take in the wild beaches of the Algarve, or sample Porto’s famous eponymous drink, there’s a lot to see and do there!


Mexico is another country available to every student. One of the main advantages is the short distance from the US, compared to other countries. If you live in the southern states, the flight will take only 2 hours. The second undoubted plus is the ticket prices for flights. The one-way trip will cost you about $150 per person. Delicious and inexpensive street food will surprise every student on a budget. Don’t forget to try Mexican tortillas, guacamole, and burritos.

You will be surprised by the huge amount of attractions, which are crucial for young people. It’s hard to get bored when having a vacation in this country. Some of the must-see places worth visiting are Museo Nacional de Antropología, Teotihuacán, El Ángel de la Independencia, the Frida Khalo Museum, Bosque de Chapultepec, Xochimilco Ecological Park – and that’s only to mention Mexico City! Once you get out of the capital city and begin to explore the country’s different regions and its many ancient civilizations, the wealth of sights, colorful traditions, and tastes is endless!

best student-friendly countries to visit Mexico


There are a lot of great countries that can offer you an unforgettable traveling experience even if you’re a learner who experiences a lack of spare money. If you want to get more by paying less, don’t forget to explore special offers from flight companies. Also, look for hotels and eateries that are popular among locals.

So, where will you choose to study abroad? Let us know in a comment below!

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