Top 12 Best Travel Fishing Rod 2024 Review

Top 12 Best Travel Fishing Rod 2020 Review

For enthusiastic anglers who like to take their hobby on the road and cast their line in different places, carrying the very best travel fishing rod can be a real game-changer. A reliable travel-friendly fishing pole is a vital item of fishing equipment that every keen angler has to have in her or his equipment arsenal. This will greatly increase your chances to seize the occasion to fish and have fun everywhere you go!

This is only because you will never know when an unexpected opportunity to go fishing may come knocking. So, instead of looking at the pond longingly and wishing you had brought a fishing pole with you, it’s strongly advised that you invest in the best walleye rods so you’re always ready.

We are aware that the notion of buying a fishing pole that you can bring with you everywhere may come off as somewhat obscure and confusing to you originally, but we promise that getting your hands on a portable fishing rod could reap you great results!

What Makes a Great Travel Fishing Rod?

How can you go about choosing the best travel fishing rod option on your own? When there will be several similar considerations you’d make when purchasing, there’ll also be specific considerations to create.

Like every fishing pole, you’re likely to need to go for an appropriate burden of pole for your precise applications. If you’re trying to find a general, all-purpose mobile pole, something in the mild to moderate weight could serve you the best. According to FishingRefined, you want to get a rod with fast action in most cases unless you’re reeling for big-game fish. But if you’re packing a pole for a very particular fishing event, make sure you choose your own weight so, like an ultralight rig for trout fishing or even a milder rig for saltwater fishing.

The entire thought of a telescopic fishing rod and reel is to be packable, and therefore, you’re likely to need to search for at minimum a four-piece breakdown layout. As an alternative, you can elect for a more telescoping fishing pole which might pack even smaller.

A carrying case is an essential advantage for a telescopic fishing rod and reel, in my estimation. If you’re searching for the capability to have an extremely packable fishing pole setup, you might as well have a case to take it along with a fundamental set of fishing tackle. In this manner, all you will need to do is catch the situation and you ought to be outfitted to fish.

man fishing on travel trip

Advantages of Locating The Ideal Travelling Fishing Rod

Obtaining the proper telescopic fishing rod and reel can make you a better angler and also assist you to measure up in your own fishing match! Such rods work well with any type of bait you have selected to lure the fish with.

A fantastic telescopic fishing rod and reel also functions to alarm you by producing certain vibrations and energy which get transmitted to hands throughout the line. It signals one to prepare yourself but also lets you receive the bait as much as you would like it to go, with no other fish detect it.

We think there are quite plenty of perks in regards to possessing the ideal telescopic fishing rod and reel and reel. Nobody enjoys carrying out a long stick together where they move, and carrying it together would surely become extremely tiresome. P.S. It is going to also enhance your check-in weight limitation in case you opt to have a trip rather!

That’s the reason why investing in a telescopic fishing rod and reel which makes your job comparatively easier is highly suggested. These are compact, simple to use, quick, and operate precisely the same as the traditional ones could do.

Now that you’re well acquainted with the nitty-gritty of an efficient travel fishing pole, let’s take you to the very best travel fishing rod and reel around you! The very best thing about using a lot many alternatives to pick from is that you can carefully assess what each has to offer and make your decision accordingly.

This guide is really a one-stop destination for all of the wonderful deals that you have to take a look at. All include an impeccable selection of features and an easy-to-comprehend working that’ll amaze you on a whole another level!

So, with no additional ado, let’s go over to the top traveling fishing sticks!

Top 12 Best Travel Fishing Rod - best travel fishing rod reel

Top 12 Best Travel Fishing Rod Reviews

Bestseller No. 7
Daiwa CC20F635ML Carbon Case Travel Pre-Mounted Freshwater Spinning Combo, Multi, One Size
Daiwa CC20F635ML Carbon Case Travel Pre-Mounted Freshwater Spinning Combo, Multi, One Size
Innovative technology and materials; Durabale and rugged build; Available in different configurations
SaleBestseller No. 9
Eagle Claw Pack-It Telescopic Spinning Rod, Yellow, 5-Feet 6-Inch
Eagle Claw Pack-It Telescopic Spinning Rod, Yellow, 5-Feet 6-Inch
Durable 5’6” Fiberglass Rod; Spinning reel seat (reel sold separately); Compact telescopic design, easy to pack and travel!
SaleBestseller No. 10
Fiblink 4 Pieces Travel Spinning Rod Medium Graphite Spinning Fishing Rod Portable Fishing Rod (7' Medium)
Fiblink 4 Pieces Travel Spinning Rod Medium Graphite Spinning Fishing Rod Portable Fishing Rod (7' Medium)
A multi-purpose hook holder, effective hook keeper; Enhanced reel seat with corrosion resistant stainless steel hoods

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Fenwick Travel Fishing Rod

Fenwick HMG is so flexible you can use it anywhere there’s a body of water. You won’t need to worry about destroying your fishing equipment even in the event the water appears to be saltier. The materials are corrosion-free and that’s the best thing about the Fenwick fishing pole. It’s ideal for fishing from shore, in deserts, or even the sea. Fenwick HMG Traveling Fishing Rod is ideal for practically any kind of impromptu fishing in any way times.

Best fishing rod travel case, it may still lift around ten lbs. It retains the heavy catches nicely. You will make certain to feel that the struggle with your next grab. In reality, you may even sense the fish bite with this pole. This trave pole provides a clean, medium-powered activity that has a fantastic reaction.

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This Fenwick travel pole will make your fishing adventures more enjoyable and incredibly enjoyable. It really provides an excellent fishing opportunity. It provides a fantastic deal of adaptability. If you would like, it could be adapted to match your fishing style. Nevertheless, it’s very easy to carry, simple to prepare and simple to store.

Fenwick HMG is a 4-piece travel spinning rod that may be put together easily to begin fishing. It may also collapse entirely for simple storage. This pole provides ease of travel and packaging.

Fenwicks HMG Travel Spinning Rod is lasting, sturdy, responsive yet lightweight. Owing to its corrosion resistance substance, this pole is very durable. It’s among those high-quality trave sticks out there which will endure for ages. Additionally, it includes a hardy reel seat. All around, it’s excellent build quality and endurance. It’s extremely well constructed and nicely balanced. Plus it’s powerful enough to conquer intense stress. This is the best travel saltwater fishing rod.

​Okuma Nomad

The Okuma Nomad travel spinning pole is priced at the mid to high bracket. For the cost that you’re getting one badly sturdy pole. It is rated on the large side in regards to power.

So, if you’re searching for a lightweight spinning setup then something enjoys the Fenwick below may be more appropriate.

Preview Product Rating Price
Okuma NOMAD Travel Spinning Rod (7’, M/MH, 15-30/20-60 Lbs) Okuma NOMAD Travel Spinning Rod (7’, M/MH, 15-30/20-60 Lbs) No ratings yet

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The attractiveness of this Nomad is in case you mean to do some hefty freshwater spinning or any inshore boat work you’ll be able to use 1 pole for both on these vacation excursions to target many distinct species and it ought to have sufficient backbone to manage them.

The flexibility of this Okuma does not stop there, however. You get two distinct hints with every pole. Each having another activity which means you’ve effectively two sticks in one. ​

Therefore, if you’re searching for an extremely flexible saltwater spinning or thick actions freshwater spinning travel pole then the Okuma is your obvious option.​ This is the best budget travel fishing rod.

St Croix Triumph Travel Casts

If you aren’t searching for a dedicated turning journey pole and favour a baitcasting instalment then the St Croix Triumph Travel casting pole is guaranteed to please.

Constructed on effectively the exact same pole blank segments as the spinning version above, the projecting design will naturally have a baitcasting reel seat and contains the reduced profile line guides which are usually found on a threaded pole.

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There’s only 1 version available unlike the rotation series over. It’s a 6’6″ pole in four segments too.

The energy is medium/heavy using a speedy action and also the line score is 10 – 20 pounds.

Having a lineup score in the 10/20 lbs variety and using a lure score of involving 3/8 – 1 ounce you’ll be able to throw a few rather decent sized baits. Therefore, it is perfectly capable of managing crankbaits, big spoons and spinners, and jerk baits.

St Croix Triumph Travel Spinning Rods

St Croix Triumph is one of the very smooth and strong travel sticks you can purchase. It’s the best size to get the go fishing, which makes it your favourite travel pole. You need to have it on your arsenal of fishing equipment. St Croix Triumph proves to be quite convenient especially for spur-of-the-moment fishing excursions. One does not always lug their massive fishing rods. However, you may take this flexible fishing pole anywhere you go where there is a body of water.

The St Croix Triumph is designed for anglers who like to travel. The spinning pole is slick and well constructed. It’s lightweight but feels really sturdy and durable. Though the reduced end of this pole’s grip is a bit smaller compared to other spinning sticks and it could take some getting used to, but it is going to start to feel comfortable after several throws. It’s easily the very best travel spinning rod on the market.

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The handle is slim, but on the other hand, it makes great to work with on any travel pole. The loops are smooth, producing the lineup flow through it well. All in all, the pole feels great in the hand. It’s lightweight, yet sturdy enough to deal with the huge fish also.

St Croix delivers well-made travel sticks that function effectively. This fishing rod was exquisitely crafted. It’s significantly slim in appearance as a result of the sleek body design. It is so compact that it does not require lots of space. It can easily fit in a car trunk, boat, or perhaps a backpack.

Sougayilang Spinning Fishing Rod

The Sougayilang Spinning Fishing Rod comes in six distinct size kits, together with every kit including a reel and pole. They’re made best for both saltwater and freshwater fishing, which makes them flexible and powerful for many programs.

The pole is made out of high-density carbon fibre and fibre, which makes it economical but still stronger than sticks made from ceramic. It is lightweight yet has a good feel, so anticipate smooth functionality paired with its engine.

In terms of its portability, it is light and can readily match anywhere, though you’ve got to be cautious when bringing it! Apart from that, I respect this pole for the telescopic layout and decent strength, which makes it a worthy, cost-effective investment.

Daiwa Minisystem Travel Fishing Rod

Packed in a spinning reel and rod combo at a tricky situation, the Daiwa Minisystem travels fishing pole delivers a durable and higher quality yet generously, economical choice. The ultra-modern light weightiness of the reel and pole makes them simple to run their lightweight end nonetheless, it does not influence their ensured high performance.

The travelling rod and reel have been placed within an ultra-compact tough case with built-in handle compartments. This permits for protective and suitable storage space, particularly during travel. The ultralight reel on the opposite end was created with a sleek, ball bearing drive and a multi-disc drag for effortless and effective performance.

Plusinno Telescopic Travel Fishing Rod

If you’re interested in an affordable but decent excellent fishing kit to get you started – that the Plusino Telescopic telescopic fishing rod and reel is an ideal option! The new and saltwater travel pole kit contains a rod, reel, lines, and baits. The travelling pole features just the perfect cline manual configuration amount to create its functionality smooth and smooth between the swing wheel and direct ring.

The highly elastic and high-density carbon fibre and lightweight manufacture of this top-rated travel pole make it to withstand big pulling forces. The pole can be outfitted with a stainless steel frame and a carbon dioxide airline guide. This accounts for the smooth and simpler line socket at a better fishing experience.

Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod

Do not go by the title, as this one was designed only to produce the angler within you, soar high up in the skies! UglyStik has been among the most distinguished manufacturers to produce highly-useful travelling fishing rods, which aren’t only inexpensive but also work incredibly well!

This is a 6.6-inch, medium-sized fishing pole. The best thing about this is it may be split into four bits, meaning you could take these for fishing all around the planet, without needing to be concerned about their upkeep.

The GX2 Spinning Rod is constructed of ultra-strong, nevertheless, equilibrium graphite and fibreglass which is supposed to provide you with durability. You also receive a very clear hint near the end of the pole which doesn’t only give it power, but additionally, the sensitivity that you need while grabbing any species of bass.

This telescopic fishing rod and reel would last one for nearly seven decades! Just spend a little amount on those and you’re all set! Furthermore, this pole also appears slick and stylish, which usually means that the divas will channel their style much while angling!

Fiblink Portable Saltwater 3-Piece Travel Graphite Heavy Boat Rod

Next up, we’ve got Fiblink’s mobile Saltwater Fishing Rod. This one is famous for its high-quality substance choice. The sticks are constructed using a durable carbon fibre, that makes certain that the pole lasts you for a fairly long time. The blanks of this fishing pole are also constructed with fibreglass and also provide it with strength and sensitivity.

While searching for the very best telescopic fishing rod and reel, you always have to pay heed to the features and reviews. And this one isn’t simply filled with unique attributes, but can also be our best-reviewed products. The duration of the pole is approximately 34inches. It can be corrected into a pole case which may be carried everywhere – to the flight, in the rear of this car-trunk, hiking and a lot more!

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The manuals comprise of stainless steel combined with ceramic, which, in turn, enable you to knock out any rust or resistance. For this, you no longer need to be concerned about getting corrosion-stains on your fishing poles as the reel-seat attached to them guarantees they don’t persist.

In addition, you get EVA foam grips to get a smooth, speedy and convenient fishing encounter that does not split your arms! You are able to take the Fiblink Portable Heavy Boat Rod for saltwater or inshore fishing.

These sticks can be dispersed to three pieces, that’s an excellent feature for people who enjoy taking their fishing gear whilst heading out on a trip! To be able to provide clients with a fantastic shopping experience, they offer you a 12-month guarantee!

Goture Fishing Rods – Casting & Spinning Fishing Rods

There is nothing greater than a highly inexpensive product that matches any high-end fishing pole and doesn’t work amazingly well. Produced with a 30-ton carbon matrix, the Goture turning and casting fishing pole is the ideal balance between strength, power, and sensitivity.

The reel seats are constructed of high-quality substances. The EVA split grips provide you with relaxation, even on the days when you’re fishing all day. It’s possible to detach these sticks into four distinct segments, and we are all aware this makes it ridiculously simple for you to travel together! All you have to do is maintain small sticks into your bag and you’re all set!

The pole is quite lightweight but also provides you with the equilibrium which each and every angler wants while preparing for her or his next big grab. In addition, you acquire highly-efficient corrosion-resistant guides together with ceramic inserts. These decrease the friction and make your fishing time a smooth action.

Hands down the best item Goture offers its clients is its own lifetime-warranty. Yes! You read it correctly. With this fishing pole, you don’t have to be concerned about replacing it with something better, since it is the very best telescopic fishing rod and reel in the city!

Goture best travel fishing rod model

Convenient and affordable: the Goture travel fishing rod – image via

Eagle Claw Travel Fishing Rod

Whether you’re out swimming, sailing, or silent fishing from the pier, then the Eagle Claw telescopic fishing rod and reel is very convenient. The package fishing pole features a durable, secure, and cleans glass construction. And for easier travelling, the pole transforms into four smaller pieces to permit compact storage. The travelling pole kit also features a lightweight aluminum spinning reel.

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Along with the reel may be used immediately as a result of its pre-installed monofilament line. The reel seat can also be made from fibreglass, which accounts for its frictionless and heat-dissipating attributes. The fishing pole combo set’s flexibility also allows being used with both appropriate and left-handed people.

JEKOSEN Portable Travel Casting/Spinning Bass Fishing Rod

JEKOSEN is among those greatest travel fishing rods at a reasonable cost. However, you get more than what you cover with its high-quality construction and durability. It is made out of strong carbon fibre to the energy and sensitivity required for most fishing conditions. Other than this, it includes great guides and reel seats, offering easy use when casting and reeling in grabs.

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The 3-piece pole surpasses expectations because of its cost, feeling, and looking as a one-piece when constructed. Even if it’s quite solid if utilized, it is lightweight and easy to bring about! I am able to throw simpler with this with no sacrificing power, in comparison to my own normal-sized sticks. As you do have to know a bit when estimating its space and precision (it casts farther), you will not be disappointed with it.


What’s the Difference Between A Routine And Traveling Rod?

The distinction between a standard fishing pole along with a telescopic fishing rod and reel is the travelling pole is intended to be lightweight and streamlined to permit for easier transporting. Regular rods aren’t constructed with travelling in mind. Travelling rods on the opposite end are designed to be collapsible o breakable so it is easy to transfer them at a bus, aeroplane, or little vehicle.

Is Fishing Rod Allowed On Airplane?

It is all dependent on the size of the fishing pole. Usually, travel fishing rods are allowed on planes when properly packaged in their carry instances. But before aviation, affirm with your drivers to make sure your fishing poles meet the size constraints of the checked bag or carry-on bag.

What restricts normal-sized sticks from having the ability to travel?

You are probably wonderingWhy bother getting a telescopic fishing rod and reel, can not you use your personal?

The dimensions and weight of sticks are exactly what makes the regular and travelling model so distinct. Even breakdown fishing sticks will take-up weight and space. Best travel rod sea fishing is smaller and lighter, which makes it much easier to pack and bring together.

These rods have a protective casing, which will hold the whole thing and a little handle. This makes it a little more cost-effective in comparison to buying different slots and cases to your”normal” fishing pole.

How do I keep and protect my telescopic fishing rod and reel?

Protecting travelling fishing rods are simple as long as you are aware of how to do it correctly. They could last for years, simply follow these hints:

Inspect your pole regularly and also do quick wipe downs employing a sterile and moist rag. Look into any harm on the pole’s clean and check the interiors as you wash down it, clearing off it any nicks debris, or harm that harms the best travel surf fishing rod.

The identical cleaning and maintenance go to your reel, even though you might want to oil if it seems rough.

Always wash your fishing pole and reel following a fishing excursion, in addition to the casing.

Protect your fishing equipment with the ideal sort of protective casing or pole tubes. Keep it away from saltwater and manage it with caution, avoid overusing or abusing your pole, which may result in accidents or damage!

If You Would like to learn more about utilizing travelling fishing rods, check out this informative article:


The ease and flexibility of having a portable fishing kit in your equipment arsenal are tough to beat. Having the choice to grab your travel rod on the go is great in regards to fishing, where chance may abruptly knock on your door.

Having a fantastic telescopic fishing rod and reel kit, you’ll have a wonderful mobile pole, reel, and an assortment of the handle in a compact and durable carrying case. This makes it perfect for keeping in the car, packaging in a bag, or even carrying on hiking/backpacking excursions. Considering how cheap a number of these kits are, there’s absolutely nothing stopping anglers from investing in one of the best travel fishing rod models to be able to enjoy their passion anywhere.

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