Top 6 Best Travel Trailer Spare Tire Covers 2024

top 6 best travel trailer spare tire covers

Considering getting travel trailer spare tire covers to secure your vehicle’s wheels? Good move! Leaving the tires of your recreational vehicles completely unprotected will eventually lead them to get busted and exposed to wear and tear, causing some security hazards. These problems might cause the collapse of your tires in no time when you reach highway speeds, which may end up putting you in an unsafe scenario.

The problem is that these damages on your tires might be invisible for some time, which means you won’t have the ability to fix them when they appear. Additionally, be aware that continually exposing your tires to heat and UV rays can also cause extreme harm. It might even threaten the rubber chemical’s flexibility.

In cases like this, you want to begin looking for the very best travel trailer spare tire covers. With the support of these covers, you will know that your tires have some type of protection against harmful heat and UV rays. And if you’re already protecting your vehicle with a camper cover, you’ll know the importance of taking care of your RV and finding the best protection for its wheels!

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Top 6 Best Travel Trailer Spare Tire Covers Brands

Bestseller No. 1

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Camco 45323 Vinyl Wheel & Tire Protector

The wheel and tire protector is just one of these I found most helpful in this class since it matches nuts and wheels of varying sizes from 30 and 32 inches.

The Camco 45323 can function as primary or travel trailer spare tire covers, which will provide your wheel and tire durable protection to maintain your investment protected against the elements, dry rotting along with other outdoor conditions that may deteriorate and hamper the wheel and tire quickly.

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A few of the components of the Camco 45323 may protect your wheel and tire from rust, dust, rain, snow, and weather conditions if your recreational vehicle is parked or when in storage.

It’s also made from durable vinyl fabric, which can be among those heaviest-duty cover substances that could serve you well and for several decades. It’s one reason I would love to advocate this RV tire and wheel cover.

I also enjoy its strap and buckle design that ensures it would be simple to install and remove it afterward. I would like to be aware that this substance is eloquent, yet it doesn’t compromise using the long-lasting service it may provide trailer and truck drivers with the time.

Especially when attempting to keep your RV in the winter months, you shouldn’t overlook covering your tires and wheels together with covers to protect them from damage brought on by the fall in temperatures.


Compact and heavy-duty to endure for many years and withstand outdoor elements

Offers easy removal and installation process because of its buckle and strap layout

Weatherproof substances for long-lasting use

Gently protects the wheel and tires out of the weather and harsh UV rays of sunlight


Might have problems with wear and tear over the years and with continuous exposure to the components

TCP Global Collection of 4 Canvas Wheel or Tire Cover

If what you need is a more practical kind of wheel or travel trailer spare tire covers, then the TCP Global Collection of 4 Canvas Wheel or Tire Cover is just one I can recommend. The major material used in constructing this cover is a thick and tough canvas, that is popular because of its bonded breathability.

Every time you park your RV, particularly if you’re planning to get it done for a lengthy duration, you may simply cover it up with this product from TCP International. Such aids in providing your wheels and tires with sufficient protection against rust, soil, and sunlight damage. The cover comes equipped using a wire-embedded pole.

Such guarantees that the cover will end up form-fitting as soon as you place it to the tire. Expect it to be easy to wear and remove, also, as it features a cord tension backer. It works more efficiently if you would like to block UV rays and heavy winds. Together with all the tire cover’s easy layout, installing it is going to be a breeze.

But, be aware that it doesn’t work that well with rain or dust since it’s not made of plastic material or includes a plastic backing. Additionally, I discovered that it is somewhat more significant than what I originally anticipated. An inch or two more could have been forced to make this cover perfect.


Tough and thick canvas construction – the substance is also breathable

Protects your wheels and tires from rust, dirt, and sunlight damage

Form-fitting, because of this wire-embedded pole sewn into it

Simple to wear and remove with the support of a cable strain backer

Simple layout, which makes it simple to set up


Not made from vinyl features a plastic backing, making it very unsuccessful in dealing with dust and rain

Smaller than anticipated

Classic Accessories OverDrive Deluxe

Classic Accessories is providing yet another fantastic product with these superb vinyl travel trailer spare tire covers. They offer numerous dimensions and also have an elasticized rear panel to guarantee a snug custom fit. They include a convenient storage bag to hold all four covers so that you do not need to worry about losing them when traveling. All these come in four-packs, which means that you do not need to purchase each cover individually.

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As previously mentioned, these are plastic, so cleaning is as simple as wiping them off. These special covers are white. Therefore, they won’t absorb heat just like a few darker colored covers. Another feature is the exceptional three-year limited warranty provided by Classic Accessories.

These made our record since they’re among the most excellent models out there. Customers rave about their ease of use and high-quality construction. Being moderately priced and using a three-year limited guarantee makes them an excellent choice for sure.


3-year limited warranty

Diverse size choices available

Protects against dirt, rust, and harmful UV rays


Securing mechanism is a string tie

Fits very snugly, so you may want to order up a size

AdCo Designer Collection

Individuals who recently purchased this travel trailer spare tire cover model love its high-quality material. They enjoy the thick construct, which properly protects tires. These fit perfectly on the tires and did not cause any problems while being placed on.

But for many buyers, all these were somewhat difficult to use. The dimensions were not very precise, either.

This ADCO tire cover provides excellent resistance against harsh rain and weather because of the flannel-backed vinyl. This kind of vinyl also results in maintaining the ties protected from harmful ultraviolet rays. What’s more, the simplicity at which these may be used on tires is striking.

Preview Product Rating Price
ADCO 3967 Designer Series Tan Tyre Gard Wheel Cover, 40' - 42' ADCO 3967 Designer Series Tan Tyre Gard Wheel Cover, 40" - 42" No ratings yet $115.92

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Well, because those will keep tires protected from harsh weather conditions, people who like to go on experiences in their RV and look for new adventures can make use of such a product the most. Additionally, this offering is excellent for people who go camping frequently.

A few of the buyers of the reported that the sizing does not match their RV tires entirely. So, the producers can focus on improving their sizing chart to prevent consumers from confronting such difficulties. Furthermore, they may make the setup process more straightforward as a few buyers discovered this kind of version hard to install.

To complete the review of this ADCO Designer Series cover, this product may be a terrific choice to your RV brakes since it’s very durable and resistant to weather fluctuations. Not only that but retains the tire protected against different aspects, like UV-rays. But, there could be a couple of problems relevant to the correct sizing.


It’s available in various sizes

It protects against harmful UV rays

It’s accompanied by a 3-year guarantee

The flannel-backed vinyl resists liquid damage

Made with durable materials for longer life


Some might not like the layout

The sizing may not be true each moment

They have a velcro strap for structure (that is not the safest)

Amfor 4 Tire Covers

Why are RV tire covers essential? They are since they supply tire and wheel protection and shield them from the elements, including the harmful UV rays of sunlight, snow, and rain. Particularly when attempting to keep your RV in the winter months, you’ll require these tire guards to make sure the tires and wheels are safeguarded in the snow and liquid. Among the best choices in the class is the Amfor, which comes in a set of four.

I enjoyed that it’s a waterproof cover that’s created an aluminum picture, which adds to its durability. I also love it is a versatile product that you may use for lots of software, such as trailers, trailers, trucks, automobiles, and recreational vehicles. It is possible to depend on its proven durability and reliability since it can last for several years. Its part also contains cotton wool liner, improving its strength.

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You’ll also love the wheel and tire cover can match a broad selection of sizes between 27 and 29 inches. But I want to be aware you have to assess your wheel and tire dimensions to make sure the Amfor tire guard can match them correctly.

Additionally, I’d love to advocate for travel trailer spare tire covers since they can effectively protect the tires from various kinds of external elements, such as snow and rain. The bicycle guards may keep your tires and wheels protected from dust, rust, dirt, dust, and UV rays. Regardless of whether your RV is parked for a couple of weeks or months when keeping it, you may be sure that your tires and wheels have been covered from the elements.

It’s also easy to clean and maintain, and therefore you don’t need to spend as much time to keep it looking great.


Secure healthy and wind-resistant

Simple to set up and remove

Hook design prevents it from being dismissed

Waterproof aluminum foil increases durability

Protects the wheels and tires from harm


Its substance can endure wear and tear over time

Explore Land Tire Cover

Another fantastic option when searching for the best travel trailer spare tire covers for your vehicle is the Explore Land Tire cover, thanks to its excellent features and functions. For starters, the four-piece set tire cover may be used for different kinds of vehicles, such as SUV, RV, camper, Jeep, and automobile.

But you should consult with the manufacturer’s matching guide to make sure it will match your automobile. Nonetheless, you need to guarantee that the tires and wheels, for example, rim and rubber have a dimension between 26 and also 28.75 inches.

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I suggest this product if you’re searching for tire guards that work hard in providing your tires and wheels the protection they deserve. These covers may protect them from rust, dirt, dust, leaves, road dirt, and other buildups that could otherwise contribute to dry and cracked rot.

Additionally, I enjoyed the Explore Land Tire cover containing a flexible cord, which comes with an automated lock design for a simple installation. This product is just one of the very best wheel covers for RV since it also comes in four bits of covers in 1 set. You merely need to buy one pair for the tire covers of your car or truck.

Besides, I enjoy the protection it provides the tires since it’s also water-resistant to keep the tires and wheels from just sunlight damage and grime. RV owners who store their car in winter need to have the tire guards to make sure their tires will not suffer from dry rotting, which may otherwise cause blowouts in the street.

The covers also include a 3-year guarantee. It also features an auto-lock layout in its elastic string, eliminating the need for ties and holes and raising wind resistance.


All-season tire covers

Durable vinyl with UV therapy

Ample protection against the outside elements and weather

Simple to set up and clean

Suitable for automobile, jeep, SUV, and truck


Vinyl may endure wearing out over time

travel trailer spare tire cover

Things to Consider When Purchasing an RV Tire Cover

Using its capacity to protect your tires and also keep their excellent condition, it’s essential to make sure you’re buying the most dependable cover for this. But as there are a lot of RV tire cover brands and versions on the marketplace now, it can help to understand the various things which you need to search for before purchasing one.

You need to know just what you should search for in travel trailer spare tire covers so you can make a smart buying decision:


Obviously, this is among the essential aspects of your purchasing decision. The dimensions of the travel trailer spare tire covers you need have a significant impact on your final option. Avoid buying a pay, which doesn’t correctly match your tires. Bearing that in mind, it’s essential to assess the tire’s size before making your final order.

Rather than the plan, you need to concentrate on the right size when inventing your purchasing choice. It should ideally match the tires and protect them entirely. Avoid heading for the incorrect size as it may only cause sagging, which could finally make the buildup of friction or water.

Besides measuring the dimensions of the tire by yourself, you may also make sure that you’re investing in the right size should you check the amount which you could discover on the tire’s sidewall. Pick to spend in a cover, which matches such a dimension precisely.

Construction Materials

It’s also required to study the particular materials used in constructing the cover. Also, check whether the construction is strong. Be aware that contemporary covers for tires have now been made using a variety of materials. A few of those materials seem fancy, but you still need to avoid them whenever they can not efficiently protect your RV tires.

Additionally, make sure that the substance used in producing the travel trailer spare tire covers is water-resistant and weatherproof. Both features offer you optimum results from utilizing the cover. Besides, you should bear in mind that rust is a natural phenomenon in certain substances due to moisture.

To avoid rust from forming, make sure that you put money into a cover, which isn’t just helpful in preventing water from coming in but also ensuring that moisture doesn’t build up. In cases like this, you can select covers made from heavy-duty vinyl because this substance can prevent such matters.


Evaluate the sturdiness of the RV tire covers before purchasing them too. Be aware that your tires will be continuously subjected to the harsh weather. You’ll almost certainly introduce dangerous weather conditions. Bearing that in mind, you will need a very powerful RV cover capable of providing the maximum degree of protection.

The ideal option is designed especially to deal with the heaviest rains and hottest times. You’ll also have a notion regarding the sturdiness of a particular tire cover by consulting and reading unbiased testimonials submitted on the web.


Take notice that these travel trailer spare tire covers can be found in varying price ranges. One thing to observe when considering the purchase price of this product is that you should avoid supposing that the costliest cover would be your best one on the marketplace.

Bear in mind it is still possible that you put money into a high-quality RV tire cover at an affordable price. The one thing you need to do would be to run thorough research about your alternatives. Study and compare their costs, too.

Ease of Setup

Another thing you need to remind yourself to see tire covers is they are available in various designs. But you should avoid choosing to buy your travel trailer spare tire covers based solely on visual appearance.

You need to be sure the design doesn’t make it to be quite tough to mount. Remember what you will need is pay, which you can quickly and fast set up. If at all possible, select one that is prepared for use after only 15 minutes of setup.

covered spare tire


After reading this guide, locating the ideal RV tire cover should not be a tricky process. It is a straightforward matter of working with this information during your hunt. If you do, then the ideal choice will become clear, and you’re going to end up pleased with your selection.

You will also benefit from all of the terrific items an RV tire cover might provide, such as maintaining your tires clean and problem-free. These advantages will wind up saving you a whole lot of money on both the wheel and tire fix too.

All you need to do is locate the ideal travel trailer spare tire covers, and such advantages will enrich your life. Frankly, travel trailer spare tire covers may seem to be an insignificant and superfluous thing. However, there are several ways that these products can be absolutely worth investing in.

Should you run to problems during the hunt, please mention them in our opinion section. We are going to attempt to answer them as fast as possible. In the long run, our goal is to make sure you find yourself a happy camper!

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