What Is the Best Knife for Camping?

what is the best knife for camping

When looking for a camping knife, you should find something that is both strong and versatile, so it can handle a variety of different tasks. It should also be compact enough to carry with ease, but robust and sharp enough to cut ropes, clear bushes, carve stakes, and also help with any food preparation needed.

A good knife will be able to do all of these tasks and be durable at the same time, lasting for years to come. But nothing will test the strength of your knife like an outdoor adventure. Below we have a couple of the best knives for camping on the market at the moment.

Our Best Knives for Camping

1. Morakniv Companion Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade

The Morakniv Companion Blade has only a 4.1-Inch blade but feels much larger. This is due to the solid handle with a high-friction rubberized grip and the luxurious steel the blade is made from. 

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This high-performance and quality Swedish Sandvik 12C27 steel provides top edge performances which brings razor sharpness, and a high hardness rating of HRC 56-58. This steel has outstanding toughness making it great for lots of different scenarios, and extra durability is given by the superior corrosion resistance.

The corrosion resistance of the blade helps the stainless steel material stay sharper for longer, much longer than carbon steel versions and makes it less prone to any rusting. If you want to improve this corrosion resistance then it is important to clean the blade regularly and also oil it as much is necessary.

Extra performance is given from the grip, with the companion handle including a patterned, high-friction grip that still performs to the top level even in wet and cold conditions. The knife will sit perfectly in your hand which helps to provide a better control overall meaning it will perform better and be much safer overall.

Morakniv Companion Blade

The sheath that is included is a hard plastic and color-matching piece that helps to keep your knife safe and secure. A handy feature is also the belt clip that is attached for convenient carrying, and also a drain hole if you come into contact with any wet conditions. This helps prevent water building up within the sheath causing your blade to rust.

You can easily carve pieces of fresh tinder which are great for starting fires, or even create a feather stick that can be really helpful when you are trying to start a fire with damp wood, or without the use of tinder.

The Companion by Morakniv is also a great tool for chopping small tree limbs, carving and prepping any tinder for your fire. It can simply be used as a carving tool that can be used in and around your campsite or for any survival needs you have.

A blade for camping needs to be good around the kitchen area you have set up, and the Companion is the perfect tool for skinning and filtering any animals if you are out in the wild, while it can easily carve and slice thin pieces of food. The Companion is also great for preparing any delicate or freeze dried camp food you may bring on your outdoor trip.

2. Buck Knives 863 Selkirk

The Buck Knives 863 Selkirk is named after the beautifully rugged Selkirk mountain range, and this could be due to how strong it is. A midsized knife with amazing features that help to maximize survival conditions making it the perfect too for camping.

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This knife carries a 420HC steel blade and a Micarta handle with steel bolsters, and due to the heavy-duty belt sheaf it can be configured both horizontally and vertically. The sheath is really useful too being attached to a fire starter and a safety whistle. Completely scratch resistant and waterproof, the Selkirk also has a low friction letting it glide through anything it is going through.

Buck Knives 863 Selkirk

This knife is a great alternative to many other options, as it will keep its shape even in some of the harshest conditions. The handle is made with Micarta. Micarta is a compressed and layered composite which is later sealed with a thermosetting plastic that helps to create a robust material that is both practical with its waterproofing, yet is still attractive to look at.

There is a 2.25-inch Ferrocerium Striker whistle that is integrated into the top of the grip. The rear bolster can also be used as a hammer showing the true strength this camping knife contains.

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Camping Knife Care

A good bushcraft knife is a tool with precision. Not only will it cut your sausages, it will help you get out of a few scenarios you may face, showing they are a great survival tool as well. This being said, it should be treated with as much care as it may give to you, and here are a few tips to keep your knife clean and stronger for longer!

Properly Dry Your Knife – Your camping knife is going to endure lots of different weathers both wet and dry. That is going to be completely unavoidable, but drying your knife isn’t so always remember to keep your blade dry before putting it back into your sheath.

Hone Your Blade Regularly – You should hone your blade after each use, it is essentially the same as oiling your car. Keeping this a good practice will keep your blade crisp and sharp for years to come so try to make it a habit.

Don’t Abuse It – A camping knife is designed to carve, whittle stakes, and cut ropes. Dont abuse your knife completing tasks it isn’t designed for such as using it as a screwdriver or using it as a hammer if it doesn’t feature a pommel built in the base, this can lead to damage and could be fatal when you need your knife the most.

Lubricate Your Knife – If you are using a folding knife you need to keep it lubricated all of the time, most will use an oil based lubricant that can be applied to a lot of moving components. Remember to wipe away any excess.


We hope that these tips and recommendations gave you an idea of how to select a great knife for camping. Remember to pick a model that is technical and versatile in order to get the best value from your investment.

What knife are you using on your camping trips? Do you have a favorite model to suggest? Let us know in a comment below!

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